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  1. It does call out tobacco though, and vape juice is tobacco extract. Do you think that doesn't apply?
  2. I think we probably see it the same way then.
  3. I don't see how this is any different than grave dedication.
  4. It downloaded for me. I can send you the file if it's helpful.
  5. Arabic Muslims are the reason we have the Greek classics preserved.
  6. Definitely purged along with many other scholars from the MI website, but you can get it from this BYU site: https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/msr/vol22/iss2/8/
  7. Amen. This hits at the heart of the matter. Thanks for your work.
  8. I agree with you and Scott, hard work of some sort and desire is the important than actually paying for the mission.
  9. Where'd you find a JD set with two bonus volumes?
  10. and/or have missionaries work and save for their missions. 1-they'll know how to work 2-Only those who actually want to be there will go.
  11. Yep, ever senior leadership in the Seventy thought there was a "coven" in every stake.
  12. Because there weren't Mexicans in Utah at the time, just American Indians.
  13. Have you ever been on a .info domain where things didn't get weird? 😀 In all seriousness, thanks for your engagement with scriptures in our tradition.
  14. Do you think Joseph was wrong in D&C 132?
  15. Church hasn't even come out against vaping nicotine, I'm sure CBD is fine.
  16. Yeah how did Luxemburg get left out being the richest per capita.
  17. Glad I'm not the only one that sings "Stain Illinois".
  18. I think it's the place formerly known as MormonHub. June Hughes was the name.
  19. https://scriptures.byu.edu is a fantastic resource.
  20. You realize SLTrib outed Consig, not the many of us here who know who he is.
  21. I think the criterion off embarrassment in on the side of it being less likely the story is made up that one of those closest to Jesus turned on Him and brought about an ignominious death.
  22. My understanding of the confession to Elder Wells had always been of his sexual misconduct in South America and/or Florida, not of anything at the MTC (those and a confession, we're not seeded by McKenna in the discussion).
  23. I believe McKenna did say this was another victims in an interview before.
  24. This is the only correlated material that I know of where it is mentioned by name: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/doctrines-of-the-gospel/chapter-19?lang=eng At my son's baptism he wanted this verse of the Spirit of God sung which has reference to the washing of feet in Kirtland temple sung at it's dedication.
  25. Calm, I pretty much see eye to eye with your accounts. To be fair, he did refer to himself as a sexual predator, not just her calling him that in the interview when he says he's been free from it from a few years talking about 12 step/AA: "Yes. I’m Joe. I’m a sexual predator. Now then, how long you’ve been clean from alcohol?"
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