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  1. Yep, men need two more ordinances after that until they receive the same blessings as female initiatory.
  2. It's changed three times since then, you don't even wear anything different than when you go into do a session. Do them ASAP!
  3. jpv

    Random Facts from Church History

    I think the 'PROF and I will definitely agree with you on this, however.
  4. jpv

    The Ongoing Restoration

    That's an awesome perspective, Nehor. Would love to see some quotes containing new doctrine or theology that wasn't already revealed before JFS (i.e. during the lives of JS and his contemporaries).
  5. jpv

    Random Facts from Church History

    Habakkuk 3:3 King James Version (KJV) God came from Teman, and the Holy One from mount Paran. Selah. His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of his praise.
  6. jpv

    And they came to pass...the sacrament?

    You seem big on this policy thing. So would you put the handbook policy on no cooking in the kitchen in the same category as: the BoM, OD2, Family Proclamation, or even President Nelson's admonition on the name of the Church? Where in this scale? Are all Church policies in your mind equally Divine?
  7. jpv

    The Ongoing Restoration

    I want to do a thread on this because there was so much quibbling over terminology in the D&C 138 thread, but I think you're right, plenty of administrative/organizational revelation but no public doctrinal/theological revelation for 100 years since that revelation (138). Would love to have someone point out where I'm wrong. Even OD2 was a restoration of JS policies and practices, not new theology.
  8. Not sure why this scripture isn't brought up: D&C 20:58 But neither teachers nor deacons have authority to baptize, administer the sacrament
  9. jpv

    Sources for Josephs Temple Revelations

    Agree, Devery's work is some of my favorite. Mostly raw sources instead of just commentary like Breuger. William Clayton's diaries, specifically the ones he kept for Heber C. Kimball are very good too. Also if you haven't read Andrew Ehat's thesis on Joseph Smith and Temple ordinances in the 1844 succession question it's highly recommended. If you can't find it DM me and I can get it to you.
  10. jpv

    Temple Recommend Questions

    I usually say Yes: BSA and Republican party
  11. jpv

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    Sorry if this double posts, rewriting after posting awhile ago. I agree, that's exactly how I would for the Church or its members. I think there's no confusion there, well, except D&C 107:4, but nevertheless. However, the new style guide gives no replacements for the descriptive and adjective forms as in "traditional Mormon foods" or "various interpretations of spirit creation in Mormonism/Mormon thought" unlike the old style guide* quoted below: "The Pioneers that Arrived at Temple Square" perhaps? MoTab->TCats-ization doesn't really translate very well to most usages. Anyways, I think these forms are the most difficult to find replacements for as I try my best to follow the new counsel. It's also interesting that the new style guide also has removed this section: *https://web.archive.org/web/20180802044656/https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/style-guide
  12. FYI, doing this will let exmos (are we still allowed to call them that) control the narrative and own the search results when people search about "Mormons."
  13. jpv

    Good for you Pres. Nelson!

    I'd say I always have used the full name or Church of Jesus Christ for the Church itself. I haven't for the members (due to the Elder Holland and Pres. Monson and Pres Hinckley approach). But with the new direction, although wordy i think it's do-able. However I'm yet to hear an effective adjective form of "Mormon", nor a good replacement for "Mormonism".
  14. jpv

    12 New Temples!

    This millennial thought it was incredibly white-trash.
  15. Ridiculously inaccurate. That link doesn't even claim that. Start with the article by Dan Peterson posted above and then check out: https://byustudies.byu.edu/content/mother-there-survey-historical-teachings-about-mother-heaven