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  1. I do, just as much as Brian Hales. However, my thinking is that my experience with Tac or others in the postmo community would be more likely to consider a Brian Hales as an apologist, but Compton, Quinn etc. as not apologists, even though they have strengthened my faith through historical truth through their historical apologetics.
  2. It's the article linked to in the original post by Dennis Horne. He says a BYU professor was preaching false doctrine by saying that ordination of men only is a practice not a doctrine. http://www.truthwillprevail.xyz/2019/01/why-some-people-leave-church.html
  3. Was anybody else surprised in the article that a self-proclaimed scriptorian like the Hornedog was unaware that the fullness of the priesthood can only be bestowed on a male-female couple
  4. It was always clear to those not inclined to engage in lexical duplicity. Right, just making the point that indeed it would be a change to the Law of Chastity, even if you're going to be lexically duplicitous, for most of the dispensation. The changes only make that clear.
  5. Fair enough, as long as you stop equivocating the medical need for an emergency delivery or C-section with the medical need for a late-term abortion.
  6. jpv


    What about our CES educators paid to preach the gospel?
  7. jpv


    Which is exactly how it works... Compare how we can decide for ourselves if we are full tithe payers vs. full tax payers.
  8. The Temple was was only ambiguous on this from 1990 to 2018, now it's very clear.
  9. Cite Prince if you're gonna quote him.
  10. One of the sources cited above was Todd Compton, not exactly an apologist: http://www.mormonmonastery.org/todd-compton-excerpt-handclasp-and-embrace-as-tokens-of-recognition/
  11. Hey Tac, they should be but is highly dependent on leadership. In a linguistic minority ward deep behind the Zion Curtain I've visited, the young women are recognized and even "sustained" in sacrament for advancement to beehive, Laurel, etc. without regard to the program.
  12. Yep, men need two more ordinances after that until they receive the same blessings as female initiatory.
  13. It's changed three times since then, you don't even wear anything different than when you go into do a session. Do them ASAP!
  14. jpv

    Random Facts from Church History

    I think the 'PROF and I will definitely agree with you on this, however.
  15. jpv

    The Ongoing Restoration

    That's an awesome perspective, Nehor. Would love to see some quotes containing new doctrine or theology that wasn't already revealed before JFS (i.e. during the lives of JS and his contemporaries).