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  1. I can accept that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ allow their leaders to make policy decisions that later turn out not to be such great decisions. I think it is called human experience and we all go through it to one degree or another. What surprises me about this discussion is how quickly we forget similar experiences from our own Church history such as: Priesthood ban Indian placement program Borrowing policies that put the Church in serious debt in the late 1800's and early 1900's "Mormon Doctrine" Kirkland Safety Society Polygamy an a hundred more if you study church history I am curious as to why you all think we so quickly forget the past and look at each new experience as either evidence the end is near, the prophets have fallen, the Church isn't true or "I know something they didn't." Just a personal note as the father of a young man who is gay. My heart is very thankful that good men who thought they were doing the right thing didn't slam the door shut on listening to the promptings of the Spirit and the very real experiences that more than just a handful of members of the Church.
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