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  1. It is 11:30 AM...I should probably go to bed.
  2. There has to be others in public domain equally appropriate....just not as well known.
  3. Just in case that last line was directed in part to me, I wasn't asking those questions nor would I "out" anyone in a case like this. Just to be clear, the only people I think the MP should be explaining the rules to are those living them. I am generally talking about the interaction between leaders and those they are attempting to influence, not the at times clueless bystanders. However, if missionaries can't explain it to their parents as it appears to be in this case, I get concerned they aren't getting the explanation themselves.
  4. Which is wrong, imo. Hugs are intrusive so huggers have an obligation to ask...and I am a hugger so I know it is possible to do so without sacrificing the mood or much spontaneity.
  5. I thought you were talking about the missionaries getting the explanation. I agree we shouldn't expect to know. Cinepro mention in February he had a daughter on a mission, assuming same one.
  6. You just keep digging yourself in deeper. Did you mean to write women's arms are "bare naked" when they don't have sweaters or coats on? And that is inappropriate when in the presence of men? Sweaters when it is hot or even warm aren't nice and cozy. And a man has the right in your view to make women wear clothing based on how good it looks to him? Seriously? Are you even paying attention to what you are writing at this point?
  7. By mission presidents for changing the standard mission rules? Generally if you want people to change their behaviour, giving them reasons why rather than just ordering them to tends to be more effective from what I have seen. In the case of it being safety issues, bet they got better compliance than they would have if they hadn't explained. And if you are trying to teach a principle, explanations are often necessary.
  8. My mood was actually plenty light before you started pushing me to smile. That you assumed it wasn't because I didn't view your comment as funny is your problem of misreading, not me being emotionally down. And you still want me to fake my reaction so you feel more comfortable with me being "pleasant"? Wouldn't it be easier for you to change your own behaviour than to expect others to change to please you?
  9. I can't tell if that is actually really funny or if it is the lack of sleep.
  10. The explanations can go a long way to remove weirdness. When they are lacking though, it becomes something more.
  11. I think the last one to try it on me was my grandma when when I was a freshman at BYU. My gut reaction is to tell people you want a performing seal, go to the circus.
  12. What specific DNA issue are you talking about? Blessings on descendants are not attached to DNA so to speak of diluted DNA doesn't make sense in the context of inheritance***, it is simply a method of tracking movement. I am not sure what you are referring to in the above, so if you could clarify.... ***No one looks at their kids (hopefully) and says the ones that have my eye and hair color will inherit while the rest of you can forget about it because you don't have enough of my DNA. So why would it matter with grandkids or ten times removed grandkids?
  13. It's practical, but it would make more sense imo to explain rather than just give the command. That way it might teach a long lasting worthwhile habit rather than have someone thinking it is just an odd rule for that time or place.
  14. I think it better to call out inappropriate behaviour than to ignore it as they may assume it was okay and do it to someone else.
  15. It seems to me if there had been problems between the elders and sisters in the mission before and this is a reaction to that, there are other better ways of dealing with it. This appears to be a nobrainer, don't want to be hassled with dealing with individuals, no effort to teach correct principles and intelligent relationships on the part of whoever came up with the idea, imo.
  16. You might have enjoyed the unedited version more.
  17. Well, since we all know women are incapable of lust, no need to.
  18. I got the impression you were talking about the cutting off of any part that offends (Matt 5:30), but if so didn’t understand why it was a solution for men and not for everyone, so I assumed I misunderstood.
  19. I don’t know about removing her veil (given we may be in spirit form first after death, I see all that as likely symbolic rather than literal), but usually it is described as her husband doing so. Also do we even ‘wake up’ after death or does our spirit simply leave our body as appears to happen in NDEs? This traditional understanding of husbands bringing their wives out of the grave is from before single women typically received their endowments, so the vast majority of sisters buried in temple clothing would have been married. I don’t remember any speculation on what would happen with single sisters. It gets complicated when one starts thinking of all those who weren’t buried, but burned or drowned or those with decomposed bodies. Then there are the molecules that got consumed into plants or other animals and recycled through the millennium. Even preserved ones will be substantially damaged so there is no way the same molecules that composed our bodies will be part of our resurrection...assuming resurrection is even immediately after death? (What about spirit prison and paradise?) A man never wears a veil in the temple, but if buried in temple clothing wears all of them as he wears them in the temple, including the hat....meaning no veil in life or death.
  20. I think the issue is not the association (though it seems overstated at times imo), but it is the claimed disconnect between the early position and the current one on the WoW. Some of us see it as a natural progression given the changing environment and options available.
  21. No, I don’t smile on command, but only when it comes naturally and find it weird that you are asking for it. Especially when there is a good chance I am older than you and not some little girl who adults tell to look cute or whatever.
  22. I have never denied that. I put up info in other threads about it. It is the specific claim I am wondering about, not to challenge but just to learn.
  23. Wouldn’t the same problem exist for stores that had street entrances though?
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