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  1. How many other states? And is Utah in the habit of automatically following other states?
  2. There has definitely been a change in how things are talked about, imo, but overall I would say a number of doors have been opened, but few have been shut.
  3. I will post one I have talked about before but I agree with Smac we shouldn’t be going on and on about issues in relationships we want to maintain as positive, either private or public ones. I think leadership is wrong in only allowing word of mouth exceptions for a living woman to have multiple sealings. Another doctors appt for mom so got to go.
  4. I do think such contributes to a tendency to have a testimony ‘shatter’ in a short time, but I have seen others where they allow for some mistakes, but there is something they see as too much. Their view is that it is not just a slight wandering off the path, but either a full rush or just too many errors in their view to allow for inspiration to even be nudging leaders in the way God wants. So the decision of these is God is no more inspiring church leaders than he is inspiring anyone else. Therefore since there is nothing special about our leadership, there is no need to treat them as special. It is imo a rational position usually since one can’t actually demonstrate that decisions of leaders are inspired in any case I am aware of (one can’t demonstrate the existence of God to inspire them either). I personally think a spiritual witness of God being in charge is usually what makes the difference in maintaining faith long term.
  5. That occurred to me too. If she is ever selling the dogs that could be setting up owners with long term problems. Hope this gets resolved well for everyone
  6. Released as bishop 3 years ago... http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/71033-sam-young-is-excommunicated/?do=findComment&comment=1209854726
  7. Tacenda, if it is still hard maybe think if it this way. If you saw a dozen kids playing in a house dressed in cute clothes and getting frequent hugs from their caregiver, would you walk away wondering what you should do if you also saw dirty diapers or puddles of pee and poop around the room? Not saying dogs are children, but they need clean places to live especially since they have been bred in such a way that may lead to susceptibility to illness where once they get sick with something bad, the only mercy is to kill them. And if they go to the pound sick, they will less likely go to a home.
  8. I didn't feel that way, I just often use myself to think things through or as an illustration since I am the expert on all things me.
  9. Are you perhaps explaining the methodology of your own post because I am not seeing where Smac is focusing on Jenkin's worthiness myself or worried about the negotiating table?
  10. For your reading pleasure: https://www.fairmormon.org/conference/august-2019/a-case-for-the-book-of-mormon Discuss as you will, I likely will not participate much so I don't see a focus other than the presentation itself.
  11. I am guessing I wouldn't be afraid of getting others involved if my husband was accused and that is why I go to her likely being aware he was culpable in some way, but I may be naive or unrealistic.
  12. Sorry I am not doing it myself after doing the opening post....feel very lazy, but ongoing crisis with my mom for over a week now (I may venting about it in every thread by now, lol)...I feel like I shouldn't really commit my brain just in case she calls yet again (as I am getting to the point of losing my patience at times as I have not yet reconciled the latest changes in her with what was and if I feel interrupted, I can feel anger build and I have to take a moment to go to my peaceful place, etc. etc, I am growing up a lot these days, becoming so mature ).
  13. Not debating your claim if you were thinking that. There are differences, we just need to be careful not to assume difference where it does not exist just as much as not ignore it where it does. In the past, it was not unusual for there to be little concern over women and porn because many believed women didn't respond to it where men did. If it continues to be seen as a 'guy' thing, a lot of women will probably end up suffering and not knowing how to get help.
  14. I think use of addiction when it is not is likely similar to using obesity or fat when talking about 15 lbs or less overweight. I have seen that kind of fear of someone else not being in as control as one would like result in anorexia in one of my relatives and giving up on any attempt to control or be healthy as it feels an impossible standard for the one being criticized.
  15. And while grape juice tastes great, we are talking party value as in 'lifting of the spirits' and that takes fermentation. Grape juice just gives a sugar high.
  16. I wonder if anyone who has actually been raped feels that way. It sounds more like something people who don't understand the depth of the impact of rape might think.
  17. I barely glanced over Scott's presentation (saving this year's presentations for when I can focus), so I can't say for sure, but I got the impression there were errors listed there. Are you saying it doesn't gave any actually listed?
  18. Since women appear to be just as likely physically aroused (see link above) but may need additional context to push it to sexual desire/interest, creating a social context of acceptability and feelings of low cost (no big deal, victimless crime, etc) for women as well as avoiding the offensive pitfalls of being degrading to women or otherwise being offensive outside the sexual factor is likely to lead to massive use by women, imo. Easy, one sided, and no strings works for a lot of women too. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/dating-and-mating/201811/how-men-and-women-experience-sexual-desire-differently
  19. "Actual differences" being the key phrase here for understanding. https://www.pnas.org/content/116/31/15671
  20. Thanks, I was having a hard time following you and now I don't
  21. You should be able to remove it if you can edit that post still.
  22. We know one intention as she didn't want police involved. I would not be surprised if this was true, but that she so quickly responded with a desire to cover it up....I think it likely her knowledge was less subconscious and more aware of his inclinations. And she has elevated the needs of her family over the needs of others as by protecting him, she has likely been allowing him to victimize other women. And if he has shared pictures online, this is harm that can't be undone in many cases, but may follow his victims the rest of their lives.
  23. I have been using the Consumer's lab that tests to make sure they have what they say. Doesn't always cover quality or what works best for what, but a good site for starting out.
  24. That is a good suggestion, Ahab. Iirc Mom used that with shingles and found it helpful many years ago. Thanks for reminding me.
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