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  1. Calm

    403 Error

    The drug name in the title or too many mentions of it in the post (probably because the censor thinks it is a sign of selling it) is likely the issue.
  2. Calm

    403 Error

    I usually puts spaces or dashes in these days.
  3. Six sons later on is pushing it if she was Keturah though....
  4. Hopefully they will have many opportunities to polish that up.
  5. Calm

    403 Error

    I haven’t been able to start a new thread because “porn” was in the title and I got a 403 error. Almost every 403 error I have gotten I found a banned word or phrase (in the sense of otherwise completely banned or banned if used in the post too many times)
  6. Calm

    403 Error

    Usually a banned word or combination of words, includes drug names. Could be in the URL as well if posting a link. having too many "sex" or "porn"s or combing "child" with sexual terms will do it. Seems to be more sensitive if in title. If you can't figure out what it is, break your post into parts and test as you add to it.
  7. You get editing at 25 posts. I don’t think it’s being cheap, but allowing mods to keep an eye on newbies before they can erase the evidence.
  8. If you don't have a spiritual witness, how do you decide what is righteous? My daughter is agnostic for the very reason of not feeling the Spirit. Nor do I think she feels the need to work on improving herself in terms of goodness as she is a decent, kind and loving person already, so since she has no sense of divinity to rolemodel, no motivation to work towards perfection, etc. why bother? As far as not necessary, I think that is likely dependent with what God has blessed you with in your life. If you are blessed with a fine awareness of the Spirit and you ignore it, I can see that as being problematic just as if someone was blessed with wealth who then chose to keep it all to themselves and not share with those in need might be judged as a sinner where someone in poverty would not.
  9. Didn't want to open a new WoW thread for a FYI https://www.deseret.com/indepth/2019/9/12/20862224/utah-obesity-america-health-weight-kids-nutrition
  10. That is the best way to reconcile, allow it to be in the next life....but it is often taught as in the here and now (such as "can feel" not "eventually will feel") similar to Nephi's if God gives a commandment, he gives a way to fulfill it.
  11. You could do this according to days of the month...maybe a monthly theme as well, so each day is different in some fashion. That way it doesn't go more than 31.
  12. Since manuals and conference talks might be looked at some day like we look at the ancient scriptural texts, perhaps we could expand with a subtopic of modern Apocryphal writings (not sure that is the right term...could use religious texts or sacred writings).
  13. Clark would likely have been the one to respond at this time in the board's evolution and thinking of him answering was leading me to avoid the topic actually. Iirc, Clark said once they weren't related as far as he knew...though it might have been Ed. He posts here every now and then and puts up links to his material. I think the majority of posters don't feel educated enough in the area to comment on it, though there were some in the past who focused on it. I may be projecting though. I have been following the various arguments off and on since I got into online discussions, but still not sure if I got the details down well enough not to draw false conclusions (for example, discussion of timelines frustrate me because I need to constantly refer to written ones to keep it all straight), so I haven't even looked at the article for now (most of the time I would, right now I don't want to invest the time and effort to ensure I understand, just too mentally tired).
  14. In one of my previous wards, there was a disabled young man who was required to be in the company of an elder or older man at all times. He hadn't a clue about the wrongness, something that he had learned in a group home. Abuse is rampant in such places for a variety of reasons unfortunately.
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