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  1. Fine, write to the local mission president and ask him.
  2. What if he suffered brain damage as a child that removed the ability to recognize right and wrong or to see others as like himself, to have empathy?
  3. Her physical body may not be able to process, but we believe our spirits have been in existence for eons and learning all that time. Our conscious awareness of that part of our being is currently lacking, but we can say that for much of what makes us up. We are rarely fully aware of what we are learning from our experiences and instead tend to focus on certain aspects, at times missing what might be obvious to others. For example, I know someone who "learned" his relative loved him from abuse. It was not until he was asked if he would show love to his children in the same way and he was horrified by the thought that he learned that it wasn't love at all, but sickness. Yet there was also an underlying awareness imo that what was happening was wrong and that was why he learned to distrust and not feel safe around others. I also know of reverse situations where children were certain things were being done to them because someone hated them, only to learn later on as they got older these things were necessary for their health and growth. Happens to youth and adults all the time, misunderstanding why they are going through things, only later figuring out that they learned something of value from it when they had grown in awareness. But in some cases (not all), there also appears to be learning that there is actually love behind it all as the child is less resistant and fearful over time and not more, so there appears to me to be multiple levels of learning going on even in the here and now, most which will be consciously processed later, but still affecting behaviour and how we interpret the world almost immediately. I don't know if this is the case for what appears to be unnecessary and at times horrific suffering. I just believe it is possible based on extrapolating other learning experiences.
  4. Is Hitler human? Is it our right to decide who is and isn't capable of repenting? If we can block doing it for Hitler, why not anyone else, including the next door neighbor we think is too hard hearted to ever open up to the Gospel? Or the exspouse who we see as a despicable human being? We are commanded to provide ordinances for all at this time. Chances are his work was done multiple times in the past. Safeguards are now in place where most celebrity baptisms are caught and the person can lose their privilege of submitting names. If the work is seen as unauthorized, it probably was removed.
  5. Ahah, why don't you ask a recent missionary what his/her experience was to see if there is a likelihood that any missionary would miss using devices given to them by the Church were not intended to include email privileges.
  6. http://www.911myths.com/html/rumsfeld__9_11_and__2_3_trilli.html Since the topic is probably off topic, please do not respond. Just providing this info for those who are curious. An updated version that might be more aesthetically appealing: http://www.911myths.com/index.php?title=Missing_Trillions
  7. Part of teaching is checking to see if someone understands the principle, supervising them to ensure they have it right prior to setting them off to govern themselves. Some of the worst teachers I have seen have been great at demonstrating the principles themselves, but they never cared enough to take the time and make the effort to ensure their students could then properly demonstrate that they had learn them. You don't show a five year old the correct principles behind operating a stove once and then just let him govern himself around it. Why assume youth and young adults or even adults are different? While there are likely many missionaries who are indeed ready to govern themselves, there are others who cannot yet. There will be less resistance to supervision, which can interfere with learning of responsibility, if everyone is treated the same.
  8. Missionary work can be done by the internet anywhere there are computers these days. Why not Mars? Eventually a priesthood holder would be among the settlers and could baptize any converts. Not like that hasn't happened before in areas missionaries didn't have access to yet (Book of Mormon doing the converting). I don't see it as an issue for the Sol system, just extend the boundaries. Might be interesting if we ever got interstellar before Christ coming.
  9. There are plenty of LDS who have some fear of the afterlife, especially as they get older and get dementia. One of my husband's grandmothers was afraid to die because she feared her husband, who had died quite young, would not recognize her. Then one day she told her son his dad had visited her the night before looking just as she remembered, telling her he was waiting for her. She was at peace then and died a few days later. My mom has some dementia and at times uppermost in her mind is how they fought in the last few years (looking back, I think there were mental issues on both sides as Dad was taking way too much medication due to faulty prescribing that would have affected memory and personality). Death is not appealing to her at those moments. Otoh, Dad had written in his estate orders that if Mom died first he was heading up to Oregon (no family there so it was obvious he was speaking of assisted suicide). His dad died in absolute misery, reduced to a crying child because they were giving him all the wrong drugs that made his restless legs disorder pure hell (to relieve the feelings you need to move, the drugs not only made the sensations worse---things crawling on your body, being stabbed with needles, feeling like your muscles are going to snap on you, one person discribed it as feeling like his leg was hollow and a bottle brush was being shoved up and down it---but doped him up so he couldn't get up to relieve the symptoms. Dad watched him fade away in a nursing home tied down in his bed so he wouldn't fall trying to get out and no way was that going to be him. Dad had a very practical belief, I have little doubt he would have thought God was okay with it once he reached the point he didn't see himself as useful to anyone. He wouldn't see it as not enduring to the end. Mom told me eons ago she had learned, so I don't know if this is accurate as haven't been able to confirm it, that Elder Widtsoe had chosen to stop eating when he believed it was time. It was time to put the body to rest apparently. Back then she was figuring she might make the same choice when she believed her time came (she has come close to death a few times in her life including as a child). Some members are horrified at the thought. Others not so much. I think a lot of members who have been ill for much of their lives have thought about it, whether or not the practicality of it allows for it, not being a burden to one's family and moving to the next stage rather than just existing, achieving nothing in this life (as many see being bedridden and semicoherent).
  10. How old are you, Jane? Being practical about end of life and death doesn't mean you are depressed. It is about the same thing as making one's will, including thinking how much medical intervention one wants, etc. Now if one was obsessed about it...but nothing in what GG said indicates she is. She knows what she might be facing and is preparing for it. That is sensible.
  11. Might be helpful to someone: https://whatisnuclear.com/articles/thorium_myths.html
  12. Asking your friends to take a survey may very well load it up with likeminded individuals. There are some ways to help lessen that, for one getting a variety of people to start the snowball rolling, but it is not a technique I would use unless I had to (very small population to begin with or one that was hard to find save by an existing community, for example). Random sampling testing would tend to be a better picture of the whole. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowball_sampling There are ways to maximize its usefulness, but I am not terribly familiar with them so lack confidence at this time in it.
  13. When you quote something, at the bottom of the post a thin blue banner appears with a question that says something along the lines of "remove format". You just click on that and the font should become your standard font. If you are just including a link and not cut/pasting anything, I don't know the problem. Sometimes it may be a word in the link, but I can't imagine why Interpreter should be a problem. Let me know if only link is the issue and I will experiment.
  14. Some words cause it to delete, such as certain brand names (my problem has been with drugs, don't know if there is a problem with others. Also quoting in certain formats. I always use "remove formatting" and that removes a lot of the problems.