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  1. Thankfully, I am usually good about referencing claims and it turns out Google is good at tracking down my past posts. Looks like it was a bit more than I remember.... This is the article that I think did the best at pulling together all the info outside of the additional info from RFM's publishing of Denson's draft letter and the police reports: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-investigations/2018/03/24/amid-quiet-life-chandler-explosive-sexual-assault-allegations-hit-mormon-leader/449975002/
  2. One newspaper reported it as she faked her exboyfriend's voice in an attempt to get utilities hooked up in his name last February iirc (and given my memory I wouldn't trust me ). I remember it only being reported in that much detail in one paper, so I will look for it for a bit, but not spend too much time. I get very conflicting impressions from her, claims she has made in detail and choices she had made make me raise my eyebrows as to how could she think that was a good idea and make me wonder about her impulse control while her personal appearance is quite poised and in control. I think my main position about her is one of caution. Otoh, I am quite comfortable and saying I believe Joseph Bishop is a narcissistic, abusive jerk though I don't know how far his abuse went. The only way I can deal with it is to think of it as a puzzle to solve while researching and kind of ignore there are real people involved (too many people I know have been abused, it is too overwhelming to try and dissect that experience). After I collect the research, then I focus on what it all means and get sickened by it all.
  3. I agree, I haven't tracked Knight's posting on her site so now I think of it she might not have known who Knight was at the time ( I suspect the weirdness of babies on altars was so bad that I remembered that rather than Karren's comment...could have sworn there was a list of names Denson was thanking in supporting her that included Knight, but it has been a crowded month so that likely was a created memory or a mixup of the Kristys)...I still think getting involved with Karren is idiotic if Denson wants to be taken seriously though. I think I might have made that superposition of Denson with Karren because Denson has a post right below her share of Karren where she refers to "ritual abuse":
  4. Calm

    God vs Jesus

    That was so bad you got me laughing enough to make my stomach hurt. If you have ruined the Bible for me, I will never forgive you.
  5. Calm

    The Problem of Indifference

    My speculation is God hides himself from us to give us a chance to decide who we want to be outside of his shadow, like parents who accept that it is best for their child to go to a college out of state instead of the local community college so they can stay at home and be fed and clothed and cared for like the rest of their childhood. The distance allows their child to make choices without aleays first wondering "is this what Dad and Mom would want me to do? Will I get in trouble if I make this choice? Will I get rewarded?" Away from home, we can all decide "is this what I want for me? Is this what is most important to me?" Not sure so much if it is college or preschool though.
  6. Hopefully I got it straight last time, I got it a bit compressed today. Denson shared a post from Ron Karren where he thanks her and some others, including Kristy Knight if I get his heading correctly (not Kristy Johnson who as far as I can tell is going after her father for abusing her and wants Utah law changed so she can also go after the Church as she claims the Church prevented the police from following through on complaints in some way) who appears to believe Freemasons are taking over the world, sacrificing babies on church and temple alters, and the wealthy are using their blood to stay young....if I have deciphered her comments correctly. This is the post that Denson shared. https://www.facebook.com/ronaldmkarren/posts/1869937556403185 Knight's post thanking him and getting into the weird stuff is about four down. This is Denson's FB page that has the share: https://www.facebook.com/mckenna.denson.3 Knight writes a lot weird on Denson's page, from what I can tell Denson has not interacted with her directly. Personally I think Karren goes off the rails in his accusations as I read some of his documentation awhile back and it didn't prove what he appeared to think it proves. I don't know if Denson has to approve what is on her FB page, but there is a significant lack of negative commentary last time I hung out on it so someone is editing it as far as I can tell. That she accepts Knight's comments even in this limited fashion is a point against her credibility for me, but if someone can persuade me FB operates differently (I don't use it save for research on occasion, too hard to find stuff), I would be happy to withdraw my negative comments in this regard.
  7. He redacted it on the documents he released.
  8. On her Facebook page a few weeks ago iirc, it is all inclusive with Sam Young and some likely valid accusations....got family stuff now, so will link later. The fraud case was in Feb.
  9. There may be some medicinal effects for wine, but not unique to it certainly. Making it illegal isn't going to work, but higher penalties for harming others while under the influence and insurance premiums s going up for health as well as cars if pulled in for drunk and disorderly behaviour, etc. would be wise, imo. Doubt the liquor lobby would go along with that though. PS: Tumeric gives me the jitters, pretty much anything that stimulates can...such as too much ginger. In fact anything that affects the brain seems to do it these days. Mom is going into assisted living soon, maybe when that constant anxiety of waiting for the disaster call goes, I will settle down enough to try stuff again.
  10. Tryptophan was taken of the market for years because it was contaminated and killed people. It came back first as a prescription and now is back in health stores. Useful for sleep. I loved it back in the days when my disorder was mild Took it all through my pregnancy and slept much better than with my first. Now I wonder if it unbalanced brain chemistry for my daughter. Kava raises blood pressure and iirc caused at least one death a little after it became popular. It is one product that was notorious for many brands having no therapeutic amount. There wasn’t enough kava in the world to provide the demand The nutritional herbal market is a billion dollar industry. That is a lot of harm if people are paying for stuff they aren’t getting. If it was prescription drugs,these people would be going to jail. Mom got $5000 in a class action settlement against Mercola for a light box that was claimed to be full spectrum, etc. Total lie.
  11. She accuses, iirc, her ex husband of having sex with a number of women he baptized...apparently while they were in Japan (transcript). So she can easily claim her ex is lying to get back at her while seemingly making her own case appear more solid by adding other people's Involvement. I always felt her accusation about her husband was a bit much (14 women in 4 years, “had sex with women that he was baptizing”, “yet his Sunday School lessons were amazing”). Why was he, a Sunday School teacher baptizing new members? Were there likely to be multiple new female members joining only to then have sex with not only the man who baptized them, but a married man to boot? It feels “embellished”. If this is how she talked back then, I can understand why Leavitt doubted her (should still have reported it)
  12. Who shared the info that it was three calls? If Leavitt, seems strange that he would if these were for the purpose of a conspiracy.
  13. Add-on: adding this at the top so as to make it clear I was wrong in my memory, Denson shared a post of another person who as a small part of the post mentioned the name of the woman I am referring to below. Denson herself and maybe even the man mentioning that woman may not have no the details of her claims, but perhaps only knew she was a child abuse advocate. Otoh, Denson is supporting Karren by sharing his post and I find his claims dubious after researching them, but he isn't as extreme as baby sacrifice. Original comment: I really would like to know the details of the alleged identity fraud case as it is very much in contrast to her personal appearance. That and the reasoning of her support on her FB Page of the woman who is claiming babies are being sacrificed in temples around the world.
  14. And depending what went along with showing porn, it might have been a very limited accusation as opposed to a broad one (were there claims of grooming or was it presented as a one time thing, was she alone with him or did Leavitt understand she was with a supposed companion, the other girl he referred to, etc). The claim might have been the only thing mentioned or it might have been part of a list of things she was having trouble dealing with in her life at that stage. If the latter, he might have asked her later if she felt she had resolved her problems and she answered affirmatively thinking he meant something else while he saw that as an demonstration the story had been embellished, but she was taking it back. Thus no need to withhold a temple recommend for making false accusations. As far as socializing with her, that could be out of loving concern as much as no worries. We don’t know if the reason his daughter stayed with Denson in Taiwan was more because Leavitt trusted her husband to provide stability or perhaps felt his daughter just needed a cheap place to stay at night and was mature enough to handle a little harmless craziness (which is how Leavitt appears to have viewed the claims as long as they weren’t made public when they could be harmful) or because he trusted Denson to take care of her. Maybe he encouraged his daughter to stay there because he wanted to see how Denson was doing. It is not like Denson had attacked anyone herself. Leavitt might not have sent a son out of concern of a false accusation, but seen a woman as safe from the chance of any perceived “embellishments “. Is there any details on why the daughter was there and if she was alone or how long she stayed? Given details of the conversations they had overtime are pretty much completely lacking, we have no way really to judge if Leavitt believed her and lied about it now unless some record of her meeting with Elder Asay turns up.