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  1. http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/72413-changes-in-missionary-handbook/
  2. You might suggest they go in to the bishop and volunteer for callings if they haven't already. Quickest way to get called in my experience.
  3. Maybe they need to get the language cleared in multiple languages and legally vetted? I have no clue why that would be since new language would likely be less legally problematic I would guess, but can’t think of any other reason they wouldn’t change it.
  4. Except he is actually for polygamy and not polygyny even if he is arguing from the standpoint of polygyny. If women also have the ability to marry as many men as they desire, that is a significantly different system. It would be interesting to see if culturally it would truly be balanced or if there were fewer women wanting multiple husbands. Or if more men refused to stay in such marriages...it might follow the same dynamics of the percentages of men wanting to marry women who make substantially more money than they do (those that may be attracted to their wives, but are at least as attracted to the money if being rich is a requirement for their spouse). Our current culture would suggest more women would be satisfied with their partner having multiple partners as opposed to men. Would women in a society that allows them financial freedom choose to join a polygynist relationship? My biggest concern is what happens to women (or men for that matter) who married monogamously and then their husband decides he wants another wife, enough so where he is constantly pressuring her to accept. Her only threat might be to walk. Is that a real penalty in these days when divorce is seen as another norm? Perhaps prenups could include huge penalties for the original wives if more are added that allows them to stay married, but still feel they have some say in things. But that would really sour a relationship I am thinking. Likely the only polygamist relationships that have a hope of enduring is when all expect them as such and husbands and wives are both on board and not resistant to the idea.
  5. Papa, why do you think Church leadership might want to leave people like you behind? I get that it can feel that way and I suspect a lot of members, even healthy ones, are feeling disoriented by all the changes, especially if there are lots locally. However, I can't think of myself why leadership would see that as a good thing. Perhaps you could explain how it might actually be a goal and why?
  6. Given the 'sexual liberation' for women, chances are cheating by women would rise dramatically if polyandry was not legalized at the same time. According to this, women were actually more likely to cheat than men up to age 30. The older they got, the more likely men cheated, women grew less and then dropped. This could be cultural (women were stigmatized much more than men for cheating in the past, so older women are still in that mindset) or biological or both. Also could be older women may be more financially dependent on their husbands due to having children, etc. and therefore greater risks for women to cheat, so they don't. https://ifstudies.org/blog/who-cheats-more-the-demographics-of-cheating-in-america If cultural, the differences in cheating at older ages will diminish over time. If financial, having to share resources of one husband with another woman or women might lead higher income producing women to cheat more since if they get caught, might be better for them financially to leave. Added later: So if justifying polygyny on the grounds of avoiding cheating by men, that just might open up the gate for increased cheating of women. Lose-lose, imo. If polygamy is supposed to be for the benefit of increasing available blessings, then surely that would apply to chaste and righteous men and women, not those who would only not cheat if they had an available married partner. Not exactly celestial material, imo.
  7. I really would like to know the viewpoint of someone who is praying for its return, that is unusual...at least in speaking about it.
  8. No, I am saying the organization appears to have survived in a multitude of variations, so it is likely they will be able to come up with something that works here with the current culture. Certainly they may be able to get ideas of what has and hasn't worked from how others adapted to their changing cultures how to make it work for the US.
  9. There are, however, a number of eternal principles with attendant blessings we are required to wait for, such as resurrection and the health blessings that come with it. In mortality, some eternal principles might not work that well and therefore it makes sense to delay until we are actually celestial in order to truly benefit from them. I suspect in most ways, polygamy (polyandry and polygyny) is likely one of those. And as long as it is coming, then what is it in particular that leads those who want it in the here and now if possible to desire it?
  10. Out of curiosity, what benefit do you see if the Church approves polygyny again?
  11. I would assume it will survive given how international organizations of Boy Scouts are all around, so likely many models to choose from if BSA decides their current trajectory isn't the best; some look like they are doing much better than the States: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_Organization_of_the_Scout_Movement_members Looks like scouting is (was?) part of the educational curriculum in Indonesia, which explains the ten times as many scouts there.: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerakan_Pramuka_Indonesia
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