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  1. Calm

    This American Life

    MustardSeed, if you are not aware of this (it is relatively new), this could be a good resource for your YW or anyone else you are concerned about: https://www.lds.org/get-help/abuse?lang=eng
  2. Calm

    This American Life

    If number of books are indicative of how bad a problem is, the nonLDS world has us beat by a massive amount. ----- I like what Bluedreams has said about church culture in the past, think she has a realistic view of things...which given her speciality she should. MustardSeed, if you don't know already, Bluedreams is a therapist in an LDS dense area who works in this field. She has posted quite a bit on this and related topics. Unfortunately the board's search function only searchs the past year, but if interested, probably would be worth it to site google her name and some specific term to pull up older posts as well. The search function here can search by author, so very useful for the past year's posts.
  3. Got this from Church Historian Press, thought some might be interested: https://mailchi.mp/ldschurch/join-us-for-a-special-lecture-9ab9f0baah?e=4e19b1d5ff Join Us for a Special Lecture The Joseph Smith Papers is pleased to invite you to a special presentation in conjunction with the publication of Revelations and Translations, Volume 4: Book of Abraham and Related Manuscripts. Robin Scott Jensen, coeditor of the volume and project archivist for the Joseph Smith Papers, will present “A Window into Joseph Smith’s Translation: An Exploration of the Book of Abraham Manuscripts” on November 15 in Salt Lake City. Details Event: “A Window into Joseph Smith’s Translation: An Exploration of the Book of Abraham Manuscripts” presented by Robin ScottJensen Date: Thursday, November 15, 2018 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Assembly Hall (50 West South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150) Revelations and Translations, Volume 4 tracks the development of the Book of Abraham from the time Joseph Smith and others purchased Egyptian papyri in 1835 through the publication of the Book of Abraham and its accompanying illustrations in the church newspaper Times and Seasons in 1842. Introductions in the volume situate Joseph Smith’s translation process in the broader context of the nineteenth-century fascination with Egyptian history and culture, of his own effort to reveal truths from the ancient past, and of his other translation efforts.
  4. A new poster, MustardSeed, would like to discuss this topic. I don't know anything else about it, so take her post when she gets the chance to post as the official "opening post" and her as the opening poster; please respect her choice on topic limits if any. MustardSeed, you can limit the topic if you want to avoid derails. It helps if you can do it early on, but if something appears later that is a derail in your view, you are the official opening poster, so you can ask them to start their own thread rather than distract from this thread....and someone else, please report it for her if the conversation continues because I don't think she has reporting privileges until 25 posts as well. https://www.thisamericanlife.org/661/but-thats-what-happened No need to wait until MustardSeed posts though since we don't know when that will be.
  5. Calm

    Last Movie You Watched

    Apparently the movie 'adapted ' some facts to make for a better story in other ways besides ensuring it got a Pg-13 rating by limiting profanity. https://screenrant.com/bohemian-rhapsody-bob-geldof-actor-real-life/ I don't think that is a bad thing as long as people understand it is not a full-on documentary/biography. If you are creating a particular message for a particular group (in this case, a broad target market including youth), that is going to happen.
  6. Calm

    Marriage covenants

    There is no unfairness eternally as far as I can tell because all are sealed once dead the same way, man or woman. Women are being sealed to more than one husband, both living (exceptions are granted to widows and I have heard of even one case where the woman was divorced with children involved, but I can't personally confirm that one) and dead (every woman once dead is sealed to all husbands just as men are sealed to all wives). We are not taught sealings mean something different for women than men...plus there is a man involved in each of those second or more sealings, so why would it be different for them than other men even if women were different? What this means eternally, I don't know, but if the justification for men having multiple wives is it is unfair to require them to choose among those they love, then the same rule would apply to women, would it not? God being no respector of persons; all are alike unto God are they not? bond or free, male or female?
  7. Calm

    Marriage covenants

    If the doctrine of eternal marriage contributed to infidelity (as opposed to being used as an excuse much like "my spouse doesn't love me" might be used) I would expect to see the rates of adultery and therefore divorce to be higher for Saints than the general population. Divorce isn't and as far as I can tell adultery isn't either, though it is not unknown or even uncommon unfortunately. Marriages that started out as adulterous relationships have to jump through major hoops to be sealed from what I have read and heard (think they have to be married ten years before even applying) and a spouse would need to be divorced prior to even thinking of that happening, so there would be no expectation of someone being forced into a polygamous marriage with a second wife from an adulterous relationship since since the marriage covenant of the first marriage was broken by the divorce officially and probably by the adultery spiritually though that last is up to God to judge if the couple desires to stay together. Plus a loving God would never force anyone to do anything, so I am not seeing the logic of being eternally trapped. Even if someone decides to stay married in mortality for the children or other reasons, if they do not desire to be married eternally to their sealed spouse, why would God think of forcing them? I know a few women who did not wish to be eternally married to their spouses at the time they told me, none of them expected to be forced to do so. They believed God was watching out for them and would ensure they were happy in the next life and that they would receive all the blessings they wanted. I know there are some sick men out there who think if a sealing isn't canceled, they somehow have power over their exwives, that their exwives belong to them (my exbrother-in-law was one of them according to my sister),but that kind of attitude towards others (people as property to be controlled) has them heading for the telestial even if the Church isn't aware of their behaviour and they look 'good' on paper, so to speak. There are probably some women who think that way about ex husbands as well, that as long as they don't ask for their sealing to be canceled, their exhusbands will be forced to be married to them in the eternities. How can heaven be heaven if individuals don't care what their spouses want, how can they be one with each other and one with God? That would be hell and therefore exaltation isn't awaiting anyone who thinks that way. Using emotional blackmail such as telling one's spouse they have to forgive one because one has repented and the sin will be on the unforgiving spouse instead is not true repentance, Imo. One can also forgive, but not desire to reinstate the eternal marriage covenant that the other has broken, imo, just as one is not forced to marry someone just because they say they want to marry. I know of no doctrine that requires this.
  8. @Gray, “Nor do they have enough influence in most churches to have church leadership give them special dispensation to sin, as happens for straight people in the LDS Church” meaning what sin straight people have special dispensation for exactly?
  9. Calm

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900030038/heres-why-a-former-mormon-bishop-faces-discipline-from-the-church-of-jesus-christ-of-latter-day-saints.html There are those who believe he wants to dispense with the teaching of the Law of Chastity, but this is as far as I know speculation.
  10. Calm

    Marriage covenants

    I have known one man active in the Church who used the idea of polygamy in the next life to justify having a sexual relationship with another woman, he told her she would be his plural wife in the next life. He was immediately excommunicated when the affair was discovered. The only 'disloyalty' allowed is the possibility of polygamy in the next life at this point in Church history. Doctrinally speaking we are talking about perfect people who exist in eternity. I don't think we can conceive of the quality of love and loyalty that can exist in that type of perfected society. If any married man sits around and starts speculating about having multiple wives and desiring that for the purpose of having women other than the woman currently at his side, I would agree they are being disloyal just as a husband married under a vow of forsaking all others would be disloyal if he sat around thinking what life would be like if he had married _____ instead of his current wife. I do not believe the case where a man or woman remarries and is sealed to their second spouse without vacating the first sealing (this is now allowed at times for living women as well as all dead women being sealed to all their husbands) is the same, but I can understand why some might feel that way because of our view of eternal marriage rather than death severing any need to continue to be loyal to one's spouse. I have told my husband if I were to die, I definitely want him to remarry. He is someone who needs companionship, I do not want to condemn him to years of unhappiness and loneliness out of misplaced loyalty to me. I know the quality of his love at this point and time is more than enough for me and when he is perfected, that love will only be more magnificent and will in no way be diminished inmy view because he might have someone else by his side as well as me. And my love for her will be perfect as well so why would I be jealous or feel less than because she loves him like I do? I believe perfected beings will be able to exist in multiple fully loving relationships with spouses just as parents, siblings, and friends in mortality can be fully loyal and loving to more than one person in that type of relationship at a time. I see so many individuals married and living with more than one spouse in their mortal lifetimes because a spouse has died and they have remarried in and outside the Church and they have expressed wonderful qualities of love in each relationship that I believe God will bless all their relationships and allow them to continue in the eternities. However, if I am wrong, if polygamy in the eternities does not result in as equally perfect, loving eternal marriages, then God will ensure that everyone will have the opportunity for a monogamous one. I trust God on this.
  11. Calm

    Marriage covenants

    Do you believe that widows and widowers should not be allowed to remarry in the LDS faith as they are in others because of our belief in eternal marriage rather than "until death do us part"? This would seem to be the fundamental issue you have with the way marriages are currently treated in the Church.
  12. Calm

    Odd question

    And what of those who have deficiencies due to the sins of others such as fetal alcohol syndrome or who were accountable but then brain damaged by drunk driving? Kids abused and murdered? Or kids shot and killed in a driveby...they died because they didn't need more than a body so God put them in those situations so others who needed the experience of a few more years or just days of accountability got it...when we are talking about existing eternally already? And why just lacking in mental accountability? Why not emotional or spiritual or physical accountability? Some with severe physical limitations won't have all the choices someone without them. Same goes with emotional and spiritual. I think it is too simplistic an answer to suggest that all those who died young or live a life mentally unaccountable were superior in progression to those who lived to old age or at least past age of accountability and thus skipped to the last step. That a child died one day before the beginnings of a realization of the implications of right and wrong is meant to be in the CK and another child died a few days into accountability but was not taught the gospel so ends up in Spirit Prison and eventually doesn't fully accept the gospel and so ends up in the TRK...just doesn't compute for me.
  13. Probably a combination of liberal and conservative lawmaking and policy. Environmental and health laws can impede burning, but budgets for disaster response and fire prevention aren't high as needed. https://massivesci.com/articles/wildfire-prevention-california-controlled-burn/ https://www.opb.org/news/article/west-wildfire-risks-fuels-treatment-thinning-burning/
  14. One version of the KF Discourse ( see my posts)
  15. Calm

    Diagnosed with cancer on Tuesday

    That is hard. You come across in your posts as a sensible, intelligent, capable, and loving person (even here you are sharing info and not complaining), so I anticipate you will handle things well, but I think at times it would be so nice if the world was constructed with less opportunities for us to demonstrate our coping skills. I will be praying for you and your family. Wish I could do more.