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  1. Apparently PBS has updated its documentary of the 1999 film American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith. They kept the good stuff (the late Gregory Peck is still narrator and may I say his voice rates in my top ten of all time) and added much more including remarkable technology (the quote was along the lines of iirc 'before we told you the story, now we show it to you'). The below is a link to the original, I believe. https://www.pbs.org/americanprophet/pbs-documentary.html I have an acquaintance who saw it last night at the premiere and said it was fantastic. The target audience is nonLDS, but is fair and is not negative even giving plenty of time to nonLDS experts who obviously don't agree with the Church's truth claims, so LDS will find it informative without awkwardness. All PBS stations apparently have this available to them, they have the choice to show it or not, so if you are interested you should contact your local PBS station and ask for it to be shown. I am trying to find a link to the new production. Here is a link to a blog by Dan Peterson that mentions it http://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson/2017/09/american-prophet-remarkable-power-film.html
  2. taking my leave

    Nothing is harder than what you are going through from what I have seen of life. Please get help and do what you need to do to get better.
  3. She said the Church was wrong in its teachings about same sex marriage...can't remember exactly what was said but that was what it boiled down to as she was going to have wonderful life with someone she loved which was what God wanted...that was when she got cut off and not when she announced she was gay. Her parents worked over her comments with her. Iirc there were a number of drafts. She asked for it to be videotaped so she could show her LGBT youth group. Transcipt of her first interview and speech is here: http://iliketolookforrainbows.com/2017/05/30/episode-2-savannahs-story-the-transcript/
  4. Making bad science claims after being shown one is in error isn't a thing of the heart, but a choice of the head. And when the people he is trying to help find out he has misrepresented the science and history, the loss of their faith they have invested in his teachings has in the past led them out of the Church from what .I have seen reported. Someone who stabs you in the gut to release the evil demon devouring your soul may have a good heart and the best of intentions, but .I don't think we should still just sit back and not attempt to remove the knife in his hand. On another note, Kids taught the Universal Model in homeschool are going to have a horrible time passing basic science in college. And probably have a difficult time with any tech oriented careers as well unless there is a complete attitude change. He is not doing anyone favors, whether or not his intentions are pure.
  5. Yeah, my grandparents weren't exactly the type who moved with the times much. I think she got her living room professionally decorated in the 1940s or early 50s and it was that way until they moved 40 years later. The rest of the house stayed the same as well save for a new TV ever 10 years or so and a recliner for Grandpa as well...but it was always in the same spot. When their branch became a ward, my grandma opposed the calling of a new bishop because the branch president deserved the fruits of his decades long stewardship of their once tiny, now significant community. She was still insisting she was right 30 years later. She also talked about the change of appearance, growing to individual cups instead of a communal sacrament cup and how she was debating over moving on to two piece, which were so much more comfortable, but just not quite right. But never a word about being troubled by doctrinal changes. Their main TV fare in the 70s and 80s were Lawrence Welk, I love Lucy, and Perry Mason reruns. She did take us to Godspell and went on the rollarcoaster at Great America, she was a good sport.
  6. My grandparents were born in 1894 and 97, they died 1990ish...they had no problem with any evolutions of the doctrines from the way they talked. I don't think the changes were as dramatic as you think. The biggest one was the Priesthood Ban revelation and their gentle, if condescending response with that was "how nice for the colored family in our ward, they certainly deserve it".
  7. I think it is easier to believe something ornate and ancient looking is spiritually powerful than a stone you might find in your backyard.
  8. Having read a number of emails from him over the years, I would disagree. He is the one who organized the Foundation, he has used testimonials since he began his presentations years ago, these are just more of the same. He was the one who set the precedent. If he wanted to stop these types of testimonials, all he would have to do is pass on a directive, You have already stated you have barely paid attention to the guy until this weekend. I have known of him for over ten years, read much of his early material and some of his later, seen emails he sends out to get donations where he claimed revelations and special blessings, paid attention to the growth of his organization, seen his partnerships come and go, been in an extended discussion with him on this message board. I am not going to take your word for what the man is like because you saw him for part of an afternoon in a presentation or MCing an event.
  9. Meldrum is aware of this message board as he has posted here in the past and the internet in generally. This is not behind his back. I have said the exact same things to him directly. He has made himself into a public figure with great effort. He is also selling his stuff. Critiquing his work in public therefore is appropriate so that people are warned about the quality of his product.
  10. Bad science doesn't need to be address solely by Priesthood leaders.
  11. I agree. That isn't what is happening with FM and other scholars I see criticizing Meldrum
  12. The Church is growing so fast...

    The original edition of Church History in the Fullness of Time (published around 1990 iirc had Louisa Beaman listed at least. I will try and remember to check for others. Iirc, the manual used previously (my husband had it in college, Barrett iirc) had more info.
  13. Curious about cafeteria doctrines

    You are talking about a mind that has been in full gear for maybe 40-50 years comprehending a mind that spans infinite eternities and embraces in awareness all of space where we are lucky if we can manage a 6 ft cube? What about the scriptures that speak of God's ways are not man's, etc.? Joseph was the prophet who most likely saw God the most in modern times, was best mate with an angel. Are you assuming scripture study will bring you more insight than actual interaction with .God himself?
  14. oops Women

    "Does that make sense? I want to believe my observation has some validity, or that it is okay for a personal speculation or even revelation. Maybe it is personal and I shouldn't share those thoughts in a forum like this. But I am interested in different perspectives, so I venture hopefully not crossing over any important lines." This is my viewpoint. I don't have any problem with you or I (because my reaction is much the same) looking at the way Eve is portrayed and thinking "that is informing the way I view Eve". If I feel it connects to a sense of pure intelligence of which I believe I have had a few, then I believe God has found the pathways my mind has taken as acceptable and I believe he is my likely guide at those times, me thinking thoughts I have never considered before usually. I just think we should not confuse our own spiritual experience with what triggered it, even if that is also a spiritual experience. "Perhaps Justice required a greater price for disobedience for Eve's decision not to obey that commandment." Quite possible. But the Atonement should bring that payment to an end with repentance so whatever price, it would not be an eternal one nor should it be passed on to her daughters (and why not her sons? Why didn't the kids get both curses if it was just about what a parent did and not something else much more convoluted). Temple language makes it appear Eternal for Eve and all the women who follow her.
  15. The Church is growing so fast...

    "But no names are mentioned, which is as it should be" Why should no names be mentioned?