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  1. And portrayed differently in many of the articles.
  2. I am doing the Front Page for FairMormon and reading articles and came across this comment by Robertson: “I knew when I posted it it would be kind of controversial,” she said, “but it never crossed my mind that I would lose my job.” http://www.rexburgstandardjournal.com/news/education/byu-idaho-faculty-member-says-she-was-fired-for-facebook/article_718b30da-763b-500b-8230-d4f3b51f08ae.html So apparently she didn't actually make any sort of stand because she didn't think she was going to be fired even when she refused to take it down. So the whole moral integrity amounts to dealing with family and friends, which I admit can be quite harsh, but I don't see it as that unusual as lots of people vary from their family's position.
  3. I believe she has confirmed it on Facebook. If the two reports (on an alleged student, one secondhand by an alleged relative of an alleged student) are correct, there were a number of student complaints about her bringing her politics and religious beliefs into the classroom. The press reported nothing from the school side originally. According to her Facebook page, there are iirc four new interviews including one by Dehlin. Hopefully at least the SL Trib reported a more balanced story. While they generally lean liberal, they also tend to report both sides imo. I really don't get anyone assuming because they have heard one side, they know enough to make a judgment about what is happening. I would be as doubtful if there were just comments from the school. One red flag for me is she was more or less forced into this position by her own story. She had an expectancy of privacy apparently and did not believe her bosses would learn of her position. She reports she was quiet about it in class and it was only the FB post that got her in trouble. Granted when she had the choice to remove it according to her story, she didn't, but I still don't see how that was outstandingly grave or high moral integrity because up to that moment she was by her own description hiding her beliefs from her employer and her students. And her posts on Reddit have her again compromising her personal beliefs for the sake of her agenda, which is her cause, but why not be honest about who she is as well? She doesn't even sound that committed to the cause because she knows her posts on Reddit are public and she is willing to put her personal desire to promote her disbelief there over her stated agenda to be "soft" in order to be more convincing to the press and church members...she is trying to have her cake and eat it too imo.
  4. A response to someone wishing she had shared what she is saying on Reddit in her interviews: "wasn't hiding anything, just didn't feel the need to share that with the news media. It's not pertinent to the cause at hand. Her not believing in the Church is not pertinent to claims she was fired as a member in good standing deserving a temple recommend. Strange logic... "No I didn't leave the Church, I'm a member. Still on record. I made the the throw away reddit account in order to protect my students and my classroom. I joined the group to seek help, support, and answers for some of the questions and concerns I had. I got fired back in June, I've known about it for over month but didn't go public. That's when I really started having a faith crisis, and that's why I went on reddit. I needed support and help. but I also couldn't disclose my identity because I had students to look out for." completely contradicts what she stated on reddit
  5. Depends a great deal, imo, on the culture. Russians are highly suspicious of strangers, but very friendly once they get to know you in my experience. No one would smile at us in stores or walking down the street. Just blank faces. Would not even try to help us talk or select what we were intent on buying. Otoh, we had a Russian friend who pretty much held our hand throughout the time we were there. Often giving up her Saturdays to take us shopping or sightseeing. Service in the case of Russians would get past the automatic distrust.
  6. Do you mean was she using her teaching position to promote her personal view? She claims she never taught it in class, but she has also publically stated she was less than forthright in her interviews on her level of disbelief (says she is "struggling", has no intention on leaving the Church, does not correct the "member in good standing" comment, etc while on Reddit she says she has been mentally out for over 6 months and calls herself "exmo"), so I see little reason to trust her to be truthful when it fits her agenda of trying to change people's minds: "When presenting these issues, in order for members to accept change, you have to be soft. You have to make them see you as one of them. Exmormons aren't as effective at making changes in the church and that's why I phrased things the way I did in interviews." exmofeministq on Reddit
  7. My English PH.D prof sister is teaching grade 5. She got tired working from semester to semester for ten years or more.
  8. Right, most adjuncts I have known teach one or two classes.
  9. Do we grant access to temple ordinance records to anyone who asks? In bulk so they can make mass copies of them? add-on: From what I have read it appears to me the leadership of the RCC view parish records as a sacred stewardship and for that reason believe it is inappropriate to hand the records over in bulk to someone else as they would be doing if they allowed the Mormon Church to make copies for themselves even if the Mormon Church shared those copies only with the RCC and did not make them generally public (but we do make them public which violates RC church law from what I can tell).
  10. "Care must be taken to protect people's privacy. Although sacramental registers contain information about public events and other facts readily known to any interested party, they also contain information which is personal and confidential. Parish record books are not to leave the parish premises and are to be maintained in a secure location, the registers must be kept in a protected place such as a safe, vault, or locked and fireproof filing cabinet. An inventory of the registers is to be created as well (c. 535§4).... Persons have the right to copies of public documents that pertain to their church status, including their sacramental records (c. 487§2). The Church also recognizes a person's right to their reputation and privacy (c. 220). Therefore, parish personnel must exercise care with regard to providing sacramental documents and allowing access to church records. Church records are not "public" in the sense of "open records" for review at the request of individuals. Use of records for personal or genealogical research needs to be monitored. Individuals seeking access to records for such research should be referred to the Archdiocesan archives. In most cases, microfilm of older records is stored in the archives. Use of microfilm records helps to preserve the delicate older books while still serving researchers' needs. The diocesan archives maintain rules for access and will handle the written requests of researchers in a timely fashion. It is recommended that identification be requested in order to release a record and that requests be made in writing, and signed by the individual requesting the record. Authorized recipients of a sacramental record include the party or parties named in the record as having received the sacrament; Roman Catholic clergy or his delegate involved in canonical procedures; the parents of the subject, if the subject is a minor; and government agencies (such as the Social Security Administration) who present a signed release from the person whose record is requested." http://www.archdpdx.org/documents/2016/5/Sacramental Records.pdf "Baptisms, marriages, confirmations and funerals were recorded to document these sacred acts; these records were not intended to serve as a replacement for civil vital statistics. The care and preservation of these confidential records is a sacred trust. Sacramental records are of a mixed nature: private and public. They are private in that they are intended to document an individual's status within the Church. They were originally created in circumstances presumed to be private and confidential. Sacramental records are public in that they will stand in civil law as valid and authentic evidence when an appropriate civil record does not exist. It is important to understand that although these records are public in that they stand in civil law, they are not public in the sense that they are open to immediate examination and inspection by anyone for whatever reason." https://archives.arch-no.org/sacramental-records ===== Do LDS release temple ordinance records in bulk to anyone who asks? If not, we should understand the position of the Catholic Church, imo.
  11. I think my once a decade craving for KFC is going to come a few years early this time around.
  12. And if that is a reason that the Catholic Church values, sure. If it isn't, if genealogical pursuits are looked on as a hobby, why should they set aside their own high value of confidentiality? (I don't know how they view genealogy). add-on: And from what I have read, they are willing to do the research through the confidential records when asked by descendants, they simply want to keep the full records within their own possession and control. https://archives.arch-no.org/genealogy "The ability to trace your family history though Catholic records is a valuable resource that perpetuates faith being passed from one generation to the next. Genealogical Research In order to ensure continued preservation of the sacramental registers held at the Archdiocesan Archives, these records are unavailable to those engaged in genealogical studies or family research. All requests for individual sacramental and cemetery records are handled by mail according to the procedures outlined below."
  13. Except apparently they don't give out records to anyone just because they ask (from the above link): "Monsignor J. Terrence Fitzgerald – vicar general of the Diocese of Salt Lake City – said he didn’t understand why the Latter-day Saints church was singled out in this latest Vatican policy regarding parish records. “We have a policy not to give out baptismal records to anyone unless they are entitled to have them,” Monsignor Fitzgerald said of his diocese. “That isn’t just for the Church of the Latter-day Saints. That is for all groups.”" They would need to find a reason why LDS were entitled to the records in order to override the default position. Us wanting to perform our own ordinances with those names is hardly sufficient reason given they think those ordinances have no value.
  14. Both my husband and my sister (English prof) have run into departments like that. Tough gig. Makes life overall pretty depressing. If it is a college wide problem, would take a certain kind of personality to endure it.
  15. Because we then baptized and performed other proxy temple ordinances. They saw it as inappropriate. "Father James Massa, executive director of the U.S. bishops’ Secretariat of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, said the step was taken to prevent the Latter-day Saints from using records – such as baptismal documentation – to posthumously baptize by proxy the ancestors of church members..."The congregation requests that the conference notifies each diocesan bishop in order to ensure that such a detrimental practice is not permitted in his territory, due to the confidentiality of the faithful and so as not to cooperate with the erroneous practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”" https://www.archbalt.org/vatican-letter-directs-bishops-to-keep-parish-records-from-mormons/