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  1. They have been operating businesses since they got into Utah. You heard of ZCMI? First department store in US according to Wiki.
  2. What does love God with all your heart, soul, and mind mean to you, So Mo? (Serious question, not a 'teaching moment' )
  3. Can you love God and ignore him, ignore what he desires for you?
  4. I know it is Spring now Hi Jolly has shown up.🌷
  5. Perhaps Saints are too used to studying scriptures shallowly. I took Isaiah as the sole topic one semester and loved it. The indepth examination was much more interesting than just picking a few verses here and there to emphasize.
  6. It might have something to do with business practices. I know of someone who came here from elsewhere to get plastic surgery performed (for health reasons), I can't remember if it was the lower cost or the best specialist was here ( it was a relatively new procedure at the time iirc). Not saying only reason. Utah used to rate very high in lawyers (maybe still does) and that was iirc, because BYU law school. Perhaps UoU has a good plastic surgery dept. so a number of students from Utah go that route thinking it is a high paying job. Then they get out and find lots of competition, which lowers prices...which draws more customers from in and out of the state. Too lazy to do research to find out at the moment.
  7. Since there are plenty of people who don't do alcohol in moderation, I don't agree. More deaths are caused by alcohol than opioids, though lower percentage of course due to much higher usage. https://www.newsweek.com/alcohol-killing-more-people-year-opioid-crisis-and-most-deaths-are-young-1220622?amp=1
  8. Possibly not (given past studies, I think more need to be done to confirm or correct this): https://www.foxnews.com/health/theres-no-safe-level-of-alcohol-consumption-global-study-finds PS: this doesn't mean that it is a sin to drink for those not commanded to refrain or that it reflects on their morality.
  9. I am just with FM and only know BoMC through using it for research, but have forwarded the info to a friend who is with them...not management, but it can't be that big....just in case Ryan is too busy to stop by today and doesn't see this. Ryan looks like he is a researcher/writer, not management I am guessing. https://bookofmormoncentral.org/users/ryan-dahle
  10. My tech seems to be completely freezing up more, but I just close the window and wait a minute, so a good tool for teaching patience. I would rather that than crashing the site, so progress.
  11. And if limited, do you see "I was here first" as a valid argument for believing one shouldn't have to give up a chair?
  12. This was my thought, focus on getting one scripture read a year. Might be wise for SS teachers to coordinate with Seminary ones and send to parents emails or have a website listing what they did for parents to check.
  13. Long thread, have a link please. A search in your profile doesn't give any obvious post dealing with that in that thread.
  14. Book of Mormon archaeology foundation iirc.
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