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  1. Emotional healing and Spirit World

    Even if physical damage is healed, patterns of thought need to be changed as in unhealthy ones removed and replaced by healthy ones. It is likely healing takes a long time post death as it does predeath forthat reason. I would expect less time, but there may be other factors affecting judgment .
  2. Resurrection Question

    From what I have seen, mods either post comments at the end of the thread at the time they take their action or post in the post that got reported. SR may have posted the lol before a mod read the report and responded in the first post, so it looks like he wasn't removed from a thread but really was. He likely had been banned sometime in the two hours between his last post and your post I quote (assuming you didn't see the "poster removed" prior to that time, if you did, likely a glitch).
  3. "So it looks like Hugh B Brown was mistaken. A revelation from heaven (an overwhelmingly powerful one at that) was indeed needed before the ban could be lifted." Needed because other apostles refused to accept it as a 'simple' policy change so Elder Brown was only mistaken about the level of resistance in the Quorum or needed because that is the way God wanted it done in the first place? I think both stances are reasonable.
  4. Resurrection Question

    Hmmm...I have never assumed a perfect immortal body would be unchanging, even if "no longer subject to death or disease". For example, do we believe finger and toenails and hair won't grow, always the same identical hair style? I think with perfect control over our bodies, we will be able to alter it within certain limitations. https://www.lds.org/topics/resurrection?lang=eng Do we actually teach "unchanging" or is that just a common assumption of what perfect means?
  5. Born in SF and love that song.
  6. Spiritual self reliance

    Stigma from church members towards those getting help is a church/charity/pride issue and not a government or welfare issue. The government, otoh, needs to get much smarter about encouraging people to earn money to lower costs. Rather than making it a triple loss, deduct 2/3s of money earned. That way for every $10 earned, the worker gets an extra $3.33 and the government has saved 6.66.
  7. Spiritual self reliance

    It was that way up in Canada and elsewhere. You wouldn't have enough leftover after taxes to totally reject government assistance. Taxes mean you are paying for the service, why not use it?
  8. CH1 Now online for all membership

    Almost caused a divorce within the first month of marriage as I went dead emotionally. Must have scared my husband to big time. Barriers (diaphragms) and spermicide worked fine for us...but then I never risked going without. Sorry if TMI for some, people should, imo, consider them more often. Feel free to ask me to edit or report in case I get back to sleep like I should (driving in the early hours of the morning to .SL and back is doing a number on me...one more week) if you think I have gone too far in personal details. To me, it is medical info.
  9. CH1 Now online for all membership

    Tac, here are some persuasive details: http://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-1368-5-horrifying-truths-about-funeral-homes-from-undertaker.html
  10. CH1 Now online for all membership

    Could never handle the pills, sent me into deep depression. There are other forms that are very effective as long as you actually use them.
  11. CH1 Now online for all membership

    From the above link, something more uplifting so separate post: "“It is a tradition in the funeral industry to provide funerals to the families of stillborn babies and very young infants at cost,” Cunningham says. “Funeral directors do not care to make a profit on the deaths of children, and in fact, the death of a young child saddens the whole firm more than almost anything else.” The funeral industry also includes a number of charitable projects devoted to helping parents after a child’s death. A volunteer group called Little Angel Gowns makes burial garments for babies out of donated wedding dresses, and provides them at no cost to hospitals and funeral homes. The Tears Foundationassists grieving parents in paying for burial or cremation expenses after losing a baby. Eloise Woods, a natural burial ground in Texas, will bury infants at no charge."
  12. CH1 Now online for all membership

    I personally find embalming very disrespectful to both the body and God, I believe it is a tradition based on fear of death demonstrating a lack of faith in the hope of God (not that those who do it now always feel that way). We have been commanded to keep our bodies as pure as possible and avoid empty vanities. What is more empty than having the perfect forever face that no one will ever see again? And if by chance we are resurrected with the same body, all you guys with massive amounts of makeup...boy, bet that is going to be the hit of the resurrection preparty party. Why at death do we allow for our supposedly treasured and protected bodies to be filled with poison and stuff the face and body in order to create a more 'natural' unnatural appearance? Why do we try to stop the Godgiven processes of renewal and restoring that which we were given by the world back to the world? We then create endless landfills of nondecomposing bodies, force families to spend large amounts of money in a time they probably need it to pay medical, moving, cleaning, etc. bills. http://mentalfloss.com/article/80944/17-behind-scenes-secrets-funeral-directors "Funeral directors say that the most important part of preparing a body for a viewing is the “setting of the features”—creating a peaceful facial expression with a pleasant smile. But while it might look nice at the end, the work creating that appearance can be grisly. Morticians stuff the throat and nose with cotton and then suture the mouth shut, either using a curved needle and thread to stitch between the jawbone and nasal cavity or using a needle injector machine to accomplish a similar job more quickly. Small spiked cups are also inserted under the eyelids to keep the lids closed and the eyes from caving in. Of course, some bodies take more restoration than others. One mortician says that to prepare a decapitated corpse for an open-casket viewing, he uses a wooden dowel to rejoin the head and body, then sutures the neck back together.... Some caskets that have vacuum-seal rubber gaskets are marketed as “protective” or resistant to the “entry of outside elements.” As Harris details in Grave Matters, this creates conditions that encourage the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which break the body down by putrefying it, “turning soft body parts to mush and bloating the corpse with foul-smelling gas … Inside the sealed casket, the result is a funereal version of the decay that’s found in swamp bottoms and the bowels of unturned compost piles.”... While the formaldehyde embalmers use does contain a rosy dye to restore color to graying, lifeless flesh, it’s not always sufficient. According to Cunningham, “mortuary schools teach color theory and stage lighting—how to use colored gels over the ceiling lights.” Doughty also mentions that bodies are often set out for visitation displayed under rose-colored light bulbs. 10. IT ALL GOES RIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN. You’d think all the chemicals and body fluids involved in embalming would be disposed of like biohazard, but it’s industry practice to just wash it all off the table, right into the drain. Harris points out that just one embalming can generate 120 gallons of “funeral waste”—blood, fecal matter, and the former contents of internal organs, in addition to any chemicals in the preservation fluid itself—and it all ends up in the public sewer system, to be eventually released into waterways. Although, as Wilde points out, “Blood isn’t any worse than the other things that go down the loo.”"
  13. CH1 Now online for all membership

    I knew beforehand. And anyone suggesting people should know because of the Internet is ignoring the fact there were sterilizations going on decades before the handbook got put online and even way before the Internet. The medically essential situations are still birth control.
  14. CH1 Now online for all membership

    They are willing to talk about abortion, see no reason why they wouldn't talk about sterilization as a form of birth control because that is the sole purpose of sterilization It makes no sense to say it isn't birth control. I think you are seeing a difference that isn't there. It is different from other forms of birth control, that doesn't mean it is different than birth control.
  15. CH1 Now online for all membership

    Yep... Got to wonder. Doesn't make a lot of sense.