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  1. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    The unfortunate truth is that the church is seen as a fringe religion with odd rules of behavior, so when the rules change, that is what makes the news.
  2. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Of course, but that's irrelevant as to whether we are justified and forgiven by God. You seem to be suggesting that the Atonement isn't enough to cover some unspecified sin that she's committed at 12 years old. Maybe I'm not understanding you. As quoted earlier in the thread, Elder Nelson said we are perfect insofar as we are doing our best and relying on the atoning blood of the Savior. If she's doing her best, she's "perfect" as is.
  3. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    What confusion? Saying someone is loved and accepted is not the same as saying love = acceptance. And last I checked, what the spirit testifies to a person is between that person and the spirit. OFF TOPIC
  4. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    And you know the spirit didn't testify that to her how? What exactly does this girl have to repent of? OFF TOPIC
  5. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    When we moved from Texas to Utah, my son and I saw caffeine-free Diet Mountain Dew. He said, "No caffeine and no sugar? Dad, what is the point of drinking that?"
  6. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    That God loves her and accepts her as is?
  7. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    As HJW noted, such an ambush would have failed and the torpedo missed the boat had the response from local leaders been a little kinder.
  8. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    My mother always drank Dr. Pepper. In her old age (she's 80), she has switched to diet Coke. I never drank much caffeine growing up, but the last 3 months of my mission I was in a remote town in the Amazon jungle. There was no safe water to drink (the water was orange-colored), no milk or juice was available, and the only safe beverage was the soda flown in monthly to the Coca-Cola distributor, which was coincidentally across the street from where we lived. By the time I went home, I was probably drinking around 3 liters of Coke a day, and it took me some time to wean myself off it when I got home.
  9. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    I never heard any church leaders at that time suggest the restriction would be rescinded. My understanding as an active member of the Church was that we could hope and pray that it would be rescinded, but it would be rescinded only if Heavenly Father wanted to rescind it--and there was no guarantee of that. Mostly what I heard was that it would all be sorted out in the eternities and not to worry about it. But I am interested if you know of any statements by church leaders that the restriction would be rescinded. I do not remember hearing anything like that. ETA: It goes without saying that I'm not accusing anyone of dishonesty. My memory is different from yours, and I really would like to see some statements regard that normative understanding.
  10. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    I always thought the unavailability of caffeinated drinks on campus was one of the only things keeping the entire university from being translated and taken up to heaven. Now it's just the awful football team keeping BYU in terrestrial spheres.
  11. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Can you imagine Brigham Young having to submit his conference talks to Correlation for approval?
  12. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    If a church is led by continuing revelation, shouldn't we expect such evolution?
  13. God probably won't allow us to find Nahom

    You have to admit that's a great mental image: God up in heaven looking down and finding ways to hide archaeological evidence. "You think you can find Nahom? Not on my watch!"
  14. A Prophet of God

    One can do a lot of good in the world when one stops obsessing about diabolical onslaughts and weeding out the tares. "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."
  15. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Is that necessarily an act of apostasy?