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  1. That is correct. I never said any such thing.
  2. jkwilliams

    Death during church activities

    My wife's uncle was at Scout Camp with his ward's troop years ago, and a microburst wind blew a tree on him and killed him. You can read about him here: https://issuu.com/grandtetoncouncil/docs/trails_2014a_webversion_pages
  3. Agreed. A Facebook group is hardly representative of an entire organization.
  4. It doesn't matter what Notre Dame does, as they are not governed by the same statutory law that police departments in Utah are.
  5. Fair enough. As for the "church broke high priest," I didn't think you were that cynical, Bill.
  6. jkwilliams

    Attending Church

    I'm not getting involved in sectarian disputes.
  7. jkwilliams

    Attending Church

    The point is to be where my wife is.
  8. jkwilliams

    Attending Church

    Oh, you don't mess with my wife.
  9. Where we live is definitely less diverse than where we used to live. My son's high school in Virginia was incredibly diverse. Only 27% of the students were white, and 19 different languages were spoken there. I do miss seeing the old Sikh man doing his daily walk around our neighborhood, the boys playing cricket on the grass near the tennis court, and the craziness of an Indian wedding lasting well into the early hours of the morning. My neighborhood here is fairly diverse: a mix of whites, Hispanics, and Polynesians, mostly, though a Ghanaian family just moved in. Oddly enough, my neighborhood in LA is less diverse than where I live now in Utah. Most of my parents' neighbors in California are white and Jewish. The only non-Jews I can think of are my parents and a Russian couple who live next door to my parents.
  10. I would never mock my hometown. My wife doesn’t like LA much, but it will always be home to me. I’m not offended. Utah is just where I live now, and I like it.
  11. I like Utah and don’t see any reason to mock it. I’m in a military town, so it’s plenty diverse.