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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/06/trauma-is-a-slow-burn-mormons-seek-healing-as-church-eases-anti-lgbt-policy
  2. I wasn’t paying attention, I guess.
  3. When did they start broadcasting the priesthood session?
  4. Someone close to me just got called as a GA, and my first thought was how radically their lives will change. My wife mentioned that he had just been released from his prior calling, and I said, jokingly, that’s because he’s going to be a GA. Not terribly surprised, but it will be interesting where they end up.
  5. Well, that’s certainly an interesting bit to focus on, but I was thinking more about what she said about doctrinal gray areas and the tension between bureaucratic will and revelation. But fair enough.
  6. The CNN article was written by a BYU grad. I don’t like the headline, but the article is quite perceptive.
  7. True. I’ve only said no once. For some reason, you make me think of a deli I went to in my youth.
  8. I had lunch with him once, at least 15 years ago, back when I was a believer.
  9. I’ve known Wade for roughly 25 years. Kind of fun seeing him around again.
  10. I was living in Virginia when the policy change came out. My religious background had not come up much at all at work, so I was surprised at how many people approached me asking for some kind of explanation. All I could do was say I knew as much as they did and disagreed with the policy. One of my coworkers was a gay woman who is a salt-of-the-earth type. Previously, she had told me how she and her spouse always invited the missionaries in when they knocked on her door and even had them over for dinner a few times. When she heard about the policy, she thought it must be a misunderstanding, that the church wouldn't do something like that. I will never forget the shock and sorrow on her face as I explained that she'd understood correctly. If my anecdotal experience is worth anything, people who had either a positive opinion or no opinion about the church suddenly saw the church in a much more negative light.
  11. I'm just saying a lot of people thought it was appalling. I remember having a conversation with Calm in which she helped me understand that it was important to be careful in what I said about the policy, lest I inadvertently encourage despair in someone. I took that to heart, and I'm glad she increased my awareness. But that's a far cry from the notion that people on either side were actively encouraging suicide. I know how I would have felt had I still been a believing member when the policy came out. I'd already been in and out of despair over my sexual orientation for years, and with my history of depression, the policy might have made things much worse for me. Does that mean I think there was malice behind the policy or its critics?
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