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  1. Yup. It's easy to forget that what you or I think is important may not be important to someone else.
  2. I haven't posted here in months. I'm not taking issue with your approach to testimony, just noting that I've never thought it would require quasi-empirical evidence. In short, I think there's plenty of room in the church for someone who believes/has a testimony without seeing empirical evidence.
  3. I guess I've never understood a testimony to be anything other than a matter of heart and spirit. Clearly, others disagree, as you have reminded me. I hope all is well with you and yours. Life's good in Utah.
  4. People in our ward used to tease him about that. His son Rob told me that Bob had seen a tabloid in the supermarket claiming to have unmasked Deep Throat. Bob read the article, and then said, "Darn, it wasn't me."
  5. I find the Old World "anachronisms" less compelling than the simple fact that there is no good setting for the Book of Mormon peoples in the Americas. None of the proposed locations (Mesoamerica, Heartland, etc.) even approaches plausibility. That said, "we just don't know" is as good an empirical answer as any when it comes to faith. I've never really understood the need to find empirical evidence on which to ground what are essentially matters of the heart and spirit.
  6. Indeed. I've known the Bennetts since I was about 8 years old, and I can't think of a negative thing to say about Bob, his wife, Joyce, or any of their children. Just good, decent people with a great deal of integrity. But Bill Reel ... well, that's another story.
  7. I think you have to distinguish him from the kind of apologists who never concede anything and are willing to die on the most insignificant of hills. Jim isn't that at all, which is why, with some reservations, I have been impressed with his work on these issues. Not that I agree with his conclusions.
  8. More than anything, I told him I thought the tone (which I take as his trying to keep the subject light) often overshadowed his arguments. 12 hours, huh? I like you, and I like Jim (I've known him since he was "Jimmy"), but maybe not enough to invest that much time.
  9. Back at you. I'm sometimes amazed at the stamina of posters on this board (on either side of the issues).
  10. Jim is a good man. I've known him since childhood. While I disagree with some of his conclusions in his CES letter response and the tone of the response at times, I'm impressed that he undertook such a thorough and reasonable rebuttal. I may have to break my radio silence on things LDS (other than the 2 hours I get on Sundays) and listen to the podcast.
  11. And it's pretty cool that he learned enough Spanish to speak to them in their language.
  12. Even after all these years, I still get emotional about the wonderful people of Bolivia. I know most of the people President Nelson mentioned, and I rejoice knowing how happy they and all the rest of the Bolivian Saints must have been to hear from President Nelson. Apparently, he was suffering from soroche (altitude sickness), so it must have been that much more strenuous to give that talk in La Paz. So, for anyone interested, here's the full video of his talk. I'm slightly disappointed that his translator was not Bolivian (obvious from his accent and a few other clues).
  13. I remember him well. As I recall, he taught at BYU for a while.
  14. I started on an email list (Zion's-something-something) in 1994 and then was on alt.religion.mormon a few months later. Dang, I feel really old. I'm not sure how I ended up on the FAIR board, which evolved into this one, but I think it was around 2002-2003. It is kind of fun to look at my old a.r.m. posts to see that earnest young high priest taking on the antis. Good times.
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