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    The Beehive House - a pleasant surprise

    Considering he had 50+(?) children, how could they be so ignorant, or even allowed to put that forward? I always knew about his wives and children when I was a young girl because of an article in Life(?) magazine I think it was... GG
  2. Garden Girl

    Prayer request

    I'm glad she will accept blessings... and I do pray her heart will be more at peace... GG
  3. Garden Girl

    Prayer request for my dear wife, need prayers please!

    Prayers for your wife... and for you to be able to help her... GG
  4. Garden Girl

    Prayer request

    Prayers going forward, Avatar... don't give up... have you put her name on the temple prayer roll? Just call and they will do so... no temple nearby? Just give us a first name and we can call it in to our own temples... Also, would she accept a priesthood blessing? But the important thing is your continued everyday faith and living the gospel... and being a loving and compassionate husband... GG
  5. Garden Girl

    One of those days

    Thank you, Tacenda... I do hope you are correct about my chances... I'm 78 now, and so far so good... at least I think I'm good 😊... I just want you to be at peace. Elder Ballard ended by quoting one of my favorite scriptures... John 14:27..."Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." Have courage... GG
  6. Garden Girl

    One of those days

    Tacenda... I will share here... I want to encourage you to hold on and seek to have the Spirit walk with you ... I, too, am terrified of dementia, particularly Alzheimer's... because I'm totally alone without husband or children to help me. So I counseled with my bishop, asking what the spiritual ramifications would be for me if I decided to end my life if I experienced signs of dementia... He is a doctor, knows me well, and knows I was absolutely serious. At my request he went higher, giving assurances that I was an intelligent, active sister, who was facing the prospect of being alone for the rest of my life and was seeking spiritual guidance... He was told that he could only counsel me according to the Church's position on suicide, which is that suicide is a grievous sin. However, Elder Ballard has addressed this in a little book titled "Suicide: Some Things We Know And Some We Do Not." While making it absolutely clear how grievous it is, he states that the Lord will not judge the person strictly by the act itself, but will look at that person's circumstances, and the degree of accountability at the time. Elder Ballard's message is one of hope, and having faith in our Heavenly Father. Only the Lord knows all the details, and he it is who will judge our actions here on earth. (I have an extra copy of the little book... PM me if you would like it and I'll send it to you...) As for myself, I have put my faith in the Lord... GG
  7. Garden Girl

    All-you-can-eat religion, Buffet style

    Most of you know from my posts that I'm pretty much "all in" when it comes to the gospel principles/doctrine... fortunately, the few areas I do question do not affect my salvation... for instance the location of the Garden of Eden in Jackson Co., (yes, I accept that there was a first man and woman of our species... an Adam and Eve per se...). Another area is "no death before the fall"...I think there needs to be a lot of qualifying of terms, etc. Otherwise, I own up to being unabashedly TBM... a term I do not consider derogatory... even if others do... As most of you also know, I grew up in the Church and was very faithful with a strong testimony in general, and particularly of the BoM because of the witness I received when as a 17-yr old seminary student I took Moroni's challenge to seek to know it's truthfulness... a witness so strong that it kept me tied to the Church during the years I was inactive from age 20 to 55... (I had married a non-member and slipped into inactivity as often happens, and I loved "the world"... my very privileged world...) The Adversary doesn't need to use "evil" per se to distract a person from a spiritual path... I lived almost a charmed life in my world... But during those years the Spirit would tug at me from time to time, and I would feel an emptiness deep in my soul. My mom used to tell me that she feared for me... that something was going to happen in my life that would bring me to my knees... well, it did... the night I held my mom as she died from a massive heart attack. I looked into her eyes and saw the light go from them, and I knew she had passed through the veil... that moment whipped me around, and I no longer ignored the Spirit or its promptings, and I literally ran back to the Church, and I've never looked back... so here I am, 24 years later, sharing this with you... from the beach on a rainy morning... GG
  8. Garden Girl

    Poster Missing

    I miss Thesometimessaint... I used to PM him occasionally, but he hasn't posted in ages.. GG
  9. I've read that the number "40" was used symbolically for an unspecified number of days/time... i.e., it rained 40 days and 40 nights... The Israelites under Moses wander in the wilderness for 40 years... Jesus was tempted of the devil 40 days, etc etc GG
  10. Garden Girl

    Shrinking pains

    What's the matter with some people anyway? To be so self-focused as to think it's proper to personally use practically all the time... the same in SS where the teacher has prepared the lesson and wants to direct the discussion to include certain principles/docs... Someone in the bishopric needs to either talk to these individuals or give some general guidelines to the congregation... the same way our bishop put a stop to all the travel/health-amonies, etc,. including whispering in young children's ears. Our Fast meetings are so much better now... more uplifting and spiritual... In SS, I do wish we had more time to discuss/explore... but we don't. GG
  11. Garden Girl

    What is love?

    Oh no, Jeanne... I wasn't "calling you out" at all... I'm with ksfisher in that I just think it was a dumb line because it really isn't realistic... GG
  12. When I was picking out my coffin, I was amazed that the "pine box" coffins were actually among the most expensive, and were beautiful... I chose one just a step above a cardboard box 😉 since I'm being shipped to So Calif to be buried with my dh... I've prepaid all my costs... I'm not having a funeral, and just the costs (which I locked in in 2005) for basically preparing me here for shipping, and receiving/burying me in So Cal totaled $4400. That's for no funeral, no flowers, etc etc... just the bare basics. And that was in 2005 when I took out my policy that locked in the costs. Add to that the 1998 burial plot cost of $2500, which I already own because of dh, and you have a cost of $6900 for no funeral. I can imagine what it would cost today... so I recommend a reputable company that offers prepaid policies against continuing rising costs, whether traditional or cremation... GG
  13. Garden Girl

    What is love?

    Jeanne... I'm an oldie too... and I couldn't stand that line... IMO love means you can say you're sorry and mean it... GG edit to add... Calm, I was typing while you posted, and I agree wholeheartedly...
  14. Garden Girl

    What is love?

    Fellow Posters... I want to share an experience... As many of you know, I was an ordinance worker in the Portland OR temple for six years... every Friday... When I was called I went to the temple president's office to be set apart... I received a beautiful blessing. As I left the office I decided to go through a session, so I walked across this large area leading to the dressing rooms to change into my temple clothes. As I walked across the room, I was stunned at the love I felt for everyone I saw... Words can barely describe it, it was so deep and completely filled me to where tears filled my eyes. I had never experienced that depth of feeling, and it awed me that I was even capable of such feeling... I sat in the little changing booth for a few minutes just pondering what had happened... my thoughts were that I had been given a wonderful gift... a brief glimpse of the love that Heavenly Father has for us... that the Savior has for us that allowed him to give his life and suffer the atonement... and that experience would allow me to serve my sisters as I performed eternal ordinances for them... when I left the temple I drove home, still feeling the glow of my experience. from the beach on a rainy afternoon... GG
  15. I'm a conservative person and gave a rep point for this statement, but feel that based on the dem behavior since the election it is becoming seriously difficult to find common ground... and now this latest abortion issue they are proposing has just about done it for me... GG
  16. I don't like his tone... "Follow me... you are going to hear from me soon." Arrogant... GG
  17. My mom made us promise to have her in a closed casket... said open gave her the creeps... like people watching her sleep... GG
  18. Garden Girl

    Come Follow Me

    I study a little each day all week long, i.e., for today's lesson I studied Jan 21 - 27... there are many more scriptures referenced to study besides John 1 for a wider picture.. GG
  19. When my husband was a young man he was an Agricultural Rep/Pump Tester for a utility company, and he routinely went out to farms and ranches in the district to test new wells (southern Calif high desert)... the ranchers/farmers were often wanting to drill additional wells... they swore by another company employee (one of the managers) as a dowser and most wouldn't consider starting to drill until this man came out and walked their property and made recommendations on where to drill. He used wires... and would write up a report, making recommendations on location, expected drilling depth to water, output in acre feet etc., etc. They would drill where indicated and eventually my husband would end up testing the well. The results were uncanny and estimations spot on... they made a believer out of my husband. I knew the dowser and he was a perfectly normal person... a company manager... I know that dowsing is scoffed at, but I became a believer also because I could see the results... GG
  20. Garden Girl

    Last Movie You Watched

    I have a large film library, and it is fun to decide what I want to watch... last night I chose an oldie titled "Broken Trail" starring Robert Duvall (one of my favorite actors)... this is the story of Duvall and his nephew (Thomas Haden Church) starting a trail drive of horses from Oregon to Wyoming... along the way they come across a human trafficker with 5 oriental girls who had been sold into slavery in San Francisco by their families... to be taken to the gold fields for prostitution... they end up killing the trafficker and rescuing the girls (who do not speak English)... they stop in a small town to try and find authorities to take the girls... but no sheriff, no mayor, etc... everyone just live and let live... (they managed to rescue a prostitute, and a Chinese man who was able to act as interpretor ) so they and the girls stayed with them on the drive... This is one of the most beautifully filmed movies I've seen... shot mostly in Canada... the backdrop of the scenery/mountains with the story and the herd of approx 500 horses was exquisite... lots of action on the journey... good story... I encourage people to find this film and rent it as it is a real beauty... (Netflicks?) A few days ago I watched another Robert Duvall western titled "Open Range"... Co-starring Kevin Costner... another beautifully filmed movie with an excellent story... Duvall said he considered these two films, plus "Lonesome Dove" to be a trilogy of westerns he considers to be some of his finest work... I do too... GG
  21. Garden Girl

    How was two hour church?

    Hello Nehor... Our ward had an increase also... and more people stayed for Sunday School/RS/PH... overall it was a positive. GG
  22. Garden Girl

    Stand in Holy Places

    When I moved into my little beach cottage from my larger home after my husband passed away, I had it dedicated, which was a great comfort to me and helped me feel the Spirit. I am always careful who I bring into my home. And when a number of years later I renovated my kitchen using various contractors and workers, as soon as the work was complete, the first thing I did was have my home rededicated. It didn't feel right to me until that was completed. I've actually had people who have come into my home tell me it has a peaceful feeling... (And why wouldn't it?) GG
  23. Garden Girl

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    It is lovely... a marble staircase leads to the second mezzanine-style floor... GG
  24. Garden Girl

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Where do people gather to await going into an endowment room? Do you just go right into the endowment room and wait to begin? Portland has a good-sized chapel on the first floor, in addition to the Assembly Room on the third floor... on our Stake Temple Nights, we have so many attending we go to the Assembly Room and have a meeting/talks, then go down to the four endowment rooms where we use all four at once. These nights are always a special experience... they have brought in extra chairs to the endowment rooms... I always imagined this would be what the millennium will be like... GG edit to add: Sorry, I was typing when Scot and Hamba posted...
  25. Garden Girl

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    The Portland Temple has a lovely Assembly Room that can accommodate several hundred people... GG