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  1. Well fellow posters... I've done it this time... I've had an auto accident, my fault... I rear-ended someone!! This afternoon I was driving south on Hwy 101 through Lincoln City. Parked alongside the highway with lights flashing was a patrol car... as I drove by I glanced over, but I did NOT gawk...when I turned back forward there was a car stopped for a pedestrian right in front of me. I swerved and just caught her back bumper with my left fender/headlight. I wasn't going very fast, but wham! Neither of us were hurt and her bumper hardly had a scratch, just a small scrape that was barely noticeable. My van however is dented pretty good... the police came, then the tow truck, etc... he took me to my home in Gleneden Beach, about 10 miles south. I carry AAA-Plus, and good auto coverage... I'm always so careful on this highway, so can't understand how I did this. I got distracted by the blasted police car...😥 Anyway, I got home and called one of my ministering brothers, and am so thankful for him. I have everything I need for now but he does stand ready to help if necessary. Again, that is such a comfort to me... GG
  2. I think one of the most difficult things for me (78 years, widowed 21 years, no children or grandchildren, now alone as family all gone), is that I still feel like I'm in my mid/late 40's... it's odd how the spirit can still feel so alive, and the body seemingly crumbling more each day. This surprises me because I was so physically active (played singles tennis) well into my 40's/mid 50's. My hands grow increasingly arthritic to the point where I can no longer grasp my tennis racket, or my paint brushes or stand for hours at my easel... that was a big part of my life...painting... and now I've almost had to lay that aside completely. I miss being able to garden... I used to do some of my best praying on my knees with my hands in the rich soil... I used to mow the lawn with a hand mower... I would talk to the flowers, hug my trees, feel the joy as the hummingbirds would play in the spray of the hose... Now I'm lucky to do container gardening, but thankful for beautiful results... I miss being really fashionable and wearing high heels... but I loved laughing with my sister about how things "used to be". And let's be frank.. I miss my husband in so many ways, including physically... we had a very warm and loving relationship. What a special person he was... I'm sealed to him now... I'm incredibly fortunate in that even though things have changed greatly, I am truly blessed in so many ways... and what memories I have!! GG
  3. Well... home safe and sound, and able to make it on my own. I remember a few days ago I was rubbing the eye/lid because it was itching, and when I'd blink it would feel like I had something under the lid that would scratch... exam showed lots of swelling, etc. Anyway, I'm on a steroid every 12 hrs for two weeks. Doc faxed prescription to my pharm in Lincoln City, so that I could pick it up on my way through town. Only thing is, pharm didn't have it in stock (and neither did my Plan B pharm), so it will be available tomorrow after 2:00. So I have to go another 24 hrs without meds... AAAGGGHHH... But I'm feeling thankful just the same. All is good... GG
  4. Fellow posters... as most of you know, I'm a 78 year old, widowed sister, living alone in the wilds of the beautiful central Oregon coast... I'm fortunate to be quite independent and self sufficient... but every now and then I have to call on someone for help so when I do they know I'm in trouble... today is such a day... I have developed an eye infection of some type where my eye is quite red, and painful when I blink... the whole eye/socket seems to be affected. So I called my eye doc, located in Salem, a 130 mile round trip. and they are working me in... I have no idea what will happen or if I'll be able to drive myself home. So I called my RS pres and without skipping a beat we made plans for such a possibility... Can you understand how that makes me feel, knowing that I can take off on a difficult drive inland but knowing I'm not alone and help is a call away? Now I know other faiths have good people, ready to help their members, but I appreciate that the "ministering" is such a part of who we are. I'm trusting that I'll be able to make it home on my own today, but have no worry in case I can't... thanks to my ward brothers and sisters... from the beach on a cloudy, overcast day... GG
  5. Hello Calm... I too feel your daughter is fortunate to have you... from my own experience, I'm glad I didn't resign my membership even though my inactivity was over 30 years... the difference was that I never lost my belief or testimony, just suppressed it... but there's no rush for her to change anything. She's agnostic "at this point in her life." Who knows what she will feel or believe a year, two, or several down the road. As long as she continues to live the standards of the Church, and she's ambivalent about it there's no urgent need to do anything but let things be... GG
  6. I am so delighted... I enjoy most of the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, particularly two that I have watched whenever I noticed they would be aired...recently I noticed in a catalog that BOTH of these films are now out on DVD so I ordered them and can now watch them whenever I want... both are wonderfully romantic... they are: 1) The Magic of Ordinary Days... set during WWII... the story of Livvy (Kerri Russell), the daughter of the local pastor in their mid-western city. Livvy, a graduate student at the university, is seeing a soldier who is shipped out before she realizes she is pregnant. Her pastor father arranges with another pastor friend from a rural area for her to move to the remote rural farming community to marry a local farmer, Ray, (Skeet Ulrich), a stranger to Livvy. She travels by train and as she disembarks goes directly to his community... about an hour away and there is married to him. What enfolds is the story of their life together as it develops, leading up to the birth of her baby...She doesn't plan on staying long, and she certainly doesn't plan to fall in love... but she's never met a man like this honest, kind, hard-working farmer. Ray adores his new wife... but discovers it will take more than his love and commitment to make her stay. It will take faith and forgiveness... and a small miracle... 2) Loving Leah... Leah Lever (Lauren Ambrose) is married to an Orthodox rabbi in New York city, Benjamin Lever, whose brother, Jake, (Adam Kaufmann) is a successful cardiologist in Washington DC, and a non-practicing Jew. Jake is stunned when Benjamin dies suddenly, but not so stunned as when he is told that, under ancient Jewish law, he is expected to marry the childless Leah to carry on Benjamin's name. The only alternative is to go through a ceremony where Jake must deny his brother's existence. For Jake, who idolized his brother, that is unthinkable... so he impulsively suggests to Leah that they get married (at least temporarily), and maintain a secretly platonic relationship. Eager to pursue her own dreams, Leah accepts. Their oversimplified plan to live separate lives under the same roof proves challenging, particularly because of Leah's mother... and Jake's girlfriend... The more they try to disguise their "pretend" marriage, the more their appreciation for each other's worlds grows... and out of understanding a real love develops. Loving Leah is a heartwarming story with moments of gentle humor... GG
  7. What a shame... While at BYU in 1959-60, I lived in the dorms so my experience was much different to begin with because of our Res Asst, dorm rules, and "dorm mother." But I don't recall ever being aware of the HCO except indirectly. We obeyed the dorm rules, abided by curfews, etc. I loved the dorm experience, and my roommates and friends, some who lasted well beyond BYU. I have fond memories of gathering in our floor lounge in our jammies and having many a lively discussion while eating junk food out of the vending machines... What good laughs... and being in the lounge helped not disrupt those wishing to study. I only had the one year at BYU, but it is cherished and one of the reasons I'm such a BYU sports fan... The "times" probably added to the experience...much different than today's everyday world. GG
  8. Hello Mark... A couple weeks ago I kept getting the dreaded "403" error message and couldn't figure out why... couldn't even get on... forget how I finally did and was able to ask Calm... she said it was probably because I was posting about some of my meds and was also told to try breaking them up by a space or symbol... tried that and was able to post about my med treatments with no problem. GG
  9. I don't think she is too old for Nancy Drew since Nancy was portrayed as being about 17 - 19 yrs... but keep in mind when they were written. A more innocent time in society, thus not as action packed as today's teen books. I remember recently reading part of one of the Twilight series and was a little surprised at the romantic slant between the heroine and the lead werewolf... GG
  10. Hello Scott... Yes, I know.. I've done an endowment session in the SL temple, and attended Gen Conf several times, including years ago when there was only the tabernacle before the Conf Center was built. Never ceases to amaze me that there are some weird, untrue tales that still circulate. When I was a girl in So Cal, I loved to read during the warm summer months... I'd go to the library and bring home several books. I'd climb the big walnut tree in my front yard, sit in the "V" of the trunk among the sun dappled leaves and read for hours. Went through cycles such as Nancy Drew, dog stories, and westerns. Zane Grey was one of my favorite authors, but invariably he included really derogatory writings about the Mormons. I used to ask my mom how he could say such things... GG
  11. Is that even possible? Do they mean the "Great Salt Lake"? Sounds like someone started the story who had no idea the proximity of the Salt Lake... or any lake for that matter. Or is there a lake I don't know about? Otherwise it's even sillier than it sounds... GG
  12. With all the proposed temples, we're going to have to start a vigorous building program just to catch up... but I love the way they are being placed to serve the Saints in remote areas... GG
  13. Hello Tacenda... I would think that you for one would be very happy with this conference... In fact, that was one thought I had as I listened to the talks... it was almost all about the Savior and our becoming truer disciples of Jesus Christ, of our homes becoming spiritual Christ-centered Church-supported sanctuaries of worship, prayer, and faith... of the blessing of repentance... of the sanctity of the temple and making/living our sacred covenants we have made with God... very few references to Joseph... GG
  14. I loved hearing all the various ethnic names... someone was talking about diversity... the reading of those names left no doubt about the worldwide nature of the Church... GG
  15. About ten years ago I served a two-year Stake mission. I used to go on splits with the full-time sisters, and teach the new member follow-up lessons... I loved my mission. It was in 1954 that the stake missionaries taught the discussions to my step-father who then converted... and a year later on Oct 3, 1955, he, my mom, along with me and my sis were kneeling around the altar in the Salt Lake temple being sealed as an eternal family. That was the first time our family attended Gen Conf. where everyone fit into the Tabernacle and an adjacent meeting hall... those that spilled over sat on the lawn and listened via loud speakers on a beautiful October weekend... What memories I have of that time as I watch Gen Conf today, my family now all gone (I lost my sis at age 80 in January 2018)... two weeks ago I was humbled as I stood proxy for her in the Portland temple and completed her initiatory/endowment ordinances. Now I feel that our family is truly intact... GG
  16. Are the several black Choir members no longer with the Choir? The couple of Asians? I didn't notice... While that may not be many, I do have confidence in the rigorous tryout/selection process when there are openings. While a person trying out for the Choir may have a generally pleasing voice, it takes more than that to qualify and commit to the Choir schedule/repertoire... GG
  17. I just the Googled BYU Sports home page and saw the topic "Dave Rose Announces Retirement from BYU Basketball." I watched a video of his retirement speech given at some event... He was very emotional, as was his wife... I cried right along with them... I hope the reason he's retiring isn't the up and down season we have had this year, in spite of some of the most talented players in BYU basketball ever... He's only 61... still young... they talked like they had plans so I hope it isn't his health. It won't seem the same... the new coach has some big shoes to fill. Prayers for him... GG
  18. My folks almost fell into this category... enough so that it caused my sis and I to "rebel" and we were the ones who left... I didn't dare tell them their role in that or it would have broken their hearts... eventually I did return and have remained, and will continue to do so... My step-dad was a convert and mom sporadically active... When my step-dad converted, it was as if they had been thirsting in the desert and suddenly happened upon a wonderful cool spring... they couldn't get enough... the irony is that now I'm almost as bad... almost... they mellowed as they aged but the damage was done. My biggest regret is that my mom died before knowing that I had returned. I love being a strong Latter-Day Saint Woman... GG
  19. Hello Lisa and a warm welcome... I was baptized at age 8, and grew up sporadically active in Church until age 13 when my step-father converted... then was very active. In 1959 attended BYU Provo, came home and took what I intended to be a summer job so I could go back to BYU... but at age 20 met a very wonderful but non-member man... eventually eloped to Las Vegas (broke my parents' hearts)... slipped into inactivity for the next 35 years. From time to time the Spirit would tug at me and I would ignore it because I loved my world with my husband... which included drinking, and I enjoyed drinking very much... a glass of good wine while preparing dinner... wine with dinner... social drinking with friends... after dinner coffee and liqueur (Bailey's Irish Creme!). But, through those year's the Spirit continued until I finally heeded its promptings and returned to Church at age 55 (1995). Fortunately my dear husband was very supportive, though he did not join me at all... I was still drinking, finding it quite hard to stop, so I was not taking the Sacrament... finally I told Heavenly Father that I needed help, and that I was going to start taking the Sacrament because I needed the power of the Priesthood and covenants. Within 1 1/2 weeks I had stopped drinking, and I've never looked back. I don't dwell on the past though at times I do miss drinking... I've been widowed for 21 years... there's no one here with me... I could buy wine and no one would know... but that's not true... I would know... and God would know. So, I don't even go there... It is a choice I had to make, and continue to make. If I want Celestial Glory, and I do... that is what I want because that is what is most important to me, and, to keep my covenants. Drinking seems very small compared to the eternal blessings... so, what is truly important... I'm now sealed to my husband, and family... GG
  20. Hello MS... In the supermarket, the fresh ground coffee isle is something I try to avoid... the aroma is so delicious, and reminds me of my "inactive" days when one of my favorite things was a strong black coffee accompanied by a King Alphonse up... Yikes! GG
  21. I don't know what causes the "403 error" message, but relieved it's not just me... I was laughing because I couldn't believe how relieved I felt to be able to get on board... I need a life ☺️ Hope this finds you well, Tacenda... GG
  22. I'm chuckling to myself... this is the first time in 2 days I've been able to get on the Board, and I can't tell you how good it feels... like a real relief... what does that say about my addiction to this board?? ☺️ GG
  23. I loved Park City, but it was a vacation visit so I don't know much about actually living there... I think you can find the bishop(s) online, and find info about wards... from the beach on a cold, rainy day here on the Oregon coast... GG
  24. Guess I'm old or something, but I didn't think it was too bad... and Jarom and Spenser are two of my favorites... I watch their sports program a lot, and both are really good sports announcers as they cover events... they have dream jobs... GG edit to add: one time at some event they were both there and each was holding their toddler... so sweet... made me cry...
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