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  1. Hello Marginal... Got better? My arteries... according to my cardiologist who had supervised the barrage of tests over the past several weeks, including nuclear... pronounced my arteries "completely normal." A sight better than simply "getting better." And no episodes since... years... And, I walk the 1/2 block to the end of my street and out onto the sand of a beautiful beach several miles long... GG
  2. Hello Marginal... HappyJW... Stemelbow.... Threads like this always bring to mind my own personal "miracle" experience... which I've shared on this board several times through the last few years... so I won't relate the whole experience... suffice it to say (and this is mainly for Marginal since Happy JW and Stem could be familiar with it) that through the many years leading up to my experience I suffered from angina and underwent numerous and detailed heart tests. If anyone is familiar with angina, you know it can feel exactly like a full blown heart attack with all the symptoms, which is pretty scary... sometimes I could go a month or so without an episode... but about eight years ago they became more frequent and of greater intensity which sent me running to my cardiologist in Salem. I was having two to three bouts per week. After a barrage of tests, etc., which showed a severe blockage, surgery was scheduled. I was to enter the hospital for one more angiogram to be followed immediately by surgery to install a stent. Surgery was scheduled for a Tuesday... so at Church on the Sunday beforehand I asked for a priesthood blessing... my blessing was not that I would be healed per se, but that the Lord's hand would be upon me and His will for me would be done. So on Tuesday I went in for the procedure... and the final angiogram was completed, after which the surgeon said loudly... Guess what!! Your arteries are completely normal!! ... Still groggy from the test, I asked how that could be?? What about all the tests?? What about the past almost 20 years of episodes, particularly the last few weeks?? With that my surgeon shrugged his shoulders, holding up his hands and said... "I don't know..." To which I said, "Oh... I know... I had a priesthood blessing." He looked me in the eye and said..."Well, it worked." And to this day, years later, I have not had a single attack since that blessing... from the beach... GG
  3. Hello Marginal (on a beautiful, welcome, sunny morning here in the Pacific Northwest)... I should just let this go (and in the future when it comes to you I will just let you blather on) but your biased, even mean, cynicism here is just too much... And, you have absolutely no idea... none... whether or not any of those general authorities help the poor and needy. I have three charities outside of the Church that I regularly contribute to financially... and a couple local ones that I give of my personal time and efforts. You don't know what these general authorities do for the poor and needy, but you set yourself up as their judge without any factual basis for your statements, other than a desire to criticize and belittle... so... so be it... knock yourself out... it's perfectly obvious you aren't interested in reality... I mentioned our beautiful morning here... welcome after heavy winds and rain... I really do hope you are having a good morning also... and that your day will bring happiness... I'm about to start making a big green tossed salad to take up to the Church for an after-funeral meal we are serving for a family that just lost their son (an inactive family btw). But we can provide a meal and space for them to gather together at this difficult time... all good wishes... from the beach... GG
  4. Hello Marginal... I don't like your sarcastic scorn toward Avatar... I don't like it at all... I suggest you reread Avatar's post again for context... and notice how he was referring to the "smaller" miracles vs what we usually think of as being miraculous... I too like and appreciate the acts of unexpected and appreciated service we receive... acts that I, at age 77 (now needing a cane to walk and keep my balance), can relate to as being part of the tender mercies of the Lord, i.e., to have friends or neighbors willing to perform such unsolicited acts because of their caring goodness. GG
  5. This is my experience too, Smac... I had an event involving a health issue that I can only describe as miraculous (following a priesthood blessing), and 2 days later left my cardiologist without explanation... plus the many smaller, more quiet spiritual experiences, including several very definite instances of the "still small voice"' I think many of us have personal miracles... and I live the miracle of the restored gospel every day... GG
  6. I just got my copy of the April 8 Deseret News... which contains the 2017 general statistical figures... I don't agree that by counting the number of those "handing over cash," it would produce a "very accurate" picture of Church activity... members go in and out of activity (including paying tithing) all the time, and for various lengths of time. There are some active members who may or may not pay tithing for a length of time. The number of active members fluctuates... just like my activity did... and numerous members of my ward... I was very active until age 20, then went inactive when I married a non-member... until I finally heeded the promptings of the Spirit that I had received through the years, and I returned to full activity at age 55 (22 years ago), and I've never looked back. GG EDIT TO ADD: 2017 Statistics as usually read in April conf but published in April 8 Church News... Number of stakes... 3,341 Districts... 553 Missions... 421 Wards and branches... 30,506 Total Membership... 16,118,169 New children of record during 2017... 106,771 Converts baptized during 2017... 233,729 Missionaries... 67,049 Church-service missionaries... 36,172 Temples dedicated in 2017... 4 Rededicated... 1 Temples in operation... 159 New temples announced... 7
  7. The Standard Works - Our Measuring Rod?

    Hello Marginal... I like Abraham 4 because it opens up possibilities not found in other creation scriptures. i.e., Genesis. In my musings on the creation process, I like that Ab allows for various lengths of "time" during the process, calling the various stages "times" vs. "days" which could even be the b/millions of years alluded to via science as the Gods organized and ordered the various components and then would sit back and wait and watch what they had organized and ordered until they were obeyed... and they saw that their plan was good. We don't know how long each of these "times" took... I like to think of the Gods using natural laws, natural selection, even a form of evolution as they ordered, prepared, organized, and watched each of the aspects. Finally the Gods counseled among themselves and agreed to go down and form man and woman in their image, after their likeness. And they said, "We will do everything we have said, and organize them; and behold, they shall be very obedient." And this they numbered the "sixth time." I think you do know that in "Mormonism" not only do we emphasize the importance of being obedient, but our purpose is indeed to grow and progress as we strive to walk the path home to our Father through the Savior... GG
  8. What is Going Well in Your Life?

    Boy, are you in for a surprise... No... seriously, Atheist... I encourage you and send good wishes. I hope your path will lead you back to those Utah deserts... GG
  9. Prayers requested

    Hello flame... May I encourage you to get a priesthood blessing... GG
  10. What is Going Well in Your Life?

    I've lived a lot of years (77)... and as I look back over the years I see so many events ranging from joyous down to everyday to sad to heartbreaking... all have contributed to the person I am today. I really enjoy reflecting on all of these things, particularly the advancements in every field. Some of my experiences rise to hilarious... others fall to deep sadness... but, as far as my life today, I'm incredibly blessed. In 2000, two years after my hubby passed away suddenly, I sold the large "retirement" home we had built here on the Oregon coast and I bought my little beach house. I had the good sense to pay cash so I have no mortgage... I walk 1/2 block to the end of my street and out onto a wonderful beach... the sad thing is that now, 18 years later, my arthritis has become such that I can no longer jog/walk along the shore. But I can find a log to lean against while I watch the waves, rejoice in the cry of the gulls overhead, while I read a good book or sometimes draw. I was wise enough to take an early retirement after 30 years of working full time... by retiring I sealed in my excellent benefits, including health care and meds, so such expenses are minimal. I have not had to go back to work thanks to some wise decisions my dh made that, along with my pension/benefits, have provided for me to this day. I'm blessed spiritually with a strong testimony of the restored Gospel, a temple a 2-hr drive into Portland, and a really special ward "family." Not to mention the people on this Board that I have come to care about... and a fabulous cat named "Bob" who is a real companion... smart as a whip and laugh out loud funny at times... from the beach on a gray, rainy afternoon... GG
  11. The Standard Works - Our Measuring Rod?

    I don't read it that way at all... and certainly not when reading the entire chapter context... GG
  12. The Standard Works - Our Measuring Rod?

    But the PofGP is and has been studied, Jeanne, as part of the rotating 4-year scripture study... for years... I, too, like JLHPROF above (assuming he was serious), really like the Book of Abraham... I read Chap 4 in my own way as speaking of a form of evolution, i.e., Ch 4:18 (and other verses)..."And the Gods watched those things which they had ordered until they obeyed." My thought is, how long did it take, and in what way did it take for these things to "obey?" GG
  13. New Revelations and the Future

    So true Nehor... I have at least 4 that I consider miracles/divine intervention that happened through the years, including the still small Voice so clear in my mind and heart... and of course, numerous instances of the guidance or influence of the Spirit in answer to my daily prayers... Your comments remind me of my 85 year old father... and his home teacher, who shared this with me... So Cal was in a 100 degree July heat wave of several weeks. It was a Saturday morning and Dad's HT was doing errands early so he could get home before the afternoon heat set in. As he was driving home he got the strong prompting to "Go check on Clyde." He continued on his way, reasoning that he was going to take my Dad to Church in the morning... but as he drove the prompting came again, but stronger... finally the third time a voice nearly shouted at him to go check on Clyde. So he wheeled around and headed to Dad's. When he got no answer at the door, the HT looked in the window and he could see Dad lying on the floor. He broke into the house and called 911... Dad died in the hosp later that night... GG
  14. Were you taught not to go to the police?

    I was never taught such a thing... and have not currently seen or heard such an attitude. In fact, before he retired a few years ago our Lincoln City police chief was our bishop... and two of the ward brothers were officers in the local and state police. Just this past week another of our ward's long time officers has been named Lincoln City's interim police chief while a search is made for a permanent hire... in fact with his experience and rapport with the officers, he could very well become the Chief. There's many a Sunday when these brothers attend Sacrament in full uniform, take sacrament, and then leave for their shift... GG
  15. Home/Visiting Teaching to be discontinued

    I've been distraught at losing my "home teachers." After reading the above link, I'm somewhat heartened... I had great trust in the two brothers who were faithful home teachers and actually were "ministers" to me for the past several years. They had the spirit of service as described in the link. However, now I don't know what to expect... I'm very careful who I invite into my home or life... there are several men in the ward that I would not feel comfortable with, and will not hesitate to say so should they be "assigned" me/my household to minister to... I get the thinking behind the change but will miss the wonderful formal monthly visits from my HT, the level of discussions we would have, how they regularly brought the priesthood into my home, how they would always ask if I needed anything, and were so willing to do the little things like change light bulbs (since I can no longer climb ladders), or larger things like repair my fence damaged by our "high Winds", but most of all the wonderful prayer at the end of the visits (more like a priesthood blessing). And yes, I knew I could call on them no matter what... they were already living the spirit of ministering... sigh... GG