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  1. Last Movie You Watched

    I saw two really good movies this week... 1) "Norman"... starring Richard Gere in a different role for him, perhaps one of his best performances. Plays a 50-something fast-talking "outsider" who wants to be on the inside near the "power." He positions himself by name-dropping, trying to ingratiate himself to certain individuals, working on supposed "deals." It's a hard role to describe and I don't quite get what he was trying to gain. I fell asleep for a short time so may have missed an important context... but it was very interesting... 2) "Silence" about two Christian (Catholic) missionaries who are sent to Japan in the mid-1600s during the time Christianity was outlawed there to find another missionary (Liam Neesom) who had renounced the Church amid all the terrible persecution of Christians. The movie is rated R for the violence... i.e., the burning/torture of Christians to have them denounce Christ and the Church, etc. It is a real test of the faith of the missionaries as they watch the suffering of the Christian people who refuse to turn them over to the authorities and suffer the consequences, even dying... it's a stunning film, running 2 1/2 hours but is gripping all the way. GG
  2. The Joy of the Temple

    Maidservant... I, too, love reading the scriptures in the temple... I pray to Heavenly Father and ask if there is anything He would want me to receive, then let them fall open. One time when I was a worker, I found myself alone in the Celestial Room between sessions, so I took the opportunity to read the scriptures. I had a particularly heavy heart because of everything going on "in the world." It was during the Iraq War... society in general seemed to have so many problems, etc etc... so I prayed for comfort and let the scriptures fall open... D&C 45... and began to read... this section is partly about the chaos of the end times, wars and rumors of war. the love of men waxing cold... but that Christ's disciples will stand in holy places (temples, wards?) and not be moved... and if we are faithful, we can find peace in spite of the turmoil around us... so I did take heart, and still do... GG
  3. The Joy of the Temple

    Trust me, Hamba, you will experience great joy if you become a worker... I've wept with sisters, laughed with sisters, prayed with sisters, or just sat quietly with them... there was one sister who was wheelchair bound who came every week to do the work for her family ancestors. As she would finish the initiatory ordinances, she would kiss the card and thank us... she served her family with such love it was an honor to perform the ordinances. And at times the presence of family was felt as we performed the ordinances... those were favorite times for me... But for me personally, there were times between sessions that I could sit quietly for a few minutes when I could pray and feel so close to the Savior and Heavenly Father, particularly in the Celestial Room... how I do miss that because although I can feel this closeness elsewhere, there's something about the temple... GG
  4. The Joy of the Temple

    Hamba.... This is so similar to what I posted in the "God gives special attention" thread where I told about my prayers for a struggling family member... where I had prayed so very earnestly on their behalf, and how I had heard the still small voice so plainly that "All will be well." And the sense of peace that had filled me completely, and I had no doubt... I clung to that experience, and assurance, for the next almost two years... and I had cried out, "How long, Father, how long?" And finally, miracle of miracles... wonderful things happened for this person, who went on to be very successful. Indeed, all was well. What that taught me was that God knows us, hears our prayers, and answers them in his own time and in his own way with what is best for us and when... I love the temple and served as an ordinance worker for six years... which afforded me the most wonderful spiritual experiences. I miss being able to serve, but health issues prevent all but an occasional temple visit... GG
  5. Come on everybody Pray for Irma

    Rod.. I was talking to my sis this morning (she's in Joplin. MO), and we noted that we have fire, flood, and earthquake all across our country... all of which are more intense than ever experienced before... Harvey was the "1000 year" flood... Irma is close behind... Mexico has an 8.1 magnitude quake (the biggest in 100 years)... The Pacific Northwest is on fire... is there a message here? Do ya think? My prayers will be with those in Irma's path... and I think Jose is forming... GG
  6. Can I ask for some prayer please

    Raingirl... here on the coast we have an overcast, foggy morning... then I realized that I was smelling smoke mixed in with the fog... so the drift has carried the smoke the distance to the coast... Rod... my prayers continue for you and your family... I was evacuated only once... several years ago the fire trucks came down my street about midnight with their siren/horn whooping, and loudspeaker advising us to evacuate to high ground because of the approaching tsunami (because of earthquake in southeast Asia)... we had been warned earlier to prepare, so I quickly gathered my 72-hour kit, my Bob in his carrier, and was out the door where I drove the short distance to a designated area in the hills... there was a sense of commaraderie, cooperation, and caring among those of us gathered, much like the Spirit we witnessed in Houston... fortunately for us, the tsunami was about only as high as our regular waves during high tide storms (8 - 10+ ft). We returned to our homes several hours later... GG
  7. I have a really good "lost item" story (my dad's partial dental plate) but since there has been so much mocking of such stories here, I'll simply tell of one of my personal experiences of answer to prayer... Years ago there was a favorite family member (non-LDS) who was really struggling in their personal and career life... so much so that they began to drink rather heavily and was sinking into depression, to the point of just giving up... I was heartsick for this person, and though I was inactive at the time I prayed deeply for Heavenly Father to bless and help them. Finally one day as the situation seemed to worsen, I went into my bedroom and fell on my knees and cried out... Father, Father, help this dear person... As I continued to pray a feeling of complete peace filled me, and I heard the still, small voice... "All will be well." That was it... All will be well. And I knew beyond a doubt that it would be... Time passed...slowly, but slowly, small improvement seemed to happen... I prayed, Father, how long? How long? (Because I had faith in Heavenly Father and His answer, but time continued on...) I noticed this person changing, becoming more hopeful, stronger, looking more positive toward options. Finally one day... over a year having passed... a wonderful career opportunity became available and they had become strong enough to be able to go forward. And from then on they enjoyed a wonderful career for a number of years until retirement. Yes, indeed all was well... What did I learn? I learned that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, and answers them in His own time, and in His own way... in ways that are best for us. Ways that may be "different" than we might expect... I realized that had Heavenly Father answered my prayer earlier, this person was not prepared to receive the blessings and would have undoubtedly failed... but Heavenly Father blessed them with time for the person to grow stronger... and be successful... GG
  8. How do cats communicate with each other?

    Yes, cats seem to be quite sensitive, particularly like my Bob... sometimes it's almost scary. For instance, since we live alone with just us we've become quite "in tune" with one another. The thing he does that is the most amazing is when I'm praying... sometimes I barely whisper and sometimes I purposely pray silently in my thoughts only so he can't hear me... Nevertheless no matter which, almost without exception he comes and starts nuzzling me. He can be curled up in a deep sleep, and I'll bow my head while sitting here at the kitchen/den table to say my morning or evening prayers, and pretty soon here he is... nuzzling my hands and face. It's uncanny... what does he sense that brings him out of his sleep? The other thing he does that gives me goosebumps is he will suddenly focus on something, like just above my head, his eyes becoming alert, sharp, his body not moving but alert. Does he see something? Do I have an aura? whatever... it's unnerving... soon he relaxes but I'm left with this "feeling"... GG
  9. Can I ask for some prayer please

    Will pray you continue to be safe... my heart is aching for the victims of Harvey... it's almost overwhelming to watch the news... bless you, Patti, and your mom... GG
  10. The last big weekend...

    Yes, we survived... even with the foggy morning, most were able to view the eclipse... I love it, Rory, that you know these places, visit here, and enjoy it. The "Corridor" can be a challenge in winter... sometimes during our high winds some trees will fall across the Hwy 18 and everything is stopped until they can be cleared away. Have you ever stayed at the Ester Lee? We stayed there during some remodeling and I loved the fireplace in the rooms as we looked out to the crashing waves during a storm... all cozy inside as the ocean churned... GG
  11. The last big weekend...

    Joplin, MO. , with my two nephews' families nearby. They each have property in the beautiful rolling hills, but I hesitate to locate there because of the extreme heat/humidity of summers. I'm too used to the coolness of the Pacific Northwest... GG
  12. The last big weekend...

    My fellow posters.... I love living in a small town! My husband and I retired here to Gleneden Beach on the central Oregon coast from San Francisco in 1990, building our retirement home in a golf resort called Salishan. We shared that home until 1998 when he passed away suddenly. It was a large home... too large for me alone so I sold it and bought my little cottage in the pines, 1/2 block to the shore... And here I've lived... alone, as a widow... for the past 17 years... sharing my home with a big, beautiful cat named Bob... There is relatively little traffic, except in summer when our visitors can swell our numbers. But one learns how to drive on our mostly 2-lane highway during these times by doing all your errands on one side of the street, then turning around and hitting the other side... One thing I love about small-town living is that people "know" you... for instance, the post master readily knows me and my P.O. Box number, so recently when I had real difficulty walking I simply called the P.O. and asked if he could possibly run my mail out to the car in the handicapped space, which he gladly did. After that I was able to walk... When I go to the bank, I exchange waves with the manager. There's a small market about a mile down the highway where I've shopped for the past 26 years. The owners and employees have become "friends" of a sort... I live in a neighborhood where the street gets together socially a couple times a year... and holds meetings about something that affects us, like emergency planning for storms, tsunamis, etc., a real neighborhood effort for sharing resources, etc. They love my food supply... So today I was at the little market and it was abuzz with visitors as they filled their carts with all manner of foods for picnics, BBQs, etc etc for this last big weekend before school starts. There was an air of excitement and anticipation. Kids were unable to hold back their excitement as they darted here and there... it was fun to watch everyone as they felt the freedom from the norm... the release from the every day... the magic that is the beach... I hope the weather holds for this weekend as it was absolutely beautiful today... Sorry, I just had to muse on this lovely evening... my heart is happy... GG
  13. I can't get away from it

    I'm a Jeopardy fan, and they quite often have a "Mormon" question in one of the categories... And jkWilliams, during my years of inactivity, the Spirit would tug at me from time to time in numerous ways... I finally gave in and reactivated 22 years ago, and have never looked back... GG
  14. What's the Normal Amount of Food for a Teenage Boy?

    MS... I remember always hearing about teen-age boys with a hollow leg and how much they could eat... so two burgers sounds par for the course... GG
  15. Would you Believe It?? Fog!!

    For me too, Nipper... GG