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  1. It is beautiful... but to live here is to be able to tolerate rainy and/or gray days... this is the Pacific Northwest and there's a reason the coast is so green and beautiful. Today as I drove toward town, the road was lined with trees that were all leafed out in deep greens. Gone was the stark look of winter, like almost overnight once it started... As far as taxes, yes we do have state income tax, but Oregon does not have a sales tax. You can imagine how much we saved on the cost of building our retirement home here. GG
  2. I am in no way a gullible fool... nor am I unable to think critically... I actually love being a strong, faithful Latter-Day Saint woman who lives the Gospel as a believer and, yes, I consider myself TBM in the sense expressed as "true blue, through and through." I think independently, and resent being portrayed as Mr. Hodges describes... I do not know how the term came to take on a negative connotation... I also do not agree with every word from our leaders in all things. In those few instances I have taken and will continue to take my issues in prayer to the Lord and wait for further light and knowledge as I study the matter fully. I have received the witness of the Spirit, heard the still small voice, been awakened by dreams... TBM?? You bet... true blue... from the beach on a lovely, sunny afternoon almost 70 degrees.. GG
  3. I watch Jeopardy almost every night... love it. I've chuckled because I think someone responsible for questions is LDS because often there is a question pertaining to the CoJCoLDS... GG
  4. I was a San Bernardino girl... Go Berdoo Cardinals, class of 1958!! (Oh my gosh... 1958... 😮) GG
  5. Hello clarkgoble.... Salt Lake City has changed a great deal from when I was a Calif teen and my step-dad converted (1954)... in fact, many years ago I read something from one of the early leaders that predicted that the day would come when SLC would be one of the most sinful of cities... my convert Step-dad, mom, sister, and I went to SLC in 1955 and were sealed as an eternal family in the SLC temple. He and my mom remained TBM for the rest of their lives... my sis and I both went inactive when 20 yrs old.... I reactivated in 1995 at age 55 and am TBM to this day at age 78. Sis died last January 2018 at age 80, still inactive but adhering to most of philosophy and doctrines. So this past January, based on our numerous discussions, I felt comfortable going to the Portland temple and completing her ordinances on her behalf. Now she has the choice to accept them, or not... Knowing her, I'm thinking she will accept the ordinances and be thankful that I completed her work... GG
  6. Enjoy your week!! Yes, it's all good... I do love the beauty and wildness of the Oregon coast, but I grew up in So Cal and do miss the warmth and atmosphere of Cal beaches like Balboa, Corona del Mar, Doheny, and the surf culture... GG
  7. Seriously Nehor... I really do hope that you will soon find someone to share your life... I know what it's like to be alone. But for me, I have had the comfort of knowing that I'm sealed to my husband, so the aloneness has not been as painful. At least I'm trusting that he has accepted the ordinances performed by proxy on his behalf 20 years ago... if not, hmmm. GG
  8. I love the image of you enjoying the freedom of riding a wave ... surfing on the Oregon coast presents some challenges, mainly the water temps... our surfers have to wear wet suits. Then there is the rocky terrain in many areas. But, there is one thing Lincoln City is world famous for that happens every year some time in Nov to early Dec., and that is our Big Wave surfing competition that draws surfers from all over the world to the Nelscott Reef (about a half mile off shore). There is a window when waves off the Reef during this time of year can range between 40 - 50 feet. When the waves reach the right height the call goes out, and surfers have 48 hours to get here to compete. GG
  9. Well, wait till you get even older... I'm amazed how quickly changes can take place... I've got bags under my faded blue eyes (people used to comment regularly on my pretty blue eyes... haven't heard that in years)... Everything sags, and crepey skin is taking over... Aaaaggghhh.... GG 😮
  10. I told you Nehor... I wish I was 50 years younger 😮 (yikes)... from the beach... GG
  11. Mustard... Why does it have to be contacts? I had readers until I needed bi-focals... I got tired of not being able to see clearly, so I gave in and admitted it was time for real glasses... how wonderful it is to have full vision... I got attractive frames, lenses that that darken outdoors, non-glare, etc. I wear them on an nice chain around my neck so I can simply take them off, and I never lose them... Give in... get some glasses... there are nice styles available... 🙂 from the beach on a glorious, sunny afternoon... GG
  12. Hello Mariya... My husband and I both quit smoking at the same time because we were both heavy smokers (2 packs a day each)... after one business meeting where he smoked heavily his throat felt raw, and it really scared him so he went to the doc who told him if he didn't stop, he would really have a problem. I was inactive in Church at the time and he was non-LDS. I was glad we quit... I chewed Nicorettes and listened to motivational tapes on the way to work, and, said lots of prayers asking for strength. It was not easy... but we both did it. Fortunately, I can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke now, so no longings... We quit in 1989... 30 yrs ago this year. My hubby passed away in 1998 after surgery, a firm non-smoker. I hope you can seriously understand how wonderful it is to be smoke free... the many benefits to your health. I can only encourage you to lay this at the Savior's feet and ask for strength, and keep a prayer in your heart. Keep motivated... what motivation prompts you... I know you can do it... GG
  13. Tacenda... you don't owe these types of people anything... Tell them in no uncertain terms that you are not interested in their product and have no intention of buying anything. Bet they will disappear fast... GG
  14. Hmmm... I don't know that you'll find many who paid to have their copy of the book simply start providing others with the recipes... second, does this encroach on copyright? GG
  15. Charity and Charity's Child Mudcat GG
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