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  1. I just finished watching "Into the Wild" about Chris McClandless' sad ending of his short life in the Alaska wilderness... in an old abandoned bus he called his "Magic Bus" while on his "Alaska adventure"... his story is chronicled in the book by John Krakauer, based on Chris' journal, found in the bus with his body, which was found by moose hunters. His body weighed 67 pounds when found, and death was listed as "starvation." I had seen this movie some time ago and when it was rerun this week had held off on watching it again because it is so tragic... it really stays with you. He was having difficulty getting food so was eating plants and berries and apparently ate some poisonous variety that eventually caused his death... If you Google Christopher McClandless it will have several pictures and websites that tell his story... GG
  2. I, too, contribute to Salvation Army as one of my regular donations... they do wonderful work... GG
  3. I watched an old favorite... "Dead Poets Society" starring Robin Williams... the final scene when the boys say goodbye to him is awesome... GG
  4. Poptart... I think I'm typical of most LDS... I have my favorite charities and organizations that I contribute to regularly albeit more modestly because my main concern is tithing/offerings... GG
  5. The "money" you get from the bishop or supplies from the storehouse come mostly from the tithes/offerings of members... the bishop is the steward of those funds and is bound to administer them efficiently and compassionately... he follows established guidelines... I know that the bishop has some leeway to help non-members for a certain time, but IIRC there is a limit on how long and how much he can do. Someone correct me if I am wrong in this... as to my personal opinion, I'm all for helping non-members briefly, but do not want resources to be unlimited... just going on and on... we have too many faithful member families that need help who try to contribute as they can... GG
  6. One of the major things is the witness of the Spirit... in answer to prayer and the study of our canon... particularly when I accepted Moroni's challenge in regard to the BoM... as part of numerous spiritual experiences, including a healing through a priesthood blessing... when listening to gen conf... When I ponder the Plan of Salvation, it makes such logical sense in its fairness to all... the closeness I feel to Heavenly Father and his magnificent gift of his Son as our Savior... GG
  7. PaPa... get in the darn cart and get out and about for a change... It will make you feel better actually. I'm 78 (79 in Dec.) and my arthritis has caused me to often be unstable and unable to walk long distances in the supermarket, even with the cane I now have to use most of the time... so, I'm thankful for the carts because they allow me to maintain my independence and shop on my own and not have to call on one of my ward sisters to haul me to the store and shop for me... THAT'S what is humiliating to me. I don't have the blessing of family to help me... I'm totally alone here. Like the other day I had to have some minor surgery on my back that required the bandages to be changed twice a day... Since I couldn't do it myself, I chose to do it once a day because I had to have my neighbor come in and make the change... thank goodness she is a good friend also and was glad to help me... otherwise I would have had to call in one of my ministering sisters to come in to help me (I live about 6 miles south of town so it's not easy to get here). THAT'S HUMILIATING... every time I can't do something, I have to call in someone to help... be thankful you are not alone... As always, my prayers will go forward... GG
  8. I hope they get a new movie... I dislike the film strip... find it hard to relate... I used to love going, but not so much now although I welcomed the new wording, just not the film strip... GG
  9. Tacenda... a phone call is all it takes 😊 In fact you could call any temple near you and the person answering will take your names... just say... I want to put a couple of names on the prayer roll... GG
  10. Posting here also Tacenda... Tomorrow both of your names go in the Portland Temple for the prayer roll... GG
  11. Tacenda... you know my prayers will be with you and your husband... be of good heart... you do have friends here... GG
  12. And I always liked "Story Trek." GG
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