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  1. Apt scriptures

    Hello Rain... During the years that I was inactive, I still read my scriptures, prayed, etc... still held my testimony even though I pushed it to the back of my mind... still from time to time the Spirit would tug at me to return to Church but I would not heed the promptings... One day I was at home alone and was sitting at the table in our lanai with my scriptures (the ones I had had since seminary) resting on the table in front of me as I prayed... I remember beginning my prayer saying.... it's me Father, your wayward daughter... as I prayed I told Him that I knew I should heed the promptings of the Spirit, knew where Heavenly Father wanted me, knew where I belonged... but, life was so good, particularly with my husband (who was non-LDS) and I didn't want to interrupt things... As I sat there, I reached up to my scriptures and just randomly flipped the pages... they fell open to a new spot and my eye was drawn to the page, where I had marked in red... Matt 6:19-21 "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal; For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Now I tell you, not only was I greatly surprised, but so very humbled at how swiftly Heavenly Father had answered my prayer... gently but firmly... leaving me no doubt of what I should be about... it would be a number of years before I heeded the Spirit and returned to Church... once I did, I never looked back, and am grateful every day that I had the good sense to grasp hold of the iron rod once again... GG
  2. Never rule anyone out

    Do not give up, Glen101... Remember, my inactivity lasted 34 years... and when I came back I was stronger than ever... that was in 1995 and I've never looked back. I'm just sorry it was my mom's death that turned me around. My prayer now is that she has been allowed to know that both my sister and I are living lives that would give her happiness... GG
  3. I Am So Torn

    Tacenda... I can vouch for the many "miracles" and tender mercies that have happened... also ones that were not covered in the interview... He's a warm, humorous man who loves his family, particularly his wife... even their story is very special... and just recently he was able to baptize her... GG
  4. I Am So Torn

    Hello Tacenda... Thank you so much for posting this... I hadn't seen it yet... It was great to see Dusty (Steve) in person... Dusty will always be "Steve" to me because after we started emailing back and forth (before we knew we were family), I would call him his screen name which was CountryBoy... or I'd refer to him as CB... finally I emailed him and said... Aren't you ever going to tell me your first name? He wrote back and said... lol... my name is Steve... So, I call him Dusty, but he's Steve... I should explain my telling him of my feeling of being "drawn to him." When I read his first entries in this thread, something touched me about his posts that other posts didn't... I received a real prompting to reach out to him. It was quite strong... so I emailed him, giving him encouragement and sharing some of my spiritual experiences with him... telling him that I had been inactive for over 30 years, and that I understood the "pull" and inner battle he was experiencing, even though unlike him I did not lose my testimony... I had just pushed mine to the back of my mind and heart when I married my non-LDS husband. But through the years the Spirit would also tug at me, until I finally heeded its call... 3 years prior to my husband's death... my sympathy/empathy for Steve was very deep, which was puzzling in a way. I firmly believe that I was placed in Steve's life path by a loving Heavenly Father who was very aware of Steve's struggle... and that he felt alone in his struggle because of his situation with his family... so here was I, unbeknownst to either of us as we emailed, that we were actually cousins. It wasn't until I felt I had exhausted all I could in bearing my testimony, etc. to him. and finally emailed him and told him I would just have to wish him well and hope that he would find the peace he so wanted... He emailed back and said, Darn! I want one telephone conversation... will you share your number with me? (something he would not normally ask of someone online, but he felt prompted to do so). When he asked, at first red flags went up for me, but then I felt prompted to give him my number. A few minutes later my phone rang and it was Steve... we talked and when he told me he would always cherish the fact that he had once had a testimony, it was evident to me that there was nothing more I could say... so I wished him well... but he continued... You know, my two best friends are LDS, and then there's my relative out in Utah... Dean Jessee... I said, Wait a minute Steve... did you just tell me you're related to Dean Jessee?... Yes, he said... I told him, Steve! I'm a Jessee!! Dean and I are cousins!! With that we started comparing family history info... we share the same Gr-Gr-Gr-grandfather (John Jessee). His and Dean's direct line comes through one of John's sons, and my line comes through another of John's sons... hence, cousins... and now dear friends... we talk on the phone often... Dusty's journey has been incredible... GG
  5. I Need a Discord Expert

    You mean doing "things" with animals is not animal abuse?? GG
  6. Last Movie You Watched

    I watched two terrific movies... 1) The Promise... starring Christian Bale, Charlotte Le Bon, and Oscar Isaac... about the outset of WWI, at the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and the cruelty of the Turks as they set about the purposeful genocide of the Armenian people. It is an epic story of a family caught up in the events of the time... extremely well done... 2) The Zookeeper's Wife... starring Jessica Chastain and Daniel Bruhl... based on the true story from the international bestseller... an inspirational story of heroism in the early 1940's during WWII. The main characters are a Polish couple who buy the Warsaw Zoo to try and save it and the animals. In the meantime, the Nazi occupation is in effect, and chaos begins in earnest as the Jews are rounded up from their homes and forced into the Ghetto. The continuation of the Zoo is in question so the couple proposes that it be turned into a pig farm to provide meat for the Nazi army. So the Zoo remains... the couple agrees to hide several of their Jewish friends so they can escape... the cruelty of the Nazi soldiers causes the couple to shelter more and more Jews and provide a route for escape... eventually saving over 300 Jews by sheltering them, and passing them on to escape... it is a gripping story... actually both stories are... The Warsaw Zoo is still in operation. GG
  7. How did you meet you wife/husband/eternal companion

    In 1960, came home from my freshman year at BYU Provo... took what I thought would be a summer job before returning to BYU... big company... met my husband... I was on the way down the hallway to the cafeteria for my break when this man was walking toward me. I glanced at him and walked past... stopped and turned around to look after him... he had stopped, turned around, and was looking at me... a smile passed between us. The next time I was in the cafeteria he came over and asked if he could join me... that was the beginning. He was not LDS, but was a wonderful man... I fell head over heels so to speak... I did not return to BYU. Broke my parents' hearts by eloping to Las Vegas. I became inactive at age 20, until I reactivated at age 55 when I finally paid attention to the Spirit who had tugged at me through the years. We were married for 38 years, and my folks came to really love him. He never joined the Church, but was very supportive of me when I told him I was really feeling the need to return to Church, and was leaning more and more toward the Church when he died unexpectedly from complications following surgery, 3 years after I had reactivated... so I felt comfortable having his Ordinances performed for him, including my being sealed to him. Here I am now, age 77, widowed for 21 years, with only memories of a very special life with a man I loved dearly, and who I believe is waiting for me, perhaps somewhat impatiently... GG
  8. I Am So Torn

    Yes, it came out just as I described above, which you quoted... it's been incredible... GG
  9. I Am So Torn

    Hello nuclear and mnn... This has been an incredible journey for Steve (dallasattorney, Country Boy, Utah Texan)... his story can be found on the LDSLiving site, and I believe will be in an upcoming LDS Living Magazine... you may know, nuclear, that he did "make it through" and has since been rebaptized and received reinstatement of his priesthood and temple ordinances... he and his wife now live in Salt Lake, and he is the Gospel Doctrine teacher in his Rose Park ward... he recently baptized his wife... (and I love it that through corresponding with him on this board we discovered that we are family... cousins). GG
  10. D&C section 2

    Hello snowflake... I'm not sure about the OT, but in the New Testament, before his ascension, Christ bestowed the sealing keys upon Peter... Matt 16: 19... "And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Peter... with James and John... bestowed these keys upon Joseph Smith. GG
  11. Last Movie You Watched

    I know what you mean... I appreciate the depth of storytelling and directing that didn't rely on car chases, crashing cars, exploding this or that, or other special effects. Yes, the special effects can certainly be entertaining if done right and with discretion... but some films really overdo it... we all can name so many films that are classics that have few if any special affects type of action... GG
  12. A Three Word Story.

    stared in disbelief
  13. I Need a Discord Expert

    MS... I'm so sorry to read about this going on... his disobedience, or ignoring the rules you've established are disheartening I know... Bless you in your efforts to guide and/or discipline him... it's the lying that is the most hurtful because that affects trust... prayers... GG
  14. Your Pet Peeve

    My most recent pet peeve... Because of some serious arthritic pain in my knees causing me difficulty and to walk with a cane, I've been using a permit and parking in the handicapped spaces. Most stores here have just a couple of spaces. So when I go to the supermarket, I have to park off to the side and wait for a space to open. FINALLY, someone in the space comes out and I think I'll be able to park... but... that person sits in their car, reading mail, talking on phone. etc. So last week I had had enough of these inconsiderate clods so after waiting over 5 mins I got out of my car and went up to this elderly man's car (he was talking on the phone) and asked him to move his car and talk on the phone elsewhere so someone else could use the space... He raised his voice saying, "I'm doing personal business." I confess, I lost it and yelled at him that since he was talking on the phone he should move his car to a different space... he told me to just go back to my car... that really set me off so I yelled at him... "Move your car you stupid inconsiderate fool!! Go talk on the phone somewhere else!" (His wife was with him and I'm sure she made him move as he started the car and did move. I hollered "Thank You!!" Not very Christ-like behavior on my part, but I see these people all the time, particularly in front of our little post office where we have one space. Whenever I park in a handicapped space, I do my business and leave and vacate the space as quickly as possible... GG
  15. Last Movie You Watched

    One of my ward sisters and I were talking about this movie and because both of us grew up on the west coast ( hi-sch 1956 - 58 Calif) we were not really aware of the severity of Jim Crow laws... we weren't faced with the deep racism because we attended school with all races... my San Bernardino High athlete of the year was a black boy... a darling black girl was on my cheerleading team... in gym class everyone showered... all unheard of in the south at that time. I attended BYU in '59 and lived in the dorm with a southern girl who appalled us when she told us that she wouldn't have come to BYU (student pop of about 8,000) had she known that a black Nigerian boy was attending and eating in our cafeteria. This movie, and "The Help," gave accurate glimpses of the incredible difference between the south and west coasts at that time... GG