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  1. Garden Girl

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    Hello Nehor... If I was 40 years younger... 40 years!! Yikes! I would be very curious about you... sigh... GG
  2. Garden Girl

    Favorite female Christians

    I agree about Cheiko... and I would add Sheri Dew... GG
  3. Did anyone see the BYU - Wisconsin game today?!! We won!! The first Big 10 non-conference team to beat Wisc on their own home turf in 15 years... and we did it. The Cougs played hard and were able to keep up with Wisc and finally prevail... 24 - 21... Go Cougs! GG
  4. Garden Girl

    Need advice

    Hello rpn... There are certain things here that I agree with you, and others I don't... For instance. the daughter is 14 years old... I think the parents need to discuss this rationally together and agree on their approach and discuss this with the daughter. Your statement that parents cannot prevent the daughter from being with whomever she chooses is not correct. Parents have the responsibility of guiding a 14 year old in her choice of friends (this situation with the ex is somewhat different because of the parental connection). You make it sound like the parents have NO say in their daughter's choices or decisions. Parents need to establish parameters and guidelines for their children... particularly young teens... not just sit back and let the teen choose whomever she wants to be with... Now, the situation with the ex requires caution... the custodial docs can be a guide, but I don't think we should try and prevent her from attending a church activity or meeting unless this would be detrimental to the daughter. Only the parents can really know that... I agree staying open and close to the daughter is important, and being Christ-like in their approach... GG
  5. Garden Girl

    Favorite female Christians

    Esther... Ruth... Deborah GG Edit to add... I realize Ruth was not a Christian, but I love her story...
  6. Garden Girl

    Why finding the right diet is so hard

    I know what you mean, Jeanne... after many years of dieting off and on, I just eat a well-balanced, natural food type of diet with as few processed foods as possible. My daily treat is one or two squares of Hershey dark chocolate... GG
  7. Garden Girl

    What's new?

    Hello halconero... This is my 28th year of being retired... I'm now 78 years old and aging physically more quickly than I had hoped... I can only garden lightly and mostly in containers. not the work I used to love... and my hands can't hold my paintbrushes so painting has been curtailed for the most part... I have several health issues, thankfully controlled by meds... I'm so blessed with a health care package as part of my retirement. The cost of a couple of my meds is obscene... What do little old people do that don't have good coverage. I still live at the beach, but arthritis has taken hold and I miss being able to run along the shore... or even walk miles. But I find joy in taking a good book, finding a log (away from the shoreline) to lean against as I soak in the sunshine, and listen to the cries of the gulls as they soar overhead, and watch the shorebirds scamper ahead of the incoming waves as they roll up on the shore... I'm still self-sustaining and able to be active in Church... TBM as ever... somehow I'm never bored... I'm blessed with peace and contentment. Glad to see you here and hear how you are. All good wishes... from the beach on a lovely day that feels like fall... GG
  8. Hello Rev... As I mentioned previously. the new offensive coaching has made a really big difference, and has the offence more confident and going in the right direction... This was just the first game, but I think in spite of some tough games scheduled that BYU will have a decent year... GG
  9. We're in the 4th quarter with about 8 mins to go and BYU is leading 28 to 17... I'm hoping BYU can hold on and pull this off... they've managed to contain the Ariz Heisman-contender quarterback, Tate. Mangum is doing a good job and making decent plays... First game jitters gave way to more confidence for him as the game played. We've got some good players on both offense and defense... offensive coaching has made a big diff. And TakiTaki and Kafusi have been valuable. Canada is great... Oh-Oh... Ariz got a touchdown... didn't make the 2 point conversion... so, 28 - 23... 2-1/2 mins to go... no time outs for BYU... 2 for Ariz... this has been a great game for BYU as they have played hard and well... Ariz now out of time outs... 40 secs to go... Canada makes the critical 1st down to seal the win... 28 - 23 BYU... GO COUGS!! GG
  10. Well, I just finished my prayers for our BYU Cougars in tonight's game against Arizona... I never pray that our team will win. Rather, my prayer is that our team will play with honor, with courage, and with enthusiasm... I pray that individually and as a team we will be able to draw on our skills to the best of our ability... I always look at our teams as an opportunity for others to see us and get to know us... after all, we are Brigham Young University... GG
  11. Did anyone see the Women's Volleyball game tonight (8/31)... No. 9 BYU took on No. 1 Stanford in Smith Fieldhouse with almost 5,000 in attendance... and won!! BYU took the first 2 sets... then Stanford took the next 2, forcing a 5th set... which BYU won 15 to 11... it was a hard fought victory for BYU over the number one team... Go Cougars!! Stanford will go home, well aware that they played BYU in the incredible Smith Fieldhouse... with the fans rocking the house as only they can... GG
  12. Me too, Okrahomer... You all know what a Cougar fan I am... I hope our new offensive coaches have been able to turn around our previous performance. I'm nervous and hopeful... GG
  13. Garden Girl

    Last Movie You Watched

    I rented two films recently... 1) A Quiet Place ... (2017) really suspenseful, bordering on terror... it's about a post-alien worldwide invasion where the conquering aliens, who are blind, hunt survivors by sound... Emily Blount and John Krazinsky (sp?)... 2) Suburbicon... starring Matt Damon and Julianne Moore... (2017) This also is a very entertaining film... about the small idyllic town of Suburbicon where nothing is as it seems. "A darkly comedic thriller, full of twists and turns." GG
  14. This is nothing new... IIRC several years ago this same announcement was given by Pres Hinckley(?) about referring to the Church, particularly for news reporters, by the Church's proper name... I thought Pres Nelson was simply giving us another reminder... As far as the name being given by revelation... this was done by the Lord to Joseph Smith on April 26, 1838 at Far West... you can read about it in D&C Sec 115:1 - 4...(For thus shall my church be called in the last days, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) GG
  15. Garden Girl

    Is there room?

    Living alone as I do (except for a pushy cat named Bob) is semi monastic... and I love it... it suits me fine, and I'm happy with my life. The Church helps of course because I love the Gospel, and can be as social as I choose... I have a widow friend at Church who is just the opposite. She can hardly bear being alone, so I guess it depends on the person. I cherish my being alone... my days are filled with good music, art, reading, what gardening I can still do, the beach (where I do some of my best praying/contemplation), crossword puzzles, some TV... I have such wonderful memories of my life with my husband, and joy in knowing we are sealed... and the confidence I have that he is waiting for me... I am at peace.... from the beach... GG