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  1. I remember Pres Hinckley's birthday celebration with Gladys Knight, Jenny Oaks Baker, etc etc... lovely event, as I'm sure Pres Nelson's will be... I see nothing wrong with celebrating his 95 remarkable years of service, not only to the Church but to the medical community... GG
  2. I haven't read this thread, but feel very adamant that missionaries still continue to attempt to get a baptismal commitment too early! But the previous 2 lesson commitment goal was really ridiculous... I served a 2-year stake mission (when they still had such missionaries) and felt the same way... and felt this practice contributed greatly to the low retention rates. The majority of investigators not only didn't have enough time to learn enough of the gospel to truly gain a testimony... but to try and say they were or were not feeling the Spirit was ludicrous. My step-father agreed to investigate the Church because my mom asked him to... He told the stake mishes that taught him that he would listen to the discussions because my mom had asked him to... "But don't think you're going to baptize me!!"... There were nine lessons and each week they came to give a discussion, and would answer his questions, leaving him with prayer and reading assignments. Being the honorable man he was, he did his part and studied everything they gave him, prayed, and asked questions on their next visit. The weeks went by, and at the end of the 7th lesson, my dad asked to be baptized!! And he was a faithful, active member the rest of their lives... he fulfilled many callings, including at the stake level. Their last calling was as ordinance workers in the Los Angeles temple. My sis and I were sealed to him and my mom in the SLC temple in 1955, a year after he was baptized. I shudder to think of what would have happened if two kids tried to get him to commit to baptism on the 2nd visit... GG
  3. Hello Caspianrex... And welcome! I've been to Nashville on one of our vacation trips across country to visit various family. I wanted to visit "The Hermitage" because I was fascinated by the story of Rachel Jackson after seeing the movie "The President's Lady" starring Susan Hayward and Charlton Heston... I think you'll find this a good place to ask questions... I live on the beautiful central Oregon Coast in a cottage-by-the-sea... Again welcome... from the beach... GG
  4. Hello Tony... Welcome from the Pacific Northwest... the beautiful central Oregon Coast... I, too, hope you'll tell us a little more about yourself generally, i.e., general area of residence... interests... cat or dog person? 🙂 Did you just join the Church, or simply this board? Either way, you're more than welcome... from the beach on a high overcast day... GG
  5. Principles and Practices of the Restored Gospel by Victor Ludlow... GG (It's too hard, if not impossible, to choose just one...)
  6. Hello Nehor... Just what type of creatures are they? Cute, but I don't recognize what they are... GG
  7. Hello Avatar... I'm so glad you have been courageous enough to open up... Through the years I've enjoyed reading your contributions to the various topics... I have empathy because I know what it is like to be alone in the gospel. I'm the only one in my family now that my sis has passed away... but she was not active, so even though we had wonderful discussions due to her believing most of our philosophy, there was a point of departure where she had her own views... however, we never argued because we respected each other's right to believe as we chose... And when my husband was alive, he was supportive of my activity but would not attend Church with me, including social events. I felt the loneliness of always being alone at Church, and especially in the temple. But at least there was no conflict at home... but the aloneness continues today for me as a single sister. I'm always the fifth wheel. I have certain sisters I sit with, or families at a social activity, but I don't have any really "close" friends. I do know that there are several I could call if I wanted to do something like go to a movie, etc. I'm outgoing enough that I will reach out... but it would fall on me to do so... The only thing I can say is that I understand how you feel and I encourage you... perhaps you can cultivate a friendship with 2 or 3 individuals. Don't be afraid to attend social activities by yourself... just go... reach out... All good wishes... GG
  8. In the research for the paper by the late scholar John Tvedtnes on early temple rituals, (Early Christian and Jewish Rituals Related to Temple Practices... fairlds.org/pubs/conf/1999TveJ.html), he cited that he had found 15... 15... references to the practice of baptism for the dead in the various Christian texts, and several Mandean and Jewish texts. We have clung to the one reference from the Bible (1 Cor 15:29) when Tvedtnes included 15 in his article "Baptism for the Dead in Early Christianity," scheduled for publication later in 1999 in another FARMS temples volume. GG
  9. When I was 7 or 8, my sis and I used to visit cousins who lived on acreage in a rural area, with fields of wheat, ponds, etc. We used to play all over the "farm" and made some of my most cherished memories... In the evenings, the men would get out their guitars and we'd sit around an sing... I can still remember "You are my Sunshine." Thanks for bringing these to mind... GG
  10. Wow! That she even allows such action is stunning... Needless to say, I wouldn't stand for this for one second... GG
  11. It is beautiful... but to live here is to be able to tolerate rainy and/or gray days... this is the Pacific Northwest and there's a reason the coast is so green and beautiful. Today as I drove toward town, the road was lined with trees that were all leafed out in deep greens. Gone was the stark look of winter, like almost overnight once it started... As far as taxes, yes we do have state income tax, but Oregon does not have a sales tax. You can imagine how much we saved on the cost of building our retirement home here. GG
  12. I am in no way a gullible fool... nor am I unable to think critically... I actually love being a strong, faithful Latter-Day Saint woman who lives the Gospel as a believer and, yes, I consider myself TBM in the sense expressed as "true blue, through and through." I think independently, and resent being portrayed as Mr. Hodges describes... I do not know how the term came to take on a negative connotation... I also do not agree with every word from our leaders in all things. In those few instances I have taken and will continue to take my issues in prayer to the Lord and wait for further light and knowledge as I study the matter fully. I have received the witness of the Spirit, heard the still small voice, been awakened by dreams... TBM?? You bet... true blue... from the beach on a lovely, sunny afternoon almost 70 degrees.. GG
  13. I watch Jeopardy almost every night... love it. I've chuckled because I think someone responsible for questions is LDS because often there is a question pertaining to the CoJCoLDS... GG
  14. I was a San Bernardino girl... Go Berdoo Cardinals, class of 1958!! (Oh my gosh... 1958... 😮) GG
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