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  1. Garden Girl

    Death during church activities

    I personally remember one... When I was a teenager, we had the elders quorum fund-raising wood cutting project... we were a small and closely knit ward so this affected our ward deeply when during a Saturday's work one of the trees being cut fell the wrong way and hit and killed a much loved brother... a man in his early 30's, new father, ward youth leader... We all were shocked and saddened at this accident... they terminated the project of course.... GG
  2. Whenever this topic comes up here, I always cite one of my favorite books... "Beyond Death's Door"... (1993) by Prof Brent L. Top and his wife, Wendy... of BYU Provo. The book addresses the study by the Tops of numerous NON-LDS near death experiences in light of the restored gospel... they specifically targeted non-LDS to see how closely those experiences correspond to or add to LDS understanding of death... they state: "We were amazed at the similarities and consistencies between near-death accounts and the doctrines of the restored gospel." This is a terrific book... thoughtful, positive, and well researched with widespread citations and footnotes as they conducted their study. GG
  3. Garden Girl

    Questions about Excommunication

    If it were me, Maidservant, the next time he approached me I'd tell him quietly but firmly and in no uncertain terms to stay away from me and my family, and if he continued to approach me I'd not have any alternative but to reject his advances publically, regardless of who might see or hear... You can pray for strength to forgive him, but there is absolutely no reason you have to continue to suffer this anger or sadness his advances bring upon you... His repeated sexual molestation of your sister is much different than a majority of possible transgressions. GG
  4. This is why these types of events rarely are helpful to anyone... the Protestants have one aim and one aim only... and that is to discredit Mormonism... they aren't interested in dialog as they have already concluded that Mormonism is wrong and it is their "calling" to confront us with the error of our beliefs or doctrine... with the hope they can influence others to leave Mormonism... that's the whole Protestants' purpose of this event, not the respectful exchange of ideas or understanding... do any here actually believe Mr. White has any other purpose than to tear down Mormonism? You're naive if you do... I don't know why Bro. Allred has agreed to participate... GG
  5. Garden Girl

    4th of July Beauty

    It is 9:30 P.M. The fireworks on the Bay will soon start... I just watched the most beautiful. awe-inspiring sunset I've seen in a long time... All the people lined up along the Bay to watch the fireworks have been given a real treat... the whole sky was fire red and orange... I imagine there was more than one gasp and tears at the sight of it... the power... the reminder of a heavenly realm, no matter what a person's faith... one can't see such beauty and not feel humbled and small against such immensity... GG
  6. I'm against drugs period... including pot... but, 1) I hate my beautiful coastal town being tagged the "pot capital" of the Oregon coast... 2) I hate the prospect of people buying the pot, getting stoned on our beach and parks, and then getting in a car and driving (this is more likely because people are transient here vs having a home to go to in order to use the pot), 3) I feel the same about alcohol here because of the propensity of people to drink/use and drive... it was bad enough thinking about drunk drivers let alone adding stoned to it... I've not done any serious statistical research but we probably have a little more problem with pot than alcohol because at least we have state-run liquor stores. It's 5:30 and I'm listening to the local (Portland) news where there is the annual July 4th Waterfront Music Festival going on, and for the last 15 minutes they've been talking about pot/alcohol issues and DUII's,,, GG
  7. My town of Lincoln City OR has a population of approx 8000 - 9000... We have 11 pot shops from the north end of town down the coast to Depoe Bay, a distance of about 15 miles... I hate it... GG
  8. Garden Girl

    Last Movie You Watched

    FOR STARGAZER AND WALDEN We were talking about "My Cousin Vinny"... but I want to tell you about one other of the handful of "R" films I will watch/own... perhaps you've also discovered it as it is shown often... "The Shawshank Redemption" starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins... what a film... GG
  9. Garden Girl

    Last Movie You Watched

    Mine too!! However, the first time I saw it, it was an edited version on network television... I liked it so much I bought a copy and settled down one evening to enjoy watching it... Whoa!! What happened!! The language was a real surprise... I thought I would not be able to watch, but I loved the characters and they were so right for the context of the movie that I continued to watch it... and the relationship between Vinny and his fiance is actually quite sweet. It is one of my favorites, and only one of several that I can allow for the language though I do cringe at times. I've recently had to turn off several Academy Award winning films that have received such glowing reviews and numerous awards... But somehow I love Vinny and his fiance...And the courtroom scenes are wonderful, particularly when Vinny shows up in the tux... Marissa Tomei's witness stand performance sealed her win for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. GG
  10. Garden Girl

    Mike Lee on U.S. Supreme Court? Maybe...

    Do you actually believe if the situation were reversed that the dems wouldn't try to pack the court with liberals... GG
  11. Garden Girl

    Someone was arrested for trespassing

    I can't find it... Can someone just give the basics, i.e., when... purpose... how caught... I'd appreciate it... GG
  12. I can't discuss this with you Calm because I don't want to be at odds with you in the slightest... and, as a former So Californian I've seen through the years how deep and hot this issue is... my hope and prayer is that resolution to the issues can be soon with compassion and compromise from both sides. GG
  13. Yes! We could pull a Mexico and provide the pathway north right into Canada via caravans. etc. Hwy 5 is made to order for that... We'll see how long Canada would put up with that... and, just try entering Mexico illegally. Mexico has really strict laws against illegal entry but somehow feel free to demand that we take in thousands of illegals without any consequences... I can't go further as it would be too political and jeopardize a thread shut-down. I can't get over the fact that these people somehow believe they are entitled to pour over our borders (50,000 people each month for the past few months). I'm fully supportive of legal immigration... and believe we do need to improve our process so it doesn't take as long, etc. GG
  14. Garden Girl

    Worship Music in the Church

    When I first reactivated (after having been inactive for 34 years), I was so hungry for the spiritual that I watched several TV Christian channels on TV. I got caught up in the music, even the style of Evangelical preaching... I liked the way it "whipped up" my emotions. Then I took time to read/listen to the words and the music of our hymns... and I felt great peace and comfort... then Gen Conf came on and I listened to the talks and found such quiet beauty in the talks, the Spirit filling my mind and heart, witnessing the truth of what I was hearing. When I next attended Church, I couldn't stop crying during several of our hymns... "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd" comes to mind, among others...I continue to love our hymns because of the wonderful truths of the gospel contained in them... I would welcome several additional more "upbeat" hymns, but our current hymns are where my heart is... GG
  15. Garden Girl

    LDS Scholar John Tvedtness

    I'm so sorry to hear this... I have several of his writings... my favorite being a paper from 1999 on "Early Christian and Jewish Rituals Related to Temple Practices." I actually send copies to people preparing to go to the temple... Even though it addresses ancient practices, it's relevance to current temple worship is unmistakable... We've lost a wonderful scholar... GG