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  1. Hello JLH... I chose to have a Priesthood holder perform the blessing each of the two times... as I, too, remember that home dedications were performed by PHs... GG
  2. For me at age 76, and my sister at age 79, we sometimes look back over our lives and marvel at all of the changes and advancements we've seen and lived through generally... and, invariably, we think about our individual and shared spiritual experiences through the years... one particularly that we shared as little girls of 4 and 7 years old at the hands of a drunken father that still plays in our minds as if it was yesterday... I wrote about it not long ago and titled it... "The Night I Rode With Angels"... telling of a night when we were riding in the car with with our drunken father... there is no way we survived that ride unhurt or even dead except what we both believe to this day to be the intervention of guardian angels... that and the answer to a mother's desperate prayers who had no idea where her little girls were... little girls that should have been home hours earlier from a visitation day with their father... Through the years, I've felt the Spirit, and heard on occasion the still small voice so clear in my heart and mind... and felt the accompanying peace of heart... that defy understanding. And am humbled by a priesthood blessing received the weekend prior to a scheduled surgery... after weeks of tests... only to find during the final test on the day of surgery that the problem miraculously no longer existed, absolutely puzzling my cardiologist, and has not returned these eight years since... yes, I say miraculous because the barrage of tests I went through left no doubt of what needed to be done. When I moved into my little home, I had it blessed... and after some remodeling with lots of workers in and out, blessed again. I would not be comfortable if it wasn't blessed... Yes, I believe in the power of prayer, healing priesthood blessings, promptings of the Spirit... that have filled my life and continue to do so... GG
  3. Just for info, Duncan, I read a lot of FB comments/sites of those I am not "friends" with, just to see what their positions or thoughts are... GG
  4. When I was attending Educ Week at BYU one year, I was shopping in the Bookstore and came across a tee shirt with eight black/white cows and the saying... "I'm an 8-Cow woman." It cracked me up, so I bought a copy of the movie and sent it to my sister with the shirt and instructions she couldn't open the envelope containing the shirt until she watched the movie... cracked her up also... she used to wear the shirt all the time and would get puzzled looks, but one day in Wal-Mart she saw this woman look at her shirt and burst out laughing... My suggestion for a film is a non-LDS (Church) made film... "The Cokeville Miracle"... a story based on the 1986 true events in the small LDS-majority ranching community of Cokeville, Wyoming. The film never mentions the Church or LDS members... but it is evident that most of the people are LDS... the Church is an LDS chapel, and the primary children are singing an LDS song, A Child's Prayer (title?). It really was a miracle how all of the 136 children and 18 teachers being held hostage were protected when a deranged man (who herded everyone into one room) with a powerful homemade bomb (which detonated) took over the elementary school demanding ransom. Interviews with survivors today tell their experiences with guardian angels... each one describing similar stories of events. A second film, put out by the Church and very well done, is titled "Meet the Mormons" and tells about the daily lives of several LDS families and how being LDS affects their lives and their faith. GG
  5. I understand your position... isn't it strange how very different we are in this regard... GG
  6. I suppose I'm being overly touchy this morning, but these two posts just irritate me... I'm pretty used to our critics on this board and can usually roll with it... the wink and smiley face here do little to mask the underlying mocking... Jeanne more than Pete... of us stupid Mormons, foolish enough to put up with the wearing of garments... GG
  7. As a child, I would occasionally attend Seventh Day Adventist summer Bible School... and occasionally would help our elderly SDA neighbor walk to her Church on Sat. mornings. That was when my hometown of Rialto, CA did not have an LDS ward and we had to ride the city bus into San Bernardino to a ward (we were very poor and my single mom did not have a car, but she had a bicycle with a big basket that I would ride in, and she would ride it to the store, etc in our small town). Finally, when I was a teen (1953-1958) people in Rialto attended Fontana ward as part of San Bernardino Stake. Today, Rialto has multiple wards and is a Stake. GG
  8. This is true , Robert... Even in my case... I love the paper scriptures. But I finally succumbed and got an inexpensive handheld device... Amazon Fire HD8... that holds all my scriptures and Church-related materials, as well as other capabilities such as email, etc. It is 8 1/2 x 5" and fits in my purse. I appreciate the convenience. GG
  9. I do too, Hamba... I received my endowment in 1996 and, hence, began wearing my garments. After all these years, I still say to myself as I don fresh garments every morning... Putting on the whole armor of Christ... GG
  10. My Gosp Doc teacher mentioned the milk strippings but then went on to concentrate on the other reasons and circumstances that led to Marsh's disaffection... We had a good discussion. I think the Gosp Doc teachers have everything to do with how the information is or is not presented... and whether we get a complete picture of events. Our teacher does his homework... to our benefit. GG
  11. I remember those times... my sis and I chuckle often about all the changes we've lived to see... it truly is incredible... GG
  12. But somehow I loved it... Maybe because it is corny "Mahana you ugly..." GG
  13. And, there's certain instances when the Church partners with Catholic Charities so that humanitarian efforts are enhanced through cooperating and coordinating... for instance after a disaster of some type... GG
  14. "Bridge of Spies" is based on true events... those leading up to and the exchange of Francis Gary Powers (American pilot of the U-2 spy plane shot down over Russian territory) for a Russian spy we had in custody. The exchange also included an American student studying in East Germany just as the wall was finally closed, getting caught in the East. The exchange took place on a bridge in East Germany... real cloak and dagger starring Tom Hanks as the independent American lawyer who negotiated the exchange, unbeknownst to the American public or his family. Very good film... GG
  15. I loved this movie... I had looked forward to seeing this movie... and rented it... settled down to watch, prepared to see what everyone was raving about. Then Wham! I was hit in the face with the constant use of the "F" word... constant! It hurt my spirit so much that I had to turn it off. So, I had to bypass what I'm sure was a terrific story and performances, all because the filmakers erroneously think IMO that such prevalent use of profane language somehow enhances a film, particularly the "F" word. I recently saw several really good films that did not use such language, yet were on the edge of your seat suspenseful... good acting and direction. etc. "Bridge of Spies" comes to mind. GG