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  1. Fellow Posters... Most of you are aware that I live on the central Oregon coast... So I'm used to Nature's fury and our storms that bring high tides/waves and "high winds"... But today was different... Today I had to go down to Newport (20 miles south)... I travel on Hwy 101 that parallels the ocean, providing excellent viewing... Newscasts had predicted high waves up to 40 - 45 feet by this evening during high tide... that really got my attention because its been years since we've had anything approaching this magnitude... As I approached Depoe Bay, suddenly here was a long line of cars parked along the highway with dozens of people standing along the roadside, watching the waves and taking pictures... The waves are magnificent... words can't describe the feeling, except awesome, when viewing such power. Local TV trucks were evident... One wayside park had to be closed because it was too dangerous. And sadly, one man was swept off the sea wall in Depoe Bay just before noon and out to sea. The Coast Guard helicopters are still searching, but to no avail... that's always so sad. The news just reported that the highest waves had been along the Washington coast, measuring 46 feet. This experience left me in awe as I parked in one wayside and watched the waves crashing... Nature in her fury. I had the feeling of being very small... GG
  2. "Special invitation" , Pres. Nelson

    Because I don't recall there being this much "announcing" ... my first thought was that perhaps Pres Nelson was going to step aside and not become Prophet, but bypass the normal succession and name a younger man...so that we don't have to go through this again in a very few years... I'll have to read the news article links... GG
  3. My rant about Money knowledge

    Robert and Calm.... I often traveled to Canada with hubby for business... British Columbia and Alberta. I'll always remember my first trip to Calgary... growing up I had always watched the Calgary Stampede on the news, etc. So on my first trip I was expecting a real rip-roaring western style town. As we circled, coming into the airport, I was astounded to see this large metropolitan city with skyscrapers then fanning out into miles of surrounding business and residential areas. We did have one activity that was a western style BBQ, at which time there was a "White Hat" ceremony where we received a white hat and were made honorary Calgarians... I still have my hat... GG
  4. Last Movie You Watched

    Hacksaw Ridge was a fantastic movie... realistic... my husband was in the Philipines and experienced such a battle ... the Battle of Leyte. And also battles on Mendinao and Mindoro (sp?). The close combat was very true. I can't say more because of today's relationship with Japan and it would be too political, even painful. But he was very lucky to come out of it alive... he was wounded in one of the battles, but rejoined his unit after he recovered... GG
  5. New third-hour curriculum: Your experience?

    Our meeting did not turn into "gossip." It was a very positive general discussion about being sensitive to new as well as regular sisters, making them feel welcome, not being judgmental, how to respond to a sister who does bring up what could be considered gossip about a sister/brother/family in order to stop it in it's tracks. No individual/personal situations were mentioned by name etc. We left with a positive feeling about our ward and how we would remain close by exercising the suggestions and principles we discussed... it is naive to think that women at times don't perhaps unintentionally slip into a gossip situation... just like I was naive in not knowing/realizing that this was considered by some sisters a topic to be discussed in my ward... GG
  6. New third-hour curriculum: Your experience?

    My meeting... Lincoln City, OR... turned out much better than I expected. I've always enjoyed our RS meetings, and we have had wonderful teachers/lessons. So when I heard about the new format, particularly arranging the chairs in a circle, I was skeptical and balked at the idea. So when I walked into the RS room yesterday and they were putting the chairs in a circle I thought, Oh No, not this! My RS Pres (a good friend) gave me the Evil Eye as I quietly murmured... We had a fairly large circle around the room... in the summer when our numbers increase dramatically we may have to move to the cultural hall, in which case the circle could become too big and lose the intended "feeling." The RS pres acted as leader in the discussion on "What we could do to make the Ward better/closer." One sister suggested breaking the "gossip" tendency... I said to her, We have a gossip problem?? Yes! she answered and I saw several nods... which surprised me because we are a warm, welcoming ward, more so than most from what our visitors say... what then ensued was a very good discussion with wide participation... sisters sharing examples/experiences and suggestions. And the positive examples that we can emphasize/continue to maintain the "family" feeling of our ward. At the end of the meeting I said that it had gone better than I expected and how I'd enjoyed the format... to the general agreement of the sisters. So I think we'll be just fine... GG
  7. Hello Hamba... I find it really strange that non-alcoholic beverages were not offered at your meetings... or people tried to push drinks on you... There are many people on medications that absolutely forbid consumption of alcohol while taking such meds (I have such a med)... or avoiding alcohol at the very least... to place people in an uncomfortable position by drawing attention to those who for one reason or another choose not to drink is insensitive... I am a veteran of the "cocktail hour" at business meetings... and the serving of wine at the tables of the sit-down dinner following... (Those not wanting wine with dinner simply turned their glass over and the server simply bypassed them). I traveled with my husband on business quite often (but at the time I was inactive and not living the WoW so I did imbibe). However, since my husband's company set the tone for such activities, they always offered a variety of non-alcoholic beverages from waters to juices. teas and coffees. And they frowned on over indulgence of alcohol (and it was this that would be more likely to hurt a career vs non-drinking). So the various member companies (in 7 western states and western half of Canada) followed the guidelines set by his company, and no one thought a thing about it. GG
  8. Pres. Monson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drat

    Just getting ready to turn in when this came over the news wire... my first reaction was like Calm's... and then like The Nehor's... I'm actually thankful that he is no longer tired or struggling with his health... but is ready to continue his service beyond the veil with renewed strength... Just think of the wonder he is feeling... GG
  9. Your Pet Peeve

    Yes, I agree Tacenda... he is surely jesting.... GG
  10. Do Mormons Feel Pressured to Pay Tithing?

    I know just what you mean, Scott.... I've been so blessed, I believe, because of my attitude toward tithing, a principle I firmly believe, particularly in view of Mal 3:6-10... At the first of every month, I sit down to pay my bills/expenses. Before I actually begin, I take a few minutes to pray with a grateful heart and give thanks for the many temporal and spiritual blessings I've received and continue to receive... The "windows" have been wide open for me in so many ways. I agree, I too feel that I can't afford not to pay my tithing... from the beach, awaiting heavy wind, rain, and gale warnings tonight and tomorrow... GG
  11. How did you meet you wife/husband/eternal companion

    Merry Christmas Rod and Patti... Rod, I don't want to nag... but... it's time... Hope you have a wonderful, safe, and blessed 2018... GG
  12. My Dad

    I'm so sorry Jeanne for your loss... but thankful you had some close time with him... GG
  13. Marching band

    Growing up in So Cal, our tradition was to go into Pasadena to watch the Rose Parade on New Year's... Over the years the number of marching bands has increased until we now have bands from schools/univs/groups all over the United States participating... Imagine how exciting it is for the kids to go to march in the Rose Parade (many bands holding several fund raisers to pay their way). I agree, it's a worthwhile, wholesome activity for kids to be involved in... GG
  14. Happy Thanksgiving from Jeanne!

    Hello dear Cuz... to you and Susan... Bart and Caesar... Love to you all... How wonderful you are inviting the missionaries... they are far from home and family so I know they appreciate it... enjoy the Day! Love from the beach...GG
  15. Happy Thanksgiving from Jeanne!

    Hello Jeanne... I could have written this... because I, too, am alone. But as you, I have so many wonderful memories of Thanksgivings past... in fact, this is a particularly difficult holiday for me because through the years no matter where I was living (San Fran. Oregon) my dear husband would have to drive me back to So Cal to share Thanksgiving with my family. Oh how my sis and I loved to putter in the kitchen with mom... we would talk and laugh as we prepared the meal, set the table (mom always used her best white tablecloths, crystal, silver, and china)... My mom baked pies like no one else, particularly her mince pie... her crusts were made from scratch and so light and flaky (Crisco)... we combined Thanksgiving and Christmas, and after dinner would gather round the fire in the living room and exchange gifts because we would not be able to gather at Christmas, which made Thanksgiving even more special... Today I'm widowed, here in Oregon... sis is in Missouri... our folks are gone... my childhood home has been sold... I miss my family so much today. But, I could have gone up to the Church for dinner because they always put on a big get together with all the trimmings for anyone who wants to come... I thought I would attend, but then I decided just to stay home and fix a meal (I bought an 11-lb turkey). So I'm puttering, quite thankful for my blessings... talking to Bobby-cat... watching it rain heavily, glad to be inside, warm and comfortable in my little cottage by-the-sea... So Happy Thanksgiving everyone... GG