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  1. In spite of the adultery theme, I loved STNY... it was funny, tender, sad... I loved seeing Ellen Burstyn evolve through the years. I got from Mrs. Leslie that they really didn't have a sexual relationship, but shared deep emotion and affection. The only physical aspect was that each year they would kiss goodbye. She would call him "Mr. Leslie honey" in those moments. GG
  2. I watched an "oldie but goodie" called "About Mrs. Leslie" starring Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan... It's the 40's and she's an entertainer in a small New York club... He is a wealthy industrialist who goes to the club with business associates... they meet when she is invited to their table after her performance. There's an easiness between them and they talk for some time, hitting it off. The next day they go to lunch and he asks her to go to California with him for six weeks' vacation as "friends and companions" only. She knows him only as Mr. Leslie, that he is married, but that he needs to have this six weeks away for his health because of the pressure of his life/career. She agrees, and they go to Calif and share a big, beautiful house on the coast/beach where she has her own suite of rooms overlooking the ocean... The household staff assumes she is "Mrs. Leslie" and call her such. They spend the weeks fishing, hiking, quiet evenings, etc, until its time to return to the east. He asks her to meet him again the next year... and this begins their annual trip to Calif. They are affectionate and care greatly for each other, but remain only companions. They never talk about his family. He takes steps to help her be more secure because he worries about her, and is grateful for her and their time together. After several years of meeting him annually, one evening in NY she goes to the movies and a newsreel shows him with his full name and family...he is to head up a govt program of manufacturing war planes... this is the first time she truly faces reality. They get through that and go to Calif again... afterwards, back in NY the news comes that the war is over... as everyone pours out into Times Square to celebrate, she looks up at the electronic news tape and is stunned as it announces the death of "Mr. Leslie" due to a heart attack. His atty contacts her because he left her means to assure she would be secure, with a proviso that she buy herself a home, so she buys a large home in Bev Hills as "Mrs Leslie" so she can rent out rooms for income... and that's how the movie begins... GG
  3. Hello Rod... Prayers going forward... GG
  4. Hello poptart... I'm sorry you are experiencing difficulty... and I, too, encourage you to seek out your new ward. Meet with the bishop and explain your situation, and ask about home teachers to help you get situated. I refer to my ward as my "ward family." I'm widowed, alone, and have no children... my closest real family is many miles away. Some of the ward members are friends, and the closest I have to what could be considered family. My home teachers are wonderful, and take their stewardship seriously. So I hope you will start to attend your ward. GG
  5. Prayers going forward, Duncan... let us know as soon as you have news.... GG
  6. My former Bishop and his wife (the Zollingers) are serving a senior member mission in the Novosibirsk Russia Mission, Siberia... GG
  7. I don't know whose "constricting" view you're suggesting or referring to.. certainly not from anything I said, and certainly not from the Church's view or the Church's admonition to seek from the best books, etc... ETA: The other day I rented the R-rated but much lauded and award winning movie Casey Affleck won best actor for (I'm having a senior moment and can't remember the title but will think of it later I know,,, hate it when I do that)... anyway, because it won so many awards etc I thought it would be all right... but 10 minutes into it I had to turn it off... the "F" word and other profanity was prevalent in practically every sentence... WHY do moviemakers think such profanity enhances the movie?!!! I'm sure the story was great and regret not being able to see it... but I just can't let such language bruise my spirit... A very different scenario last month when I rented "Hacksaw Ridge"... a war story based on the true, heroic efforts of one conscientious objector soldier... R-rated for realistic wartime violence, but no profanity... it was a terrific film. GG
  8. Good morning stemelbow... You act like the Church's view is that we read ONLY the scriptures every day... I follow the admonition to have daily scripture study, but in addition to other inspirational writings from poetry to history to art to any number of uplifting or educational materials. While my scripture study fills my soul like no other writings can, I enjoy what I attempt to be a well rounded, diverse circle of study... I also follow the admonition to seek from the best books... I don't find that to be constricting at all... from the beach on a welcome rain-free day... GG
  9. Really happy for you, Anijen... took lots of determination to continue to fruition...Congrats! GG
  10. Okrahomer!! Who would have thought?! See, the interesting things we find out about board members... GG
  11. I saw "Allied" ( an extremely well done romantic thriller) starring Brad Pitt... who plays an Intelligence Officer... the CIA tells him his wife, and mother of their child, is suspected of being a spy (a charge he doesn't believe), and he has 72 hours to prove her innocence. If it turns out to be true, he must follow the rules and eliminate her himself (a test of loyalty). Brad Pitt is a mature man now... while still very nice looking, he is no longer the handsome, youthful star of Thelma & Louise, Legends of the Fall, Troy, etc. Fortunately this movie proves he is/was not just a pretty face. GG
  12. It is a worthwhile goal, Johnnie... and one I think we reach much more than not... with the majority of posters... from the beach on yet another gray, rainy day... I need some sun!! GG
  13. Good morning Johnnie... You, too, seem not to have noticed that my objection was not to the expressing of differing views or to respectful debate... yes, they can be a good thing... my objection was the tone and wording of the viewpoint or opinions expressed made it seem that testing, challenging, or exposing of such was unnecessary. And don't forget, cream has a way of curdling if not careful... GG
  14. Hello Happy... No, it's not necessary for every single post to carry a disclaimer... nor did I even suggest such... did you miss that my objection was not with expressing differing views or respectful debate? There's ways to post criticism or differing opinions that are acceptable in tone etc... the poster I'm referring to was stating an opinion as if it was very much a flat out hard fact. And it irritated me because the tone and statement intimated that I was stupid to be a believer... (I didn't say anything at the time but saw this thread so came here to express my criticism of the critic) GG
  15. I've never referred to anyone as a troll, in spite of some of the trollish posts that are put forth... what I really object to are critics, some who have been posting regularly for quite some time, who state their criticism or view against the Church, doctrine, or our leaders as if what they say is absolutely flat out true. I don't have objection to opposing views or respectful debate, and understand there are parts of history or doctrine, etc. that can have differing views... my objection comes when such posters do not have the courtesy to say (on this a Mormon board) "in my opinion"... but trash something or someone outright as if we are stupid for believing in things we hold dear... this has happened several times this past week. GG