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  1. Garden Girl

    How was two hour church?

    Hello Nehor... Our ward had an increase also... and more people stayed for Sunday School/RS/PH... overall it was a positive. GG
  2. Garden Girl

    Stand in Holy Places

    When I moved into my little beach cottage from my larger home after my husband passed away, I had it dedicated, which was a great comfort to me and helped me feel the Spirit. I am always careful who I bring into my home. And when a number of years later I renovated my kitchen using various contractors and workers, as soon as the work was complete, the first thing I did was have my home rededicated. It didn't feel right to me until that was completed. I've actually had people who have come into my home tell me it has a peaceful feeling... (And why wouldn't it?) GG
  3. Garden Girl

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    It is lovely... a marble staircase leads to the second mezzanine-style floor... GG
  4. Garden Girl

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Where do people gather to await going into an endowment room? Do you just go right into the endowment room and wait to begin? Portland has a good-sized chapel on the first floor, in addition to the Assembly Room on the third floor... on our Stake Temple Nights, we have so many attending we go to the Assembly Room and have a meeting/talks, then go down to the four endowment rooms where we use all four at once. These nights are always a special experience... they have brought in extra chairs to the endowment rooms... I always imagined this would be what the millennium will be like... GG edit to add: Sorry, I was typing when Scot and Hamba posted...
  5. Garden Girl

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    The Portland Temple has a lovely Assembly Room that can accommodate several hundred people... GG
  6. Garden Girl

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Sometimes I have gotten dressed in my temple dress and taken time to sit in the temple chapel a little longer, praying and meditating, waiting for a later endowment time... It is quiet, has beautiful, soft music, scriptures available... after a while, I go to a session, feeling refreshed and spiritually renewed and close to Heavenly Father and the Savior... not a feeling I get often on Sundays what with all the screaming kids and general activity... as much as I enjoy attending... GG
  7. Garden Girl

    LGBTQ+ Question

    Hello California Boy... hope this finds you well and that you have enjoyed the holidays... IMO if marriage isn't critical to either of you, why bother... you could go ahead and have a symbolic gesture just between the two of you, i.e., a simple acknowledgment of your commitment. Some LGBT feel the need for the formal ceremony/symbolism that an actual marriage affords. Others share your feeling... Some feel like they are denied certain rights that married couples have, for instance relating to medical/health issues. I've never understood this... I am a single (widowed) woman with no biological children. Therefore, no legal biological heirs. I've had to take care of all these issues legally... by naming a non-relative as my formal healthcare rep/alternate in an "Advance Directive for Health Care" (a legal document) that lists my wishes for every phase of my end of life care that must be honored (Gen Concerns... Prolonging Life incl. resuscitation, food/water via tube... Breathing and other machines... Dementia... Pain Mgmt... Organ donation... giving my healthcare rep formal approval to make all health decisions on my behalf (currently my home teacher). Same goes for every other phase of my life, i.e., establishing a Power of Attorney naming the person (currently my nephew) to handle all other legal issues. I also added him to my bank accts/safe dep box, mailbox, etc etc. to make it easier. Working with my attorney, I've covered everything legally in case I can't act for myself. My prayer, CB, of course, is that I will keep my brain and intellect clear and active until death... but I am at peace in case this old woman loses it... All single people should take these legal steps to protect themselves and prevent unnecessary difficulty for family... GG
  8. Garden Girl

    Sealings toToxic people

    Calm is nicer in responding than I am... This is a ridiculous statement... not only utterly ridiculous but untrue... and you know it... so why make it except to slam the Church... GG
  9. This is my feeling also, rpn... Does it matter? We all know the events surrounding his atoning sacrifice for us... us... from the beginning to the very ending. He suffered horrendously so we would not have to, and gave us life eternal. I'm just grateful... GG
  10. Garden Girl

    How could I forget?

    Yes, welcome to the world... I've done that type of thing.. in fact, just yesterday I called my doc's office and was apologizing profusely for missing my appt that day that I had just noticed on my calendar... the receptionist said... You don't have an appt today; we rescheduled for January... I didn't remember rescheduling... GG
  11. Garden Girl

    The Cougars are awesome!!!

    During the week, Friday night, and today, I've had a wonderful time watching various BYU (Provo) teams as they have played, and won!, their respective games... Loved the Men's Basketball... And one of the most exciting has been the Women's Volleyball team... they have had a phenomenal season... a 29 - 1 win record... so they advanced until today they played the Texas Longhorns for the Regional championship... and swept them 3 - 0 sets to advance to the NCAA national semi-finals in Minneapolis(?)... Texas tested them but the Cougs prevailed... 25 -23, 25 - 23, 25 - 22... Exciting!! Because of their record they hosted the Regionals at Smith Fieldhouse. The BYU fans made the Fieldhouse rock!! Congrats... Go Cougs!! GG
  12. Garden Girl

    How do i gain accept from my family?

    Hello kcw... Welcome to the board... I'm so sorry about your family's feelings... please don't be discouraged... the best thing you can do is simply live the gospel... be cheerful and positive... "let your light shine" so to speak. Also, there is a one-page document that I've provided to my family who questioned our doctrine about Christ (I'm the only member)... it is titled "The Living Christ" and should be available in your ward library... ask for it. Then give it to your folks and tell them you just want them to know our teachings about our belief in and relationship to the Savior... Study and learn what we actually believe not only for yourself but so you can answer questions or provide accurate information to your family if asked. Don't argue or debate... they will soon see the positive effect the gospel has on us as members... All good wishes... GG
  13. Garden Girl

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    Tacenda! Really? GG
  14. Garden Girl

    The Temptations of Christ

    I guess I don't understand what you are saying... I simply hit the "+" sign on each of your posts to list multiple quotes... hence, the two here... You can edit a post to include a single sentence, or more... whatever you want to include... GG
  15. Prayers going forward PaPa... for your little grandaughter, you and your dear family... GG