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  1. Garden Girl

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    Gosh, maybe the two of you should start corresponding... GG
  2. Garden Girl

    People with beards (academically speaking)

    I notice one of our bishopric has a neatly trimmed beard... GG
  3. Garden Girl

    Last Movie You Watched

    This afternoon I watched a movie from 1995 called Rob Roy starring Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange... Liam Neeson, in a kilt!! Yikes!! An oldie but goodie... GG
  4. Garden Girl

    Member family escapes fire in California

    I posted in the other thread that when it was time for my husband and me to retire, we looked at several areas, including the lovely town in the pines of Paradise, CA... we finally decided on the Oregon coast in the Pacific Northwest... GG
  5. Garden Girl

    My youngest son is worried, due to the California wildfires.

    When my husband and I were ready to retire, we looked at several areas and were seriously considering Paradise (a beautiful little town in the pines at the foot of the Sierra)... The fire has destroyed Paradise... We finally ended up here on the Oregon coast in the Pacific Northwest. GG
  6. Garden Girl

    Disturbing New Statistics about Seminary

    Reading this thread brought back a lot of memories... some really good... some challenging... some even humorous... like for instance, this one year I rode from my home in Rialto, CA with our teacher who came from Colton and would pick up the Rialto kids... we had to attend seminary in our ward, which was in Fontana... then we kids would car pool to high school in San Bernardino. (Now the Church has grown so much... Rialto is now a stake... there are 3 temples, Redlands, Newport, Los Angeles). Anyway, our teacher had this old car that was loud, would backfire, gears would grind, etc. I could hear him coming for blocks... and our neighbors hated it as he would come careening down our block... sputtering and backfiring all the way... every morning at 5:30 a.m.! GG
  7. Garden Girl

    This American Life

    These types of remarks are absolutely inappropriate... I can't believe a member of the bishopric would ask such a question. If I was asked such a question in a TR interview, you can be sure I'd call the interviewer on it in no uncertain words, and advise him I'd be going to the Stake pres immediately... and that he'd better be prepared to explain why or how he believed such questions were appropriate... GG
  8. Garden Girl

    Diagnosed with cancer on Tuesday

    Hello reads... I join others here in encouraging you... and I agree there is every reason to be positive about advancements and treatments in the future... and here's the thing, now you can seriously help your situation by entering into a regimen of healthy eating, exercising, weight control... i.e., doing everything you can to strengthen your body and it will strengthen you mentally also... good luck to you... and you'll be in my prayers also... don't forget to place your name on the temple prayer roll. GG
  9. Garden Girl

    I need some more prayers

    Prayers for Benny... he is fortunate to have the love you give him... GG
  10. Garden Girl

    Love the gospel, not the church

    SoMo... Your bishop needs to give guidance on what F&T meetings are to be... Ours had become questionable with the travelmonies, people whispering in children's ears, etc etc. So our bishop reigned all that in and emphasized Christ-centered testimonies... and that changed the tone and feel of our meetings... I, too, love the gospel... I happen to be in a good ward with wise leadership... helps everyone to keep focused on the Savior particularly... makes Church enjoyable and uplifting.... So I join others here in encouraging you to be patient... is it possible for you to meet with your bishop to express your feelings? At any rate, good luck... I encourage you to continue to attend and try to love your brothers and sisters, flaws and all... GG
  11. Tacenda... In the Apostle Paul's epistle to the Philippians, Paul admonishes them... (Phil 2:12-13) "Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." I've mentioned this to you before, Tacenda, but I notice in some of your posts it is evident you misunderstand and need to study more...(we all need to in fact). GG
  12. I've always held Pres Nelson as one of my favorite apostles... but I do too when I see Sis Nelson's quote... makes it sound simply like a personal agenda he's been chomping at the bit with, and now that Pres Monson has died he can finally get on with it. I do, however, believe our prophet can be and is prepared before he receives the mantle, so I'll wait and see how these "things" he's been concerned about unfold... and trust it is deeper than just personal feelings... GG
  13. Garden Girl

    The planets and the reckoning of time

    I've always read the following scriptures in conjunction with those on "time." ... Isaiah 55:7 - 9 "Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts... For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord... For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." GG
  14. Sheri Dew's newest book. "Worth the Wrestle" (I think that's the title)... speaks to this topic quite clearly, i.e., that asking questions in a sincere effort to study and learn the gospel is a good thing... GG
  15. Garden Girl

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    And share that faith... in the very smallest, and largest, of life moments... including as you visit the Lord's House... GG