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  1. There definitely been a huge increase in expectations for lifestyle in the last 50 years. Families of 8 used to live in 1000 square ft , now families of 3 need 3000 sqft/ and all the goodies our society offers: TVs, phones, computers , 3 cars etc. It comes with a price , literally and figuratively.
  2. Put 5 Biblical Scholars in a room and ask for an interpretation of a scripture. Unless the scripture is " Jesus wept " you will probably get at least 5 opinions. And even then...
  3. What was Judas' motivation? Just the money ? A movie about that event suggested that Judas was unhappy with Jesus because He didn't act like " the Messiah " should so Judas was trying to push Jesus into overthrowing the Romans etc. When the plan backfired , Judas saw his error he threw the money back and hung himself. Any other insights?
  4. Parents attending a Bishop interview with the child is all well and good until the abuser is one of the parents. IIRC abuse by a parent is more common than abuse by a Bishop. Then what?
  5. I am currently rereading Rough Stone Rolling and in it Bushman says that William was ' unstable ' . This post gives some credence to that statement , but do we have any other insights?
  6. If there is a first turtle, does that mean there could be a last turtle? Maybe it isn't turtles all the way down , but turtles all the way around. The Mayans conceived of time in cycles of millions of years.
  7. I need someone to explain the math behind saying that 88 % of sex crimes are NOT reported?
  8. I was wondering where IF got the money to buy that fancy chandelier. 😈
  9. Tell that to my big toe cells when I stub it on my bed corner !!!!
  10. In some countries/cultures the opposite can happen upon release from a ' higher level calling ' . The person's ego is stroked and his status is raised in the community and when released it is a great letdown. They then resist being called to a mere clerk or primary position.
  11. I rarely congratulate , but occasionally offer condolences .
  12. I understand that some improvements have been made over the 17th century ear trumpets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_hearing_aids ( just pullin' your chain papa 😁 )
  13. When I was young , a major point against the BoM was the nonsense about boats bringing immigrants to the New World before the Vikings and the Spanish. Now there are many evidences that such was common and from many parts of the world and from thousands of years back. Not until Thor Heyerdahl (sic ) rafted across the oceans to show it COULD be done did academia even consider the idea. Personal note: I was able to walk beside Thor's raft while it was docked in California not long after his voyages. Redondo Beach I think.
  14. They want to STOP it.....I think😬
  15. I once made the mistake of telling a cashier that she gave me the wrong change. She immediately went on the defensive stating that she would never short change anyone. I said, " Sorry , but you gave me too much " In hindsight, I should have said that at the beginning.
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