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  1. I am sure that the military has a couple of rules about dress and hair and appearance which are on the side of arbitrary. They still seem to take them very seriously. One could argue whether there is any connection to being " good' or ' moral '. Still, join the military and they are yours to obey. The decision for the ROTC to stay or go was far above my paygrade. No skin off my teeth either way. Both entities will live with the consequences , as do we all.
  2. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler... that's all I've been hearing of late. The epitome of evil. Sorry , but that title has quite a few better contenders. Genghis Khan wiped out an estimated 40 million, many by his own hand. Stalin, that paragon of virtue helped many millions to cross over. Mao the same. And then there are the Ted Bundys of the world... minor players in their own right but just as evil. What shall we do with the folks who brought small pox to the Americas and , by doing so, killed off 90% of the indigenous population. But that's OK because it wasn't done deliberately... or was it ? We are told that the Sons of Perdition are the only ones that will receive no forgiveness in this life or the next. The Holy Ghost must be involved for that to proceed. Some here have decided that Hitler qualifies and there is some scriptural evidence for it. Other statements have indicated that a Son of Perdition must have been given a full portion of the Holy Ghost and then deny it. Does a mass killer still qualify? Maybe not. Was it wise to do the temple work for Hitler? In today's PC world, probably not. Was it legit? Yup ! I am reasonably certain that a couple of my Viking ancestors ( whose work has been done ) were guilty of shortening the life of at least one cantankerous Brit. Sorry, no soup for you , guys! For the judges in the crowd, pick a sin, any sin, and decide right now never to repent of it. Keep to your guns even at the heavenly bar. Let's see what good your temple work, done directly or by proxy, does you. No unclean thing can enter into the Kingdom. Hitler will have to clean up... so will each of us. If he doesn't ( and I agree it will take quite a scrubbing ) , he ain't moving on. It's called damnation for a reason.
  3. Perhaps I miss heard , but I remember stories about Germany going back to COAL because of problems with solar/wind output???? Also, renewed interest in nuclear?? Must be fake news .
  4. If 50 people per day are speeding on the LA freeway , society can deal with it . If 500,000 people per day are speeding on the LA freeway , society will be paying an enormous price in increased accidents and deaths, medical costs,less productivity etc. ( probably a bad analogy given LA traffic currently ) If 50 people per day enter the US illegally, society can deal with it. At what point will society become overwhelmed by the needs of illegal immigrants? In Europe , several countries are now experiencing serious problems because of massive immigration. There needs to be order in this and , given security concerns, caution . I could probably take in one refugee family and provide for them for a year or so. If 10 refugee families showed up at my door, I would quickly become a refugee myself. I find it instructive that many of the outraged celebrities who have millions and vast estates, have yet to offer space in their own homes for any immigrants. Do as I say, not as I do I guess.
  5. Well, if we are talking anywhere up to 1000 years from now, then go ahead and prepare. If we are thinking about rebuilding the temple within the next 80 years +/- then there will have to be some major political and physical adjustments. On the other hand, it is prophesied that all nations will unite against Israel just before the Second coming. I can think of no better way for this to happen than for a major demolition taking place on the Temple Mount.
  6. When all cross the vale and enter another level of existence , how many will look up their favorite philosophers to see if their ideas have been fixed or changed based on the new ' reality' ? I wonder if they will be sitting around debating whether or not this new reality is the 'real' reality or if there may still be another layer which is more real. Joseph Smith stated that a man could learn more in 5 minutes viewing the heavenly realms than by a lifetime of reading the thoughts of others. Of course, if in truth, there is only ' heat death ' awaiting us all, then I suppose, only the NOW has much value ,and a pretty pitiful NOW it is for most humans.
  7. While there are definitely people who are born with ambiguous genitalia, in the same way that there are people born with a vestigial twin or some other abnormality, I have yet to be convinced that the transgender folks , at least a large percentage of them, do not have some form of mental illness that could be addressed by therapy and medication rather than surgery. As a society we try to accommodate some physical handicaps . Do we now try to accommodate all forms of mental unbalance ? If a man self identifies as a squirrel, do we require the government to enforce a law allowing him to work in costume and spread nut casings around the work place?
  8. You do know where the 3rd temple is supposed to be built don't you ? Any fallout from groups pushing for the construction? Like there needs to be another reason for unrest in the area !
  9. My uncle never served as a Bishop , but his eldest son did. His son had the usual counselors.
  10. Would a patriarchal blessing stating that lineage suffice? I have an uncle whose blessing so declares him.
  11. I blame Monsanto and the hormone feeders. Something is causing this upsurge in gender confusion. My solution, 3 bathrooms, one for males , one for females, and one for the ... ambiguous... or shy types. Then again , I suppose we could follow the example of the Romans and just have one big communal room for all and sundry. Question for the historians, when did this male/female bathroom separation come into vogue? On my early days at the farm the outhouse served both... just one at a time.
  12. Obama forgot to get the teleprompter fixed so Trump has to wing it. So, if he is missing a few feathers....
  13. " He will manifest the truthfulness ..." I must have missed the part that said ' immediately ' and also ' the same way for everyone '
  14. Lawyers would have a field day with that !
  15. Now, if we could just get rid of those silly Christmas celebrations! Doesn't even line up with the proper date and all that . On the other hand, that big party and parade they have for me in SLC every year in July is gratifying . Birthdays wouldn't be the same without it.