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  1. Former Mormon Becomes PM of New Zealand

    I recall when SSM was legalized in Canada. Within 2 days of being married, a lesbian couple applied for a divorce. It became obvious that their marriage was done solely for the purpose of then making the government also change the divorce laws when it came to SS couples. They had an agenda. I really need to understand the outrage at the policy of the church to not allow the baptism of a child living within a gay family. Why would a supposed loving couple, who want the best for their child, desire to have that child join a church that they say is toxic to homosexuals? Well, unless there is an agenda outside of wanting salvation for the child, seeing that neither member of the couple likely accepts the truth claims of the church and that the baptism would be a sham. One point I do agree with is that no child should be baptized without the full approval of the parents and at least one of the parents being an active and believing member willing to raise the child in faith and belief in the saving ordinances of the Church.
  2. In addition to touring the academic and sports facilities when considering a college, one should tour the campus security offices and local police station so as to know where to go in case of emergency. As a side note, where can I find stats on how many students apply to BYU vs how many enter each year? Hay, I just noticed my rep and post numbers. Bet that doesn't happen much. What are the odds? Too complicated for me, sorry.
  3. BYU rape case defendant aquitted

    As always , the comments section is enlightening. And we here think we get off track and down a rabbit hole !!
  4. Robert, did you change your middle name or are there 2 different people?
  5. Modesty standards

    I recall a quote by ( JS ? ) about thoughts are like birds. You can't stop them from flying over head , but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair. We are told not to ' dig a pit for your neighbor.' Does a person dressing provocatively dig a pit for others to fall into? Perhaps smac can clarify the law about police entrapment. To what point can police leave a vehicle to entice someone to steal it ? If they leave a car running with the keys in it and a sign saying " Go Ahead , Steal me " , is that a bridge too far ?
  6. Las Vegas shooting

    If we want to get serious about borders, there should have been a stronger push to incorporate the " 54-40 or fight " group into a national consensus .
  7. Word of Wisdom Poll of Personal Beliefs

    So I guess it's OK to eat Mocha ice cream ?
  8. Hearing from women who have been abused

    Science tells us that the male of the species is hardwired to be constantly looking to spread his seed as far and wide as possible . The female is hardwired to send signals to attract males so that she can choose the best possible one to produce offspring . To expect any behavior that would interfere with these biological imperatives will always be a losing battle. Over the last few decades the media have pushed sexuality to new heights. Pick up any magazine, newspaper , internet site etc. and more than likely there are images etc. which promote lust and sexual desire. Do we expect all this influence to be totally rejected by our boys and girls , our men and women ? What power on earth or in heaven is capable of overcoming the natural man/woman ? Note: this post does not necessarily reflect the views of the poster
  9. Working with Bishopric

    Time for a visit to the ward clerk and ask for a callings list.
  10. Working with Bishopric

    Callings in Primary and Sunday school can occasionally be like a game of musical chairs . Primary needs a new teacher and they want someone from Sunday school so now they need a teacher for SS so they want one from YM/YW and around we go. Then the Stake steps in and removes one of the chairs without notice and the Bishop loses more hair .... etc...etc... .
  11. Home and Visiting teaching amount?

    Here's the thing. Once a month you have family home evening as 2 families together, that way you not only get the home teaching done, you encourage home evenings too. Efficient right?
  12. Outward privileges

    Wouldn't a siege accomplish both, restricting the flow of goods and the continuation of rituals? Two birds one stone.
  13. Outward privileges

    Interesting phrase. I wonder if it was a common phrase in JS time or if it was a unique expression to cover the meaning needed.
  14. Northern California Fires

    Does anyone know how all these fires started? Man or nature or both ?
  15. 1885 Polygamy Decision!

    I need a translation into language comprehensible to the rabble, please.