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  1. Was the extension just a way to avoid a possible " client defends herself " clown show ?
  2. There is that old saying about " busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger " .They do make hammers that hold the nail in the head so it can be started and driven with one hand. Not much use if you need to hold the board as well.😏 You are on my list rodheadlee .
  3. I see what you did there.... even though it may have been unintended .
  4. Raw steak vs processed meats... block cheese vs cheese-whiz … apple juice vs hard apple cider. Processing makes a difference , always has. My spouse has a bad reaction to wheat products, yet the WoW says wheat is good for man. Hmmmm.
  5. Do I as an HP need the Bishops approval to dedicate my home? I understand it probably should be paid for , I also assume a grave is paid for. There are , I think, specific words used in a grave dedication that may not be proper for a non-member. A simple prayer over the grave without invoking the Priesthood should always be OK.
  6. Thanks for this. Looks like there needs to be a defensive driving course added to the curriculum...as well as a defensive walking course.
  7. Does anyone know what happened in 1989,2000, and 2013 for the large death toll ? natural disasters?
  8. For the reprobates here... Lucifer
  9. I have found in the past that as soon as I post a long response to a controversial thread, the thread gets shut down... so here goes. 1. The man in a relationship has no veto power over an abortion and rarely gets to voice an opinion. 2. It is sad to say, but in my opinion many ( the majority ?) of unmarried men faced with a child to support for 18 years , will be happy to see the fetus gone. 3. There really are not enough families ready to adopt and it is an expensive and sometimes heartbreaking process. 4. Dress Codes... is that really what the courts are used for now??
  10. The Bishop should provide a hat for such situations. 😈
  11. Is this one reason to no longer be called Mormon ?
  12. 1. " Never stop your enemy when he is making a mistake " 2. In my life I have seen this situation quite often. The Pastor who makes it a weekly topic to rant about homosexuality is later found to be " involved " with another man .
  13. Natives were decimated by disease long before BY entered the valley. Populations all the way to the Pacific NW had been ravaged by small pox etc. It is estimated that 90% of the natives were gone because of disease brought by the Spanish. Same thing happened in Hawaii.
  14. Want to find out who really owns your property? Don't pay your taxes for a couple of years. If you have property that the gov't wants for a highway or right of way, you will learn the power of eminent domain.
  15. I blame the art dept. and the artistic license used to symbolize the process. 😎
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