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  1. I have no vices.... well maybe pride..... and denial .
  2. Board appearance change

    Bye the Bye - what is the difference between a ' like ' and an ' upvote' ? Which is the equivalent to the rep point ?
  3. Does a doctor have to report to authorities if his patient confesses to a crime ? Does a lawyer have to report to authorities if his client confesses to a crime? Should the clergy be held to a different standard?
  4. Board appearance change

    It seems the fonts got bigger, at least for me, and that makes reading everything easier for these old eyes.
  5. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    Who is paying for this conference trip? Is the company trying to save money somehow? Could you arrange completely separate travel/meals/accommodation? Would that cost someone extra and if so , would it be worth it?
  6. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    There may be snow on the roof , but there is still fire in the furnace , eh GG !
  7. Origins of Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnibenevolence

    If I have all power and all knowledge and wisdom, can I not still choose my level of interference in the lives of other intelligences? Also, I always thought the third 'o' was omnipresent. Was I wrong?
  8. Date-onomics

    Who you calling ' babe ' , mister ? I haven't been a big blue ox for some time now ! As for MGTOW , I think many see the whole marriage thing as heavily skewed in favor of the female, particularly when it comes to legal aspects, and therefore flee from such commitments.
  9. Date-onomics

    Well, there is always MGTOW guys. And , by the way Jeanne, I don't think ' Hooking up " means what you think it means.
  10. SL Trib article on co-worker interactions

    Many have seen the youtube videos of crazy drivers , mostly from Russia. They exist because almost every vehicle has a dash cam. Perhaps what is needed is a company supplied body cam for just those situations where lunch meetings must be held between 2 co-workers. It would be for everyone's protection, both legally and morally. Either that , or I see a business opportunity. Instead of a witness protection program, start a witness supply firm. Uber-watchers if you will. I think 3 out 4 doctor's will agree that a recovering alcoholic should not live next to a bar. Biology can and often does trump logic and resolve.
  11. Thanks, BlueDreams!

    I remember , vaguely , that one of the platforms of JS in his run for POTUS pre- civil war of course, was to ship all slaves back to their country of origin. Had he succeeded ( unlikely as it was ) the civil war might have been averted, or started 20 years earlier. Immigration must be done in an orderly and sustainable manner so that immigrants are folded into the majority population with as little stress as possible on the immigrant and the main society. Germany and Sweden are fine examples of what happens to a society that tries to absorb too many people at once. On a less optimistic note, I listened to a broadcast today about the advancements in robotics and AI. The first major use of such will be to replace humans in menial and repetitive /dirty jobs, the ones immigrants usually do upon arrival. The Terminator movies may become more fact than fiction within a few decades. Heaven help us, and I mean that literally!
  12. "Signs and Wonders in the Heavens".

    Just for those interested, a site which clarifies the connection between " wormwood " and Chernobyl . http://oneyearbibleblogentry.blogspot.ca/2012/01/revelation-8-does-chernobyl-really-mean.html
  13. Is excommunication enough sometimes?

    Without further details , we are flailing for an answer. Perhaps you mean that the persons file would be permanently red flagged so that there was no chance for rebaptism at least in this life. I'm not sure what else the Church could do.
  14. Youtube announces new policy

    If you check which videos have been deleted or put on limited , they are not white supremacy only. They have opinions that are not advocating violence or hatred, but are simply conservative. As has been said already here, words such as terrorist or patriotism have been flagged. The slope has been greased.
  15. Youtube announces new policy

    Social engineering via limited speech. If youtube was a store front business , and posted a sign limiting blacks or Jews or homosexuals all he!! would break loose. I believe about 400 hours of video are uploaded to youtube every few minutes. It is impossible for any human group to monitor this wave of information, hence it will be done by algorithm -bots that will flag words or combinations of words, just like the NSA does when looking for terrorists. Guess who will be deciding which words to look for . Facebook is/will be doing the same thing. These entities are essentially monopolies .