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  1. Yes, or the Passenger pigeon . At least there are a few Bison left.
  2. Question for those who know. Is /was Notre Dame still used as a church for regular Mass?
  3. Just been studying the prophecies from the BOM about the future events to befall the Lamanites and Nephites as well as the Israelites in general and the Gentile nations. One could argue that many of the prophecies have been fulfilled. My question is about our current Prophet(s) and the apparent absence of " broad stroke " prophecies for the near future . Are they reluctant to voice such for fear of backlash? Would the Saints over-react to any specific warnings and cause chaos when order is needed? There are a couple of prophecies about the Wasatch Front and east coast cities being destroyed but nothing like it as far as I know has been uttered lately. Maybe I missed the memo.
  4. Might be a good idea to build the new roof out of materials that are less flammable, like steel.
  5. The BoM text does not allow for the final battles to be fought at the NY drumlin. For the Jaredites they speak of 2 million people having died near there. For the Nephites there were 240,000 that died on one side alone. The NY hill would never have been chosen by any competent military leader as a final defensive position. The artists rendition of Christ's appearance shows people dressed in many modes, few being anywhere near Mayan. The temple in the far background looks like one at Tikal ,but having been there, I never saw any mountains looming high .
  6. According to my reading the vast majority of species that ever lived went extinct before man placed his tender tootsies on the planet. Man can be quite efficient in removing species, but it should be remembered that when the pioneers crossed the plains there were about 400 million gophers. After 150+ YEARS OF SHOOTING, POISONING AND EXPLODING THE GOPHERS, there are about ….400 million left.
  7. A sad day. I don't know how many times a building undergoing renovations catches fire. Some workman leaves a pile of greasy or paint soaked rags near a heat source and poof. Electrical faults are often to blame also. Fire forensics are usually pretty good at spotting the flash point.
  8. I am of two ( or more ) minds on this. On the one hand , my spouse grew up in a communist country where neighbors were encouraged to spy on each other and in school the teachers urged kids to rat on their own parents. Not cool!! On the other hand, suppose highway speeds were posted but never enforced, would that be a recipe for peace and security? On the third hand, one's word should be one's bond and if one wants to break the Honor Code, have the integrity to transfer out of BYU. On the fourth hand...
  9. Well, about 100 miles South of Calgary. The number of members in Alberta is about 1 % of the population so not quite a Canadian Utah, but hey we make up for it in enthusiasm . As for the OP, I am sickened that a State would pass a law allowing a baby born alive to be aborted if the mother so decides.
  10. If you wish to limit your paranoia, do NOT search the internet to find the places in your town/neighborhood where registered sex offenders live. We must take special care at church on the Sunday for the Primary Presentation. Perhaps a specially made stripped jump suit should be put on the offender as he/she enters the building. Some time back, a lady called me to install an extra dead bolt lock in her back door. I said, "Lady , the upper half of your door is glass. Anyone with a hammer can be in your home in 3 seconds. "
  11. " Two swallows do not a summer make " , and as Duncan will tell you, an announcement does not a building make. Save the shouting for that specific time and place during a dedication. 😶
  12. It is not anti-science to hold scientists to a high standard when it comes to studies and publishing. If you believe that scientists are somehow special and not subject to all of human -kinds errors ,foibles and fraud and that society must not always be ready to question and correct , then it is you who are anti-science ,granting scientists " religious authority" when in reality the love of Mammon is just as strong whether one has on a lab coat or not. Questioning peer review is pro- science as long as the desire is to safeguard truth. There is an huge percentage of articles and studies that have not been reproduced by other scientists. There are many studies with flawed data that are often quoted in other papers later. Is it anti-science to want these flaws caught and cleaned up?
  13. I predict that within 15 years, polygynous marriages will be federally accepted. The problem will be with divorce. If the first spouse can get half of the assets , the sixth wife will get one sixty-fourth. Either that or if all six get half that makes 3 "holes" ,something's got to give. oklds, if you are going to stuff like the OP, may I suggest you ask Deadpool for a copy of his suit first.😱
  14. You may want to google " peer review corruption " and look through a half dozen of the articles. Peer review is not the be all / end all/ gold standard that many think it is. There is a lot of mutual back scratching going on.
  15. I don't know how well Nibley's " Messages of the Joseph Smith Papyrus " has held up after 50 years. Nibley himself said he refused to be held to works written more than 3 years before. I've said before that I struggled through that tome and came to one conclusion, translating Egyptian is no easy feat. There are several layers from Heiroglyphs to English and even after all that ,one must try to interpret the meaning of the English.
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