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  1. Elder Oaks on early returning missionaries

    I remember the story in the OT about how the Lord chose to separate the men from the boys by having them drink from the river and the method they chose to drink being the deciding factor as to whether they fought or not. Quite subtle wasn't it? Perhaps we could devise a way to find the true missionary . How about having a prospective missionary muck out a hog barn in the heat of summer ? Nah, not subtle enough! I wonder what the pre-baptism protocol was in John the Baptist's day ?
  2. Galileo in the Book of Mormon

    Maybe it's a remnant of the EME translation.
  3. New First Presidency

    It strikes me that there are a few folks on this thread that are paying homage to Joseph Smith by, as it were, talking through their hat. In that vein, I suggest that Pres./Elder Uchtdorf had celebratory hot tacos for supper last night and was feeling the effects of that event.
  4. Forgetting to much, and falling to much!

    OK Papa , I'll put you down...... Your nose runs and your feet smell.... you are built upside down Bill...
  5. Did anyone else get a Pro-Islam PM, here at Christmas?

    To answer your question....no. but I gave you a rep point so as to get you off that nasty 666 total.
  6. God, the prophet and slavery

    We are all slaves... to one master or another. Stop paying your taxes and see who becomes your master. Stop paying your mortgage and see how long you have a house even if it is 90% paid for. For some, alcohol ,drugs and or cigarettes are the masters. For others it is pride or power. For those who are married, it may be a spouse. A Power Ball winner won over half a billion dollars. That person will really be free and yet they won't because now they are enslaved to the consequences ( and out-of-the-woodwork friends and relatives ) Are the folks who live paycheck to paycheck free? How about those who rely on food stamps to survive. One should remember that for OT times and even BY times there was no welfare, no food stamps, no homeless shelters. Was slavery a kind of social safety net? Nah ! Too evil. I am NOT defending slavery, but if the alternative is the solution given in the OP by the Native slave trader, which was to kill the child and question the other's charity, there must be some nuance to it.
  7. Pope Francis and the "Fortunate Fall"

    I have to ask, if God knows all, the end from the beginning, why did He not intervene before Satan tempted Eve? Was there a need for the fall to happen just as it did?
  8. New third-hour curriculum: Your experience?

    " one swallow does not a summer make..." So it is with one meeting on a new program. Glad to hear of the success others are having. Like cinepro's group, my HP group always meets in the HC room so we are in a circle anyway. A month ago the HP group leader brought in a podium for the teacher to use. I wonder how long it will be before it disappears.
  9. In today's toxic interpersonal environment, it may become more wide spread for men and women to avoid physical contact at all and to follow the Pence rule in social situations. Take heart non-drinkers, you can always be the designated driver or at least designated taxi or Uber - caller. Now, another round of beer...and an orange soda!
  10. The year of His return

    I just finished reading a book called ' The Bible as History ' which was written about 30 years ago.If the horrific events which accompanied the destruction of Jerusalem by Roman legions are anything like what is to happen before the second coming we have a ways to go before we reach that level of human depravity. Mind you , things can change quickly, note the fall of the Berlin wall.
  11. Our most successful Scouting programs were run by leaders who themselves were dedicated outdoors men and had little trouble helping the boys have a good experience. The worst programs were run by leaders who had no outdoor experience and simply fell back on basketball night every Tuesday. In today's modern society, it will be difficult to find people with the skills needed to run the old Scout programs as they were originally established. Scouting has tried to change to match the changes in society. It has not been very successful.
  12. Removing truths from the BOM or Bible.

    Questions from outside the stone box: 1. Is there a ' hall of records ' somewhere in the world that contains all the sources that Mormon and Moroni used to compile their condensed version , or did the Lamanites destroy all such? 2. Did Joseph Smith ever relate what he learned from the 116 pages? 3. Do you think other copies of the Brass Plates made so that the people could all have access to it? 4. What is the point of a record that is made and sealed up so that no one can read it ?
  13. Adam, flesh and soul

  14. Tolerance

    From what I've seen , tolerance is a one-way street.
  15. Mormon Future - Cultural Assimilation or Retrenchment?

    Well , I hope he lives a long time so that I can utilize my tenuous connection. I went to school with his current wife.