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  1. strappinglad

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    There ya go, QED .
  2. strappinglad

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    I remember reading about several of the scientists who made unique and major discoveries saying that they were ' inspired ' . I don't know if they prayed about it though. My reading of the scriptures suggests that we should do all we can to figure out a problem and then. in addition, pray for help. Consider the example of Lazarus. Jesus told men to roll away the stone door, He commanded Lazarus to come forth, He told the men to remove the wrappings. Why didn't He wave His hand and roll away the door and later wave again and remove the wrappings? He only did what ONLY He could do.
  3. strappinglad

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    seems like it has happened https://www.azquotes.com/quote/1390183
  4. strappinglad

    New NT Translation for LDS

    Well there certainly are a variety of interpretations, but many are similar to the KJV. Some really editorialize . I now better understand the deuteronomist approach in the OT.
  5. strappinglad

    New NT Translation for LDS

    I don't disagree, but what words in the source documents justified that meaning ?
  6. strappinglad

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    First we must find one scholar who is well educated in Hebrew/Egyptian AND Mayan language and culture - not too common. Then we need to find three others similarly trained to comment on the first persons findings and probably risk careers by even considering that there was a connection. I will give you an example of what challenging a world view does. A few years back a scientist , discovered soft tissue in a fossil many millions of years old. A lesser person could have crumbled under the barrage of criticism from other scientists because, according to them, such was absolutely impossible and smelled of creationism in disguise . Fast forward a decade or so and there have been dozens of others who have found soft tissue samples in fossils which claim to be well over 100 million years old. Many scientists now except that the findings are correct. They spend the time now postulating how it happened. Most of the speculations get quite fanciful and special pleading . None that I know of have dared to put forth the idea that the fossils are not as old as stated. The same would happen with any findings that supported the BoM. No matter the evidence, being delivered by an angel and translated by the gift and power of God is so impossible that every reason for the connection to the BoM would be put forth as more probable than that. One would still have to exercise faith .
  7. strappinglad

    New NT Translation for LDS

    I wonder why the change of tense and therefore implies who will be doing the perfecting.
  8. strappinglad

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    I have asked before and do so again. Hope -for-things, what would it take as evidence for the BoM being a reasonably correct version of Nephite historical events? Archeologists have done some digging in Meso-America and reported and speculated on the findings. John Sorenson spent decades of his life collecting and comparing the results to BoM statements. One can certainly debate his views and quibble about qualifications etc. but to say there is not a shred of evidence linking the BoM to Meso- America is misleading at best. Others here have said we are looking in the wrong place. I do know that only a very small percentage of potential places to look have been excavated and surprises are always showing up. So, what would it take? And if you did become convinced , how would that change your life? Keep in mind that the fact that Jerusalem exists doesn't prove that Christ paid for our sins, but I will concede that if Zarahemla exists , then the naysayers have a serious problem .
  9. strappinglad

    Another Crazy Thread From Cdowis

    Yes,no,maybe. Moroni's promise has to do with confirmation .One reads the BoM , ponders, comes to a conclusion , asks for a confirmation. I happen to think that it is possible that the Lord has a timetable . Even Christ felt left alone at the end. Why would God withdraw at the most challenging time for Christ? Is it possible that for some people the test of faith is not a ' no ' answer but silence. But that isn't fair is it? Studies report that only about 10-15% of those who clinically die and are resuscitated have an NDE experience. Why not everyone? D&C 8?9? speaks to Oliver about the process of translation and chides him in his attempts. where much is given, much is expected, many are called but few are chosen, strait is the gate and narrow the way, .... and a few other scriptural nuggets
  10. strappinglad

    President Nelson and "Getting our own planet."

    I quoted you saying billions from ONE world. What shall be done with the 100 billion times 100 billion that end up in some kingdom of glory? Good thing the universe is a big place. 10 to the power of 22 IS a big number but no where near infinite.
  11. strappinglad

    President Nelson and "Getting our own planet."

    Where did this come from??? The only ones placed in outer darkness for eternity ( how ever long that is ) will be the handful of SoP from , what ? 100 billion who have existed here since creation. Even then it has been hinted that those might be " recycled " at some future time. Some like to say that we are currently living in a telestial world. I disagree. The telestial kingdom will be inhabited by resurrected beings. I haven't seen many of those types in Walmart, ( although there are ' alien creatures ' wandering the aisles ).
  12. strappinglad

    Appropriate music for Sacrament mtg

    I think the bagpipes was accompanied with a winky face, hence a jolk. Why would bagpipes be joined by a piano? Now , if she was playing a Zither....
  13. strappinglad

    Evidence for the Book of Abraham

    The miracle to me is that over 50 million years of wind and water erosion has not obliterated to dust the fossils laying so near the surface. I do have one minor quibble with the video. It said that radio carbon dating has given the age of the fossil. IIRC radiocarbon is only good for dating back about 50,000 years. Another miracle is the fact that there exists a whale fossil at all. If a whale were to die today in the ocean and sink to the bottom, there would be little or no evidence of it in a century or maybe less. Between scavengers and marine organisms and micro-organisms little would remain, unless the carcass were to be quickly covered in mud by a undersea land slide or such.
  14. Crazy is a relative term... literally and figuratively.
  15. strappinglad

    Denson's Lawsuit Dismissed by Federal Judge

    This is a very kind way of putting it. A couple of other phrases come to mind. I will defer.