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  1. Sheol and the underworld

    Thanks. I wonder why the apparent reluctance to deal with the topic in any real depth. To me , the LDS view is much more ' hopeful ' , more focused on the paradise side than the spirit prison side. The OT seems to be more stick than carrot. Perhaps the Israelites were more stiffnecked than we are now.
  2. Sheol and the underworld

    As I have mentioned before, I am currently going through the Old Testament again and am in Psalms. The word ' sheol ' is seen often and I get the impression that the Israelite idea of the afterlife is different than the LDS version. The underworld is a place for the dead and it seems more like the concept of ' limbo ' , than a spiritual paradise . Spirit prison maybe. Can anyone here clarify the concept for me or point me to sources that will?
  3. Watching a Bird...

    Put a picture of a hawk on the window. Birds are not stupid. They may be bull-headed ( how's that for an odd figure of speech ? ) , but that is what allows some of them to migrate 1000s of miles in all kinds of weather and unerringly arrive back where they started.
  4. The Demise of Scouting

    I remember when there were ' men's clubs ' with no women members allowed. A great fuss arose and those restrictions were removed because... equality . However, having a women only club or fitness group was perfectly fine, no complaints accepted.
  5. The Changing of the Guard; how did it go in your meeting?

    Meh. To quote my granddaughter ... What EVER !
  6. Imagine this. Pres. Nelson announces that every Thursday morning , he will wander through Temple Square and randomly choose one person to heal from whatever affliction they happen to have. Imagine the commentators and pundits and critics responses . Imagine the utter chaos on the Square every Thursday after the miraculous healings of the first few weeks. How many blind people DIDN'T Christ heal? How many dead did He not raise? He had the Priesthood and yet there were towns in which He could do not miracles because of a lack of faith there. On the other hand we have the story of the woman who was healed simply by the touch of His robe. On the third hand , I wonder if the faith of the soldier who had his ear lopped off by Peter , was needed when Christ restored it to its rightful place? Mind you, doctors today can, with the right equipment, sew an ear back on and with time have all back to normal, so I guess that is one more miracle explained. The scriptures just failed to mention the operating room etc.
  7. The Changing of the Guard; how did it go in your meeting?

    We got our EQP today. Pres is an Elder , one councilor HP one Elder. I only know the HP fellow.
  8. Mountains fall on the just and the unjust. Watch out for collateral damage !
  9. Consider a couple of NT miracles. The feeding of the multitude: I suggest that the majority of the people there were unaware of the miracle. They only knew they were fed and they returned just to get fed again. They likely didn't see the bread and fish replicate before their eyes. The healing of the 10 lepers: Only one came back to give thanks. The other 9 knew they were healed but apparently could not care less about how or by whom and gave neither thanks nor glory unto the Father as far as we know. People can be so oblivious , and selfish. Of all the spiritual gifts, which is the greatest?
  10. Noah's Ark.....i know call me crazy.

    A friend of my parents did exactly this. He gave a view on a doctrine during a group fireside. When shown in the D&C where he was in error, he tore the offending page from his book. I wonder if Mr. Hichens , now in the spirit world, has accepted the new ' reality ' , or will he still think he is in an extended hallucination ? Then again, the longer I live, the only way I see this life as even remotely fair is if it is just a " Total Recall " esque , event.
  11. Glad to know you were personally there when Jesus fed the 4 people with some loaves and fishes. Over the centuries this has been exaggerated to 4000 people. Now it is a miracle, then it was just lunch. OOOOOOKAY !
  12. Radio West- Policy

    Prophecy and the reputed fulfillment thereof have always been subject to interpretation. Prophecies specifying the date of the Second Coming have had to be " adjusted " . As for changing policy , I recall something about Moses and things written in stone changing because of an uproar from the people. That only took about 30 days IIRC .
  13. Back in the Olden Days , there was a comment section in the newspaper. It was called " letters to the editor " . One had to sign one's own name to even be considered. The anonymous comments now promote the ' cesspool ' aspect. One news service I get has eliminated the comment section entirely. That cleaned up the atmosphere .
  14. The Standard Works - Our Measuring Rod?

    This claim of the BoM being the " most correct book " raises several questions . 1. Does that mean it is the most correct that will ever be written ? 3. Does it mean it is the most correct up to the time it was printed? 3. Does it mean that it cannot be revised/improved ? 4. Does it mean that it is the most correct in all aspects ie. historical, scientific, spiritual , etc, or perhaps just the most correct in its presentation of the gospel? If there is no room for nuance in the statement , that makes it very easy to set up as a strawman. There is the scripture that " God is a spirit ". Hence game, set , match. Any other scriptures that present anything in contradiction are obviously mistranslated or worse, false.
  15. Years ago I read a book called The Secret War, in which it outlined the use of spies, deception, and intrigue to affect the war. What amazed me was how the lightest touch could massively change the outcome of a battle. It also showed that, without intervention( divine ? ) at critical times, Germany could have won the war or at least made it last years longer. As has been said, the Church has not taught the US was super special in winning the war. Most historians will admit that Britain was on the edge after Dunkirk.