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  1. What SHALL we do with all those gullible and irrational scientists who continue to believe in dark energy and dark matter despite absolutely no hard evidence of their existence. The latest experiments with instruments said to be 10,000 times more sensitive than previous ones failed to detect anything. Maybe they are just looking in the wrong place or at the wrong time or with the wrong instruments. Maybe the basic assumptions are in error. Might there be bias from a worldview? Silly humans with their hardwired brains .
  2. Hay.... isn't Shrek a troll ? I like Shrek ( although I really like the Donkey ) . Maybe the user name Shrek can be adopted by some of the most vociferous critics. Shrek 1 , 2 , 3, etc. if needed. I think the concept of troll mostly fits the drive by critics who stir up the local hornets. Those posters who have been here a long time and like to throw the odd fast ball high and outside, can be handled with respect most of the time unless there is a sense of " neaner, neaner, " going on. I personally get a bit tired of those who will bring up the fact that some GA ties his shoes incorrectly and therefore should not be listened to.
  3. I think the horse color you are looking for, and the most appropriate would be " dun " .
  4. I suspect that the Russian Orthodox Church has been putting pressure on the Gov't to target " western religions " . If we are seen as an 'American ' church , then we will come under stronger scrutiny also. Unless, of course, the current US admin with all its Russian connections can intervene .
  5. John 14 gives the statement about God the Father . I think it is a bit Confucius - like and has been interpreted in several ways ,including JS in the KFD. I vaguely remember a story about the early Brethren in Joseph's time wanting to see the Father and some saying the Father passed through the room at the time. Likely apocryphal or mis - remembering.
  6. This stuff looks a lot like upside down Russian. There are 26 letters in the alphabet and about 43 sounds +/- . I for one appreciated the ease of learning Spanish which is quite phonetic. The Deseret producers might have had more support if they had endeavored to make it just a more phonetic version of English using the regular alphabet with minor adjustments to the letters , kind of how the dictionary has a pronouncing alphabet. Oh, and wipe out all those weird spelling confusions, ie. through/rough/bough junk !!!
  7. NDE experiences seem to indicate that there is a time to die. Many say that they were told that they had to return to earth and the experiencers were mighty upset at having to return. Others have been told that it was their choice to return or stay. Maybe there is a timely ' window' for passing on. Shakespeare (sic) said we are all players on the world stage. If so, then our part can be played by others if we have to go. As for Patten, I suggest he went on his mission, and with the 12. God just didn't specify which 12.
  8. My problem is timing. At the time of Lehi's vision there were no apostles to contend with and wouldn't be for 600 years. From an LDS perspective, there were about 1500 years of history in which there were also no apostles to contend with/against. What were all the folks in the great and spacious building doing? waiting? Perhaps there are more metaphorical meanings to ' the apostles of the Lamb ' .
  9. My aunt and uncle lived for several years in Yak BC. That is down the road from Creston where I think they went to church ( LDS ) . They did have some dealings with the Blackmore group. Not much though. Didn't the Blackmores start off from the Cardston area many years ago? Blackmore's current troubles come from taking a young lady across the border down to Jeff's bunch , I think.
  10. After a long dance , the polygamy trial of Winston Blackmore et al begins. This will have an effect on the group. I did hear some interesting info on the law regarding polygamy in Canada. It seems that there is no requirement to have a ceremony or even to prove that intimate relations took place. Technically a person living in the same house with 2 or more of the opposite sex can be charged under the current law. Seems overly broad. Legal battles will likely move to the supreme court eventually. you can look up the myriad news articles at your leisure.
  11. HELP ! Aliens/vegans/ flower lovers/flower haters have abducted my thread !!!
  12. There were folks in Joseph Smith's time who felt they could make better revelations than Joseph, after all they were much more educated and articulate than he was. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  13. You really need to get out more. Youtube is filled to overflowing with daily sightings of UFOs and bigfoot. Funny how all videos are so blurry though. Hmmmm. Actually, that was my vain attempt at a play on words. Or maybe it was just a grammatical error. We will probably never know for sure.
  14. Recently I have been youtube binge watching the ' Sirius Disclosure " which presents witness testimony about UFOs ( ya, I know, please don't judge.... too harshly ) . One of the reasons given by gov't etc. for not acknowledging the existence of ' others ' , is that the public would panic and there would be a mass fleeing from organized religion. Thought experiment. Suppose it became fully excepted and proven that extraterrestrials are around and have been here for a long time. What effect would this have on your view of religion, particularly LDS religion? For myself , I see LDS scriptures as saying there are myriad other worlds and other beings. There are quite a few other religions which deny such, and I suppose would have a harder time of it. I would still have questions about why they are allowed to interact with us and what connection they might have with God . For those who claim the speed of light barrier would keep all ETS away, even if they exist, let's assume they are able to control the space time continuum
  15. You do realize that dandelions are sentient beings? They can sense the presence of a lawn mower and will literally ( not figuratively ) duck down so the mower will pass them by without harm. I have also watched them be all closed up when I pass over them and within minutes open up and go directly to seed. It is all own fault for wanting a space of uniform lawn growth. Nature fights uniformity. ( unless it is a uniform field of dandelions of course )