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  1. strappinglad

    Do we "need" tradition?

    Would it be possible for a president to resign a la a recent Pope ? What about becoming emeritus ? I have always been under the impression that if the Lord wanted a different person as President of the Church , He could arrange for a strategically placed banana peel. Seriously, I'm sure the Lord plans many steps ahead for His Prophet.
  2. strappinglad

    Horses in the Book of Mormon

    I wonder why the Spaniards were in the habit of spending resources to bring horses to the Americas and then release them willy-nilly into whatever landscape was available. Horses were a weapon. One keeps close contact with ones weapon. Otherwise the enemy can get hold of it and use it against you, especially one that has been already broke and trained. Sure some might escape or be chased off by the natives. Jaguars would likely find them delicious. Does anyone know of Spanish chronicles that speak of how their horses faired in the Americas?
  3. strappinglad

    Denson's Lawsuit Dismissed by Federal Judge

    Will the witches of Endor be called to bring Elder Asay through to testify?
  4. strappinglad

    Individual v.s. Office

    Sometimes I think we are ants discussing Leviathan . The scriptures speak about marriage as joining two to become one. There are various levels of understanding about that. In the Temple there is a prayer involving several individuals united in purpose ,each contributing their faith/power to the endeavor. They are asked to be one. Is God/ the Godhead/ the Council of the Gods one? In what way? As for God being an office, I don't like the idea of Gods rotating through the office. What is the point? Does that lead to " current leadership roulette " ? Is there a leadership training period? What about the trainee God messing up somehow and the mentor God having to step in and fix things? Doesn't inspire confidence !
  5. strappinglad

    Exaggeration & Honesty

    If I've told you once I've told you a million times, stop exaggerating ! Back in the olden days it was said that newspapers and politicians would pay attention to letters to the editor because they knew that if a few letters were received on a topic, it was very likely that many more people were concerned about that topic but didn't bother to write. Maybe in the OP case the aunt heard the complaint from grandma and, knowing there were quite a few other older folks in the room that probably were irritated also but didn't speak up, made the leap to " lots of people" were complaining. Either that , or she felt one complaint would not carry sufficient weight with the DJ .
  6. strappinglad

    Knights of the crystal blade

    Why is it we are willing to let prisoners exact justice when we don't think there is justice in the " actual " system ? If those 2 ' gentlemen ' were to get shived during incarceration , would there be a part of us that would shrug and think..." Oh dear, how sad... next problem..." ? If society thinks those guys deserve death or at least a good lashing, it ought to demand it of the legal system.
  7. All day every day, 45 hiccoughs and people's hair goes on fire . ( 45 is a euphemism )
  8. strappinglad

    Horses in the Book of Mormon

    I'm going to suggest that neither Nephi nor Mormon nor Joseph knew what a curelom or cumom was from personal experience. Hence the transliteration both from the 24 plates and Nephi's plates. An alpaca could have been written as a goat or a sheep and may well have been listed as such in the BoM. It is posited that a giant sloth was one of the odd animals. OK , but at first glance I would call it bear-like. Why the first foreigners to see a hippopotamus called it a river ' horse ' I have no clue. An elephant being an " Ox of India " at least makes some sense because of how it was used to pull and push heavy items.
  9. strappinglad

    Horses in the Book of Mormon

    I think a horse is a horse of course. If an elephant is an ox and a hippo is a horse then a deer can be a horse also. Language is strange. As side note, that fact that the horse teeth found were fossilized does not automatically mean they were many thousands of years old. Fossils have been made within decades, and under the correct conditions , much quicker. http://www.curiousmeerkat.co.uk/questions/how-long-fossilisation-take/
  10. strappinglad

    Hey everyone

    This should be interesting. After 25 posts you can start threads in any forum. Repost your similarities/differences post in the General forum at that point and discussions will ensue. Until then, welcome .
  11. strappinglad

    Live webcam of Telestial kingdom

    Gee, all that from watching train tracks.
  12. strappinglad

    Bill Reel announces he faces impending Bishop's Court

    Stated as such I agree. To go from the idea that exing is 1 in 5 or 1 out of 3 possibilities , which is correct, to then state that there is a 20% chance of excommunication makes the leap to probability which now can be argued is likely false because not all outcomes are equally likely. In a deck of cards there are face cards and non face cards. If I draw a card there are 2 possibilities ie. a face card or a non face card. It would be incorrect to say the chance of drawing a face card is 50% . Most people use the words possible and probable interchangeably .There is a difference that one could say was nit-picking. It is my personal nit so I picked at it. Sorry HJW.
  13. strappinglad

    Replacing Mormonism with . . . ?

    Whether or not you BELIEVE covenants exist with God , matters not if they actually do exist. If Hichens was right, he won't know it and neither will we. If he was wrong, " oops " may not cut it. Some philosopher once said that belief was the more rational logical position. Debatable I'm sure.
  14. strappinglad

    Replacing Mormonism with . . . ?

    To what extent does the parable of the prodigal son apply here? I do NOT wish to imply that those who leave the church waste their lives in riotous living. They may, however, have given up at least part of their inheritance. If covenants exist , then I suspect the Lord takes them seriously.
  15. strappinglad

    Nature vs Nurture

    Lately I have been thinking about the innocence of the new born. We come into this life to gain a body and be tested, at least that is what I have been taught. I don't think we come without baggage however. We also arrive in circumstances that are beyond our control. Suppose a spirit is placed into a body that is in a family of thieves. The chances of becoming a thief are quite high I would imagine. Agency gives a person the chance to overcome the situation but the odds are stacked against it. Christ said one needs to become like a little child for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Maybe He never met some of the little terrors I have .Talk about socio/psycho . Was nurture the only reason they are like this, or was it in their nature from even before the start? The guards that ran the ovens were not that long before someone's innocent infant.... or were they ?