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  1. strappinglad

    A Story about healing.

    I have told this ' story ' before , but back when I was a youth, ( post Noah ) there was a man in our stake who had the gift of healing. He indicated that he had to pray before giving a healing blessing to find out if it was God's will that the person be healed because he knew that if he blessed the person to be healed, he would be. With such a gift would come grave responsibilities ( unintended pun ). Jesus was a healer and was followed by crowds .There were cities , however, in which He could not perform miracles because of the hardness of peoples hearts. I worry that our current society and its scepticism about spiritual gifts, is denying blessings to our children.
  2. Well, if you can't beat 'em join 'em . At what age can the apron strings be at least loosened? That said, I feel sad for missionaries assigned to my town, pop. 4500 with 10 wards and a branch. They must get bored silly. I can't remember the last time we had an actual convert baptism. The church here grows by births and move-ins.
  3. strappinglad

    Before the Temple is Restored in Jerusalem

    I read the second article and have a quibble. It says that the equivalent of 600 Olympic pools of water are diverted each day. It then says that is 750 million cubic inches of water every year. I thing the math is WAY out. One pool has over 88000 cubic feet of water which is over 152 million cubic inches all by itself. It always makes me wonder if there are other errors in the article. I think the number should be 750 million acre/feet of water.
  4. strappinglad

    Before the Temple is Restored in Jerusalem

    In order for the dead sea to be healed , there has to be a way for the water to leave it. Currently water comes in but there is no good way out so there is a lot of evaporation and the salt levels are very high. In my opinion there would need to be a big earthquake to split open near the south end of the sea and make a passage to a nearby coast.
  5. strappinglad

    Left Hand

    If we want to get fussy, the entire congregation should be kneeling for the sacrament prayer, not just one priest. Note: left handed people are those who are in their right mind
  6. strappinglad

    Shrinking pains

    The Bishop should just start running the pulpit up and down randomly, and then have an airhorn for backup. just in case. 😈
  7. strappinglad

    Masonry essay on the church website

    The native traditions are maintain almost exclusively orally so little is available as documentation. A few native families here have joined the church and were eventually endowed . Discussions were held when an endowed member passed away as to whether to bury them in the temple robes or the " special white leathers ".
  8. strappinglad

    Masonry essay on the church website

    I may have mentioned this before, but the Natives (first nations ) in my area have similar sacred signs etc. I don't think they got them from any Masonry traditions but from their own going back centuries.
  9. strappinglad

    Jesus becoming God in Pre-Mortal Realm

    And yet we are told that each of us can inherit ALL that the Father has. I personally hope there is no " due date" . I'm going to need a few million years at least.
  10. strappinglad

    Statement on Book of Mormon geography

    Burnside, the map you show is an attempt to position cities etc. according to the text itself. The student can then place that overlaid upon anywhere he likes, be that New York, Guatemala ,all of North and South America , or for that matter , as Ralph M suggests, south east Asia. You call it a fantasy map. I call it an approximate model. Hey, I just had a thought, why not Nova Scotia as the site? There is a narrow neck, a land Northward and Southward, a sea East and a sea West. 😱😈😏
  11. Advocate maybe not, but her testimony about her bill and her answer to a specific question about aborting as the mother is dilating leaves no doubt. Also listen to the comments by the Gov. of Virginia .Sad . For the view of a former abortion Doctor as he testified to Congress I suggest youtube : Dr. Anthony Levantino (sp?) 1200 abortions. I will not link to it as it can be very disturbing.
  12. The Bible tells of the Lord killing a man who used a form of contraception. The Bible tells of the condemnation of people who sacrificed live infants to their red hot iron god. I'm going to need a CFR for your claim. Technically we don't see all abortion as murder either in some circumstances.
  13. strappinglad

    Elder Holland's NAMI talk

    Hyperbole much??
  14. Is an endowed member to be in temple dress if cremation or some other method is chosen?
  15. Canada now has laws which target opinion and even which pronoun is used in a conversation.