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  1. From your mouth to God's ear ! Humans ,animals, and plants don't do well in extreme cold, even though there are exceptions.
  2. Nature has a way of leveling the field , usually in a most unpleasant way. Some internet 'priests ' have examined the goat entrails and foresee a mini ice age in which many crops will fail and people will starve worldwide . That reminds me, I should check on my 2 , I mean 1 year supply.
  3. I wonder what protocols will be put in place to screen for false allegations arising whenever an Honor code violation is investigated.
  4. Hay, if people can tame a dinosaur, they can certainly tame a mammoth ( see Ica Stones ) Actually RM , the mammoth business was just an example used to illustrate a point , not a reference to Jaredite or any other culture.
  5. True or false? The only people who will even be concerned with marriage and children in the eternities will be those who inherit ' eternal lives ' , ie. those who inherit the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom. The rest of us poor souls will be doing other work which will not require such concerns.
  6. Calm, you need to remember the WIND !!!. No hurricanes and few tornados but we do get the wind spread out over the whole year. That's why the trees here all lean about 30 degrees to the east.
  7. Ya, but it's a DRY heat !
  8. What do you make of the story that Joseph was headed away from the Saints to a safer location , when told he was ' cowardly/abandoning his people, and so decided to return? In war, commanders have been known to enter the battle quite sure they would not survive. Is that considered suicide, or an honorable death?
  9. The trouble with anecdotes is they are often similar to parables. I would CFR myself, but my memory is fleeting nowadays.
  10. As an anecdote , I recall a time in my early 20s when there was a story about a young high school girl who did a chemical experiment that had the scientific world buzzing . A particular element was known to be inert and had been stated as such in all texts. This young woman did an experiment which showed that the element was able to combine with another under certain circumstances. In other words, for many decades there was no evidence that the element was anything but inert. The best minds in chemistry had all concluded/assumed inertness. Along came a young woman who didn't have either the knowledge or the assumptions of the others and blindly went ahead with her experiment. Egg was on quite a few faces. Apparently, the ' impossible' sometimes just takes a little longer.
  11. Apparently someone brought up the WoW in the Ukraine....
  12. I'm not sure where the idea that a tool must be created in one place only and then spread slowly from one geographical area to another arose. Even evolutionists have come up with the term ' convergent ' which admits that things can happen in several places at different times without contact. Heavens, even bagpipes are likely to have had more than one origin, I mean anyone who deals with sheep recognizes there are musical possibilities just waiting to emerge .
  13. You need to switch to Celsius degrees , then it is only 44 degrees and seems so much cooler !
  14. I am perfect just the way I am. God made me this way and loves me. Is that a doctrine preached regularly ? True?False? partly true?
  15. With all the riggamaroll in a first world country that any construction must deal with, imagine what the Church puts up with worldwide.