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  1. I wish I could give you 50 rep points for this. So many members still want to be relieved of the burden of making decisions for themselves. They are perfectly happy with the stupid pronouncement, “When the brethren have spoken, the thinking has been done.” That’s what our Lord wants, a Kingdom full of non-thinkers. 🤪
  2. There is nothing going on that is any different from 100 years ago. People are essentially the same. The difference is we live in the Information Age where everyone knows everything about everybody, and the are lots more people . . . LOTS! So, hold your head up, trust in God rather than the arm of flesh, and your worries will evaporate . . . theoretically.
  3. Just be careful how you interpret what “out prophet” tells us is the revealed will of God. And frankly, little bumps in the road like this particular matter are extremely valuable to test our resilience in the face of adversity.
  4. My only reaction to reading everyone’s comments here is thus, What is the status of your personal testimony? In other words, how are the communication channels between you and God? If you are where you should be spiritually it doesn’t matter what twists and turns the Church may take, God is generous is revealing His will to individuals. If you wrung your hands and hearts in anguish over either the implementation of the policy in 2015, or its latest revision, you need look no further than your own bedside to find relief, i.e. get down on your knees and quit relying on “the Brethren” to learn the mind and will of the Lord!
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