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  1. David, I am a moderator at http://www.reddit.com/r/latterdaysaints , which is a sort of bulletin board with a fairly large and young-skewing LDS membership. Would you be willing to field questions from a diverse audience about your views? Go to http://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=/r/latterdaysaints if you're interested--we would love to have you.

    1. justSomeGuy


      The format is an AMA, which stands for "Ask Me Anything." Here is an example of one Brian Hales did on our reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/latterdaysaints/comments/1sq4a0/i_am_brian_hales_ama_ask_me_any_question_about/ .

      Usually they take a few hours to do. Again, we would love to have you. My name on reddit is "mysteriousPerson," and like I said, I'm a moderator for the board. We would be sure to weed out anything that isn't Church standards.

    2. justSomeGuy


      Anyway, if you could spare the time, which would be much appreciated, click on the 2nd link I provided and send us moderators a message, and we can go from there. You will probably have to create an account first. It only take a moments--they don't even ask for an email address to make an account.

  2. Why Mormons Should Not Be Afraid Of Mormon Studies

    Currently, the University of Utah is the only school in the state of Utah where students can receive academic training in historical-criticism (i.e. "mainline" biblical scholarship). Jared Anderson taught a wonderful course this last semester exploring the New Testament from this angle. Moreover, the University of Utah now offers a Religious studies major and even a Jewish studies minor for undergraduate students.
  3. Why Mormons Should Not Be Afraid Of Mormon Studies

    To clarify, I am in no way connected with the Maxwell Institute or BYU. Worlds Without End is a "Mormon Studies Roundtable," which means that it invites anyone at all interested in Mormon studies to come to the table for an open discussion no matter what their background or religious (non)belief.
  4. Why Mormons Should Not Be Afraid Of Mormon Studies

    Thank you for expressing interest. Only one course in Mormon studies this Fall: Book of Mormon as Literature. I'll also be teaching Biblical Hebrew (the language), a survey semester of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) from an historical critical perspective and two classes the following Winter, probably the Historical Figure of Jesus in a 1st Century Jewish Context, and a course on Ancient Near Eastern Mythology. It's going to be a fun year. All are welcome to join including students registering through Continuing Education. Best, --DB
  5. There has been a lot of discussion as of late on the topic of Mormon studies and to be honest, quite a bit of concern. For those interested, I've tried to alleviate a few of the concerns expressed as of late via the following post... http://www.withoutend.org/mormons-afraid-mormon-studies-2/#comments
  6. Thank you, Duncan. That's the exact verse that I use when teaching this idea to an LDS audience. It is a beautiful link.
  7. Thanks for the question, Duncan. According to its Title Page, the purpose of the Book of Mormon is to teach about Covenants and Christ. My understanding of this issue can be found here.... http://maxwellinstit...es/?vol=3&id=71
  8. Dear Friends, Feeling that my comments over the last two weeks on apologetics and the BofA have not quite sparked enough controversy, I have posted another essay entitled "Holy Envy: What Mainstream Christians Can Teach Latter-day Saint Christians About the Atonement of Christ." With love, --DB http://www.withoutend.org/holy-envy-mainstream-christians-teach-latter-day-saint-christians-atonement-christ/
  9. The Book Of Abraham: An End To The Apologetic War (Pt. 1)

    As this discussion continues without my participation, I would prefer to be addressed as "David," or even "Dave" (although "Bokovoy" is fine too), however, if you insist upon formalities then it is Dr. Bokovoy. Thank you.
  10. The Book Of Abraham: An End To The Apologetic War (Pt. 1)

    Thank you for the comments. Despite the fact that I can no longer respond to direct questions, I hope that these thoughts will spark discussion and ultimately prove helpful for those struggling to make sense of their religious convictions in light of the BofA. I do not pretend to have all the answers, only a great love for the BofA and a desire to help others see beyond the arguments and recognize what a wonderful book it truly is. Again, I wish to emphasize the fact that I have no ill-will towards BYU religion teachers, Mormon apologists, Egyptologists, or even Church critics. I don't believe any of these people are "lying." The lie is that a person cannot be both critically minded and religious and despite the fact that I believe both apologists and critics have contributed to this perception, I believe that they have done so with sincere intent. I just believe that there is another way. And with that, I'm going to turn my thoughts now to my 18.5 year old daughter who is opening her mission call today. Warm wishes, --DB
  11. The Book Of Abraham: An End To The Apologetic War (Pt. 1)

    They are highly problematic and unintentionally misrepresent key issues. Such as when Muhlestein suggests that the problem that non-LDS Egyptologists have with the BofA is that Joseph translated the text before Egyptologists scientifically deciphered Egyptian glyphs and it bothers them that there are people in the world that still accept Joseph's translation, etc., etc., etc. On this issue, I would invite anyone interested to read the book by Dr. Robert Ritner to see if THAT is the problem. Again, though well-intended, poorly done apologetics ultimately do more harm than good. Best, --DB
  12. The Book Of Abraham: An End To The Apologetic War (Pt. 1)

    Juliann, please note that I did not state that apologists or critics are "lying." I suggested that they both are unwittingly perpetuating "the" lie that one must choose between being critically minded or religious. Please note that in the same sentence I even referred to "well-meaning BYU religious instructors" and to "world-renowned secular Egyptologists." I think this this was a very kind way to refer to these two groups that unwittingly give the impression that one must choose between the two perspectives. As I suggested, this is a falsehood, a fairy tale and I stand by that statement, and though expressed forcefully, I did so in a way that I hope will reflect as kindly as possible on both groups.
  13. The Book Of Abraham: An End To The Apologetic War (Pt. 1)

    Part 2 is now available. http://www.withoutend.org/book-abraham-apologetic-war-pt-2/
  14. The Book Of Abraham: An End To The Apologetic War (Pt. 1)

    "Forgive the uninformed arrogance of a non-serious student of the Bible and the Ancient Near East, but I really don't see how anyone who has read, say, Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri or One Eternal Round can maintain that there are no connections between the papyri and the Book of Abraham, or that Egyptology is irrelevant." Though typical, the condescension is really unfortunate. I have no interest in touting my own academic achievements, so a “serious student of the Bible and the Ancient Near East” seems sufficient. And yes, for anyone who has read the translations of the papyri published by such credible sources as the Maxwell Institute, there is no connection with the scrolls and the Book of Abraham. In terms of the apologetics arguments claiming otherwise, one might wish to consider the following study (paying special attention to the footnotes) to gain a perspective on why these apologetic claims have failed to convince non-LDS specialists in the field… http://signaturebook...an-translation/
  15. The Book Of Abraham: An End To The Apologetic War (Pt. 1)

    As I suggested, I do not have time to engage all of the commentary that will no doubt result from this post. If you're interested, I would invite you to read the post and then await part 2. I do deal with this issue in the sense that this convoluted theory which requires accepting all of the highly problematic apologetic assumptions disputed by non-LDS Egyptologists would still make the author of the text a later Hellenized Jewish scribe. To anticipate part 2, I suspect most Latter-day Saints, myself included, would feel much more comfortable attributing the source to direct inspiration, since this legitimizes the text as scripture in a way that your theory does not. And make no mistake, the new introduction allows for this possibility. Best, --DB