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  1. A slice of bacon never hurt anybody. It is quite amazing really that country people would be up on the latest trends. If so, Joseph Smith was an absolute young genius. The year was 1833 and Joseph was 28. Not bad.
  2. When the word of wisdom was given, the norm was hunting meat, drinking coffee, and smoking or chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol. It must have been a sacrifice for the members to stop doing these things. "The Word of Wisdom: D&C 89," Revelations in Context on history.lds.org (11 June 2013): Nevertheless, it required time to wind down practices that were so deeply ingrained in family tradition and culture, especially when fermented beverages of all kinds were frequently used for medicinal purposes. The term “strong drink” certainly included distilled spirits like whiskey, which hereafter the Latter-day Saints generally shunned. They took a more moderate approach to milder alcoholic beverages like beer and “pure wine of the grape of the vine of your own make” (see D&C 89:6). For the next two generations, Latter-day Saint leaders taught the Word of Wisdom as a command from God, but they tolerated a variety of viewpoints on how strictly the commandment should be observed. This incubation period gave the Saints time to develop their own tradition of abstinence from habit-forming substances. By the early twentieth century, when scientific medicines were more widely available and temple attendance had become a more regular feature of Latter-day Saint worship, the Church was ready to accept a more exacting standard of observance that would eliminate problems like alcoholism from among the obedient. In 1921, the Lord inspired Church president Heber J. Grant to call on all Saints to live the Word of Wisdom to the letter by completely abstaining from all alcohol, coffee, tea, and tobacco. Today Church members are expected to live this higher standard.[1] https://www.fairmormon.org/answers/Word_of_Wisdom/History_and_implementation#Revelations_in_Context:_.22Nevertheless.2C_it_required_time_to_wind_down_practices_that_were_so_deeply_ingrained_in_family_tradition_and_culture.22
  3. Well, let me put it this way. The church was out front in seeing the dangers of porn on family life because of its addiction. It may be true that some churches did at first see porn as a sin. However, it was the lds church that held firm in seeing the dangers of it. And warned lds members of its dangers. Also, many ex lds mocked the lds because of its stance on porn. But the lds church was proven right. Prohibition was ended and the church held firm. They were out front of it. Likewise for tobacco. If more people were lds they would be much healthier and family life would be less violent. The word of wisdom is fast becoming embraced by many people who want a healthier lifestyle, especially the part that recommends to eat meat sparingly .
  4. However, they were right porn. It has destroyed families and it is addictive. Also, they were right about alcohol consumption. It is true, that families in order to survive need a two income family. In the past, one income was enough and someone could raise the kids. Children were quite protected in the home, if parents were living the gospel. No smoking inside the home, drunken behavior was not seen or experienced. And with the gay issue, the idea of chasity was not a bad idea especially if one was gay in the seventies. And chasity is not a bad idea for heteros either when one considers the number of people carrying genital herpes and the rise of STDs. The church was quite early to the ball game.
  5. Inside the church it used to be multiply and replenish the earth with choice spirits. Of course that has changed now. Islam is growing through birth rates and conversions. And it is spreading through migration. Our 16 million is jut a grain of sand in a bucket.
  6. Christianity is in the decline in many parts of the world. And believers are becoming less and less. Certainly, the future is islam. If I were muslim I would be feeling quite pleased with my faith. It is strong and vibrant and growing quickly throughout the world. And it has a high success rate of people keeping their faith. The first article about Europe says much from The Atlantic which in the beginning speaks about the literalists within Islam. But the interviewee sees much hope. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/05/akbar-ahmed-islam-europe/559391/ https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/08/09/muslims-and-islam-key-findings-in-the-u-s-and-around-the-world/ https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/01/31/worlds-muslim-population-more-widespread-than-you-might-think/ https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/04/02/397042004/muslim-population-will-surpass-christians-this-century-pew-says This begs the question: if Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and the lds are growing slowly, and if Christianity is in decline, the lds need to mimic islam and begin to have more children.
  7. This was my point. According to the a publication by the European People's Party in the EU, the party of Angela Merkel, Islam is an ideology that believes that islam will be the dominant religion in the world or the religion of all people. And of course, population growth is an important way of doing it. https://martenscentre.eu/sites/default/files/publication-files/unity-adversity-immigration-minorities-religion-europe.pdf See page 38. The book contains several articles written by experts. Here is where you can access the book. https://martenscentre.eu/publications/unity-adversity-immigration-minorities-and-religion-europe The Wilfried Martens foundation is an umbrella for the conservatives in the European Union. The entire article is very interesting. I had this feeling in the 70s that the lds concentrated on multiply also for the church to grow and prosper and also to bring as many spirits from the spirit world to earth.
  8. Of course the adage was multiplied throughout the church and not just in Utah. The lds are having less children. And this is reflected in the number of children baptized. And this will reflect growith figures. If the lds would have on average 6 children, the growth rate would surge. In Islamic societies, the number of children per family is quite huge. They have the same adage of mulitply and replenish the earth and they are complying.
  9. In the 70s the adage was: Multiply and replenish the earth. Birth control was not recommended. Mormons in general had big families. Many kids running around. It is different now. The lds have become more like others, smaller families. No surprise about the declining membership. the lds church has been under constant attack for many years now since the arrival of the internet. And the book of mormon has been central to that attack. Christianity has in general been under attack, especially from hollywood as it influences values which can be just the opposite of the lds church. With such attacks, is it a surprise that some members are falling away? I find it amazing that members can stand at the podium one sunday giving their testimonies and then some months later fall away and resign claiming that the lds church is not true and JS lied. And all their blessing that said they had when they gave their testimonies, fly out the window.
  10. I have followed that discussion rather intently and I had the same conclusion. Brunei is very Salafist in mentality. Hollywood missed a very important discussion. The question should have been: What can be done about the salafist belief system and how can more muslims embrace a more tolerant form of islam such as sufism and reformism. But the hollywood elite can't do it. But the mormon church is up for grabs because it is western and christian. I think that the lds church needs to be careful about the amount of change it expects to go through in a short amount of time. People need a rock that can stay in place at times. Shifting rocks and boulders mean a fall and hitting the ground hard.
  11. we can see that perhaps the younger members are different in the US and elsewhere. Missionaries can now call home according to their desire. I think that this is mainly because they are having problems on their mission in missing their families. It is probably for emotional and mental health reasons. I think that they are affected by postmodern values and the secularization of belief. If the younger generation can remain members without resigning, they will make a difference in toleration.
  12. Islam is a very conservative religion, especially the salafis who side with saudi arabia and the shia who support the leadership in iran. No conspiracy at all. Just religious policy. However not very favorable toward homosexuality. When a christian church has a policy that is thought to be against the gay community, problems occur. But these sects within islam get a free pass. Have you read salafi literature toward homosexuality? That was my point. Why pick on christianity? https://pure.uva.nl/ws/files/2189136/149332_346_2359_2_PB.pdf see page 53 of the academic article.
  13. True. But people are complicated. Not sure if all will receive such instruction or if the child will be prepared for the teachings of the church. A child is a child and confusion can only be a step away. I never had to think such things as a child. I just played with my GI joe doll and played sports with friends. Simple life in that regard even when the vietnam war was waging. I knew nothing about it. Now...children can't be children.
  14. I don't know. My answer: we just need to wait for the outcome if children of same sex parents are baptized and if the church attends church. Should the teacher be sensitive to such a child when talking about temple marriage and being chaste? The church does not recognize same sex marriage.
  15. I am sure that there are some members who do not share such a philosophy. They will see a change again, and question more. And where the questions lead, will be up to the questioner. Church members are seeing immense changes in their private lives and now they are experiencing changes in their church lives, it is left to be seen just how many can survive the navigation of change in church life and in private life. I have this feeling that most want to see stability in church life,,,a sort of rock that moves very little and is stable.
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