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  1. I misunderstood. You probably know more about this than I do. All my understanding comes from internet articles. I am just having a hard time understanding why some folks seem to be upset by this. JS and BY and other leaders used alcohol. That was not uncommon, and was not considered a sin as long as it was in moderation. I do not believe JS or BY drank hard liquor (distilled). I have found no real evidence of this. Just wine, and maybe beer.
  2. The rules (guidelines?) for dressing the deceased have been changed. Deceased endowed women use to be dressed with their temple veil. This is no longer required.
  3. No I'm not. No revelation was produced. He continued distill whiskey long after 1867. (see my above post). General authorities continued to drink coffee well into the 20th century. The WoW as we know it today was not in place in the 19th century. History is history. Warts and all. No one is judging BY for his actions. The real problem is members who refuse to accept and acknowledge their church's history.
  4. BYs involvement in alcohol production is well documented and well known. It might be a uncomfortable fact, but it is a fact none the less. Monahan, S., & Perkins, J. (2017). The Golden Elixir of the West: Whiskey and the Shaping of America. Rowman & Littlefield. Page 43 https://utahstories.com/2013/03/fisher-brewing-company-part-i This blog provides many references: https://www.utahhumanities.org/stories/items/show/224 Mitchell, M. (1997). Gentile Impressions of Salt Lake City, Utah, 1849–1870. Geographical Review, 87(3), 334-352.
  5. Perhaps 1967 is a bit early for Valley Tan. But BY's association with the spirits industry in the Utah Territory is very well documented. BY was at one time a promoter of both wine and spirits. The morphing of the WofW into what we have today with all the rules and restrictions came about long after BY. http://pre-prowhiskeymen.blogspot.com/2016/08/brigham-young-and-valley-tan-whiskey_18.html
  6. I know what I am praying for. I pray that people will once again come together and want the best for our nation. I pay that the rule of law will once again be restored.
  7. It would be interesting to know it the MP's wife is under the same clothing restriction. From the outside looking in, this kind of thing looks weird and culty.
  8. Apparently the basic missionary rules, the ones that missionaries agree to abide by, and are approved by the COB, are not enough for this MP. He needs to add his own. His rules apply only to the Women, not to the Elders, which is wrong and descrimitory. This Pharisaical rule is not only misogynistic, it also demeans men. I was a young man once, and I was an Elder. I could perfectly well control my thoughts and actions in mixed company. I would be offended by anyone who thought otherwise. This MP is way out of line.
  9. All the cars that we inventoried were unlocked. We could tow a locked car, but we could not forcefully open it. We only inventoried unlocked cars to identify and log any belongings and secure them so belongings wouldn't be stolen or lost while in our compound area (green house). I don't remember any rifles at all. But we never opened trunks. All firearms that I remember finding were handguns. They were either under the drivers seat or in the glovebox. Mostly they were under the seat.
  10. Reject BY clear statement? Which one? The ban of blacks and the Priesthood? The Adam is God teachings? His teachings on Blood Atonement? Do you mean his thoughts on the Word of Wisdom? In 1867 he was promoting Valley Tan, his own Whiskey label. http://pre-prowhiskeymen.blogspot.com/2016/08/brigham-young-and-valley-tan-whiskey_18.html
  11. I am not sure what you are promoting here. Basically the lord says one thing and church leaders have created a hard policy that says something quite different. So, are we suppose to obey because some church leader says so? To me that is blind obedience. Now, I will retract that statement if someone can show me where God/Jesus has updated the D&C canonized revelation from a "not by commandment" to "yes, this is a commandment and it includes tea and coffee". In my option, this is a prime example of men extending and changing the commandments of God. They don't even try to produce a updated revelation. Polices are from men, and from prophets and apostles. And we have seen many policies which have been reversed. The Priesthood band comes to mind. Everyone from 100 years bowed their heads and accepted this bad policy.
  12. I don't have any first had knowledge, but there are first person accounts: https://abcnews.go.com/Health/mormon-gay-cures-reparative-therapies-shock-today/story?id=1324070 Here is a doctoral dissertation written by a BYU therapist describing his use of aversion therapy to cure homosexuals: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1u3K43P-3JoY2Q5NDY3ZjYtNWUyMi00YWJiLWFhM2EtYTE4MjViNWVjOGEz/view?layout=list&sort=name&pli=1&num=50
  13. I'm not sure Jesus ever addressed the subject of homosexuality.
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