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  1. This may be a simplistic and superficial solution. But with my family, after some arguments, the unspoken word is to not discuss religion with me. We stick to other topics. Yes, there is still the Elephant in the room, and at times the conversation is strained, but overall it works. I still have a relationship with my family.
  2. Also, Radio Free Mormon (RFM) was outted in this article. He was the lawyer who filed the suite to get the transcripts released.
  3. No confession of rape. Maybe this was an over-step on Denson's part.
  4. New information, but very disturbing/ https://www.sltrib.com/religion/2019/06/16/when-did-lds-church-know/
  5. Agreed. Nelson is a medical doctor, and an endowed member of the church. I believe he took it for granted that all listeners would know he was speaking metaphorically.
  6. Neither to I. I take very little of the OT literally.
  7. Really? A clear reading of OT scripture says otherwise. 4 Kings 2:23-24 Genesis 22:1-12 Numbers 16:41-49 Genesis 38:1-10 Judges 14:1-19 Numbers 16:1-49) If you take the OT literally, then god is a monster.
  8. Women and children were murdered in the OT in the name of god. Rapes and genocide were committed many times in the name of god. Now, we can believe that god really sanctioned those terrible and horrible acts, or maybe it was just an iron age tribe that used their version of deity to justify their actions. I'm thinking the later.
  9. I was at the parade in SLC on Sunday. It was huge! I am a member of the Human Rights Campain (HRC) and a proud to be a ally of the LGBTQ community, and I was blown away by LQBTQ support that I experienced this weekend. Since JS, all major "revelations" have come about because of social pressure: The end of Polygamy and the end of the priesthood racism are two prime examples of external pressure forcing a revelation. From what I have seen this weekend, there is enough momentum that I believe that the church will soon embrace full fellowship of the LQBTQ community and support full Women's rights, including priesthood ordination.
  10. What is your point. You reference a article in local paper. There are all kind of cult-like groups in the world that believe crazy things. So what.
  11. This is not correct. Not even close. It is also offensive.
  12. It sounds like it was a voluntary departure. Here is DCP's take on the move:
  13. Mark Eubank use to be the weather man in Northern California when I was a kid. He actually made a visit to my grade school. Of course, later he moved to Utah and KSL.
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