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  1. sunstoned

    MormonLeaks does not break the law

    I am just guessing here, but some of the leaked material, such as correspondence on GA's salaries and videos of Q15 meetings would require elevated access. I don't think rank and file level would have such access. This type of security breach should be taken very seriously.
  2. sunstoned

    MormonLeaks does not break the law

    IMO you provide a needed service. You give transparency to areas where it is needed. The popularity of your site and of the material that you provide is evidence of this.
  3. sunstoned

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    Actually, that was a suggestion that Christ once made to the rich young ruler. Matt. 19:21-22
  4. sunstoned

    The DNA Issue again.

    Don't shoot me. I'm just the messenger. All I am just saying that a one thousand year history and there is no reference to anyone else living there. Just nephites and laminates. No one else. No other tribes, no neighbors, no trading, no communication, no alliances, no treaties, no wars, and no first contact accounts. Nada. Empty land. Only populated by the descendants of Lehi. The title page of the BoM use to call this out. That is until DNA came along.
  5. sunstoned

    The DNA Issue again.

    I just said there is no reference to other peoples in the BoM. A straight forward reading of the text clearly states this land was preserved for god's people. As mentioned in my first post, one thousand years of history and not one reference to other people, neighbors or other tribes. If a person is to believe in the BoM, then they should take what is said at face value. Most people did until advances in DNA complicated things
  6. sunstoned

    Update on McKenna Denson Lawsuit

    It also saddens me how this lady has been victim shamed. It saddens me that someone who wrote a letter to a CES Director and wanted answers got excommunicated instead while this sexual predictor is still a member.
  7. sunstoned

    The DNA Issue again.

    Show me the quote where they talk of others. Over a 1000 year history and not one reference to all anyone else except the other phantom groups of the Jaredites and mulekites. Not one reference to the vast number of native people who really populated this hemisphere. Not one direct reference. I have read the apologetic spin on this and it is weak sauce.
  8. sunstoned

    The DNA Issue again.

    If we just stick with what the text of the BoM really says, and not what apologist wish it would say, these 30 semites came to an land empty of others and then over a thousand years grew into a population that could supposedly field million men armies. This is from a plain reading of the text. It takes all kinds of spin to claim otherwise.
  9. sunstoned

    High Councilor releasing himself?

    No, actually he quit. It was a volunteer job, and he voluntarily quit it. It was a gutsy move, but apparently it worked for him.
  10. How about "serve me at your lunch counter of get another line of work". If a person or business is engaged in commerce, then they cannot legally (civil rights act of 1964) discriminate. No one is forcing the baker to attend or participate in the wedding.
  11. And I apologize for my church who has landed on the wrong side of every civil rights issue for the past 120 years.
  12. sunstoned

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    Apparently we (the body of the church that finances everything) don't know what or if any thing the Lord has told the leadership to do.
  13. sunstoned

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    I would like to see the church get to a place where they can say enough is enough. Kinda like Bill and Linda Gates. I would like to see them say It's time to shift from wealth accumulation to humanitarian service. Once this happened, I'm sure the church would be viewed in a much more favorable light.
  14. If I were the bishop, I restrict my questioning to the temple recommend guidelines and questions that are in the CHI. They are there for a reason. I don't think everyone has to believe in lock step. The bullet points that you have listed would not IMHO disqualify someone from the temple.
  15. sunstoned

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    You need to keep up with current events. People are voting with their feet. In a big way.