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  1. sunstoned

    church-owned businesses pay tithing?

    I feel the same with social security checks.
  2. I would welcome a letter such as that. I would also welcome a letter that offered an apology for the racist past that is unfortunately a part of the history and former teachings of the church. If the Pope can issue an apology, I think our Prophet could.
  3. sunstoned

    Noah's Ark.....i know call me crazy.

    There is no physical or scientific evidence for any of this. Any division of the continents happened over 200 million years ago. There is no physical evidence of a global flood, and a mountain of scientific facts that point to it never happening. The least of which is that the written history of several nations, like Egypt remain uninterrupted through the time the flood supposedly took place.
  4. sunstoned

    Noah's Ark.....i know call me crazy.

    So the book is true because the book says it's true. That is begging the question and circular logic.
  5. sunstoned

    Another Open Letter

    Do you think that this will go to trial? It seems like both parties would be better served if a settlement could be reached.
  6. I believe that if JS had never practiced polygamy/polyandry there would have been no reason for him to destroy Bill Law's printing press. Which means JS would not have been arrested and held at Carthage jail. And perhaps not murdered. If there was no polygamy, Oliver would not have had any excuse to leave the church because the "dirty, nasty, filthy affair" would not have happened. Without one of the relics of barbarism the church would have probably received much less percussion in the long run. The U.S. government would have had no reason to confiscate church properly and imprison church leaders. And without having to hide the practice and later deny it, many church leaders would probably have been more honest. And wiithout the practice, there would probably not be as many fundamentalist break offs today practicing something that in many cases in demeaning to women and girls.
  7. I am very surprised of the level of negativity in the comments section of church related articles in the DN.
  8. sunstoned

    Mormon Philosopher Facing Discrimination?

    That ship sailed a long time ago. For the past 60 plus years the the focus has been choosing leaders with backgrounds in business and law.
  9. I have also noticed that the online posters to SLTrib stories seem to be overly negative. They are usually much more negative that the original article. IMO, I think the Trib does a good job of reporting. They are not going to give the church a free pass, but they also don't intentionally take jabs at it either.
  10. I think with the numbers are not showing growth. In fact they are heading in the other direction. IMO the church would rather have this kept quiet. To do this, they need to control the message, and in this case it means they will stop reporting this data.
  11. sunstoned

    Why no news conference for the new apostles.

    The last unscripted interview that I am aware of was Holland's BBC interview, and that didn't go so well. It seems the church has opted only for events where they can control the message. Even the latest Q and A sessions with the GA's were scripted with all questions vetted a head of time.
  12. No, in fact 4 hours would qualify as grim in my book:-)
  13. Seriously? BYU is owned by the church. This information has been public for some time. This article states the BYU police and Chruch leaders knew of two victims of the MTC president. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2018/03/23/mormon-leaders-knew-of-two-alleged-victims-of-former-missionary-training-center-president-in-2010/
  14. I am not claiming anything. I am just stating that has been reported in the news. It was the BYU police that made the report.