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  1. sunstoned

    Has debate ever changed your mind?

    This is an excellent observation. As I reflected on your post, I see how this is the case with my own interactions with this and other forums.. When I just sit back and read (as a lurker, that is what I usually do), I tend to reflect more on what is being said. As a participant in a thread, I sometimes find my focus is centered on what I will be saying next, rather than hearing what others are saying.
  2. This seems like a no brainier. But I doubt it will make it through the LDS legislature.
  3. sunstoned

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    2/3 of baptized members are inactive.
  4. sunstoned

    Review of Dehlin's "Truth Claims" Essays

    I agree. I think it is really bad form to post an essay and not list the author(s).
  5. sunstoned

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    In light of the fact that overwhelming most people who have anything to do with the church end up not attending, leaving or resigning, maybe it is not the people. Perhaps the church that needs to do some self evaluation.
  6. sunstoned

    Anybody remember seeing this?

    I give up. Google failed me on this one. I don't know what it is.
  7. My take on this is that there are logical, simple, and straight forward answers to the types of questions that you are referencing. The problem is (for the church) these answers are not anywhere close to being faith promoting.
  8. This has largely been my experience. As a seminary graduate, BYU graduate, returned missionary, and an active member for many decades, I do not remember ever hearing or being present in a lesson where multiple accounts or the first vision were discussed. The articles from the Ensign and BYU referenced in this thread do not go into much detail of the fundamental differences between these accounts. It is clear that this is information the church did not emphasize. It is not my place to attempt to assign a motive to this, but one thing is certain, and that is the church is now dealing with the consequences of being less that forthright in the presentations of it's history. Conversion numbers are down, and membership retention is a serious issue. Gone are the days when you could deal with uncomfortable issues by locking up an historical document, like the 1832 first vision account in your private safe. With the internet, the power of information is at everyone's fingertips. Fact checking can happen almost instantly.
  9. sunstoned

    Masonry essay on the church website

    Not to mention the 5 points of fellowship. This was a direct copy.
  10. The temple ceremony that my parents knew, and the vail that my mother was buried with, in accordance to the CHI has all changed.
  11. sunstoned

    A Spencer W. Kimball Quote on Blasphemy

    In general, I find this book full of these types of harsh judgments. It is very disturbing. I think I remember reading somewhere that SWK latter wished that he had used a softer tone in the book.
  12. I agree. Why would a church feel the need to involve itself in a mater of politics. I wish there was a better separation of church and state in Utah.
  13. sunstoned

    Temple Sealing Changes

    I believe this will be changed before too long.
  14. Suicide is tragic and complicated. With that said, I would not call the LBTGQ lifestyle very unstable.