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  1. I am sure this type of thing happens, but it has not been my experience.
  2. If she is the same person who has posted on Reddit, then there is much more to this story than was reported by the press.
  3. There should be no big brother. JS said to teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves. The modern church has forgotten that teaching. The leadership today is all about full control and blind obedience. You don't agree with a policy, the standard response is re-think and pray about it. then if you don't fall in line, the hammer falls. There is no wide tent. Sadly, with the modern church,you are either in lock step, or you are out. This is sad but true. What harm would there be if there is a professor at BYU-I that disagrees with one policy of the church? Really, what harm? Young people need to be introduced to critical thinking skills sooner or later. Young people are going to have to deal with ideas and opinions that are different than what they were taught when they were kids. This is part of a real education. The truth can withstand scrutiny. It is those who do not have the truth that are afraid and resistant to open discussion and honest scrutiny.
  4. You are not correct. Education is much more than finding a better job. To believe that is very short sided. Universities have been preserving and passing on the worlds knowledge from generation to generation for thousands of years. Education allows people to live a richer, fuller life. Yes, universities teach skills that give people an edge in the job market, but they are so much more. A prime example is the current occupant of the white house. A successful business person: yes. A educated person: not hardly. As an example, he has no clue with regards to American or world history. He thought Fredrick Douglas was a contemporary, He had no idea of why there was a civil war, and no idea of where Andrew Jackson fit in American history. Trump is a poster boy of why there is a need of higher education.
  5. I agree with all of the above. I might also add that there is really no established path from adjunct to full time faculty. In my experience, most adjuncts who have moved to full time employment did it by applying to a different school than what they were adjuncting at. The pay differences between senior administration and teaching faculty is huge.
  6. This is a straw man. Algebra is a hard science taught by all universities. What this professor did was disagree with a policy. This is a policy of the LDS church and as best as I can tell not a policy of BYU-I. Are both the same? No, they are not. BYU does not allow non-married students to live in non-approved housing. Is this a church policy, no. It is a university policy. The argument can be made that both are separate organizations. This professor expressed her belief. She also gave a disclaimer that these were her opinions only. She did not promote or teach these beliefs in her classrooms. This whole thing smacks of big brother.
  7. I think another good rule of thumb is to not mix your religion with your employment. This is not the first time something like this has happened. BYU has been under sanction by the American Association of University Professors for over ten years because of academic freedom issues.
  8. From the possible reasons listed in the article, these three seem to make the most sense to me: Some topics are so comprehensively covered online now that only the oldest and least Internet-savvy readers might actually buy books about them. Sociologists have noted a trend over the last few decades that suggests theology is not as important as it used to be in the minds of most American Christians. If Americans are fussed about religion at all (and a growing number aren’t), they are more concerned with behavior and political views than with orthodox belief. Mormonism is no longer a threat, because it’s growing far more slowly…..If Mormonism’s most promising areas of conversion are in West Africa rather than the western U.S., American evangelicals are not going to get terribly exercised about it.
  9. Does the Catholic church recognize many other denomination's baptisms? This is an honest question, because I really don't know.
  10. The LDS church took a hard stand on this. That's within their rights to do so. This is a free county and a private religious organization has the right to decide on their own path and their own rules. If they decide there is no place in the church for gay couples, or if they don't want the innocent children of Gay parents to be part of their organization, they can exclude them, regardless of what Jesus taught. That's their right. That is religious freedom. However, just like everyone else in this world, the church is free to choose its actions, but it cannot choose the consequences of those actions. Right now those consequences seem to be a PR nightmare and a hemorrhaging of members leaving. Especially, young members. It seems that what Dallin Oaks is having a problem with is not religious freedom, but the consequences of exercising that religious freedom.
  11. Using the old testament to support modern beliefs is fraught with problems. God and his prophets do not emerge from the OT on high ground. Genocide, rape, Murder of innocents, including women and children, turning a women into salt, killing Egyptian babies, screwing over Job, drowning innocent children and animals, God was a moral monster in the Old Testament. Is god a monster? No, I don't believe so. I don't believe god exists. What I believe is that the old testament was written by a ancient, nomadic tribe of goat hearers who used their version of god to justify their despicable actions and wars. If you quote the OT in support of anything: polygamy, infallibility of prophets, blood lines, chosen people or whatever, I will give back to you 10x verses of how god is a jerk and shouldn't be worshiped.
  12. four men and one bottle = one glass per person. Not even close to being drunk. Not even close to a buzz. Maybe enough to soften the reality that he was in a position that he probably would not survive. Regardless of how he got there. Regardless of how he thought things would turn out. At some point it became clear that he was heading for a fight and that the odds were against him. the Navuoo legion was not coming. No help was on the way. The tipping point came. The only thing between him and his death and the death of his brother and friends was a wooden cane and a six shot pistol. Against a mob armed with rifles. No chance at all. Joseph knew this. All his life he had bucked the odds. But somewhere in that day in Carthage it became clear to him that the miracles were over, and that he was alone and that he would not survive. Maybe that thought was a fleeting second, or maybe that was was hours of reflection. I don't know. It doesn't matter. When it came, he faced it, he fired his pistol in self defense, He gave the distress cry to those who covenanted to be his brothers. They did not hear. their ears were stopped up with hate. He died in a hale of bullets. He died standing on his feet defending his own. I don't know if he was a martyr. But I do know it was a good death and that he died bravely.
  13. God"s Army. this was a good representation of mission life.
  14. I agree. I was never a hat person, but my eyes are very sensitive, so I did were sun glasses, but I would take them off when speaking to a person face to face.
  15. White shirt, dark suit, sun glasses and hat. New Missionary look?