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  1. "Special invitation" , Pres. Nelson

    I call our former stake president and our former bishop (both live in my neighborhood) by their first names, and they call me by my first name. It all seems to be working just fine.
  2. Question of the bolded part. When you say now, are you referring to today or to a date range, say 100 years or so. The reason I ask is that the 20th century with its two world wars with over 50 million killed in WW2 alone dwarfs any of the conflicts of the 21st century so far. There has also been climate changes in human history such as the little ice age that occurred in 1645-1715. From my view, this day, right now, it the very best time to ever be alive on this planet.
  3. I read the NY Times article and came away with a different option. It was objective and listed his major accomplishments. The LGBTQ policies came out under his watch. They were listed as such.
  4. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    I believe that most, if not all people (who are not heavenly invested in the traditional narratives of the church) would find this extremely disturbing. That is why we have laws to prevent such abuse from happening. We have them now, and we had them back in 1830.
  5. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    How about Joseph's legal wife, Emma. Does her opinion matter?
  6. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    Let's not forget the lies and secrecy that surrounded JS's practice of polygamy. I personally believe that god does not operate in the shadows.
  7. It seems this might also be the thinking of the Q15 because they seem to be holding there current course, and listening to their lawyers, and making decisions which does not take into account social media or any of the issues that seems to be important to millennials.
  8. No, but it was published by the church. So are we to assume that church publications are just opinion? (I personally think so, but I double TBMs do).
  9. Then is the spirit confused? Because what was stated in this pamphlet in 1981 is direct contradiction to what is published today. It almost seems like church policy is being driven by outside pressures. That is okay with me because there needed to be a big course correction on this.
  10. Another Faith Crisis Letter

    This topic has been argued ad nauseam, and it is not worth a thread derail. My comment was in response to kiwi57 who equates no archaeological support to a ex-mormon rumor, which is complete hyperbole.
  11. Once again we see that great apologetic defense: ad hominem attack. You guys are so predicable.
  12. Another Faith Crisis Letter

    No archaeological support for the BoM is not a ex-mormon rumor. It is reality, and sometimes reality really bites. You just need to deal with it.
  13. Another Faith Crisis Letter

    I think the question for me how would we know if God spoke to the prophet or if the prophet was acting on his own? The priesthood restriction was supported by every prophet since BY. Was it from God or was it from men? It doesn't really matter as the result was the same: it was the doctrine of the church.