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  1. You can pound the table all you want counselor. I'm pounding the facts.😉
  2. You know what I think is deceptive? JFS cutting the first vision account out of a historical record and hiding it for thirty years because what was written by JS himself conflicted with the "official" first vision account. The church has practiced 100 years of deception when it comes to presenting its history and early doctrine. For years and years there was very little, if any mention of JS polyandry and little mention of his polygamy by the church. For years members were told not to read or study non-church approved materials, because the leaders knew what was being hidden. These are examples of deception. So maybe you should come off your high horse a little bit. Jeremy did nothing but shed light on many of these issues. Thinking adults who read the CES Letter have the option to research and vet what he is asserting. And that is where the big problem for the church is. The more someone researches, the more issues that are uncovered. No wonder Dallin Oaks is saying, research is not the answer.
  3. This issue with where Cumorah is and what evidence has been found or not found is just chapter one of the CES letter. There are sixteen chapters in the Letter. The amount and breath of issues that the letter presents is what is devastating to many.
  4. I have not read the CES Letter other than looking at its table of contents online. From discussions that I have read on other boards, it seems many in the post-mormon communities feel that chapter one is the weakest chapter, and that their are some places where Runnells presents his opinion as fact. It is also common knowledge that the letter has evolved and has expanded from the original letter that was sent to the CES Director. With that said, here can be no argument that it has, and continues to make an impact, and counter arguments from apologist do not seem to be as effective. There are many threads on Reddit that discuss the CES letter and how it is being used as a reverse missionary tool. I take anything from Reddit with a grain of salt, but the shear volume of discussions the CES Letter has generated is impressive. Apparently it is quite popular.
  5. My father's machine was much nicer than mine. I believe it was something his doctor/insurance got for him. It did have a timer set up that was separate from the Tens. It would run for a duration, then stop for a time, then start back up again. I don't know what the durations were, but I do know that at first he would use it once a week, but then later, he was on it every night. He had to sleep in a recliner to use it. The local chiropractor where I live had a machine that was a commercial version of what my father had. He put me one it once when I was having some real problems with my back. The electoral charge was more powerful and could be controlled much better than the over the counter version that I personally have. It really worked well. I went from hardly being able to walk, to walking without crutches within an hour. The Doctor said that he had a clientele of Rodeo riders that would use it because of their injuries.
  6. I experienced a back and hip injury in my teens. Sometimes when it flares up, to the point I can't get out of bed, I will use my Tens machine. It always helps to take the edge off of things. My father, who has now past experienced swelling in his lower legs for years. I forget what the diagnosis was, but it was serious enough that he was basically house ridden. He also used a Tens machine at night. It helped with the swelling and allowed him to sleep through the night.
  7. Sounds to me like it is YOU that went to sex first. Does he love her any less or differently just because he came out of the closet? Love and sex are two different things. Nothing Calm said had anything to do with sex.
  8. This is really sad. Sad that you said this, and sad that others had to read it. With opinions like this, it is no wonder so many feel there is no place for them in the church.
  9. Could you point out to me the revelation the elevated it to a commandment? I'm not interested in BYs opinion. Many of his opinions have turned out wrong. History has given us a very good example in the priesthood ban of what can happen when we make assumptions of what God thinks.
  10. I have been in three wards over the past thirty years (yes, I am old, and I live in Utah County). All the callings the my wife has received, and this includes Relief Society President, YW president, and multiple teaching callings, have started out with a phone call to me asking if it would be okay if they called my wife to such and such calling. As a husband and partner, this really offends me, and it greatly offends my my wife, who is a professor of technology at a mayor university. This is not the 18th century and we are not living in the Victoria era. If the church has a hope of stopping the hemorrhaging of members, particularity the millennials, then it needs to stop this antiquated practice.
  11. Classic. Don't address the content, just go after the messenger.
  12. Radio Free Mormon did a three part podcast on what he named the Pharisee Phenomenon. In it he points out that elder Oaks corrected some deacons for taking the sacrament with their left hand. https://radiofreemormon.org/2019/03/radio-free-mormon-059-the-pharisee-phenomenon-pt-1/
  13. I do understand that this practice is done with the best intentions. But it does bother many people. I believe it is an old school holdover from years ago when society imposed many more restrictions on women. Things have changed. Now, most families have two bread winners, the husband and wife. I believe that governance of the home should be equally shared as a partnership.
  14. This is one thing that always bothered me. I would be the first one the leaders would talk to when they wanted to give my wife a calling. When they wanted to give me a calling, they never called my wife first. I'm not sure where this practice came from, but I feel it is a little condescending to the women. I would always tell them, my wife is an adult, she manages her own schedule, you can talk to her directly.
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