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  1. And here I thought I was making a positive comment. Geez. My comment was alluding to the possibility that the recent slowing of church growth was possibly being artificially impacted by a one time resignation surge...which like the missionary surge, has come and gone and that now church grown can resume its projected growth trends unencumbered by this one time mass resignations event. How exactly could this be taken as a repellant, spiteful contemptuous comment smac? Dude, give me a break and cut me some slack ok
  2. For the vast majority of active members, the November policy was like water on the back of a duck...
  3. On the bright side...maybe those 60,000 resignations were kind of like the missionary surge. They had an immediate impact on artificially suppressing church growth numbers and now that they've all been purged from the church the church will once again show a substantial uptick in membership growth numbers. So maybe this is a positive...I guess we'll find out come April..
  4. The upside is that those 60,000 who resigned probably weren't the full tithing, church attending types, so in that sense did it really hurt the churches bottom line? But that's just conjecture on my part and I can't back that up with any stats to support it. Maybe it really did hurt the church to get rid of all of its inactive, non tithe paying, members in name only types.
  5. Ironic that this has come out. I had lunch with Mike Norton several years ago. I found him to be friendly, personable yet very focused in his conclusions regarding the church. As someone this board has felt to also call a critic, I personally disapprove of virtually everything Norton has done in using his disguises and secret cameras to circumvent church security in order to expose the temple endowment to the world. My feeling is he went way too far and lost the respect of many whom he might have other wise found as sympathetic.
  6. Johnnie Cake

    Modesty standards

    I’m all for LDS females wearing burka’s ... gotta remove all temptation snd impure thoughts and frankly burka’s do nothing for me
  7. So now Quinn is a believer hero? Talk about confirmation bias. If he’s a credible source on this ( which I believe he is) why would his other assertions not also be credible. Such as his assertion of priesthood power evolution and the non existence of an actual restoration of priesthood power
  8. Elder oaks married a post menopause woman. Surely marriage can be for companionship too, right?
  9. I’m a little buzzed just having exited my favorite SLC pub Beerhive but Amen brother
  10. Johnnie Cake

    Scrutinizing general conference

    My source would like to respond to a few misunderstandings. I take exception with this comment. I have not said anything derogatory about Dr. Wilkins at all. In fact, JonnieCake can attest to the fact that I made a point of filtering my public remarks from my private remarks to him, (yes I so attest) as I specifically didn't want to come across this way. So there is no misunderstanding, I am not "accusing" Wilkins of anything, certainly not anything that should be regarded in a negative way. Bro Wilkins was a good man. He had a great family who he loved dearly and was devoted to. In his career he was a brilliant scholar. I had and have nothing but respect and admiration for him. I thought the work he was doing overseas was awesome. His work went a long way to heal US relationships with the Islamic world, frankly. In the midst of a lot of chaos generated by both the right and left ends of the political spectrum he was a real force for good over there. I want to make it clear that I'm also not expressing disagreement with the proclamation. The TBM reaction over at MDD is that their holy writ is being trampled on by the anti-Mormon. No. As users around here can attest to, I'm not exactly a rainbow-flag-waiving liberal. Though disaffected from the church, there really isn't anything in the proclamation I find myself in strong disagreement with. I've never taken the time to really sit down and think about it with that kind of critical eye. I'm sure if I did I could find a few things to argue with, but I don't really care. None of the issues pertaining to the proclamation (LGBT, SSM, feminism, etc.) were part of my disaffection from the church. Upon becoming disaffected from the church my attitudes have softened/changed on some of these issues, but that was an effect rather than a cause. My issues with the church really just boil down to honesty and authority. Among the essay topics, Race/Priesthood is by far the most important one IMO. For the zillionth time, this isn't about whether Wilkins, specifically, or whoever else, authored the proclamation. It's about the fact that god didn't author it. Some group of men did. This is about the definition of the word "revelation" and how that definition keeps changing to accommodate/respond to the utter lack of revelation according to previously understood and accepted definitions of the word. I think we agree. Committee is what I'm claiming. (said it several times, even describing it as a modern-day council of nicea at one point) I have not said Wilkins was the sole author. I believe him to have been the primary author, but as stated, that can mean a lot of different things in terms of the mechanics of the process and specific language. Wilkins was the idea guy. He was the principle driving force behind all of these efforts to alter state-level constitutions to prevent SSM. He was directly involved in the amendment efforts in HI that passed in 98. He was a constitutional lawyer, this was his thing. Long before the proclamation.
  11. Johnnie Cake

    All Hail the Mods!

    Well the answer to the question of my favorite Mod is an easy one for me. Skylla. of course is my favorite Moderator, you are as far as I know, the only Mod who hasn't taken punitive action against me. I'm sure that on some level my admission of you being my Fav, will only come back to bite me and hurt you at your Mod social hours each Friday evening. PS: Please restore me to full membership status, I'm a good boy and deserving of your intersession on my behalf.
  12. Johnnie Cake

    Scrutinizing general conference

    No caginess intended. My source saw my post and asked that I take a step back from my statement, he didn't want anything over stated. He wanted me to make it clear that he was not a first hand witness that Wilkins authored the first drafts of the proclamation. He is only repeating what he heard Wilkins tell him in a personal one on one conversation. In that conversation Wilkins told my source that he wrote the PoF, my source wanted to make it clear that he is only sharing what Wilkins told him in that conversation. nothing more. He did not watch or see Wilkins write the PoF and in that sense my source in not a witness of Wilkins actually writing the PoF. He is only a witness of hearing Wilkins tell my source that he was the author.
  13. Johnnie Cake

    Scrutinizing general conference

    From Wilkin's mouth to my source's ear to me. Keep in mind that my source knew Wilkins personally and worked with him. * not at all Juliann, I would be stunned if you took anything I ever said as true, your bias' would prevent you from taking anything I said as true because it would not support your beliefs.
  14. Johnnie Cake

    Scrutinizing general conference

    My source has contacted me and asked that I correct what I have attributed to Wilkins. In my statement I stated that My source was a first hand witness that Wilkins authored the initial draft of the proclamation. This was not what my source is asserting. He asked that I correct the record. Please refer to his actual statement for an accurate statement of what exactly he is asserting. Thanks I want to make sure I only report the truth. This is what he is claiming: My Question to him: Are you saying that you had a one on one conversation with him (Wilkins) where in he personally told you that he wrote the Proclamation on the Family His Answer: Yes
  15. Johnnie Cake

    Scrutinizing general conference

    And when the Wilkins family release the rough drafts of the proclamation in Wilkins handwriting then what...you’ll apologize? That’ll be the day