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  1. You are not embarrassed by any of this? Whoa ok
  2. 01. Adolf Hitler <--- enough said 02. Baptizing Jews after agreeing to stop 03. Baptizing Native American Chiefs...an affront to native Americans (yes they will be offended) 04. Baptizing Bob Marley (an affront to Bob Marley fans :-) I'm embarrassed for the church...they won't baptize the children of a legally married gay couples but they'll baptize Adolf Hitler and worse yet seal him to his wife Eva Braun
  3. In a newly released leak, the temple ordinance records of several famous/infamous historical figures has been leaked. This one will cause a public relations uproar from the Jewish community not only because it contains famous Jews but also the temple work records of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. The names of Native American Indian Chiefs were also leaked. This is embarrassing for the church for so many reasons https://mormonleaks.io/newsroom/2017-02-21-mormonleaks-releases-records-documenting-temple-ordinances-of-seventeen-public-figures/ the church agreed to stop doing temple work for holocaust victims in 1991...and yet it continues http://www.jewishgen.org/InfoFiles/ldsagree.html
  4. Its all speculation and conjecture...
  5. Tecumseh was part of the local folklore...he was killed a mere 280 miles from Joseph's home town of Palmyra
  6. Did you not read what I posted? Tecumesh was the well known name of an area Indian Chief who had supported the British during the War of 1812.
  7. Tecumseh was the name of a well known Shawnee chief, leader of a First Nations confederacy, military leader in the War of 1812 (born c 1768 in south-central Ohio; died 5 October 1813 near Moraviantown, ON...that his name is associated with Moraviantown is also interesting given Holley's theory Too easy
  8. And what I found when I did my search was that apologist only used incorporated dates instead of when a village was first settled...to use a later map or dismiss a village because it was incorporated are both bogus methodologies in my opinion.
  9. I guess we have different definition's of what Debunked means then
  10. But Alma, West Virginia is there...in 1895 it's name was changed to Centerville, West Virginia
  11. When it comes to matters beyond earth, LDS prophets do not have a very good track record. Brigham Young believed that the Sun was inhabited...as silly as that seems. Joseph Smith claimed that the moon was occupied by a colony of Quakers According to Oliver Huntington: According to FAIR...this view was also held by Brigham Young as well as Hyrum Smith and Joseph Fielding Smith claimed that man would never walk on the moon A few years later, at a Honolulu stake conference in 1961, Elder Smith reiterated this idea, We will never get a man into space. This earth is man's sphere and it was never intended that he should get away from it. The moon is a superior planet to the earth and it was never intended that man should go there. You can write it down in your books that this will never happen. [2] According to Smith's grandson, Joseph Fielding McConkie, Elder Smith felt that travelling to other worlds and discovering that they had the same Savior would eliminate the need for faith: He reasoned that because the atonement that Christ worked out on this earth applies to all the creations of the Father, that our getting to other worlds and discovering that they had the same Savior and the same plan of salvation would dispense with the necessity of our accepting the gospel on the basis of faith"[3] Probably best to stick to their knitting here on earth
  12. I don't want to hijack this thread but Vern Holley Debunked? I don't think so. I have personally gone through period maps and found a majority of the village sites Holley names in his list. Which made me more than satisfied that he was onto something. What I also discovered was that the apologists who claimed to have debunked Holley used slight of hand (in my opinion) and were less than honest. So If I could do it why couldn't the apologists? Because they didn't want to? Had a motivation not to? I don't know...but I was certainly able to find the names in period maps from the 1820's Robert, I believe you have always been civil towards myself...however each of us should be open to correction when appropriate and I've just seen an increase in your use of pejoratives recently...which is uncharacteristic of you.
  13. In one of the studies I'm aware of Psychologists told a group of subjects that they were testing for a possibly fatal human enzyme deficiency that had been discovered on campus circulating among students. Subject were told to dip a strip of yellow test paper into small sample cup of the participants own saliva and within 20 seconds to place the test paper into an lab envelope. 50% of the subjects were told that the test paper would turn green if they did not have the deficiency or remain yellow if they did...while the other 50% were told that if the paper remained yellow they did not have the deficiency. What none of the participants knew was that the test paper was common yellow construction paper and had no test properties what so ever and that all of the tests strips would remain yellow. What was interesting in the study was the reaction of the participants. Those that believed that they did not have the deficiency followed the instructions, accepted the results and quickly placed their test strip in the envelope...while those who believed that they did have the enzyme deficiency did just the opposite...collectively they ignored the time guidelines and many continued to dip their test strip into their saliva or directly into their own mouths, while others used multiple test strip to repeatedly retest themselves...while others took additional test strips so that they could retest themselves after the study...what none of them did was also telling...none of them completed the task of placing the test strip in the envelope within the 20 second time limit as directed...refusing to accept the information that conflicted with their closely held belief despite information which confirmed their belief was in error. (at least as far as they were concerned) One of the protections that evolved into our human consciousness was this tendency to cling to our closely held beliefs...even when presented with information should cause us to alter our beliefs