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  1. While I don’t hold to the notion that these resent disasters forewarn the end of the world...I am moved by the devastations impact on the humans involved.
  2. Curious about cafeteria doctrines

    But I think the person who started it didn't have the proper credentials
  3. First Amendment protects God-given moral agency

    Thanks Scott...yes I can see where some of those points are under attack
  4. First Amendment protects God-given moral agency

    Scott...can you help me understand exactly which specific religious freedom is under assault and which specific belief do you personally hold that you can no longer believe in? I guess I ask because I am unaware of any religious freedom that is under attack...so I'm hoping that you can enlighten me. Thanks in advance.
  5. I was asked a question and I answered it honestly from my perspective...I am under no delusion that believers share my perspective...and I accept that you and others do not share my POV
  6. The church and its doctrines defined my life. Gave meaning and purpose to life itself. Gave hope and the promise of life after death and the promise of eternal life with my family. I believed in its promises to the core of my being. I was devastated and It broke my heart to learn that it was all a false promise built on a fraud.
  7. Standing before an Apostle does, at a meeting

    Interesting how this thread has evolved from showing respect by allowing GAs to stand before everyone else to whether LDS prophets are infallible...this board is schizophrenic
  8. I loved the church, loved serving in various leadership callings EQ Pres, bishopric, ym pres, high council...it wasn't until I concluded that it wasn't what I believed it to be that attending church became miserable
  9. I agree...I was an Uber TBM, fully active, temple going...until I wasn't...I had no pre conceived notion of ever leaving...the church was my life and gave it meaning...until it no longer did.
  10. The Church is growing so fast...

    You're wasting your time...as long as apologists can point to a single obscure reference in an article published by the church in 1993, they can always claim that the information was common knowledge that was widely disseminated and taught throughout the church.
  11. Church whitewashing and hiding history

    Is there a transcript of Ballards talk to the CES? Never mind I found it...but isn't this old news...Feb '16?
  12. Standing before an Apostle does, at a meeting

    I'm pretty sure Jesus demanded that He stand up before everyone else also...Right?
  13. Actually when I used the word "all" I was quoting you
  14. Your tongue is getting in the way of my cheek oh wait you're being serious?