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  1. Not all all...church member offer millions of hours of free labor for good and excellent causes...heck I've personally worked on many welfare farms though out my life...egg farm, orchards, weeding string beans on my hands and knees, hauling hay etc...not to mention the canning factory...which was fun volunteer work...all of these are amazing acts of loving charity...as are all of the very needed hours of volunteer work in disaster clean ups even when a yellow tee shirts emblazed with church PR imagery is included. This is all amazing work. But lets be honest here folks...there is a reason why the church wants those media moments...and its to piggy back on the good volunteer efforts of its members and to get some great PR from those efforts...nothing wrong with that...but lets not say that that isn't their reason by trying to claims its for other reasons when clearly it is not
  2. So...a simple yellow shirt WITHOUT all of the LDS Church Advertising emblazed all over that yellow shirt couldn't accomplish those "Practical Reasons"? No its very clear to anyone with eyes to see WHY these yellow shirts are covered with advertising for the LDS church...they seek to be seen for the good efforts of their members and receive the media attention and good will that accompanies doing so beings the church...and that's fine...it seems to be working...but lets not try to be in denial as to why this identification is put on these shirts...that's just ignoring reality. The LDS Branded tee shirts are fine...just don't be so dishonest as to why members are wearing branded tee shirts SIDE NOTE: I work for an organization that offers volunteer work opportunities for my community all the time...but they do it to create good will for our organization and provide community service...and yes when we do this work we sometimes wear a Branded Tee Shirt...but we KNOW what were getting in return for wearing that shirt and we're not trying to pass it off as anything but what it is...a opportunity to be associated with our good work , get media attention for our organization
  3. I completely agree. However there are some who would devalue the worth of an exmormon....for the mere fact that they have chosen to leave the church or think less of him. But I agree that no one's life should be discounted over the color of their religion.
  4. That's awful kind of you to say...I'm not leaving just going to take a break...but not until next week
  5. It is my opinion that true charity is given anonymously or without an underlying motivation for recognition and credit. You are free to disagree. If charity is the true love of Christ, then there is no need to be identified as anything other than a unidentified person who is part of a collective offering a helping hand. Honestly, Bernard Gui, 40 years ago...when the Teton Dam broke, yes I'm that old,...thousands of people from the Wasatch front left work and family to assist in the clean up...not a single person wore a yellow tee shirt. What has changed in the past 40 years to that the church now desires to be recognized for their collective organized efforts when it serves to benefit them and frankly that offends me. Sorry but that is how I see it. If they did not seek attention and recognition they wouldn't wear the shirts identifying volunteers as members of the church....and they could still provide the same service...but what they wouldn't receive is the same recognition and media attention plan and simple
  6. I try to avoid extreme characterizations or stereotypes when addressing members of the board...it's the same thing I do in other public situations when addressing any unique demographic. When you speak ill of critics and use broadly offensive terminology to describe me or anyone else whether or not it's directed to me or another board member with a similar POV it's offensive
  7. /r/exmormon??? How does /r/exmormon have anything to do with my post? And in all do respect...I took ownership of my post acknowledge that based on its outcome I oversold...so it is rather rude of you to be so snide
  8. So you condone using this kind of language when referring to other board members? Or should this language only be used when referring to those you disagree with?
  9. goaded,trolls,primary motivation, tear down,anti Mormons, bitter, naysaying, internal critics, hijack,morasses of negativity. And you have to wonder why I would find that offensive?
  10. Not gone just taking a break
  11. There is so much about this post that is just wrong and in bad faith. Imagine what would happen were I to make a post about believers using such negative offensive language...honestly this kind of negativity is what offends me
  12. For what is worth...I can honestly say that this board has had a positive influence on me. While I remain a non-believer in Mormonism...the board as currently constituted has motivated me to be more civil and has helped soften some of my rhetoric (evidentially that hasn't been your experience of my posts) I'm very grateful for this board and its current make up...I enjoy the banter and even the occasional jousts that take place. I enjoy being challenged and the fact what I post is not just taken at face value...and if you've ever read my posts you can see I'm not even afraid to admit when I'm wrong...anyway I just wanted you to know that the board seem just about perfect to me...and its not because my views are accepted...but that they're challenged and tested
  13. Give it a few days (if this post is directed my way) and I'll be gone...I'm already planning a break from MD&D
  14. See, I would honestly like to understand why you use the word "twisted" to describe my view on my OP. Is it because my views differ with yours? Was it due to my use of descriptor words that you found offensive? Was it the tone of my post? Honestly I would like to understand. Twisted to me suggests someone who is motivated by sick deviant behavior...is this how you view my participation on this board as sick deviant behavior? Please do tell...
  15. Yea I saw that but didn't want to point it out since they were in London to see her parents who are serving a LDS mission...and I didn't want anyone here to discount his death because of the fact that they are in a post Mormon lifestyle...but I did say they were post Mormon in my OP