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  1. Just to be clear...virtually EVERY plant and animal that human's have found beneficial for our use and chosen to breed and cultivate over the thousands of years history of doing so has had its original genetic makeup altered through the artificial selective breeding and or cultivation of human beings. GMO's is not a new trend...its a continuation of what humans have been doing to our food source for thousand's of years. Take for example our modern cow or modern wheat...both of which would be nearly unrecognizable from what humans originally found beneficial and began to alter through selective breading and cultivation....so your fellow parishioner...may need to be brought up to date that she has been eating GMO's her entire life.
  2. Just wanted to add that pretty much everything in this post is offensive...I don't know who exactly you are referring to in you post but I am unaware of a single poster that would meet the charged stereotypical descriptor language you are using to describe your cynical critic boogeyman
  3. This is a tough one...In all honesty, this comes off as a pre planed gotcha moment orchestrated by the parent...I mean who videos their child's testimony and then posts it on youtube? While I'm sympathetic for this young girl and feel that once she had started her "cough cough" testimony...It probably would have been better for both her and the church had the gentleman conducting the meeting merely let her finish and then stand up and say what he did...which I also though was quite appropriate. But hind sight is 20/20
  4. Well there is a solution juliann...ban everyone from the board who offers an opinion that disagrees with yours...
  5. good stuff...thanks for sharing
  6. Well that's the best I can do...wouldn't it be nice if the church disclosed this kind of information? But in west Africa those retention numbers are actually better than this at 62% leaving or retaining 38% https://mormonleaks.io/wiki/documents/8/81/Africa_West_Area_Overview.pdf
  7. The retention source comes from the article posted in the OP
  8. As a reminder, you first offered Martinich's study as "Your [My] Answer" to counter this statement of mine. I merely pointed out that he drew his conclusion by using data points from countries with widespread internet used and apply it to countries with limited internet use. Then you asked for a CFR with respect to this point: To which I provided a study that countered this point...and suggested that the internet has in fact impacted religion...are you now wanting to reframe the context of your CFR?
  9. Even more so with Mormonism...the culture is baked into the religion
  10. Here's what we know: 01. The percentage of growth that the church has historically grown by is in decline 02. The number of convert per missionary is in decline 03. The Number of births per member is in decline 04. The annual number of converts is in decline and trending downward 05. The activity rates of practicing members is in decline 06. Those that self identify as Mormon is in decline 07. Wards, branches, stakes and districts are consolidating throughout the world while the number of stakes and units has increased in some parts of the world, particularly in third world countries. 08. The Missionary force is in decline 09. The number of members per unit has increased and yet activity rates are down...suggesting a greater load to carry for home teachers/visiting teachers 10. Retention is at historic low...losing 75% of converts in the first year alone... All of these pressures, play into each of these trends. The trends do not at present speak of a healthy future for the church...If it were a business...it is on the same trend as Sears Roebuck, losing customers, closing locations and failing to address the core problems of why people are leaving vs an adaptive company like Amazon wish grown and moving into new markets daily. will it continue to grow, I have no doubt, but at a much slower pace. My question is what are these prophets, seers and revelators doing to address these trends? I'm sure they are aware of them and yet I see nothing that would suggest that they are doing anything other then going full stream ahead on their present course. The trend that the church is currently on is the complete opposite of what the prophesized narrative of the cut stone rolling forth promised... https://www.lds.org/ensign/2007/11/the-stone-cut-out-of-the-mountain?lang=eng https://www.lds.org/ensign/1976/05/the-stone-cut-without-hands?lang=eng
  11. This is Juliann's MO...she labels anyone whom she disagrees with a sexist, racist, xenophobic, child abuser, wife beater, ugly American, capitalist pig or misogynist.
  12. juliann...hate to break it to you...but we're both feminists...but I do have to ask why do you keep reading between the lines and seeing sexist or racist or ethnocentric attacks were none were made or intended? Again I'm guessing that says more about your sensitivities than it does about my choice of words As for your CFR...asked and answered...please reread my last several posts...I quoted Martinich's own words and shared my POV on where I believe he errored in drawing his conclusions by using apples and oranges to form the basis of his conclusion oh and lest you want a correction or not I always make an honest attempt to respond to CFR requests...your hyperbole not withstanding. oh btw...here's a article about a study that comes to an opposite conclusion than Martinich comes to...that access to the internet has directly impacted the growth of religion. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/526111/how-the-internet-is-taking-away-americas-religion/ it concludes that there is a direct correlation between people leaving organized religion and access to the internet link to actual paper http://allendowney.com/downey12religious.pdf
  13. But he is not saying "that across the board" he is drawing his conclusion from countries in which internet usage is widespread and then projecting that same result on countries without widespread usage. Please read his conclusion. And what ugly American BS are you referring to...I think again you're merely projecting your own biases on words I've never uttered...i have not brought up race or ethnic groups at all...that was you. I respect Martinich. His theory might be correct, perhaps access to internet has no barring what so ever on church growth...but help me understand how drawing a conclusion based on countries with widespread internet use has any correlation with those countries with limited internet use. juliann <---see I even spelled your name in lower case just like you do...out of respect...but just between me and you...what did I ever do to draw your ire? From my perspective you always have your claws out and are in attack mode...maybe that's just your modus operandi but gee whiz, I'm a nice guy, people like me (not necessarily on this board) I have lots of friends, even active LDS ones...bishops high councilers relief society and primary president...the salt of the earth members of the church...so why is it that we seem to always have this friction between us? im a pretty pragmatic guy with respect to my beliefs...hey I'll go were the evidence lays..,I'll even admit it when I'm wrong. with respect to the op...I looked at the situation and made some assumptions...could I be wrong of course I could...some posters have offered information that's makes me add other elements to my assumptions things I should also take into account...I'm open to that...but clearly, at least to me, lack of internet access in these western African nations would allow the church to control their narrative without a counter balance of alternative POV anyway you're a credit to your church...you never accept defeat...but a little dose of pragmatism never hurt anyone. cheers, Craig BTW, I'm Canadian...and no body's ever heard of an ugly Canadian
  14. Fair enough Juliann, you didn't draw a conclusion and yet you presented a link and quoted from Martinich's blog and presented it as "[my] answer". And when I provide quotes within that same study that conflict with your preferred reading then I'm accused of offering "no counter" and "persist[ing] in undocumented opinions despite having quoted directly from the very same study you provided the link to. Hello Mrs McFly...anybody home? Oh I'm guessing that you didn't even bother to read the case study in the link you provided because if you had you would have discovered that Martinich's conclusions were drawn from an assumption he made with respect to countries with "widespread" internet use...as Calms link showed those counties in Africa with an LDS missionary presence are not included in those countries with a widespread use or access to the internet...those western African countries have an internet penetration less than 5% of the population...but don't let the facts get in the way of your cherished beliefs.
  15. Its a classic tool of organizations who want to suppress examination of their claims to "other" those who offer alternatives to preferred narratives...