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  1. Mystery Meat

    Pres. Nelson Op Ed

    You must be a blast at parties...
  2. I think the answer and reality is a bit more nuanced. I think the model of Belong->Believe->Behave is quite noble and what we should be striving for in terms of how we treat people who are either not members of the Church or who are otherwise members, but not believing (in one degree or another). We treat them well. We are kind and compassionate. We don't make them feel ostracized. We love them and serve and include them. This is the ideal. But, what does it mean to belong? Should everyone be baptized? Should everyone be able to attend the temple? Should everyone be allowed to serve a mission? To me the answer to that is no. Covenants are not without meaning and importance. My sense is that some folks, particularly NOMs and similar types, would want to define belong to include the ability to be baptized and attend the temple regardless of their beliefs and/or behaviors. But as I believe (and I think the Church does too) covenants are more than just social or cultural niceties, I don't think they can be extended to those who do not believe and who are (at the very least) not trying to behave. There will be some who do not "belong" in the Celestial Kingdom in the next life. Certain levels of belief and behavior that are required. I guess when it comes to how we treat people, we should treat everyone as they belong and welcome to be counted among us. But not all blessings can be extended without meeting certain belief and behavior thresholds.
  3. Mystery Meat

    Scaling back Church pageants

    BYU Football is next.
  4. Mystery Meat

    Bill Reel’s Conference Predictions

    So take these for what they are worth (not much): I have heard the two hour block tests have been a mixed bag. The point is not supposed to be to simply have less church; they want the members to spend more time on Sunday serving, doing family history, studying, etc. As I understand it they are not happy with the results and Members have basically used it to get out of church obligations. I have actually heard from someone I trust that the endowment is going to be shortened. It is the one thing on here that gives me pause on the rest of this list. As it was explained to me a week ago, endowments have become a bit of bottleneck as far as ordinances go. It takes two hours to get a single name done per person, whereas with baptisms and sealings you can get 1 done per minute. I would not be surprised to see this change. Unless my source's source is actually...Bill Reel. I have heard nothing from my sources on the others. I have heard that changes are coming to the role of the bishop and the roles of the Elders Q. President and Relief Society President (essentially that the Bishop will have his responsibilities reduced and EQP and RSP will be given more). Should be an exciting weekend.
  5. Thanks for being here. Love your contributions.
  6. Thank you for this. I learned so much by reading this. Would love to hear your conversion story (assuming you are a Latter-day Saint).
  7. Mystery Meat

    Bill Reel announces he faces impending Bishop's Court

    He is too busy trying to feel superior to us dumb Mountain West Mormons who take themselves too seriously. The scriptures clearly say that the way to build Zion is to mock and belittle other members of the church if you recall. If only us stupid, Utah Mormons were as smart and savvy as our Mormon superiors in the Mission Field. If only...
  8. Mystery Meat

    Bill Reel announces he faces impending Bishop's Court

    I wish Bill the best of luck. Sadly, this was predictable.
  9. How about a window in between the Clerk's office and the Bishop's office? That way the Bishop's Secretary/Counselor could observe (or a parent if desired). This could balance the need for privacy while protecting the innocent.