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  1. The Church recently clarified to include Green Tea as well.
  2. Over the years I participated more actively on this board, I believe there were times I was too harsh, contentious and mean spirited, particularly towards those who have lost faith or left the Church altogether. I am alarmed by the amount of hate and its increasing prominence in our culture and society. I feel deep sense of shame for my contributions to that trend on this site and elsewhere. I sincerely hope you will forgive me for anytime I was dismissive, angry or even hostile toward you or your sincerely held beliefs no matter how different they are from mine. My hope is that we can all help start a trend towards peace and brotherly love for all no matter disagreements in opinion, belief or affiliation.
  3. I like this but on one condition: the Government can't be in the student loan business at all.
  4. I agree with this but I have not heard or seen a proposal by anyone that solves the underlying problems.
  5. This change would not have come if the Church did not think it did or would at some point in the future.
  6. This is great news. This will make it harder for the state to inflict the Church with its values.
  7. My thoughts on this briefly: For whatever reason, Latter-day Saints (at least in the US) can't seem to separate their politics from their faith. They want the former to have a prominent place in the latter. For a long time the politically conservative members of the Church did this by guilting and claiming some sort of divine approval of their politics thereby elevating them above those who dared vote democrat. In the past 10 years or so (basically since the election of Pres. Obama), it feels to me like those in our faith on the American left have been prone to inject their politics into the Church (SSM, Ordain Women, etc.). Folks on the American left love their protests, sit ins, and other public pressure campaigns to influence change. I say good for them. But many seem to want to use the same tactics to influence change in the Church. The problem is there is no scriptural precedent supporting this and there is a lot that doesn't. In short, God doesn't care if you are a R or a D. I think God cares very much when you bring your worldly politics, whatever they may be, into his divine kingdom.
  8. No further clarification is needed. It is straight forward. You have to want a different meaning other than the obvious one to twist its plain meaning and see ambiguity.
  9. Heterosexual man gets called in for fornication or adultery. He is sorry for his actions, vows to repent and accepts the will of the council as to his fate. Wants to be in good standing with the Church. vs. Homosexual man gets called in for engaging in sexual activity with another man regardless of legal marital status. He refuses to repent, does not view his actions as sinful and defied the Church and its position on homosexuality/SSM. Both are sinful. One will likely have a different outcome.
  10. I have yet to see any statement that they believe the policy was bad. You are projecting your thoughts and feelings onto them. Nor do I see a retraction that the policy did come via revelation.
  11. A long time. Eternity even.
  12. No, God never says, "Oops! My bad." But that doesn't mean he doesn't rescind or reverse or alter based on the wickedness of the children of men.
  13. Its not like there is no scriptural precedent...
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