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  1. As a father of one serving......I'm down with this!!! https://www.thechurchnews.com/global/2019-02-15/latter-day-saint-missionaries-can-now-call-text-home-weekly-first-presidency-announces-49001
  2. Combining the two quorums has gone really well and we have two instructors for lessons/discussions. One is a young Elder and one a seasoned HP so we have two different life perspectives which leads to some great discussions. Our most recent discussion was spirit filled and some great bonding occurred. I will say that I’m starting to see the occasional eye roll when Ministering is brought up as if to say, “ok, ok, we get it...” I did see a funny tweet that said that the Elders Quorum is longing for the days when lessons were less about Ministering and more about avoiding pornography. One thing I’ve noticed that’s really stood out to me is that we’ve had 3 Service projects since combining and if it weren’t for the High Priests in the Ward, folks would have been left high and dry. Another one is coming up and the only ones that have signed up are from the old HP group. Just an observation that I’ve made. And yes, Elders significantly out number HP’s in our ward.
  3. I will admit that whenever the opening hymn is “Rock of Ages” I’m tempted to begin it with “Unda Glieben Glauten Globen” just to spice things up a bit.
  4. This recently happened in our stake.
  5. Could sell them at Pinewood derby races. “Cookies!!! Get your coookkiiiesss!!!!!”
  6. It seems to make sense to change the name to fit the program more. Hoping President Nelson receives more revelation for the next conference so we can be done w/ this. And no, not just because the program has changed....just never have been a fan. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900017544/with-girls-joining-the-ranks-boy-scouts-plan-a-name-change.html
  7. So this is the rub....and again, I scream Hypocrisy with my post. I’m sure all of them contribute financially somehow to helping the poor if at least through fast offerings. They, I’m sure had a VERY long day and we’re probably longing for their bed. I have so doubt that they contribute a lot of their time to many causes to assist those in need but my struggle was this; here was the majority of the leadership of the Priesthood of God on the earth as we know it, walking past those who could stand to be healed of their infirmities. Why don’t we or why can’t we do that anymore? Why can’t/won’t we command someone to “take up thy bed” and walk? Or can we? I for one do not have the faith to try this.
  8. I’m glad this topic came up because I’ve been pondering it since an experience I had Just prior to General Conf. I already shared in another post that I was In Utah the week prior to conf on business and was in downtown SLC Thursday night. A training meeting had just let out from the JMB and a flood of General Authorities came out of the building heading to their hotels. As I previously mentioned, Elder Gong was one of them. I was In normal street clothes pretty much swimming up stream against the flow of blue and black suits and noticed that I was Passing about 3 to 4 people on the sidewalk asking for financial assistance. All were able bodied except one. One was an obvious handicapped man in a wheelchair that appeared partially blind. One young man came up to me and asked me for even some change and I turned him away and then it dawned on me what was occurring. (Yes, I’ve been to downtown SLC many times and Temple Square and I’m well aware of the homelessness and vagrancy in the area and the caution of scams as well. I assume there’s probably even instruction in place to be cautious of those asking for assistance.) Amongst all of this church leadership, no one was giving the time of day to those on the street that were in obvious need. Neither was I. My guilt overcame me and I quickly tracked down the man and gave him a couple of dollars and he was very appreciative. That night I ponderd As to why the brethren didn’t do more. Yes, I was Judging. I was Also lumping myself in there. Why couldn’t one of them use the Priesthood and heal the man in the wheelchair. I’m sure Christ would have. Why didn’t I or Why couldn’t I ? I hold the same Priesthood. I know If I would Have taken him by the hand and said with all of my faith arise and be healed, nothing would have happened and all of those General Authorities would have been saying “glad I didnt try that!”. So, do miracles like this happen anymore? I certainly Don’t see them happening if we’re not even paying attention to stopping to even see if someone needs help. Just some thoughts I had. Sorry for the ramble.
  9. Our ward: Pres: HP, 1st: E, 2nd: HP, Sec: E I know of at least two other wards in our stake that have HP’s as President.
  10. Our stake has all of the new presidencies in place as of this afternoon, called, sustained, set apart and entered into MLS. All of the new presidencies are to have any secretary and instructor changes completed by end of business next Sunday the 15th.
  11. Several years ago, I was ordained a High Priest. One day, flippantly, I made a comment to my wife that basically went something like this...."you know what the best thing about being ordained a High Priest is? Not being called as an Elders Quorum President again." Well guess who was called as the EQ President last night. Well played President Nelson....well played.
  12. I was Touched by the look on President Nelson’s face each time the camera showed him. He indeed looked humbled by the sustaining votes. I received MY witness today.
  13. Take this for what it’s worth but it did happen.... This week I was In SLC on business. I went Downtown Thursday evening and around 7:30pm a meeting ended at the JMB and all of the visiting General Authorities came pouring out of the building and started making their way to their hotel. I saw Several faces I recognized and one in particular stood out to me and I thought To myself, “he seems to be beaming”. I arrived home yesterday and I told My son about this. Later I looked up all of the General authorities trying to find a picture of this man and i couldn’t find it. Today, I recognized him. It was Elder Gong and I will ALWAYS remember how I saw him that Thursday. Who knows if he had been called by then, but there was a difference in his face amongst all of the others around him. Pretty cool experience.
  14. ElPatron

    April Conf.

    Not sure where to post this so I’ll park it here. Has anyone heard if the upcoming General Conferance will officially be a Solemn Assembly AND has anyone heard that there will be a special announcement? Announcement other then a new prophet and new apostles and change to HT and girls camps and all the other announcements that have recently occurred.
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