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  1. I hate MLM.  Every one has a brother or sister-in-law who does this kind of thing or comes to you with every new diet, health food,  supplements, essential oils, etc. as a know it all.  They are in my family.  If you tell one of your family no once, it will never happen again.  Word gets out.  The same thing happens if you turn a family member down to loan them money.  No one in the family will ask again.  

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  2. My daughter does indeed have Crohn`s Disease and has been on oral corticosteroids for about 5 days.  She is starting to do much better. Her garments had come off because of the diarrhea and bloating.  At least she wore them yesterday.  Some of the positive blessings such as being diagnosed early and being at home instead of school or a mission have been brought up by her.  What is surprising is how badly she wants to go on a mission, but how little she is doing as far as reading the scriptures or praying.  We were going to take her to do initiatory work, but she declined to go with us.  She is meeting with the stake president tomorrow.  We are hoping that helps.  Her name is on the temple roll and we pray for her all the time.  She is a pretty petulant child right now.  

    My wife had surgery 10 days ago, so I am the “healthy” one right now.  August was a rotten month for me.  Here’s to September being an improvement.  

  3. Never boring around my house.  My daughter was waiting to go into the MTC in mid-November.  She has had abdominal problems and diarrhea for about 6-8 weeks.  Right after she got her call they developed.  The work up is pointing to inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn`s or Ulcerative Colitis.  A colonoscopy is scheduled for Wednesday morning.  She is wondering why God would call her on a mission and then let her get sick.  We don’t know if she can go on a mission or not given the circumstances.  Certainly not a country without good medical care.  So we are praying and she got a blessing tonite.  

  4. As a WML I see many missionaries.  That had their district meetings at my house as an example.  There are many that are overweight.  The problem, especially for the sisters (in my experience) is that they go to the doctor often.  They just seem to be sick more, like ten doctors visits in eight weeks.  Mental health problems are more prominent than overweight problems though.  I wish I had a dime for every time the word anxiety and missionary were used in the same sentence.  

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  5. My wife is teaching early morning seminary for the second year.  They were asked last year to give a summary and recommendation for all of their students applying to BYU schools.  They seem to have to give that response in October or November.  Being their first year, they didn’t always know how good of a student they were and they were acting fine at the time.  Several girls started acting very snotty and goofing off after their recommendations were done.  She called BYU in January to ask if she could change recommendations and was told that she could.  She then had a talk with the students and their parents.  The families handled it differently with most very embarrassed by their kids behavior. One gave a bunch of excuses.  My wife got high marks from her students and loves them.  She doesn’t want to give any a bad recommendation, but she almost did.  

    My own pet peeve is kids becoming inactive at a Church school.  My oldest son did that and I told him he should withdraw and we spoke to the elders quorum president about his inactivity.  He still graduated so I am assuming the bishop let it go.  I also assume that their education costs 30 to 40 thousand per year, perhaps 90 percent subsidized.  My youngest daughter had four roommates go inactive the second semester.  She would show up with her other roommate to church and  family night.  No guarantees after you graduate about your behavior or even a mission for that matter.  It is not right to continue going to a Church school with a poor attitude or inactivity and I think the Church has a right to try and get the kids who will be the most successful in helping to prepare the earth for Jesus second coming and gathering scattered  Israel.  The argument here probably comes down to how those kids can be chosen.  My BYU education was a real blessing for me and helped immensely in getting my.graduate education.  

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  6. I really enjoyed this talk.  The same with most of the articles or podcasts I hear and  the Living Faith series of books they have published with Deseret.  Its a different intellectual exercise with the Maxwell Insitute now.  There aren't defenses of the faith in classic FARMS like manner.  Hope and faith are explored in an intellectual atmosphere.  It seems similar to the Joseph Smith Papers.  Apologetics is still useful and there is a place for them.  Hopefully the old links to FARMS material will be restored to be more available.  I guess I like my old cake and my new cake.  I eat both of them.  

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  7. I only have my stake and the missionaries that serve in my area to go from.  It seems like about 75% of those returning home early are for medical reasons.  The medical reason in the majority of cases is for mental health.  I too hear about anxiety over and over again among the missionaries.  I think some of the anxiety and depression is probably medical or familial.  15-20% of the population has depression and anxiety severely enough that they need treatment with medication.  How much of this depression/anxiety is situational or reactionary in nature?  In other words not what would be typically considered medical.  How much of this is preventable or could be prepared for?  My experience among the sisters serving around in our area is that about 1 in 6 is returning home early.  The better that they are treated and reintegrated into the ward, the better they seem to do over time.  Specifically, a calling as soon as possible.  

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  8. Here are some of my ideas.

    Secularization of developed countries.  Sort of Science is our God.  Equality for all no matter the cost or damage to society. Deterioration of marriage and morals leads to a weakened society.  Pornography and sexualization of vulnerable people.  

    Reluctance to address Church History in the 80`s.  All the issues that trouble people history wise existed then.  There was much more work and cost in obtaining historical information.  We had historians who were faithful and trying to get the message out.  Seer stones are easier to hear about as a child than as a thirty year old.  We probably had some higher growth rates than if we had been educating people within the Church and at least to some extent investigators.  Knowing what level and which information to provide is a challenge with many issues being controversial and not straightforward.  Now we have to provide information because our youth will look things up either way.  

    Missionary program not as effective as it could have been.  Still glad I went and feel blessed to have done so.  I also had the trust of my mission president and many less rules.  The changes that President Nelson has made and directions we may be heading seem very promising. 

    Reactions to those who reject the Church.  Very difficult and it is truly hard to just be loving and accepting.  In the end only unconditional love and acceptance of someone’s choices can have the power to bring them back.  There usually isn’t something we could have said or done differently to make someone change the road they want to go on.  Resignations make growth look smaller than it really is  and none of us really knows how many resignations there are.  


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  9. I swear that they said that the stake president and bishops hold the keys to missionary work in their areas.  I listened to that portion of the broadcast again.  No, we don't have the keys over the missionaries and I think they can perform a baptism in an area without approval of the stake president or bishop.  They probably shouldn`t and wouldn't do so.  The presidency also said that there should be a dedicated ward mission leader in every ward and branch, not an elders quorum counselor that acts as the ward mission leader.  You can see where this is all confusing.  

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  10. I live in the Northwest.  The Northwest and West Area Presidency just had a broadcast that I am listening to right this very moment. We really are isolated from the missionaries.  There is quite a bit of talk about working together, seeing new investigators within 48 hours of their first contact (bishopric or someone from the ward), and that the stake and wards hold the keys to missionary work.  The problem that I see is that we don’t hold the keys over the missionaries.  Throw in having two transfers in a row where missionaries went home for personal/medical/mental issues, differing levels of work on the missionaries part and we have trust issues with the missionaries.  I really can`t get into more details, but there is a real rupture between the members and the missionaries.  I hear about it in many areas.  Others do fine.  The better the quality of the missionary and the more they know the members the better I think it goes.  

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  11. Ward just split.  New ward at least 20 percent smaller than the last.  Released from the bishopric to become the ward mission leader by the same bishop.  Working with the missionaries has gotten harder through time.  Twenty years ago we were supposed to feed the missionaries to help keep down costs, then only if an investigator is present and now never since they are supposed to be “finding” between 5-730pm.  The members really don’t know the missionaries.  Honestly, I think we have just gotten used to them not being in our homes.  They are supposed to be going to members homes between 8-9 to fellowship with them.  A lot of other rules exist  that aren’t in the handbook, but seem to be mission specific.  Maybe the new handbook will have some updates.  I want to have a better attitude, but I am dreading being the ward mission leader.  I may end up being the second counselor in the Elders quorum as we don’t have enough priesthood to fill all of the callings and so would do both callings which is kind of like having the counselor in the Elders quorum doing the WML job.  

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  12. That video is awful.  I watched her former attorney Craig Vernon`s video on his practice website.  I don’t care much for him either.  Mike, McKenna and Mr Vernon have all decided beforehand that we as a. Church are guilty of everything they allude to.  The word doesn’t get to wait until all of the facts come out.  This all argues against coming to an opinion quickly and using media to suit one`s motives. 

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  13. No, it is not okay to have this, whether Ms Denison is really having to go through this or made it up.  This is all nasty business.  The next expected step would be for MormonStories to make this into a podcast where either the Church is having the Danites carry this out or covering up for the perpetrator.   Because the Church knows all the things that every member has ever done wrong. 

    Ms. Denison is also sitting out in a congregation filming when a person does a hit piece on a sexual abuser during testimony meeting.   

    Recently, Sterling Van Wagenen`s victim came on MormonStories and they called it a coverup by the LDS Church.  It actually seems to me that the Church system worked.  The Bishop found out about it, required that it be reported to the police, parents opted not to press charges, he was disfellowshipped.  The level of abuse is in question and he apparently abused other children later.   It`s a very sad story.  The victim doesn’t feel supported enough or receive counseling from the Church.  They didnt`t ask him to give his side of the story when the event happened (something probably many parents would want to avoid for their child).  I don’t know what the Church is supposed to do.  These are complicated stories with contradictions and possible manipulation for potential gain.  This is all my opinion, but the trial by court of public opinion is getting old.

  14. LisaAlu,

    I am that counselor that we try to get to renew your temple recommend in my ward.  Two of my kids have stopped going to church and one is getting a divorce.  My two younger ones are doing well at this point.  I think it is fine to say that you need more time or that you don’t feel ready right now.  You probably have to decide whether you want to then follow up with the bishop.  We try to respect people needing space.  There are worse things then drinking, but it does hinder the spirit.  

    I don’t think we ever know when our children are truly lost.  God loves them and loves you.  Our bishop is the most loving man around and honestly that is how bishops have treated me for the last 57 years.  The path and life does seem to go easier when we live the commandments, even though we don’t live them perfectly.  I certainly have my faults, but for me the WoW has not been one of them.  My children are good people/descent human beings.  We don’t know their path or what happens in the spirit world when we get there.  Make sure that you are doing the basics like reading the scriptures and praying morning and night.  Come Follow Me has been great for me.  This will help you feel the spirit and be able to be strengthened.  None of us actually knows how this is all works after this life, but I testify that Christ is real and that through his powerful atonement, we will all be made whole.  

    I really respect your being real and sincere, even if it is anonymous.  I hope you and your husband will feel His love as you find your way.  

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