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  1. In my ward I think the changes will really be helpful. We have a huge primary and not so many older couples. The primary likes having men in the cub scouts and they and all of the YM/YW have their activities on the same night. If men go to primary to work it takes two or a couple. If an Elders quorum, High Priest Group, Bishopric, Young Men’s, and Sunday School are functioning with all the counselors, secretaries and clerks, then it is very challenging to staff a ward. We tend to have about 3-4 men as High Councilman or in stake leadership positions. Similar with women. PEC has never been used the way we would like, especially since the women aren’t there every week. The emphasis in our ward and stake has been about ministering and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have four recent converts getting ready to go to the temple. Preparing them was a months worth of talks in Sacrament Meeting and meeting with them individually to go over in details what to expect. It has been very good. Our activity has gone up the last year. We do have some inactive or slightly inactive Melchizedek priesthood holders. It has been about doubts or having a faith crisis for about 5-6 of them. They were coming to church regularly a few years ago. We just try to love them and not make a project out of them. I found the Spirit confirming that these changes will benefit our ward in my position as a 1st Counselor. I think more will come with President Nelson in the helm. We are having struggles in the Church. I am not going to deny it. The thought of abuse just turns my stomach for example. I have seen enough false allegations and convoluted situations that I wait to pass judgement till the facts are in In the situation of divorces there are all kinds of things said and implied. I was the home teacher for two divorces within the last five years. I did go most months and reported what I thought were tense situations. There was a neighbor of mine who I am pretty was cheating on his wife. A friend of mine saw him with another woman. He wouldn’t come in for an interview. When he did was adamant that he was not cheating on his wife. We investigated the best we could, but it is very hard to do that within the context of being a lay leader. Support and love was given to the wife, who was also having struggles. I know the Lord expects better from us, but we often fail him. As a member of a Bishopric we reach out and have helped people who have done wrong. Sometimes making those who they hurt or offended mad that we ministered to them. This is often within the context of an ex spouse in a nearby ward. I wish this were all different, but it is to all that we are trying to minister to. Best Easter to all of you.
  2. Yes, the Holy Day falls on April First this year. It is still Holy despite it being on April 1st. Nice to see that the founder of MormonLeaks has as sense of humor. Don Bradly has a book coming out about the 116 pages. There is also an interview he did on LdsPersceptives podcast that is quite insightful. I have all kinds of opinions about MormonLeaks that I am just going to leave alone for today.
  3. This is all just sickening. Sexual allegations are all too common. It has been an issue with adultery in my ward since I have been in the bishopric. Unless the ward starts collecting statements and people to interview like the police, it can become she said/he said. We had a nonmember telling one of the bishopric about the situation. She wasn’t willing to have her named used or testify in any type of council. It has been very hard to hold the brother responsible. I am in no way comparing it to the incident. Just that it is too common and hard for the Church to know how to be involved and gather information. He doesn’t come to church, so the accused is not serving and by no means given a pass. He is not a noble person, but is adamant in his denials. He is separated and probably divorce eventually. I don’t think any one is condoning what seemed to have happened in the MTC, but wondering if it was handled correctly. We may have to wait for the process to work out to know the facts. It does seem like MormonLeaks tries to embarrass and cause dissension as much as possible. I get the impression that people find them noble in this case.. They haven’t been that way (noble) in the past, so it is hard to see them as any thing but trouble makers, IMO.
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