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  1. The debate and doubts LDS and young people seem to have is about whether God even exists or not. An argument for why people of faith should work together and not argue too much over Calvinism or other points of theology.
  2. I have listened to Gina off and on for years. She has some pretty good guests. In my opinion, she has always been combative, negative, condemning and sometimes just mean about the Church. I have wondered how she could stay in the Church with those kind of attitudes. I didn’t know about her accepting baptism in another church. Her experiences have been profoundly positive in the Church, especially when she was growing up. I want there to be a place for all kinds of people in the Church, but where is the line where it goes too far. Gina crossed that line in my mind. Bill Reel did not cross that line at first, then he got more and more negative. Then he crossed the line. Same with John Dehlin. It seems like people in their situation are trying to push that line to see how far they can go. Then they act surprised and angry. Then ther is the negative publicity, which seems to be what they really want. The liberal crowd argue that the Church enforcing some kind of boundary is not helpful and does more harm than good. I think that we should all try to be tolerant of a wide number of beliefs and opinions, especially if they are personal and not publicized or taught in Church. Publicizing and teaching in Church raise the bar for me in what I expect people to say. In Church I expect building faith and fellowship. When a person leads others away, that is particularly egregious and needs to be enforced. I blame John Dehlin and Kate Kelly for at least part of my older kids leaving the Church. That is probably a whole other debate and I will decline into getting into that in further detail.
  3. Jerry Ray, I am sorry to hear that. It is hard to face these situations. You are doing so with a very good spirit and example. Thanks for commenting and I wish you the best.
  4. I listened to about 40 minutes at work when I had a chance. He sounds very devoted to the Church, Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith as important, spiritual sources of truth. He seems to say that the Book of Abraham and to some extent the BOM are apocryphal, but truthful witnesses of the gospel. If you have read his book, you know that it is nuanced, but he is an intellectual that has made the Church still work for him. Then his daughter came out as gay. That added to the November policy pushed him to a point where he can no longer support the Church. I think he made the analogy of still believing that the Kingdom of God is relevant, but the Church has some real problems. I really like him and I didn't listen to all of it. Having seen John Dehlin, it could be a many hour interview. Its still hard not to like David and its kind of like someone breaking up with you, but with the nicest manner ever. In other words his relationship with the Church is ruptured or changed with these issues, but as cordial as possible. .
  5. Thanks every one. Didn’t think about it too much today, so it was a good day. Right now I am not planning on telling my children for a bit. We will see any of that changes. There are some good treatments coming out and if my chromosome studies are not aggressive, I may not need treatment for awhile.
  6. Tuesday the oncologist called to tell me that I have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL. It was found during my annual physical. He says it is slow and many people live quite awhile. I am much younger than most patients are when they are diagnosed. The 5 year survival rate is 83%. The average life expectancy is 12 years for someone my age (56). My wife isn't taking it real well and my older kids mother died of cancer at age 31. I haven't told my four children or the rest of my family. There are a number of new treatments and reasons to be hopeful. Probably the hardest part of all of it is the unknown. I am not the most well known person around here. I read much more than I ever contribute. Partially out of time commitments. I have been in the bishopric for a year now. Lots of things might be changing. Thanks for listening.
  7. We have had several brethren be primary pianists. I think there is some wide variance of callings someone can do. Heck I have done a bunch. I like some more than others, but try to do the best I can. I have been in stake callings where there wasn’t much to do. Sometimes we have been happy just to have an organist-man or woman. Some people will not accept any calling and that can be tough on a ward.
  8. 1/9 is my count. I have seen a few come home a few months early, like 2-4, which I didn’t count. This is for two wards I know about.
  9. All threads concerning the validity of Joseph Smith seem to come down to polygamy and that one of them was 14 years old. That can be said in a quick statement. That 14 year old was Helen Mar Kimball and her story is much more complicated than that sentence. When people hear this about this 14 year old, they assume he had sex with her or at least that is the implication. Never mind that there is not much evidence that intercourse ever happened or that Heber C Kimball approached Joseph Smith. Helen`s devoted her life to the Church and her son became an apostle (Orson Whitney). That can`t be packed into a little blurb. Richard Bushman gives the strong opinion that Joseph Smiths polygamy does not invalidate all of his other life’s work. Yet its an obstacle. So what are we to do? Millennials have a short attention span and they can`t bother with newspapers or extensive research. Terryl Givens laments that he has to do podcasts to get his work out as many will not be exposed to his work otherwise. There does need to be a compact, hard hitting response to the CES Letter. Entertaining, detailed and readability are paramount for the response. The fact that the CES Letter speaks so well to millennials does point to Rummel`s success and ingenuity. Maybe another millennial with the chops can craft the response. The CES Letter is not going away, as much as I wish it would.
  10. This has always been interesting to me. The arguments go back and forth. There does seem to be some heart benefits of a slight amount of wine every day. I think other food substances may be able to do the same thing. I think that we like studies that “prove” what we believe about the Word of Wisdom. There will be other articles claiming the benefits of alcohol or coffee. I think you abstain from these because of your faith in God. If there are health benefits, then that is a bonus, but not the only reason to keep the commandment. Also, not a good reason to change what one consumes. Science is trying to define issues like this, but it is far from proven for many, many issues, including alcohol.
  11. This is the coming home and leaving time of year. We have had four come home and two leave this summer from our ward so far. We have two more coming home in two weeks. It would probably help to compare October to October. I don't know what the real number would be and maybe it is dropping comparatively, but a good number of people are moving around the board in the summer. My son came home on July 7th. I do think the number of sisters serving is going up, but I don't know what that number is.
  12. I purchased the streaming, which I usually do. It made me make a new account because I couldn't remember the old one. There are parts that have the same information, so it wouldn't take my email and keeps trying to change it, when I login to correct it. I have tried to contact FairMormon. It says I haven't filled out each field (even though I have). There is no phone or direct email that I could write, so I don't know what to do. They have been sending me the newsletter/blog for years, so they should know how I am. Any ideas?
  13. I have found myself not feeling like I should have to respond ad nauseam to negative ideas. Most of the time I don’t post then. With Bill, like most critics, the answer is long and detailed. I’ll take two items though. The Church as an abusive parent. I find that there have been issues with the Church, but by and far very nourishing and supportive. Helen Mar Kimball. 14 year old wife of Joseph Smith. Helen Mar Kimballs story is far more complex than the one liner about how terrible Joseph was. Not a bunch of evidence about sex, etc.
  14. Convert from Ohio originally. Quite a story actually. So not your typical Utahan.
  15. When Bill first started, I really liked his podcast. They have just gotten more and more negative. I remember defending him on this board and a number disagreed with me. As I recall, he is a wolf in sheeps clothing and he will eventually be out of the Church one way or the other is what I heard. There are plenty of times I have disagreed with his conclusions. He will yell over you and is never wrong. Bill seems to only choose the negative, the most extreme cases. Historical analysis requires balance. Something John Turner does pretty well. Even if I don't agree with everything John Turner says. Hopefully, Bill finds peace. He has been pushing the envelope of excommunication for years. Surprised it took this long.
  16. I don't think we can totally avoid these confrontations. There is a portion of the population that is going to shout out loud on FaceBook, Yelp, HealthGrades when things don't go the way they want. My parents told me that they were always going to believe the teacher over me so to not to complain. I think plenty of times the teacher was wrong, but I learned to live with life not being fair. My guess is that if this Sister, who probably has many wonderful qualities and her justifications, had gone back with her husband that it could have calmly been worked out. If the stake president was still unreasonable, I would have asked if I could get an appt with the area general authority. Otherwise, this sounds like another black eye on the Church and a future MormonStories/MormonDIscussionsPodcast episode. Breastfeeding is good. Some reasonable modesty while breastfeeding also seems good.
  17. There are medical explanations of near death experiences. For example neurons as they are starved of oxygen start firing up many impulses that can bring back memories. The posterior cortex of the cerebrum has the effect of a tunnel as it is again starved. Having said that, I don’t think all of the physiologic effects explain all details of NDE. There are some religious and national contexts for an individuals NDE that are found. I think some are made up. I had the experience of having my first wife appear to me during a surgery that was pretty serious. I wasn’t starved of oxygen that I know of, but it sure seemed real to me and still does. I have read quite a NDEs and the most profound one I read was by Eben Alexander, MD about his own. His is interesting in that it wasn`t an anoxic (lack of oxygen) circumstance. I knew he and his father. They were very serious people, both neurosurgeons.
  18. I am the one asking the TR questions and I have some questions about history and doctrine that I haven't quite answered completely in my head. I think if someone started asking about the nuances of the question I am asking, I would probably just clarify that unless there is some type of sin, it is ok to have some beliefs that you are unsure about. That would include the fact that thinking about them in your head is different than teaching them in front of a class.
  19. This was one of the funniest and truest posts I’ve read on this board.
  20. People have wanted to take their service animal into the operating room during surgery. I actually think that certified service animals allowed in certain areas is useful and permitable. Airlines have had huge problems with people showing up with all kinds of service animals. Even a large 1100 pound pig and an emu. Nothing surprises me any more, even if I have a sympathy for those with service animals.
  21. Unfortunately, medication also can seem to effect the ability to feel the Spirit. At the very least effects how we feel or cognate.
  22. I have used IdentityGuard. Had pretty good luck. First thing is to get a credit report and go through it line by line. You probably know that. I think all the services protect you going forward. Fixing the past is a bunch of work and letters. I think you have to report it to your local police. They help you and you need a case number to help get some of these accounts off of your SSN.
  23. I figured since I know myself they would be unfounded. Is that okay? I can’t say the term unfounded accusations? I have had personal knowledge about a number of cases where someone has been accused of sexual abuse. Several of those were verified by a physician as not having been sexually abused. I don’t even want to start talking about couples going through a divorce and the accusations that fly back and forth. No one wants there to be abuse. The ends we have to go to seem severe. Missionaries can’t hold small children. Not even for a poor mom struggling with several kids. My main point was that the policy has put many wards in an untenable position.
  24. Our stake president said for primary only. We have one of the more active wards in our stake and we don't have enough people to man all of the classrooms two deep. Summer is even worse. This is even with some brethren freed up by the combined priesthood quorums. If forced to followup this, we are going to have much larger classes. I don't see any way around it. The practicality of the policy in our ward is a disaster for the bishopric. Life has gotten so complicated. It wasn't that long ago that I taught sunbeams by myself. Now that would never, ever happen and yes some of that would be to protect me from unfounded accusations.
  25. At some point, even if in the distant past, the business operations originated from tithing. Maybe your question is whether recent tithing dollars were used. Tithing probably is the main cash flow, perhaps tithing money is put in escrow to pay for immediate corporate needs until corporate revenues can cover the tithing dollars. I don't know. I want the money to be used wisely. I think the Church does. I wish the US Government did as well as the Church does. Quinn`s recent book puts a lot of this discussion in perspective. How about that as a possible thread topic. "The Church uses their money wisely." You would never make any progressive LDS happy with releasing all of the expenditures. After all, we have our agendas, including me.
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