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  1. He is an egotistical, self-centered glory hound. Generally a bad guy (my interpretation). I have had church leaders that I did not like, but I generally didn`t think of them as bad, sinful people. Personality disorders-certainly. Ms. Denson is tainted also, in this recorded conversation and in her past. He was in a trusted position, much like a physician or therapist. If she was broken, he was there to help, not hurt. I would hope we can learn how to prevent this from happening in the future. What actually happened? I don`t know. Is it a mess? Yes. Does it apply to abuse happening on a huge scale, especially by talking about sexual sin in youth interviews? No. I look forward to changes in youth interviews and format. Though, as my teenage daughter said last night, “I`m not going to talk about my sins in front of my parents. That needs to be one on one with the bishop.”
  2. Yes, the money would always be spent on something better than settling lawsuits. Any organization has to pay out settlements. I had a claim for workmen`s compensation for a shoulder injury that supposedly happened at my office. It was not reported to me by her manager. All of a sudden I was told she needed shoulder surgery and wanted to keep her job. Not that she was claiming she got the injury at our office We worked with her to try and keep her job for six months. That meant trying to hire part-time and temp employees. After six months we just could just could not keep the spot open. We were sued for discrimination because of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Even though we were doing what our employment attorney said was the law. Her manager had promised her something that she really didn`t have the authority to do and never let us know. We ended up paying the Workmen`s Comp claim and another settlement where we did not admit fault, but still settled. That is what our insurer recommended. The state actually helps people file these claims and has legal help. Our deductible was 5,000, so we paid most of the settlement. Most of this because of her manager not following the guidelines. The manager had to be let go, but as the owner of the business, it still cost me. It was the opinion of the doctor from the insurance company that it was a preexisting injury that could not have happened with the type of work she was doing. I don’t think we have the problem that the Catholic Church has. We do have a huge number of missionaries and lay leaders. Potentially, all of these people are a liability. Missionaries are greatly restricted in their activities to try and get around this liability. Restrictions that in 1981-82 did not exist when I was a missionary. There were plenty of rules though. Mormons do bad things. Sometimes people in positions of trust, betray it. A local pastor that had interacted well with our ward and had some meetings together is in prison now for child pornography and sexual abuse. To this day he denies the allegations and thinks he was framed. It destroyed his Church. Organization and corporations have a huge amount of liability. One of the reasons that more kiosks, robots and voice answering systems being used is to decrease the number of employees. Employees get injuries or call in sick or may not perform their job well. They are counseled, given warnings and we try to make it work for them. We could have a whole other discussion about work ethic and the risks of owning a business. Finding employees that are qualified, don`t constantly look at Facebook and show up can be very hard. Owners and managers are responsible for what happens to the people under them and how they act. The Q15 is probably torn apart by the situations they may hear about. Some of these, even many of them may not have the merit that people imply. I know I am torn apart when people do dumb things that work for me. I get letters written to me complaining and continually work on customer service. Then there are internet ratings of my company. Can`t tell you how hard it is to get a totally unfair and bogus review that was removed. The best you can do is respond. So, please, please don`t start screaming at the top of your lungs about how many problems the Church has hidden out there. There are certainly cases. We can do better and should try-constantly. Please think about what it is like to work with people and misunderstandings before blanket statements go out there. MormonStories is not a balanced take on most issues in my experience. Don`t you want balance and well thought out cases for two sides of an argument?
  3. Yes, I don`t know how Bishop comes out of this looking good. Even if it didn`t go down exactly the way or as “bad” as some of the implications, he doesn`t look good. Badmouthing her doesn`t get the Lord`s work further along. I understand that for stalwart LDS (I would like to say I am one of those) can get tired of liberal, progressive, intellectual and yes those who feel like they are victims of the LDS system. It can take some real charity and long suffering in trying to interact with these people. It is important to dialogue with them. Listen to what they have to say. Ask a few questions. Usually you take away some thought that helps you to be a better Christian. You still may not agree with them and find their “special interest” a nuisance. Sort of the just get over it already. Like they are saying about McKenna and the 30 years since this happened. I think for the most part being LDS has really helped my life in profound ways. There have been times where I have been really challenged and it has been hard. For some people it is really hard to get over those challenges and the less Christ-like the interaction was, the more it hurt them. This is part of comforting those who are in need of comfort in Mosiah 18. This doesn`t keep me from reading all the facts and eventually coming to some conclusions, but Christ asks more from me than just judging. This situation has made me mourn. I am not sure there is a perfect way to vet (vett?) people going to any calling in any organization. Having two in primary is going to help, but means even more callings to fill in the primary. Our ward is going to spend some time talking to all of the auxiliaries about the Church guidelines about abuse. I care greatly that our children and youth are taught in a loving, protected environment the gospel of Jesus Christ. Attorneys can make you feel attacked. I have been in that situation. They were business and professional situations. I had my own attorneys representing me. It was 12,000 dollars for one situation and I was totally in the right. The other side just had this false belief about them being right. We tried to negotiate and go about it nonconfrontationally. It wasn`t until we threatened to sue that we finally got any where. I eventually got justice, but not without many holding a grudge about the situation. This took about six months to finally settle. I am willing to give this six months to let the facts get out. I wonder what I will feel about it then.
  4. Wow about USU. One of my children had an awesome experience with piano at BYUI. Sometimes people don’t know about their music program. They married another music major that says nothing but good things. Too bad they are inactive. Can’t have everything I guess.
  5. That is the 64,000 dollar question.
  6. Having explored Craig Vernon he does have an agenda. His firm is built around abuse claims for large, mostly religious organizations. The publicity helps get his name out there. Vernon still has active relatives in Hayden Lake Idaho area. Sure wonder what they think. Finally, i hear he is quite the negotiator and strategist.
  7. Too many people don’t think Calm. I don’t think it matters who you are talking about. Withhold judgement and weigh all the information falls to the wayside too often.
  8. Man you said that well Calm! You are so wonderful on this hard stuff.
  9. I think that Ms. McKenna and the attorneys are trying to put the Church`s feet to the fire about this. It is being tried before the public and through MormonLeaks. All of that is distasteful and no one likes that. McKenna and Craig Vernon (video on his practices website and press conference) have left the Church or at least they are no longer engaged. They may be doing the best they can to come across positive, but not let the Church off of the hook. I think depending on how much is true, we as a people have a lot to think about. The Book of Mormon talks about cunning words and lawyers. We are part of a bigger society that has the same issues. Sometimes we are offender for a word. Ms. McKenna is like all of us, in that she is imperfect. I would hope that we can all find the atonement to overcome our trials and sins. I hope Mr Vernon and Ms. McKenna can.
  10. I had infertility problems with my first wife. She had endometriosis. I have four in-laws with fertility problems. We have 17 adopted children in our extended family. They are of every race and situation you could imagine. Most of them are from the foster system. We are very grateful to have so many wonderful children to interact with. During the fertility workup, men do have to submit a sample. Then you get this meeting where you get told about sperm count, motility, hardiness of the "swimmers" and other sorted details. This was all in the mid 80s where infertility work was just really coming to fruition. Its quite interesting, but can be humiliating if you're the couple. Also, expensive. Some of the drugs were 800-1000 dollars a month. This is 30 years ago.
  11. I couldn't find the dossier. I wanted to read it, just so I could understand. Hopefully, I would understand who really collected it and what was the chain of it being leaked. It is probably somewhere, but a half an hour of internet searches only found articles about the dossier. I could read about it, but not actually read it. I want something to make sense about all of this. Sometimes that just can't happen.
  12. The narrative does not entirely make sense. It doesn't seem to follow the path that so many missionaries have followed. There is this need for a narrative to be logical, at least that is what I look for. If it doesn't follow a logical sequence, what happened to make it different?
  13. Genetic information is bringing up all kinds of new situations. One from a few years ago. Cold case, no leads. Get a court order or submit DNA from a crime scene to Ancestry. See if you get any clues. Another one. Suspect can’t be induced to submit DNA, but the suspect has a first degree relative on Ancestry to compare to. What can be good for geaneology might be bad for a criminal.
  14. readstoomuch

    Accuser of Joseph Bishop Files Suit

    Craig Vernon is a former Mormon attorney in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho. Born and raised in the Church. Served a mission. “Transitioned out” of the faith. This firm lists a number of lawsuits of a Catholic Diosce, Boy Scout and other religious institutions about sexual abuse. There is a video about him. Two colleagues in the office are still active LDS. One in Post Falls and the second in Spokane, Wa. They hide it as much as they can and at times they leave BYU out of resumes. He and other firms he has been with (Craig Vernon) practiced extensive litigation. Bruce Owens is a former colleague from another firm that does basically only medical malpractice. Bruce Owens was a bishop in Hayden Lake Idaho and is now inactive. Bits and pieces of the larger Owens and Vernon families still belong to the Church. The practice of law has taken a large number of these stalwart members into inactivity. Start with Craig Zvernin’s website.
  15. Think I will just leave it at that. I am on Spring break with my family anyway. I am surprised and it was the last thing I thought I would see. If someone thinks I am trying to say what he did was Ok, that's just not true.