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  1. readstoomuch

    How we succeeded at sharing the gospel

    There are medical explanations of near death experiences. For example neurons as they are starved of oxygen start firing up many impulses that can bring back memories. The posterior cortex of the cerebrum has the effect of a tunnel as it is again starved. Having said that, I don’t think all of the physiologic effects explain all details of NDE. There are some religious and national contexts for an individuals NDE that are found. I think some are made up. I had the experience of having my first wife appear to me during a surgery that was pretty serious. I wasn’t starved of oxygen that I know of, but it sure seemed real to me and still does. I have read quite a NDEs and the most profound one I read was by Eben Alexander, MD about his own. His is interesting in that it wasn`t an anoxic (lack of oxygen) circumstance. I knew he and his father. They were very serious people, both neurosurgeons.
  2. readstoomuch

    NOM's, Progressive Mormons, and other groups

    I am the one asking the TR questions and I have some questions about history and doctrine that I haven't quite answered completely in my head. I think if someone started asking about the nuances of the question I am asking, I would probably just clarify that unless there is some type of sin, it is ok to have some beliefs that you are unsure about. That would include the fact that thinking about them in your head is different than teaching them in front of a class.
  3. readstoomuch

    Dehlin Taking Things out of Context

    This was one of the funniest and truest posts I’ve read on this board.
  4. readstoomuch

    Service animals/therapy animals

    People have wanted to take their service animal into the operating room during surgery. I actually think that certified service animals allowed in certain areas is useful and permitable. Airlines have had huge problems with people showing up with all kinds of service animals. Even a large 1100 pound pig and an emu. Nothing surprises me any more, even if I have a sympathy for those with service animals.
  5. readstoomuch

    Dehlin Taking Things out of Context

    Unfortunately, medication also can seem to effect the ability to feel the Spirit. At the very least effects how we feel or cognate.
  6. readstoomuch

    Identity theft protection company suggestions

    I have used IdentityGuard. Had pretty good luck. First thing is to get a credit report and go through it line by line. You probably know that. I think all the services protect you going forward. Fixing the past is a bunch of work and letters. I think you have to report it to your local police. They help you and you need a case number to help get some of these accounts off of your SSN.
  7. I figured since I know myself they would be unfounded. Is that okay? I can’t say the term unfounded accusations? I have had personal knowledge about a number of cases where someone has been accused of sexual abuse. Several of those were verified by a physician as not having been sexually abused. I don’t even want to start talking about couples going through a divorce and the accusations that fly back and forth. No one wants there to be abuse. The ends we have to go to seem severe. Missionaries can’t hold small children. Not even for a poor mom struggling with several kids. My main point was that the policy has put many wards in an untenable position.
  8. Our stake president said for primary only. We have one of the more active wards in our stake and we don't have enough people to man all of the classrooms two deep. Summer is even worse. This is even with some brethren freed up by the combined priesthood quorums. If forced to followup this, we are going to have much larger classes. I don't see any way around it. The practicality of the policy in our ward is a disaster for the bishopric. Life has gotten so complicated. It wasn't that long ago that I taught sunbeams by myself. Now that would never, ever happen and yes some of that would be to protect me from unfounded accusations.
  9. readstoomuch

    Was Tithing Used to Fund City Creek?

    At some point, even if in the distant past, the business operations originated from tithing. Maybe your question is whether recent tithing dollars were used. Tithing probably is the main cash flow, perhaps tithing money is put in escrow to pay for immediate corporate needs until corporate revenues can cover the tithing dollars. I don't know. I want the money to be used wisely. I think the Church does. I wish the US Government did as well as the Church does. Quinn`s recent book puts a lot of this discussion in perspective. How about that as a possible thread topic. "The Church uses their money wisely." You would never make any progressive LDS happy with releasing all of the expenditures. After all, we have our agendas, including me.
  10. readstoomuch

    Pres. Nelson and alcoholic lawyer lady

    It’s a beautiful story and it’s hard to find fault with it. My now honed politically correct ears could sense what people might say. Fortunately I went to college and graduate school most of the 80s so I remember what people used to say in the US and this story is from Eastern Europe. Our society now often finds others offenders for a word.
  11. readstoomuch

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    I listened to the conference. It was short with no questions. There wasn't anything said about the ban or an apology. They did meet in person first and it is possible that something happened there. I hope there is more than that. The face that they even met is big, but not what it might have been. Frankly, President Nelson has been so active and making changes, I would be surprised if there isn't more to the story or will happen the closer we get to the actual anniversary on June 8th.
  12. readstoomuch

    Sharply shifting religious landscape

    The "nones" who do not have an organized religious affiliation is the fastest growing group in America. Most LDS young people seem to become secular if they leave the Church. I could see us needing to spend more time talking about the historical details about Christ and the evidence that there is for His life. Hopefully, that would help cement people to Christ, even if someone takes a break from the Church.
  13. readstoomuch

    LDS and BSA are parting ways at the end of 2019

    The Church just posted it on Facebook. Scouting was working better for Cub Scouts and 11 year old scouts. For a few of the older boys (12-14) it was still working, but for the most part it wasn't. Friends of Scouting was interesting in trying to get people to donate. I am not sure what will happen to BSA after the Church leaves. As I understand it, 30-40% of boys in the US in scouts were LDS. I don't even have any idea what the financial impact will be for BSA.
  14. readstoomuch

    Ancient horse skeleton found in Lehi, Utah

    Young earth theories about the earth, creation, evolution, dinosaurs, etc just do not make any sense. Genetics and evolution are the keystones of biologic sciences including medicine. The ability to use and measure isotopes to do imaging studies for diagnosis and treatment (ablation of a thyroid cancer for example) are also measured in specimens to determine their age. You don't get to use the science you agree with and then reject the other. This is all different than whether God created the earth or mankind. The Bible is not so much about exact historical details as it is explaining God`s interaction and blessing of his people. I would call myself a liberal literalist about the Bible. I have to take the part about creation a little more liberally than literally.
  15. IMO Consig and MormonDiscussionPodcast always point out the "bombshells." I haven't found them interested in giving a balance story. Just enough occasionally/partially positive about the Church so they can feign that they aren't anti-mormon.