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  1. I've grown up with socialised healthcare, so for me, it is a no brainer. I think you are right about there being uncertainty around the relationship between maternity costs and fertility rates. I have one son, so am a walking example of the smaller family size. Late age (36) at marriage has a lot to do with that.
  2. Being from the UK, just have to say God bless the NHS. May it be kept and treasured.
  3. The *in crisis* links are great, I hope though that there are Australian, UK, SA, European (etc) links for children living outside the USA and Canada.
  4. I haven't read it yet, but this sounds like very, very good news.
  5. Kllindley, in being frank here. My feathers were somewhat ruffled by your approach to the learning curve that 80s therapists needed to go through as child abuse of any sort gained more traction as a real phenomenon. As someone who trained in the 80s and then again in the 90s in a linked field (child education and development) we were, are and always will be, looking to improve practice..often politics and idealistic notions got and gets in the way, but ah well. Just a relatively benign question. As a therapist, did you watch the documentary that Cinepro linked to? I found it incredibly helpful in contextualising what was going on.
  6. I apologise. This is a fast paced thread discussing difficult and emotive issues. Exceptionally unlikely things do happen. I've learned that from my background in historical study.
  7. Nothing wrong with the documents on Snow . They are interesting and actually lead me to ask more questions about her motives and role in destroying the computer equipment. (It seems she had given them the equipment). It also highlights the difficulty of working with family and friends who can turn on you in the blink of an eye. One reason I steered from tutoring friends kids, and made only one exception for my brother's daughter. I'll add them to the timeline. I quite liked their tenets, but digging deeper into their methods and motives, I felt it was best not to use their links. If I had done it, I would have probably been hammered by the same people on here now supporting them. I'll include a comment on who they are and their motives.
  8. I didn't include the information in the timeline, almost all of which can be gleaned elsewhere, because they are who they are and their motives for so aggressively condemning the work of therapists even today, need to be questioned. I read up on the movement and decided best not to go there.
  9. I did so on the basis that you judged the victims witness to be without merit on the assumption that the type of abuse they describe in the suit categorically doesn't happen. I don't even know what you do for a living. I don't know what your profession is.
  10. I believe I have this right. The suit was filed by the alleged victims lawyers, but was anonymous. The Miles filed the motion to dismiss the same day as a counter measure. They did so openly and outed themselves as a specific tactic. It wouldn't have been done lightly.
  11. Actually, there are a bunch of witnesses to what the Miles allegedly did. You just don't believe them.
  12. So where's the presumption of innocence when it comes to Barbara Snow, Cinepro?
  13. Just to clarify that it was the Hadfield camp (his attorneys) that disapproved of Profita, not Hadfield himself. He had a lot of supporters so any family members, friends, could have employed her.
  14. Thanks for your input. He quoted me, so I am guessing he was clarifying the legal position of a juror. This is all rather silly as it goes without saying that a juror assumes innocence. Jurors do a lot of listening..to the defence, the prosecution and to the judge... Kengo and Scott are being personally insulting towards me. I am not nor would I want to be a juror on this case. I'm just a person interested in the whole thing and have a deep interest in trying to make sense of it all, thus the chronological timeline.
  15. What this does highlight, and maybe a lawyer can comment, is how likely it would be that a jury could be found in Utah that didn't have prior knowledge of the case that could prejudice their judgements either way.
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