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  1. Calm, she wasn't a missionary. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. She and her daughter lived at the Bishop's home. I have never asked for details, but I know that she was deposed in the case.
  2. I'm sad about this because of the other victims. One a lady from my home stake, and her daughter who lived with Bishop and his family while he was MTC President.
  3. https://radiofreemormon.org/2019/05/radio-free-mormon-068-will-the-real-mckenna-denson-please-stand-up/
  4. No problem. It was from Mike's response to Radio Free Mormon. I'm copy pasting.. Either Bill or RFM referred to me as a “mole” for the church in my position as a close friend of Denson. Around the same time it was said that I was, “working for [Mormon church attorney] David Jordan.” I want to emphasize that not only was I not “working for” David Jordan or the Mormon church as a paid or unpaid employee or contractor. Not only was I not “working for” them, I specifically recall telling David Jordan the first time that I spoke to him (I initiated contact with him), I made it clear that I was asking for NOTHING in return and wanted NOTHING in return. If anything, David Jordan was “working for” me by helping me legally acquire some police reports that were not easily accessible to the general public. That’s not to say the reports aren’t “public information”, they’re just not easily accessible. To the best of my knowledge, David’s Jordan didn’t violate any laws or made any ethics violations as an attorney in helping me acquire information for MY PERSONAL QUEST to find out the truth about June “McKenna” Denson." "
  5. I just want to make clear that if McKenna has committed crimes, then she shouldn't be above the law. That may allow her to heal as much as the next person. I am disturbed to discover that it was the church lawyer who provided Mike with the detailed police reports. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I am.
  6. Of course, McKenna gave her spin on things, but the razor blades were mentioned and quite a bit of other stuff too. Enough for someone to appreciate she has had a dysfunctional past.
  7. Hi, I'm in some fb groups, but don't spend any time really on critical sites nowadays. I haven't seen substantiated evidence of childhood sexual trauma or of mental illness diagnosis... What I do know is that an English acquaintance and her daughter, (who lived at the Bishop's home) who want to be anonymous are both alleging molestation by Bishop while they lived there. The corroborating evidence is enough for me to establish a pattern of abusive behaviour by Bishop. As for McKenna, if she hasn't had professional help for her dysfunctional behaviour, then she needs it. I'm finding the public lynching of her to be pretty abhorrent. Whatever she has or hasn't done/said to Mike Norton, she's way more vulnerable and alone than Jo Bishop or Mike. Shawn MaCraney had her on his show last year, talking about the dossier and the razor blades. I'm finding I have little patience with some ex Mormons, particularly Mike, who has been a private investigator, who say they were hoodwinked. The information was always there. One fb user explained that they didn't believe anything coming from the church lawyers, but it seemed to me that summaries of police reports are, well summaries of police reports. I
  8. Hi all, just a quick question. Didn't Smac and a newspaper article discuss some of the contents of the dossier back when this first came out? I knew about the false rape claims, the razor blades, the Cancer claims and etc , and I'm pretty sure it was from Smac or others here who had at least some access. Smac also predicted that the ex Mormon community would turn on McKenna. I still see McKenna as someone who was molested in a basement and who is an incredibly damaged and dysfunctional individual who does damaged and dysfunctional things, with the research supporting that. Well done Smac for a prescient statement. Spot on, sadly.
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