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  1. Mormon Discussion podcast and negativity

    I don't doubt that the highest councils of the Church are aware of you, and have even reached out to your stake president. But I doubt the are actively debating "from the highest to the lowest." There is a big difference. You have a tendency for exaggeration and hyperbole
  2. Mormon Discussion podcast and negativity

    Surely you jest. Do you really think the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12, as well as the Seventy, are debating about your podcasts and facebook comments?
  3. Is There Really More Than One Way to Mormon?

    So you say. But other than your bald assertion and the speculation rampant in the bloggernacle and Mormon Stories/Mormon Expressions circles, what first hand knowledge do you have? I don't doubt that general authorities have been involved in some disciplinary councils when they perhaps shouldn't have been, but the ex-Mormon crowd uncritically imbibes whatever fits their worldview, much as they claim believing Mormons do.
  4. Is There Really More Than One Way to Mormon?

    They can, but IMO that's not what you were doing in your OP
  5. Is There Really More Than One Way to Mormon?

    I have struggled mightily with plural marriage, and the way it was introduced/practiced. I have in no way made peace with it, and I have literally cried to God trying to understand it, and I have been within a hair's width of leaving the Church in part because of it. That said, I don't think that, even should I leave the Church, I would ever make it a point to mock, insult, and seek to destroy the faith of others.
  6. Is There Really More Than One Way to Mormon?

    Probably not when you come out with the passive-aggressive, pretend I'm friendly but get in a sucker punch like "being outraged by Smith having sex with a ton of women behind his wife's back" OP
  7. Tears and Testimony

    I tend to agree. I think many mistake emotions as the Spirit as a matter of course. Some people (myself included) tend to have emotions very close to the surface when feeling the Spirit. Others do not. Other times, I am emotional but it is unrelated to anything spiritual
  8. Tears and Testimony

    So when the disciples on the road to Emmaus later asked "Did not our hearts burn within us?" was that not a feeling rather than just "pure intelligence?"
  9. Secret Combinations

    How about political think tanks like the Project for a New American Century? Neoconservatives who took full advantage of the tragedy of 9/11 (note I'm not sayin they caused 9/11) and used it as an excuse for unending war and plunder of natural resources in the Middle East.
  10. Really? I gather you know little of Brant Gardner's significant contributions to defending the Book of Mormon with scholarship rather than polemic.
  11. Abraham - Facsimile 1 Uniqueness

    This would be a good question for Robert F Smith.
  12. Tithing - exempt status

    I appreciate your thoughtful reply. What I would disagree with you about (at least somewhat) is the my wife and I "ARE NOT" Adam and Eve. Think about the endowment. Adam and Eve are typical of us - we are making covenants as if we were Adam and Eve. God is likewise no respecter of persons, so I would think He would deal with us the same as them.
  13. Tithing - exempt status

    We talked to one adoption agency and they said it would cost about $30,000. Yikes