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  1. New First Presidency

    With respect, I think there is abundant precedent for conflict in the highest quorums of the Church. Just because the 12 and FP put up a united Front doesn't mean it's so.
  2. Thomas S Monson cars

    The '89 Batmobile is by far my favorite.
  3. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    This is what I'm referring to in my question to Gray. In my understanding, there is no other revelation about eternal marriages/sealings outside of section 132
  4. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    What about eternal marriage? If plural marriage was a mistake, isn't section 132 false, and by extension doesn't that make eternal marriage false? or at least unknown?
  5. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    How do you reconcile this? I'm not being snarky or sarcastic or negative. I seriously would like to know. For me, it's difficult to conceive that Joseph was a prophet but got this wrong. Also, how can we accept this idea without throwing out section 132 in its entirety, thus making eternal marriage wrong also? Again, I'm sincerely asking, not arguing for or against.
  6. Pres. Monson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drat

    Against my better judgment, I clicked on the SLT story about President Monson's passing. I was pleasantly surprised, not so much that the tone of the article was very kind, but that even the comments were largely free of the usual hating rants. There were some, but a lot have actually been deleted. My faith in the calling of Joseph Smith and the Restoration has been severely strained in recent years, but I do hold on to what I believe was the spiritual witness of President Monson's call as President. When he was sustained in solemn assembly, it was like I could almost see the mantle come upon him.
  7. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    I think it's a lot more than you seem to think. I personally have nearly lost my faith in Joseph Smith's calling over this. I'm still hanging on, but by a thread. I know of many others in similar circumstances.
  8. Mormon Discussion podcast and negativity

    I don't doubt that the highest councils of the Church are aware of you, and have even reached out to your stake president. But I doubt the are actively debating "from the highest to the lowest." There is a big difference. You have a tendency for exaggeration and hyperbole
  9. Mormon Discussion podcast and negativity

    Surely you jest. Do you really think the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12, as well as the Seventy, are debating about your podcasts and facebook comments?
  10. Is There Really More Than One Way to Mormon?

    So you say. But other than your bald assertion and the speculation rampant in the bloggernacle and Mormon Stories/Mormon Expressions circles, what first hand knowledge do you have? I don't doubt that general authorities have been involved in some disciplinary councils when they perhaps shouldn't have been, but the ex-Mormon crowd uncritically imbibes whatever fits their worldview, much as they claim believing Mormons do.
  11. Is There Really More Than One Way to Mormon?

    They can, but IMO that's not what you were doing in your OP
  12. Is There Really More Than One Way to Mormon?

    I have struggled mightily with plural marriage, and the way it was introduced/practiced. I have in no way made peace with it, and I have literally cried to God trying to understand it, and I have been within a hair's width of leaving the Church in part because of it. That said, I don't think that, even should I leave the Church, I would ever make it a point to mock, insult, and seek to destroy the faith of others.
  13. Is There Really More Than One Way to Mormon?

    Probably not when you come out with the passive-aggressive, pretend I'm friendly but get in a sucker punch like "being outraged by Smith having sex with a ton of women behind his wife's back" OP
  14. Tears and Testimony

    I tend to agree. I think many mistake emotions as the Spirit as a matter of course. Some people (myself included) tend to have emotions very close to the surface when feeling the Spirit. Others do not. Other times, I am emotional but it is unrelated to anything spiritual