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  1. Cool. Thanks. Please continue to share when appropriate. Since this pertains to both my calling and my kids... I'm anxious to get all the info I can.
  2. @ksfisher You've made several comments which indicate you've got some close involvement or knowledge of the new program. I'm not doubting you, and I appreciate your comments, but am I allowed to ask your connection to it? Obviously just disregard this if it is not something you want to disclose.
  3. Also... I agree with you on YPT and I'd love to see the stake/regional MB clinics replaced with something like you describe.
  4. If we can no longer collect half-filled blue cards... what will I do with that drawer in my kitchen?!
  5. This was just sent out via the "My Calling" email distribution (I'm currently serving as a ward YM president). Not a lot of new stuff here but I thought some might be interested in taking a look: https://www.lds.org/youth/childrenandyouth?cid=email-MC_CYD_Update_092318_CY-Site
  6. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I don’t know if he was telling the truth. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what was restored. Not sure what you mean by “scriptural support for that”. I don’t know that Joseph and Hyrum’s deaths sealed the testimony of the Book of Mormon. That revelation isn’t particularly meaningful to me.
  7. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Yes, that’s my take on it also. And, no, I certainly don’t object to anything taking it as a history.
  8. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I agree that it is complex and holds together well. I don’t see that as evidence that it is a history.
  9. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I don’t see it as a “collection of nice aphorisms” it is scripture and I teach it as such. I study it with my family at home the same way. I’m currently also reading two Book of Mormon guides (both faithful, not critical) and I enjoy them both. Since I was forced to rebuild my faith, about a decade ago, I’ve served as a seminary teacher, primary teacher, bishopric counselor, YM 1st counselor, Stake priesthood camp director, and YM President... I have taught lessons in each of those callings, using the Book of Mormon, and never had a problem.
  10. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Smell whatever you want, it isn’t out of context. And I am comfortable confronting the logical implications of my position. Emphasis on logical implications. The hypothetical presented by Smac was not a logical implication of the my position.
  11. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I have a tough time categorizing it as fiction. I know that sounds contradictory: if it isn’t the history of a literal people, than it has to be fiction, right? I don’t know how to explain it but considering it “fiction” seems to me to be as inaccurate as considering it to be “history”. For me, it’s scripture and it doesn’t have to fit into any other category.
  12. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    To answer your question, I’ll share my beliefs: Though not a literal history, the Book of Mormon is scripture. It brings me closer to Jesus Christ. It teaches me how to live as a disciple of Christ. I feel the witness of the Spirit in its pages. I don’t know the particulars of how it was done, but Joseph Smith brought that to us. He also restored the gospel that gave us priesthood ordinances such as baptism. My baptism is a covenant with God that has deep meaning in my life and, like the Book of Mormon, brings me closer to Christ. So, yeah, even though I don’t believe in the historicity of the Book of Mormon, it’s really easy for me to honestly answer those questions in the affirmative.
  13. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    1. Smac wrote earlier that he didn’t like topics getting reduced to absurdities. 2. It isn’t relevant to the point I had made.
  14. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Reductio ad absurdum. I thought you wanted to avoid that in these threads.
  15. rockpond

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Likewise I am mystified at how much you (and others) read into those TR questions.