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  1. Yes. I didn't mean to imply that it won't ever happen. I think there's actually a good chance that someday churches will lose tax exempt status. But, it won't happen because Beto O'Rourke is calling for it. It won't even be seriously entertained until nearly all of the Democrats are non-religious and non-church-attending. Probably still a couple decades away.
  2. I'm wondering how these elders survive their missions if seeing a sister missionary in a modest dress is too much for them to take. What do they do when they are out in public?
  3. I just went and did a google image search for pics of the general RS/YW/primary presidencies to "prove" that wearing suit type coats wasn't necessary... turns out I was wrong: they all wear suit coats or (what I'm gonna call) lapel-type sweaters in their official presidency photos. So, I guess that is a thing in the church but if that's going to be the requirement, it should be in the information that the church sends with sisters' mission calls (and perhaps it is). ETA: The sisters also seem to wear suit coats in their general conference addresses. Clearly, I haven't been paying attention to their clothing choices... not an important thing to me.
  4. I haven't followed this thread and have little hope of catching up on 11 pages but I just wanna ask: Has anyone pointed out that any candidate who includes this idea (removal of tax exemption for churches) in their platform has no chance of winning? Beto O'Rourke already had no chance of winning, so I'm ignoring him. Latest Pew research has 64% of Democrats identifying as affiliated with a religion. 38% of Democrats say that they attend church at least monthly. Republicans are about 15-20% higher. (Link) Obviously there are people out there who want this implemented. Beto's not the first and won't be the last... we need to stay vigilant but, I don't see this as a risk we currently face.
  5. This can't be real. Tell me this is a joke. Please.
  6. If I am reading your post correctly, it sounds like your ward is having both a "missionary correlation" meeting and some other meeting focused on missionary work? That seems like something outside of handbook guidelines. Here is the section from Handbook 2 that describes the Missionary Coordination meeting. I don't see a need for any other meetings outside of this as it is supposed to be held "regularly" and involves all the key players for coordinating the work in the ward. 5.1.5 Missionary Coordination Meeting The ward mission leader (if called; see 5.1.1) or the member of the elders quorum presidency who leads missionary work conducts a missionary coordination meeting with the ward missionaries and the full-time missionaries. A member of the Relief Society presidency may assist. The meeting is held regularly. If full-time missionaries serve in several wards, they attend as often as circumstances allow. In this meeting, the ward mission leader (if called) and assigned members of the elders quorum and Relief Society presidencies who lead missionary work coordinate the work of the full-time missionaries and the ward members. They may discuss implementing the ward mission plan, scheduling as many teaching appointments for the missionaries as possible, and arranging to have members present as often as possible when investigators are taught.
  7. The founding of our church teaches us that revelation does not come in a vacuum. Something needs to prompt the question and sometimes hearts must be softened to be prepared for the answer. I think we saw both of those elements at work in the reversal of the Nov 2015 policy.
  8. I agree that 12 and up should also be the norm for Women’s session. Not just because it allows more mature topics to be discussed but also because watching the general sessions is already a lot for primary age kids. But, for the record, I think the “spinning up” mostly just happened on this thread. I commented that my wife felt President Oaks’ address wasn’t appropriate for our 9 year old. Then it spiraled from there.
  9. What is an “lgbt display”?
  10. You seem to be working your way through the thread so you may get to my other statements about this. I suggested the the women’s session be 11+ yo like the priesthood session and that more adult topics be confined to those two sessions. I think we’ve talked this one to death though so I may not respond to other posts/replies on this matter.
  11. Yeah... not much that can be done about temples being empty during the middle of school/work days. At least, I don’t have a solution to propose. It does feel like Sundays would be a great opportunity for youth temple trips but then that takes kids away from their families on the Sabbath so it’s not ideal either.
  12. If it’s Sam Young that you’re referring to, I’m sure he realizes that there is child abuse all over the world that he can’t do much to stop. His emphasis (and that of his organization) is to work to reduce/eliminate the threat to children within religious institutions.
  13. Which question or questions are causing teeth gnashing? They don't seem all that different to me, with the exception of specifically calling out Sabbath day observance.
  14. Wow! But I guess that gives some insight into why they keep building more temples in Utah. There are many members who talk about and hope for a third temple in Colorado (south of the Denver metro area since the north half of the state just got the Fort Collins temple) but I can't see it happening until we're making better use of the Denver temple.
  15. Wow. I never realized that there were temples that were that full. Even at the busiest times, we have always been able to get into a session even if we had to wait for a bit for the next session to start (Denver temple). Are there wards that do weekly baptism trips? Our wards (Denver Temple) have always been given just 2-3 youth temple trips per year with 4-5 names per youth because there isn't time to do more. I assumed this was the norm.
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