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  1. He said his perspective is informed by Eastern Orthodoxy. He very clearly blogs under the Evangelical title.
  2. https://www.christiancentury.org/article/2012-01/are-mormons-christian-its-complicated Quotes several non-mormon people making both arguments one and two. https://www.christiantoday.com/amp/who-are-the-mormons-and-are-they-christians/123894.htm Makes both arguments one and two.
  3. So try this blog post: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/joeljmiller/2011/10/why-mormons-arent-christians/#disqus_thread
  4. Did you miss the entire discussion of why these methods are notorious for creating false allegations and fabricated claims of abuse? Or ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------?
  5. But you're talking about a single healthcare system protected from malpractice torts.
  6. No. Those practices were told to us as horror stories in the training. The equivalent of lobotomizing everyone who showed any mental illness, trepanation, bleeding people, or using leeches.
  7. This is not Dr. Palmer's report. It is what Marion Smith claims was in the report.
  8. You've been given a lot of evidence that these interview practices are not considered therapeutic and are discouraged by every professional body in the US. They have been shown to cause false accusations and severe emotional distress to alleged victims. Did you even read that evidence? Even if they were abused by their father, the fact that they currently believe that they were abused by dozens of people, when that is demonstrably exceptionally unlikely, means that Snow/Smith caused long term emotional damage by preventing them from healing from the actual abuse that occurred. It is an ethical violation not to document treatment sessions. It is a violation for Ms. Smith to be doing any interviewing of a son-in-law or to have any involvement at all in her grandchildren's treatment. How did mother 1 find out that the babysitter had been accused or implicated? By police? Or through a violation of confidentiality on the parts of Snow/Smith's clinic? I am trained to respond to and treat child abuse. This kind of behavior would cause any therapist today to lose his'her license for malpractice.
  9. kllindley

    Utah Highest Sex Abuse Rate

    Wouldn't it make sense then to ask something like: Why did you put abuse in quotation marks? Are you saying these things aren't actually abuse? Instead of labeling them as scare quotes which assumes knowledge of intent? Then when he articulated why he used quotations marks and denied that they were intended as scare quotes, why did you post the link?
  10. kllindley

    LDS Social Services

    Very much agreed.
  11. I have loved reading your comments here. Thank you so much for trying to understand and sharing your own light and testimony. I honestly don't understand your position on Latter-day Saint usage of the term creed. I admit that despite being very interested in comparative religion and making a sincere effort to understand other religious perspectives, I do not know everything (or much at all.) This is a sincere question. You've stated that the group you belong to is non-creedal. Does that mean that you reject the beliefs espoused in the various creeds? By what standard are our beliefs heterodox? What determines orthodoxy if not the creeds and formulations?
  12. At least if it does at this point, the individuals are adults. I can't imagine the damage that would have been done to the children if an over-zealous prosecutor had tried to make this case 30 years ago. Not that it would be remotely a good thing for it to happen at this point for anyone but Craig Vernon. That some people are so easily convinced of any accused person's guilt is a scary indictment of our social intelligence.
  13. Edited for tone: REedited: Try again: Last attempt: I don't think there is any way to adequately express the professional embarrassment this case is to mental health care. There are so many glaring ethical and professional violations int he way that this case was handled. It is a good thing that it never went to trial. It is a shame that these individual's parents, grandparents, and trusted professionals so gravely inflicted this level of abuse and torment on these children. The professionals here (Marion Smith and Barbara Snow especially, but also the Hospital staff) need to be held accountable for the damage they have done. Final paragraph removed. I don't know how to say what I'm thinking without being insulting.
  14. kllindley

    LDS Social Services

    Thanks for weighing-in! I second what you have said. (I'm only 5 years in. . . )