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  1. kllindley

    Jeff Robinson on the LGBT issue at FairMormon

    You know, rockpond, until this comment I didn't quite understand where you were coming from. You've claimed that your views are consistent with the science, but then you've also gone to great lengths to avoid the research and data being presented here. You've insisted on celibacy for "gay people" who don't leave the schurch and enter same-sex marriages. But when I answer your deeply personal questions, you ignore my response altogether. I was very confused. But I've heard this argument before. The fear for your daughters, logic. "Black people are fine of they stick to themselves", but if you promote interracial marriage, think about you daughter marrying one of "them." Tolerance for a minority as long as stays where it belongs. "I love black people," the racist says. "Just stay away from my daughter and my family." I am so grateful that my father in law is not that bigoted and homophobic. He could see past my attractions to the deep love I have for his daughter. I'm so grateful that he didn't automatically judge me as unworthy of his daughter.
  2. kllindley

    An Apology to Gay Latter-day Saints

    But the article didn't say they can't be changed. It said behaviors can be managed. I agree that same-sex attraction is about the feelings not the identity. And yes. Using that phrase to describe the feelings does lessen the identity. I think what we are saying is that this narrative about "gay" being something concrete that is "just the way a person is and always has been," is not supported by the research. Identity is a perfectly valid component of sexuality. It's how we choose to see ourselves and present ourselves to the world. Many people identify as gay or lesbian or straight or LGBT. And I believe we should respect them. SSA is not a way to refer to a person unless they so request. I would never say "That person is SSA." But I wouldn't fall them gay is the don't feel like that identity label fits them. Again: Identity is a perfectly valid component of sexuality and it does not need to steal from attraction to bolster itself.
  3. kllindley

    An Apology to Gay Latter-day Saints

    Tacenda, could you please help me understand what specifically in that article you find offensive or unkind? I read that attractions don't determine identity. True. I read that the goal of the article was to reduce shame and feeling a need to hide. That's a healthy message. Where's the offense?
  4. kllindley

    An Apology to Gay Latter-day Saints

    CFR . This is not remotely true.
  5. Intereating. I have not yet made an argument. I shared my opinion, my perspective.
  6. Whatever. It was your argument. I completed the thought experiment you proposed, and concluded that it would clearly be bigotry to force someone to create any product celebrating any event or message which violates their personal conscience--religious or not. To flatly assert that my conclusion is wrong suggests you really don't have an argument other than "because I say so."
  7. kllindley

    The Name of the Church

    I honestly can't relate. That would have been the highlight of most weeks on my mission. Right or wrong, I would never have turned down a chance to have more than a two-phrase conversation.
  8. kllindley

    Jeff Robinson on the LGBT issue at FairMormon

  9. Sorry, working backwards. "Any rational sense" is a very polarizing phrase. Is it just a rhetorical device? Do you realize how that also sends the message that you believe anyone who sees the argument differently is irrational?
  10. Doesn't the same thing apply to the same dang dress that a designer would make for anyone else? Or the same dang song that the artist would allow to be used by anyone else?
  11. No one that I've heard is claiming that the cake is inherently expressive. It's the context that matters. Not just to Phillips, but to the customer as well.
  12. kllindley

    The Name of the Church

    I agree. I would personally believe that this usage would continue to be appropriate. Here, we maintain a distinction between a cultural phenomena and "the Restored Church of Jesus Christ."
  13. Yeah, they say it's because the distinction you claim protecting expression does not and should not exist. Further it should be legal for any printer to refuse to participate in the activity Hamba described, but that by nature of being a protected class, any and all reason for denying service should not be allowed.