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  1. The Demise of Scouting

    I hope they do, too. For the record, I don't think there's anything about scouting itself that has to be all boy. It's just that I think something needs to be. What else is left?
  2. The Demise of Scouting

    That's the issue. Even assuming the activities stayed the same, the experience would be totally different. In many ways, I'm sure most would adapt and accept and still have fun. And at the same time miss out on a valuable opportunity to build brotherhood, confidence in their own masculinity, and the assurance that they belong with other boys.
  3. The Demise of Scouting

    I worry about the shy or awkward or overweight or for any reason less popular boys who just lost the chance to build friendships with other boys through scouting. Now the girls that are already in primary classes and the whole school day, have taken that away too.
  4. The Demise of Scouting

    It probably won't harm the cute, popular boys. They'll still get attention.
  5. The Demise of Scouting

    I believe you are correct. I'm sorry for not being more inclusive.
  6. Treat gay people as a race.

    And I absolutely respect that position. I don't really think that he will force them apart either. But I don't believe that two male or two female spirits are capable of the full measure of divinity available through Exaltation. That is the only sense in which I don't think such a marriage is "valid."
  7. The Demise of Scouting

    And you don't see how that might change the group dynamics?
  8. The Demise of Scouting

    The boys. The loss of gender specific activities and same sex learning environment. There is a lot of research into the idea of same sex education, specifically that the boys do better academically and socially. But that's not politically correct to say.
  9. Treat gay people as a race.

    I believe it a SSM is every bit as valid as any other earthly marriage. Do you believe that a same-sex marriage will be eternal?
  10. Treat gay people as a race.

    You have misunderstood. Can you quote any comment of mine that led you to understand I believe that?
  11. Treat gay people as a race.

    But you stand by the inference that I shouldn't have married my wife? That our Union isn't authentic?
  12. Treat gay people as a race.

    Well, he could very easily have been saying he wouldn't want to marry a man, since gay generally denotes male and lesbian female. You also didn't specify whether you meant gay the orientation, gay the identity, or gay the behaviors. But then I guess you said it was a rhetorical question. So that means you didn't expect an actual answer. It was just a tool to further monopolize the conversation and marginalize anyone who dares to disagree with you.
  13. Treat gay people as a race.

    I didn't say the definition of adultery had changed. I agreed that it hasn't. But the meaning has. "Married person" is there phrase in the definition you quoted. If the definition of marriage has expanded to include more pairings, then by logical extension, the number of acts that can count as adultery has also expanded. I don't think this has anything to do with moral right and wrong.
  14. Treat gay people as a race.

    So one of the key elements of the definition was changed. The definition of adultery may not have changed, but the meaning did. 😉
  15. Treat gay people as a race.

    I think that we are questioning the illogical assumption that Christian sexual morality has suddenly been overwritten by the Supreme Court. Now that two men or two women can legally be married, they aren't breaking the Law of Chastity. Changing definitions doesn't change the Law.