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  1. pogi

    Life span on the decline.

    In my estimation, I think social media is one of the major culprits. For one, I think it has led to less human interaction and increased isolation (a HUGE problem leading to greater mental health issues); secondly, I think people are not as likely to filter their words on-line and can be more harsh; and finally it is a space for people to compare themselves against the exaggerated and hyper-filtered life-styles of other people on-line, causing some to feel inadequate. I see perfectionism on the rise as a result - a sure sign of toxic shame! Another problem I see is what seems to be a more black and white mind-set in politics, religion/secularism. Fundamentalism and black/white thinking is a perfect recipe for toxic shame, because it sets up unrealistic expectations of self and others. The reality is that people are much more complex and nuanced. Brotherly kindness and civility is in serious condition. Culturally, there is a problem with confusing self-worth with net-worth, so when there is greater socio-economic divide and a weakening of the middle class, many used-to-be middle classer's loose some of their identity as they fall lower in social class. There is a huge problem with tying our self-worth to wealth, appearances, IQ, social status, etc.etc. Physically, I think we are less healthy then we have ever been with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. ever on the rise with influx of fast food and other poor diet choices. This can have serious consequences on emotional/mental health, especially when self-worth is tied to image and health. We have become a culture of convenience which has negative consequences in spirituality too, I think. I see the spirituality of our nation suffering greatly. People are disconnected from each other, from themselves, and from God, ever in search of the exterior world, instant gratification, and less satiating things. I could say more, but I'll stop there for now.
  2. pogi

    Life span on the decline.

    I am not talking about "showering people with praise". That is not how you address toxic shame or how you help someone to view themselves as God sees them in the context of D&C 18:10. There is no simple fix. Many of the problems are cultural and generational family issues. Throwing money at people with toxic shame issues is not going to solve anything either. It needs to be a holistic approach of individuals taking into consideration mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. A lot has been written about toxic shame by the likes of John Bradshaw - but at it's core it is a problem of belief/perspective of self. It is a lie that we need to shine light on. One of the first things that needs to be done is creating a simple awareness of the core issues. I don't think that we are culturally aware of toxic- shame. Treatment needs to be on an individual and family unit basis, but preventive awareness is what will protect our future generations. We need to know what it is, what causes it, and how to prevent it. It's a tall order when most people don't even know what it is.
  3. pogi

    Life span on the decline.

    I know you are joking around but - D&C 18:10 Believe it! That is a powerful anecdote, when we can help people to see themselves the way God sees them. That is a life-changing experience.
  4. pogi

    Life span on the decline.

    If I was to diagnose the core issue here, I would without hesitation say that toxic shame is at the epicenter of this affliction. That is the epidemic that is afflicting our nation at ever increasing rates. If that core issue could be addressed in our society, we would all but eradicate most of these problems. That is the core of addiction, that is at the core of low self-worth leading to poor self-care and/or suicide.
  5. pogi

    The White Stone and the Temple

    In context it makes sense: In other words, the hyper-phallus got "fixed" (ouch!) by Scott.
  6. pogi

    The White Stone and the Temple

    Do you mean hyper-phallus?
  7. pogi

    Life span on the decline.

    From what I have read elsewhere, it is mostly due to increases in suicide rates - younger people dying effects the average life-span of a population. It is not really that people are living shorter lives.
  8. My mind went to Heavenly Mother when you said it. At birth, earthly mother comes first, earthly father last; at death Heavenly Father first, and lastly I imagine Heavenly Mother welcoming us with open arms at the culmination of our return home.
  9. pogi

    How much should religion cost?

    I think we have more than one that contradicts it. This line of questioning is reminiscent of Jesus's disciples who rebuked the women who anointed Jesus's head with expensive perfume, and asked "why this waste?" The scriptures make it sound like it was this saying by Jesus that was the straw that broke Judas Iscariot's back. After hearing this, Judas went and betrayed Jesus. This video is as blind as Judas. I also think of Solomon's temple, etc.
  10. Just curious, as one who seems to attract the inside scoop, have you ever in all of your years heard of anyone having 7...yes 7...leaders (4 of which were Stake Presidents) involved in adultery/pedophilia? I don't doubt that it happens here or there, but 7 times? Nothing smells fishy to you? By the way, she was 11 and 13 years old. I don't think people would have been seeking her out as a safe place to share secret information about leaders.
  11. In that article she claims that her Stake President at 11 years old was imprisoned for pedophilia, at 13 her Stake President had multiple affairs, after that another Stake President committed adultery. As a young adult her bishop had multiple affairs, another bishop abandoned his young family for another woman, another Stake President who was her former bishop had extra-marital sex life "of very public proportions", and finally her former husband/bishop committed adultery but was more interested in the teen daughter of the woman. How realistic is this? That just seems like BS to me. I am not saying it is not possible, but I find it highly unlikely. How many people in the church have had 1-2 let alone 7 leaders commit adultery/pedophilia? I have heard rumors of a bishop hear or there, but I have never seen anything close to that with any leader I have ever had. Are my leaders just better at not getting caught or something, or is she just very, very, very unlucky, or is she telling stories...?
  12. Interestingly, priesthood authority is exercised by both men and women in the temple and elsewhere. Priesthood authority has been delegated to women in the Relief Society, and through temple ordinances both men and women enter into an "order of the priesthood".
  13. I am sure that none of your answers are new to Bill. I don't think he is being genuine in saying that no one can answer his questions - what he means to say is that no one can answer his questions in a way that is satisfying to him. That is very different.
  14. If Jesus is offended, it is not because it is a derogatory term, but because it replaces His name. I personally dont need to be offended for Jesus. Or, perhaps they weren’t pondering/asking about this very specific issue. Don’t make this into an issue of incompetence, it’s not.