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  1. Well, I'm glad their wrists are covered but YIKES, there is some serious ankle pornography going on there! It is terrible what the poor Elders have to endure! I echo rockpond, please tell me this is a joke or a misunderstanding.
  2. Could these changes not be seen as a maturation? Sure we are experiencing some losses, but overall I think we have a more mature faith.
  3. Maybe that was the problem with their reproduction, they were all lying with (in the Biblical sense) the wrong species 🤭
  4. pogi


    The word worthy does connote worth, but I don’t think that is the way it is used today. I don’t like the word for the reason that it literally connotes worth, especially considering that the worth of all souls is “great” in the sight of God. While we may be of great worth, we are not all of great value to God. There is a difference. The worth of a sunken treasure may be great, but it is of no value to anyone when it is lost at the bottom of an ocean being unused. There really should be an equivalent word for “worthy” which connotes value instead of worth. We are of great worth but of little value to God when we are not in His service and are in enmity with Him.
  5. Based on much of the questioning in this thread, I think most of us will have to answer that question with a “no, I don’t understand”, or “understand according to whose interpretation?” When this happens, are bishops going to be given an official explanation to provide questioning temple recommend seekers, or is it always going to be according to the bishop’s interpretation?
  6. You really shouldn’t limit Christ to the little we know about him in ancient scripture. He is still alive and speaks today.
  7. So, what branch of Latter-day Saintism do you belong to? You uphold the authority of Joseph Smith in the translation of the BOM but dismiss his revelations in the D&C about proxy baptism?
  8. I think this highlights the misunderstandings you mention as neither are preferred terms. We were asked not to use “LDS” either.
  9. ...and if it has both parts? I have heard terrible stories of parents choosing for them, having surgery, and getting it wrong.
  10. Well, we still claim to be the one true church...I think that is an even bigger PR blunder that we continue to this day. The first vision was one of the biggest PR blunders of our church. Shouldn’t you be more concerned if it is God’s revealed word than if the public likes it or not? Unless, you think the proclamation was simply a PR stunt gone bad. Somehow, I don’t think PR was the inspiration and purpose for the proclamation.
  11. The principles Holism are way older than Covey
  12. You have never not been you, and you never will be anything other than you. There may be attributes about you that may change, but you will still be you. Even those who believe in reincarnation believe that the new creature is still them. You can't escape yourself. Sorry. And Bye, I'm done.
  13. How can you be certain? It seems clear to me, you don't. Your point has nothing to do with my point, which is why I am confident you don't understand what I am saying. I am not talking about what is possible within the realms of your experience, I am talking about escaping your experience. Drop the possessive pronouns that you keep linking to experience and you might start to understand what I am talking about. If you are not experiencing the experience (external to you), then it cannot be you who is experiencing it.
  14. Do you really not understand what I am talking about or are you just playing games with me? As soon as you can experience something that you cannot claim as your own experience, something external, then get back with me.
  15. I did answer your question, perhaps you haven't really mulled it over yet. So here we go again: Is it possible to escape your own experience? Sure, you have experience of learning what you did not previously know, but that learning and experience was all internal. Why should you presume, based on your previous experience of learning new things, that you can somehow escape your own experience. If such a thing was possible, would that even be you experiencing it? Could you claim that experience as your own experience if it happened outside of your experience? Let's deal within the realm of possibility here.
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