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  1. There is nothing that says that the prophet has to be the "most" spiritual of all the apostles. How do you even measure that "criterion"? I believe that each prophet has specific gifts needed for his time. They are not necessarily the most spiritual. Think of President Brigham Young, I wouldn't consider him the most spiritual, I tend to agree more with Orson Pratt on a lot of spiritual issues, but Brigham was the right person for the job ahead of him.
  2. pogi

    So, why get baptized for DEAD people

    Books can only be copyrighted by the original authors? A translated book can't be copyrighted? Hmmmmm, I wonder why the King James Bible is copyrighted then....
  3. pogi

    Utah Highest Sex Abuse Rate

    Show me the numbers. Just what are those “unique” aspects of reporting that might inflate other states numbers in relation to Utah’s? You are right. We shouldn’t just “ignore” these statistics, but neither should we take them at face value as raw numbers. We need to take them in context of how they are reported. My understanding is that most child sexual abuse cases are actually kid to kid. If other states are not reporting those numbers and we are, are you really suggesting that we should assume that our rates of abuse are truly higher in Utah? I don’t know if it is possible to determine who has the highest actual rate without access to accounts of how all states report - and I don’t think it really matters when even 1 case is too many. We should be doing all we can if we have the lowest rates or the highest.
  4. pogi

    LDS Social Services

    Sounds like you are describing my g-g-g-grandpa!
  5. The "non-Biblical" argument is usually made to sola-scriptura folks. We don't hold scripture (Bible, Book of Mormon, or anything else) as the only authoritative source of doctrine. Our understanding of the Godhead is not only derived from the first vision, but also from further revelation including D&C 130 - "God has a body of flesh and bones", etc. I wouldn't say that the BOM and the earlier accounts of the first vision "contradict" our current understanding of the Godhead. Much has been written about the first vision accounts (see the gospel topics essay). Same with the BoM accounts of God and his oneness - not literal. There is no contradiction that I can see. But I agree, I like having Navidad around and think we can learn a lot from him.
  6. The light of Christ is so, so much more than the teaching of God's truths. http://emp.byui.edu/satterfieldb/quotes/Light of Christ.htm Navidad, I found this link to be a great resource of the scriptures and teaching on the subject. I think you will find it enlightening - pun intended.
  7. pogi

    April 2019 Conference

    It really wouldn't surprise me. The guy is still skiing and hiking regularly...at 95! He needs to be careful though, a broken hip can change things really quickly for the worse at that age.
  8. pogi

    April 2019 Conference

    Not me, I am looking forward to a much better program. The only things being sucked out is the stale mothball smell of the church. I feel like a breath of revitalizing life is being breathed into the church now with a fresh personality.
  9. pogi

    April 2019 Conference

    I expect the major changes to fizzle-out rather quickly. I am sure that President Nelson has been praying/thinking about these changes for a very long-time. When you know that you are next in line for the Presidency, and when President Monson's health begins declining...you can't help but prepare, ponder, and pray. On top of that, he surely recognizes that he realistically only has a few short years of service left in him, and I think that is why this all feels like a blizzard of change right now - he wants to implement all the changes he has been preparing for before he runs out of time. I think we are ending the change phase of this presidency and are now entering the implementation/normalizing phase.
  10. pogi

    April 2019 Conference

    And we can add to that - bye bye scouting.
  11. You are welcome. Our Christology is precisely what goes against their creeds. Because we don't accept those creeds, we are not Christian, according to many I have encountered on these forums. I am actually surprised to hear you say that you are non-creedal. You previously mentioned that you are evangelical before Mennonite. Do you not subscribe to their creeds as an evangelical. If not, how can you say that you are evangelical?
  12. The light of Christ doesn't receive enough emphasis, as far as I am concerned. Most members seem to attribute just about all spiritual experience, ennobling power, enlightenment, and persevering influence to the Holy Ghost. That simply is not the case however. Many see it as preparatory to receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost (which it is), but they are wrong to think that the Holy Ghost replaces the light of Christ after baptism. It doesn't. Read D&C sections 88 and 93 for the BEST source of doctrine on the subject. Along with Alma 19:6, Alma 26:3, Alma 28:14, Moroni 7:12-19, John 1:4, John 8:12, and D&C 20:27. From my experience, I don't see most Latter-day Saints as any more spiritual or righteous than non-members (Christian or not). I see the light of Christ in the writings and teachings of the Bennedictine monks that I have studied, in the writings of the early mystics, and even in Buddhist and Hindu writings. I see Christ's light and influence in all good people throughout the world. I think Latter-day Saints are uniquely qualified through ordinance and covenant to receive a further endowment via "receiving" the Holy Ghost, but I think the fullness of that blessing will not be realized for most in this life-time. That level of experience through sanctification and enlightenment is something we work towards, but few ever find in this life. Lucky for us, Christ conquered death, and the work will continue beyond the vail.
  13. It is not in vain. Thank you for standing-up for us! I know you have received flak for it. You asked if there is an official statment about this. There is this: https://www.lds.org/topics/christians?lang=eng I would recommend reading the whole article, but here are a couple snippets: I agree with that! The problem comes in definitions. "Christian" means different things to different people. By some accounts (including your definition), we absolutely are Christian. By other accounts/definitions, no we are not that type of Christian. From the article: If that is THE definition of Christianity, then no, we are not Christian. We simply don't accept that definition and still view ourselves as Christian. I think some on here are fed up with defending ourselves as Christians. I can understand that. There is nothing salvific about the title, so why not just save ourselves the trouble and adopt a new title - Christologists, Christ-ites, or something like that. So, I can see both sides. But far and wide, Latter-day Saints view themselves as Christians.
  14. Especially if they are small children. Children may be traumatized and feel ashamed or responsible in some way and may be afraid to tell their parents, for fear that they won't believe them or accuse them of doing wrong.