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  1. No way! Congrats! When is the due date? We have our second due in April. And we were told that we couldn't have any after 10 years of failed attempts because of endometriosis, so this is our little miracle #2.
  2. I did write my parents every week and appreciated weekly letters from them. I felt like there was always something to talk about. Even just to hear their voice and "I love you, take care" can mean a lot to these kids. Missionaries will probably stop writing home as much now.
  3. pogi

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    Thanks for bringing this up. I totally agree. I am very much an introvert, and have even experienced severe social anxiety at church, limiting my ability to feel the spirit there. I do much better at church now, but for a time it was hard. I also identify with you that all of my strongest spiritual experiences have happened when I was alone - by far! I personally don't go to church to feel the spirit. I don't necessarily think that is even the main purpose of church. I go to renew my covenants and to serve others. Sometimes I do indeed feel the spirit at church, but that is not why I go. Renewing my covenants and participating in the ordinance of the sacrament, helps me to feel the spirit more in my day to day life. I would say that going to church is very conducive to spirituality - it is just not an instant gratification type of thing that happens while I am at church necessarily.
  4. pogi

    Book of Enoch

    Surely you mean years and not "year"...right? That would be like finishing a novel every 1.2 days for an entire year! I haven't read that many books in my entire life! I am amazed.
  5. pogi

    Left Hand

    If I had a problem with that, I would have gone apostate decades ago. I would be more concerned over a man who claims to never make mistakes - I think you probably would too if you were honest. You are framing this wrong. It is not that they "can't even teach truth about God and His will", of course they can...and do. They are more than sage old men. They are prophets, seers, and revelators. Yes, we should accept their limitations, but that does not necessarily mean that we should not "pay much heed to the specificity of their words." We absolutely should pay heed. We are to prayerful heed all of their words and counsel.
  6. pogi

    Left Hand

    Being that he is not the President of the Church, it wouldn't necessarily make a difference if he was teaching the same thing in other settings. I am thinking of the lesson we learned from the Hiram Page peeping stone incident. Unless his teachings are from a source of official doctrine/revelation, he can't speak for the church authoritatively. The question remains, what source is he referencing for it to be considered authoritative?
  7. pogi

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    I agree that one can’t replace the other. They are both essential. In fact, I made that point when I said that we can’t leave one undone and expect to be edified in the other. They are two sides of the same coin. The one is an extension of the other.
  8. pogi

    "Why some people leave the Church"

    I think that both personal prayer and family time are essential aspects of becoming edified and one with God. We can't leave one or the other undone and pretend like we can be edified in the one or the other. There is a definite spiritual yin and yang relationship between introverted prayer and extroverted relationships. You all probably know by know that I practice meditative prayer for 20 minutes twice daily. That time for introspection and intimacy with God is beyond edifying for me. But one thing that I have found is that all of my praying is useless unless I apply in life what I am inspired to do in prayer. My life then becomes an extension of prayer. My life is prayer. How I form relationships with others becomes a form of prayer to God. Introspection and meditative prayer teaches me how to be a better person on the outside, a better husband, and a better father. I am edified in God through those righteous relationships. That is the point of prayer. We go inward to better live outward. Our lives become a prayer to God. That is how we fulfill the commandment to "pray always". I will share one powerful lesson that I remember from one specific prayer. I was meditating on being one with God. Without going into much detail about the experience, which was beyond powerful, I received the personal revelation that if I want to be one with God, I first have to be one with my wife. I can't explain to you adequately how that revelation, and subsequent revelations on how to become more at one with my wife, has affected my relationship with both my wife and my God. Our familial union and oneness draws me closer to God and we are edified together. I can't really quantify a difference between personal prayer and family relationships. To me, it is all a form of prayer, and it is all edifying.
  9. pogi

    Gender Roles

    It is possible to gain a testimony that the prophet knows the Way and still disagree him at times. We are not expected to follow as blind sheep before we can gain a testimony. We are expected to prayerfully follow as the spirit directs.
  10. You don't seem to understand that it is not about protecting the life of the mother anymore. It is about any minor, acute health condition that will not impact the mother significantly. Good judgment has already flown out the window in this case!
  11. Heaven forbid that someone stand up for the life and health of the viable baby.
  12. A woman doesn't need a doctor's permission in New York, she can kill the baby for any reason without punishment. So could the husband, even without the mother's permission and not be charged for any crime against the termination of the viable fetus' life. There is no protection for the baby or the mother.
  13. Did I exaggerate anything? Is anything I said untrue? I agree, what I said is extremely alarming...if that makes me an alarmist, so be it, but I didn't create the law. Should a woman have a say about her own health? Sure, but that doesn't include killing a viable baby if there is no serious health concerns and if her life is not in danger. We should not be allowed to infringe upon/murder the viable life of another to ease our minor health concerns and anxieties. That is immoral. Do you honestly think it is moral to kill a viable baby at 39 weeks gestation because of anxiety or acute nausea? Again, I don't care about the legal argument, I am more interested in the morality of it. Abortion is no longer in the states penal code. It doesn't really matter what the law says anyway when their is no punishment for breaking it. Immoral.
  14. I agree with bsjkki that the "or health" part is the really damning part of the legislation. What constitutes "health" is WAY to broad. This leaves the door open for practitioners perform abortions for almost any reason, including anxiety about being a mother, or nausea from pregnancy, etc. No longer is a physician required to make the judgment, even a midwife can make the determination and perform the abortion in New York for any reason he/she deems a risk to the mothers health. Also, it should be known that as of Jan. 22, 2019, abortion is no longer in the state's penal code. This means there is no criminal liability. Also, https://statelaws.findlaw.com/new-york-law/new-york-abortion-laws.html A mother can kill her fetus at any stage and not be held liable. Who needs a doctor anymore? Lets give mothers the right to induce miscarriage and kill her fetus at any stage of pregnancy on her own by ingesting drugs! Makes sense! They have removed criminal code language regarding illegal abortions. There really isn't any punishment for mother's, father's, or practitioners performing unlawful abortions. This law is IMMORAL. I don't care to argue about the legalities of it. It is immoral.
  15. This whole scenario doesn't make sense to me for several reasons. Do you have a link? Perhaps you are missing something. As I said before, "if a late-term D&E abortion was indeed medically necessary to save the life of the mother, I would support that procedure, if and only if the child is given a lethal injection previous to the procedure. Is that stipulation stated in this legislation however? I don't think so. It makes it legal for any mother, at risk or not, to kill an innocent child. Am I mistaken about that?"