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  1. That’s funny, the exact same thought crossed my mind. I almost posted - “the good news is that I have at least 4 more years to repent in preparation for the second coming.” - right before reading your post.
  2. Prophets have spoken and worked towards preventing and alleviating poverty and abuse forever, and will continue to do so. How does one talk about the name of the church tell you that God cares more about this issue than the other ones?
  3. I am surprised at the hemming and hawing response you received from the elders in your ward. That is highly unusual for a Latter-day Saint to question the Christian-ness of another believer in Jesus. We are probably much more liberal in its use than other Christians because it is not a salvifically loaded term for us like it is for you and others.
  4. I too personally know several people who I consider to be highly spiritual individuals who are not LDS. I know of many , many, more whom I look up to spiritually, and am inspired by on a regular basis, who are not LDS. Anyone, from any faith, can be great examples of spirituality as they adhere to the principles of truth as taught in their different faith traditions. In fact, I think some faiths are more advanced in certain principles of spirituality than we find in the Church. I tend not to look at "spirituality" in a monochromatic way. To me, it is polychromatic. Different principles lend different shades, hues, and brightness to what we tend to speak of in a monolithic way - "spirituality". I think what Mormonism offers is the eventual means to circumscribe all shades of spirituality into "one great whole". It is only through the priesthood and the ordinances that this is possible. I also believe that it is only through the ordinances that the baptism of fire can be realized. I have no doubt that our own spirituality can be enhanced by learning from other faiths, as mine has been. But I also believe that we hold the only key to divine growth, spiritually speaking. I have no doubt that all spiritual individuals will embrace that key at some point in their progression, many will be far more advanced spiritually than many Latter-day Saints.
  5. Membership in the church, and the ordinances and covenants that are a part of it, qualify us for further spirituality, they don't guarantee it. It is all pretty well spelled out in the sacrament prayers.
  6. Because that would be against the honor code 😉 As with any institution, it's usually about the money.
  7. Which makes me wonder how many were actual students.
  8. I am suggesting that he is saying that our membership cannot survive... I don't understand. It is not a warning "that we should stay members", its a warning that our membership cannot stand the heat of the last days without the spirit.
  9. I interpreted it as him as saying that we cannot survive spiritually as members of the church. He is not speaking to non-members here. In other words, I think he is suggesting that our membership will be questioned and tried in increasingly difficult ways, and that if we are not careful to seek out and heed the Holy Spirit, we will be deceived and fall spiritually from the church. There seems to be a rising opposition to the church and religion in general. I think he is reemphasizing previous teachings about membership in the last days, about how even the very elect may be deceived if they are not careful. We have plenty of teachings about this in our history, so it is not really anything new: https://www.lds.org/study/manual/new-testament-student-manual/introduction-to-matthew/chapter-8?lang=eng
  10. As I understand it, the theology of sealing goes far beyond simply being "sealed to someone", or "being together" with someone. We are not just sealed to someone but we become a link in the eternal eternal chain of the generations of Heavenly Mothers and Fathers of which we are sealed to all. "A man is not without the woman, and a woman is not without the man in the Lord." The sealing of a man and a woman forms a link that ties us together with the Lord, and His Lord, and His Lord... While I think the sealing to a spouse does allow us to "be together" it is so much more than that. The sealing chain of the generations is an eternal order of oneness. We enter the bosom of eternity in oneness with all things good. They become a part of us and we become a part of them in an eternal family of deities. The sealing qualifies us for that eternal oneness. "Be ye therefore one..." I think very, very few people on this earth have ever enjoyed the pleasure of being truly one with another human being - the complete and absolute sense of feeling known and accepted in perfect love, intimacy, and purpose. I believe that being sealed into the chain of the generations multiplies that experience infinitely.
  11. It is President Nelson The gift of the HG is not "some official ordinance that makes it happen..." The ordinance qualifies us to "receive" the gift, but it does not make it happen. I can't say how many Latter-day Saints enjoy the gift of the constant companionship, or who they are, or how they compare to the prophet. I am certain that what I described is not "experienced by all, or nearly all." Not even close. Maybe you live in a relatively holy place with very special people, I don't know, but my experience is that people do not experience what I described as a constant influence in their life -I know that I don't - there is too much darkness in the world for that to be true.
  12. If you want to do it right you need to build a compound for your family out of steel shipping containers, equipped with a bomb shelter. Go completely off the grid. Dig a well. Stock up on a fuel supply. You need a 30 year food supply. Load up on hunting rifles and assault rifles (just in case). I have an anti-plague herbal tincture recipe I can share that a superbug/fungus stands no chance against. Oh ya, and plant a garden and pay your tithing. Make Zion great again!
  13. I think it would be more appropriate to call it a warning than a threat. He is warning against the threat of the adversary; he himself is not acting as the adversary. Big difference. The counsel that I heard is to seek out the companionship of the Holly Ghost to protect us from spiritual threats. And some feel safe with their level of physical health/fitness while others seem to lack it or question it. Should we expect everyone to be on the same level physically? Or should we accuse doctors of "threatening" the public by encouraging us to follow a healthy lifestyle to avoid disease and premature death? Just as we are not all on the same level physically, we shouldn't expect us all to be on the same level spiritually. The prophet is a warning voice to all those who are weak in spiritual health, just like a doctor is a warning voice to all those who are weak in physical health. I know many people who are offended by their doctors for suggesting they change their lifestyle to improve overall physical well-being - I guess it is no different in spiritual matters too. The constant companionship does not guarantee life free of errors. Sometimes that companionship manifests as an overall spiritual peace, sometimes it is a comforting blanket, sometimes it is prompting to pray, sometimes it is the voice of prayer, sometimes it is a yearning for God, sometimes it manifests as charity, humility, knowledge, faith, patience, a willingness to believe, sometimes it offers guidance, direction, and inspiration of what to do and say, or how to act; sometimes it is a warning voice, other times it is a healing power and sanctifying influence. But in all of this, we still have to think for ourselves and use our agency, make mistakes, learn from our mistakes, and progress. The Holy Ghost is not a dictator which controls our thoughts and every move to prevent any mistakes, it is a companion to support us when we are up, and when we are down.
  14. ...says carbon dioxide. You would! Just keep in mind that with warmer weather and oceans comes death, disease, and distruction. It’s not all sunshine and green foliage.
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