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  1. Books

    So many books so little time... My favorite fiction, which are few... The Source by Michner East of Eden...Steinbeck Robinson Jeffers poetry Grapes of Wrath...Steinbeck To a "God Unknown...Steinbeck. Oh heck...anything by Steinbeck. more later... NON FICTION The Lessons of HIstory The Great Books Will Durrants books on civilization Scriptures more later...
  2. Puns!!!

    Once there was a horse that was much annoyed because several birds were building nests in his mane. Nothing he did would make them stop. The noise and activity were driving the horse crazy. So, he decided to see the wise old owl for help. The old owl told him to go home and put some yeast in his mane and all would be well. The horse thought this was a bit nutty, but out of desperation, he did what the owl told him. The next morning the mane was completely clear of nests. The very surprised horse trotted excitedly to the owl's house. When asked why the yeast worked, the owl replied, "Horse, don't you know that .... yeast is yeast and nest is nest and never the mane shall tweet?"
  3. The Worst Food You've Tasted

    Japanese Natto
  4. Best Movies Ever?

    Sorry...I have been a bit under the weather. Will do.
  5. Best Movies Ever?

    What!? No Godfather!?
  6. Last Movie You Watched

    This is a movie I hadn't even heard of let alone watch, "Odd Thomas", which is a comedy/horror film. Nice film and big surprise at the end.
  7. Anciently steel was well understood by even Mesoamerican peoples in the form of steel meteorites. While the ancient Egyptians, et al, understood the smelting process the people of the New World did not.
  8. King James Bible For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.
  9. The Story Of Our Cat...

    thought you might like this... http://www.ijreview.com/2014/06/145559-forget-fluff-viral-video-dear-kitten-tells-lovable-tale-cat-mentoring-young-feline/
  10. Last Movie You Watched

    I am on a Jack Lemmon kick recently. Last night (I have insomnia) I watched the Odd Couple. What a hoot. I have The Apartment lined up for today.
  11. The Story Of Our Cat...

    You are such a lucky man. We tried to rescue some kittens that had been abondoned in our garage. They didn't make it. It really bothered me. Later, we found two other kittens and kept them. One of them, Piddy was my favorite and she followed me around everywhere. When we moved we gave her a to a friend who was recovering from cancer. About 6 months later we found out she had been hit by a car and was now buried in their garden. I am 60 years old, 6'2' tall, built like a wall with accompanying attitude and nothing, but nothing has gotten to me like that cat (except my kids and wife). Even now I feel her jumping on the bed. My she live well and prosper.
  12. Last Movie You Watched

    When I was a kid I was fortunate enough to go the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey to listen to ex POW's from Vietnam. It was chilling.
  13. Last Movie You Watched

    Unfortunately, too many war movies today are filmed in the nuance of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Rambo which gives us a bloody sanitized view of war. War is hell.
  14. Last Movie You Watched

    Mac was one of my favorites and your story is cool. My wife's uncle was a young civilian worker on one of the islands who was taken captive by the Japanese, held as a POW for many years, and almost died as a result of it. Despite his treatment he went back to Japan as a missionary and even met with some of his captors who he forgave. Truly a great generation.