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  1. In my view FairMormon should be about the Faithful Truth, still the truth, but 100% in line with the Restored Gospel. There are other organizations out there which allow the "being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine", promoting whatever "opinion" as if it's of worth when it's frankly not.
  2. I've always found this video to be good. Hard Evidence of Horses in America
  3. Anyone should be allowed to say what they do with their labor if it's against their values. That's America, that's how it's always been. You can't force a Construction Company to build a Porn Shop, so why do people think they can force people to create a "particular type" of cake? (because leftists are tyrants and are trying to destroy America as we can clearly see from all their various anti-American actions) They aren't denying the "persons" service, they are refusing to create a particular type of product with their labor, so the claim of "discrimination" especially under the law simply cannot be made (at least it being intelligent).
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