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  1. MiserereNobis

    Missionaries and health insurance

    Sweet! I've visited Liberec a couple of times. I spent some time in a small village in the general area called Nova Paka. It was about an hour away. A lot of younger people in the Czech Republic speak German and English, since they learn 2 languages of their choice starting in elementary school. During communism, everyone had to learn Russian, so older people speak it but don't want to (a common name for cockroaches is "rus" which also means Russian... there's not much love from the Czechs to the Russians). Technically, the Czech national drink would be a Pilsner beer or a cocktail called beton, but I'm guessing your parents won't be enjoying that Kofola is a soft drink like coke but with a more roasted flavor. The Czechs drink more beer per capita than any other country by a long shot. 143 liters per person per year. Second on the list is Namibia at 108. Czechs looooooove their beer. It's damn good and really cheap. Anyways, thanks for the update. I'm excited by proxy for you and your family
  2. MiserereNobis

    Missionaries and health insurance

    You'll have to keep us (me, ha) updated, like what cities they are in, etc. My favorite city by far was Uherske Hradiste, in the southeast of the country in a region known as Slovacko. It is such a lovely place of traditions, folklore, old babickas with headscarves stopping traffic as they cross the road with their goats, fun accents and dialects, beautiful rolling hills, and wonderful friendly people. Hopefully they can spend some time there, especially in spring/summer.
  3. MiserereNobis

    Red Heifer: Coming of the Messiah?

    Here is a good article in the Catholic Encyclopedia about Holy Orders (the priesthood), including lots of scriptural references, as well as references to Ecumenical Councils and Papal decrees (since we are not sola scriptura). http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/11279a.htm
  4. MiserereNobis

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Not by his words and actions, at least as reported here.
  5. MiserereNobis

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    I think I'll bow out of this thread. I see that my own disgust at what has happened within my church is coloring what I say here. We all want to protect children from abuse and I'm grateful for that and very grateful that Mormons are working to make sure their children are safe, too.
  6. To which Jesus and His 12 apostles did not belong.
  7. MiserereNobis

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    What is the screening process? We already know there is no background check. What is done instead?
  8. MiserereNobis

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    It’s done in my diocese, so sure.
  9. MiserereNobis

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    My diocese requires anyone working with children and teenagers to have a background check. I haven't done it because that's not my area so I don't know the details of how it is done. These are also volunteers.
  10. MiserereNobis

    Red Heifer: Coming of the Messiah?

    Catholic ordination is indelible (like baptism), meaning it cannot be taken away. A priest can be laicized (defrocked), which means he is not allowed to act as a priest, wear vestments, be called father, etc, but that doesn't remove the fact that he is a priest. A laicized priest can also be reinstated. A laicized priest is still under the obligation of celibacy, unless he has also been released from that by the Pope. Almost all laicized priests are also released from celibacy.
  11. MiserereNobis

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    In addition to background checks, the teachers in my district are required to undergo twice yearly training over sexual abuse issues.
  12. MiserereNobis

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    Perhaps, but background checks are so fundamental and foundational that it seems strange to leave them out. What could be the other aspect that the church promotes that is more effective?
  13. MiserereNobis

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    If the LDS church does not run background checks, then every single school system does more than the church to stop and prevent abuse.
  14. MiserereNobis

    Speculations for General Conference

    You seem to have a contradiction in what you said to changed and what you said about following priesthood leaders. That's what I'm referring to.
  15. MiserereNobis

    Beauty Pageants - Good or Bad?

    Well, there are certainly many beautiful female chess grandmasters out there, for sure