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  1. The Westboro Baptist Church is also tax-exempt. It saddens me to think that I am subsidizing their protests at military funerals. ETA: I'm not really taking a position here. I'm just saying it saddens me.
  2. I have run in hippie circles and there are proponents of sun gazing. Photosynthesize away, brother! There are also those breathaterians out there, too. Ahh, as I grow older I miss my old crazy hippie days. But luckily there is high Mass and Benedictine monasteries
  3. The board obviously deemed your response not worthy. Perhaps that should be the temple recommend rejection response... the bishop simply says "403 Forbidden"
  4. You are asking us to trust you and your experiences, which is an appeal to authority, too. And actually (as a sometimes teacher of rhetoric -- notice my appeal to authority), there's nothing inherently wrong with an appeal to authority. It's the appeal to inappropriate authority that's the problem. If I make a claim about relativistic physics and use Einstein as evidence, it would be ridiculous for someone to fault me with the fallacy of appealing to authority. The dude's an appropriate authority. So perhaps what we are saying is that BG has given an appropriate appeal to authority -- his relative's stature and standing in the LDS church -- and we believe that what he says is true because we trust that he is not making up a fake father-in-law or falsifying what the father-in-law said. Sure, it's not 100% perfect, but hey, we're on an internet discussion board, so...
  5. Yes, it does matter. You've posted hearsay about the south and BG has done the same. Yet, we trust him because we know him. We don't really know you yet so we don't know how trustworthy you are. That's not personal, that's just simple reality. I'm not LDS so I don't care one way or another about the content of the disagreement here, but I've known BG for awhile and I trust him. Stick around and let us trust you, too. But you've kinda gotten off on the wrong foot here, honestly. Ok, ok, you got me... you're right... I trust BG because he is a Catholic inquisitor and I'm afraid he'll burn me at the stake if I don't sing his praises
  6. Since you now have a temple in Rome perhaps you'd like to include some Roman culture in your new hymnal. I've got a couple of fantastic Gregorian chants that I could recommend that, I'm pretty sure, wouldn't have any doctrinal issues ("O Come O Come Emmanuel," for example). If you can do a Nigerian song, can't you do a Latin one? As a side question, do you know if the Tabernacle Choir has ever done Gregorian chant?
  7. Ahab! I agree with you. Let’s mark this momentous occasion in our calendars and celebrate it every year 😁 The Achilles heel of relativism is that it states its claims as absolutes.
  8. Are you sure they didn't call hazmat because of the beer? Actually, after thinking about, Bud Lite is horrible stuff. I'd call hazmat on it, too.
  9. You want me to wake up and see the truth that a Hindu is actually a Christian. Am I in a re-education camp? I'm with Picard on this one:
  10. This is becoming surreal, seriously. You accuse me of twisting words when I say a Hindu isn't a Christian. That is not twisting, that is basic definition. I understand your belief that when someone follows their conscience they are following promptings from God, but that does not make one a Christian. I thought you said you were going to try to stop being arrogant, patronizing, and condescending.
  11. A Hindu is by definition a non-Christian! You are twisting words and definitions, which is why my original post said your argument is meaningless.
  12. I will say that over the years I've known you here it is statements like this that are off-putting. They come off as arrogant, patronizing, and condescending. Is there more for me to learn? Of course there is. But the point is how you appear when you say things like this.
  13. Here are your words: So let's say there's a Hindu who has never even heard the name of Jesus Christ. He has a desire to good. He follows his conscience. According to what you say right here, that's all it takes for him to be a Christian. Those are your exact words.
  14. Of course I wasn't claiming the exclusive right to "bona fide." I was making a joke, hence the silly emoji. But my main point was that I am Catholic because God told me to be and that I experienced a miracle through my conversion, too.
  15. That's the first thing you said. There is only one way and the LDS have it. When I questioned if that makes non-LDS people unhappy, you respond: So now you are saying non-LDS Christians have the way to happiness (which is different than what you said first). So then I question: can non-Christians be happy, and you respond: You are saying in the bold that someone can be Christian without even knowing who Christ is. If they act like a Christian they are a Christian, even if they are, say, a practicing Hindu. That was my point. I didn't make it. You said it. Yes, you did. Look above. CFR, good buddy
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