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  1. Then why use it, since it totally weakens your argument?
  2. Is this supposed to be a justification for injustice..?
  3. I want to add that she was an adjunct professor, which means that she teaches on a semester by semester basis with absolutely no contract beyond that. Saying that she was "fired" is incorrect, because she was allowed to finish her current semester. It would be more accurate to say that she was not hired for the next semester. Yes, they had offered her a position teaching for the next semester, but for adjunct teachers, the contract to teach doesn't kick in until the first day of classes. In other words, the school was under no contractual obligation to her, so saying she was fired is inaccurate. Poor adjunct teachers really have no rights, are paid terribly, and do the bulk of the low-level course teaching. It is something that needs to change.
  4. I would think so, too. Makes sense to me.
  5. God bless you, too!
  6. Here are some highlights relevant to the discussion thus far:
  7. How about everyone interested in this read the official explanation from the Vatican.
  8. No. The Bible is one of the three legs. There are Catholic dogmas that are not found in the Bible because they are found in Tradition and decreed by the Magisterium. The authority that Christ gave to the Apostles that were then passed on to the Bishops, with the Bishop of Rome, as Peter's successor, having primacy. I would say that the roots of the Trinity are found in the Bible and that the doctrine of the Trinity does not contradict the Bible. I know we are not going to agree on this and I don't want to turn this into a Trinity thread. The clarifications on the doctrine of the Trinity all come from Tradition and the Magisterium (which is why it strikes me as humorous when protestants deny the Catholic Church's authority yet believe in the doctrines promulgated by that authority). I'd be curious as to what other Mormons here have to say about this. I have a feeling that your beliefs do not represent standard LDS beliefs. Is this correct?
  9. I do agree with you here in that I don't see the issue with allowing people access to parish records. I wouldn't go so far as to call it petty or obstructionist. I think it is just a misunderstanding of things and a knee-jerk reaction.
  10. Authority is on your list of what is required for a valid baptism. It is not on our list. Proper belief in the Trinity and the intention to cleanse original sin and join the Body of Christ is on our list. It is not on yours. It's all about what's on the required lists for validity. Our Churches differ on the details, but not on the fact that some things must be present in order for a sacrament/ordinance to be valid.
  11. Is this true? Someone can deny the LDS doctrine of God and still become LDS?
  12. I was going to say this -- thanks. I assume most LDS would consider me Christian, even though I do not have a valid Christian baptism according to LDS. That's how I view Mormons -- Christian but without a valid Christian baptism. Of course, there are many Catholics who would take the next step and say Mormons are not Christian. I am not one of them.
  13. Shall we rehash the "Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon and the church of the devil" threads?
  14. The Catholic Church is not sola scriptura, so the Bible is not the final say on anything. Your argument here works for protestants, but not for Catholics. The Bible, Holy Tradition, and the Magisterium are the three legs of the Catholic Church. Tradition and the Magisterium have decreed belief in the Trinity to be necessary for a valid form of baptism. The idea, as far as I understand it, behind a belief in Heavenly Mother is intricately wrapped in the LDS view of God (having been human, exalted, etc). The problems with a Heavenly Mother therefore are similar to the problems with the LDS view of God, which are incompatible with Catholic views of God. You are right that there is an incredible veneration of the Blessed Virgin. I adore her greatly.
  15. Well, you call us apostates and say our creeds are an abomination. I suppose all is fair in love and war Seriously, though, that's not the issue I raised. The issue is how it is strange that a Mormon apologist would argue that the Catholic body tasked with determining Catholic doctrine is wrong in their conclusion about Catholic doctrine. It is fully within the right of the Catholic Church to determine if a baptism is a valid Catholic baptism, and it is fully within the rights of the Catholic Church to declare that a non-Trinitarian view of God, along with a denial of original sin (all clearly pronounced LDS doctrines) make an LDS baptism not a valid Catholic baptism. I'm not sure why this is controversial with you...?