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  1. MiserereNobis

    Left Hand

    In Catholicism, we use the phrase "the near occasion of sin." To me, that seems more helpful than "avoiding the appearance of evil." A near occasion of sin isn't focused on what other people think, but is focused on ourselves -- we shouldn't put ourselves into a position where we are likely to sin. It's a way of protection. Perhaps LDS friends here can clarify, but appearance of evil seems to have us judge a situation based on what others may think. I think it is far more useful to judge a situation based on what we know about ourselves.
  2. I follow the traditional Catholic Lenten fast, which is one meal a day. Sundays, as feast days, do not count as part of the 40 days (they actually trump any fast days). We can eat, we can celebrate, and some actually encourage us to do whatever it is we chose to give up. The LDS practice of fasting on Sundays is at odds with the Catholic practice of Sundays being a celebration of the resurrection. You should fast on Fridays, in commemoration of the crucifixion, and then celebrate on Sundays
  3. MiserereNobis

    Left Hand

    Ah, the effects of the Puritans linger on...
  4. MiserereNobis

    Polemics and Apologetics

    The rush to judgement was unfortunate, absolutely. I do agree with Nehor, though, the boys were being morons, as teenagers are apt to be, and are not heroes because they didn't do anything heroic. I think a heavy amount of fault lies with the chaperones, who should have immediately removed the boys from the situation with the Black Hebrew Israelites before anything escalated. It is telling of their worldview that the boy's mother initially described them as "black Muslims." This is a total derail so I won't say anything more on it
  5. MiserereNobis

    Polemics and Apologetics

    One diocese does not the Catholic Church make ETA: the LDS analogy would be someone saying "The LDS church said XYZ" when it turns out that one stake president said that.
  6. MiserereNobis

    Missionary work

    I agree with the basic underlying foundational ideas here, but I think this overly, way overly, simplifies the opiate epidemic.
  7. MiserereNobis

    Missionary work

    This has an interesting semantic corollary to "the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer."
  8. MiserereNobis

    Missionary work

    I agree. And I think His Apostles did a bang up job, especially with passing on His authority and teaching to their successors
  9. MiserereNobis

    Missionary work

    How exactly is the world becoming more wicked? More wicked than when? Do you think this is the most wicked time in all of world history or do you have a cut-off time for your comparison?
  10. MiserereNobis

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Then I humbly offer you pril-osec, tum-s, and pep-to bis-mol. because it seems ordained by the good Lord above that if we meet we are going to have to eat some chile together (I figure after 43 pages of a thread that I didn't read closely because I don't know temple stuff, a good tangent about chile is quite warranted) ETA: I had to add the dashes because I got the dreaded 403 error from the board's filter...
  11. MiserereNobis

    Stand in Holy Places

    When I was on my "walkabout" in the Czech Republic I adopted the Czech custom of always taking off shoes before entering the house. I never thought of it as a holy practice, just a practical one. Why wear shoes inside and bring in all the outside dirt and muck? I'm curious how you see this as a holy practice. Is it godliness-cleanliness (like your dishes example) or is there more to it, along of the lines of "take off your shoes because this is holy ground"? I'm not a gamer, but I grew up in the 80's and had an Atari 2600 and then the original Nintendo as a kid. I don't look back and think of my experience with those games as somehow antithetical to God's presence. It's probably a technological thing -- the games were so simple. But I had a fun time with Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda
  12. MiserereNobis

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Your analogy fails, because hitting your thumb hurts, but eating New Mexico chile is the closest thing to the Beatific Vision (or even the celestial kingdom) one can come to in this world! I can only imagine what mystical poetry St. John of the Cross would have written had he had freshly roasted NM green chile... ETA: ever see that Simpsons episode where Homer eats the hottest chili and has a psychedelic/mystical experience? Heh.
  13. MiserereNobis

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Awesome! Yes, those gallon drums with screens and propane burners are exactly what is all over Las Cruces during roasting season. I live in Mesilla, just west of LC. We're a small village without any grocery stores, but our one gas station sets out a roaster. Did you ever go to the Owl Bar and Cafe? It's about halfway between Albuquerque and Las Cruces (near Socorro). It's well known for its green chile burgers. They're great, but they definitely make a marketing ploy out of it, which is fine. http://www.sanantonioowl.com And I'm with you on the question. Server: "Red or green?" Me: "Christmas!"
  14. MiserereNobis

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    I live about 40 or so miles from the Hatch valley in NM. There ain't nothing like chile roasting season here. Every grocery store has roasters outside. You buy your fresh chiles, take 'em out and get 'em roasted, take 'em home, skin 'em, separate 'em, and freeze 'em. Of course you leave some fresh for the next week or two. Fresh roasted Hatch green chile is so damn good. And the smell around town with all the various places roasting is awesome. Come on down sometime to the Hatch chile festival. Yumminess is to be had! Oh, and a note. Make sure your chile is actually Hatch chile from Hatch NM. The Hatch chile company (the one with the cans in grocery stores) has the name Hatch but doesn't use Hatch chiles. Instead, they use poblanos, mainly from California. There's been lawsuits over this (one judge called Hatch valley the Napa valley for chile. Damn straight). Growers in the valley use certification on their products, so look for that. Finally, our official state question is: red or green?