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  1. Satan's reaction to Moses

    And how interesting it is that some Romantics found Satan to be the (Napoleonic) hero of the book. The individual who strives against the greatest power in order to forge his own path to power. William Blake said that "Milton was of the devil's camp and didn't know it." The depictions of Satan and the demons and devils rising up after being cast out of heaven are powerful and it is intriguing that we see Satan and hear his arguments long before we get to hear the other side. Tangent, I know, but "Paradise Lost" fascinates me.
  2. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    Let me make sure I understand you. Are you saying that the NFL players should not protest police brutality and systemic racism because abortion and murder among the African-American community are greater problems? If so, you are engaged in the logical fallacy of a red herring. Whether or not abortion and murder are greater problems doesn't affect whether or not people should protest police brutality. Look back at my previous explanation: That shows that your logic is flawed. You can't say "don't protest this because there are greater problems" because then we end up in the absurd situation of everyone in the entire world only protesting one problem. If I didn't understand you correctly, please clarify your position.
  3. Should BYU Drop its Football Program?

    Red herring. The fact that there are other problems doesn't mean we shouldn't focus on one particular "lesser" problem. Applying your logic to problems would mean that everyone in the world would focus on only one problem -- the greatest one in the world (whatever that is) because if someone focused on something lesser we would just point out that there is a greater problem they should be focusing on. Also, there is a bit of a straw man here. They are not just protesting being shot by a police officer. They are protesting the issues of systemic racism as evidenced (but not limited to) being shot by a police officer.
  4. CH1 Now online for all membership

    Sorry, I don't think so, mainly because I'm not an expert on Canon Law (there are Canon Law lawyers!!) and perhaps I'm too lazy to become one
  5. jospeh the con man?

    So you admit that the bishops and ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church that promulgated the Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit? That the Catholic Church was led by the Holy Spirit?
  6. jospeh the con man?

    You didn't answer the question. Why do you believe in the Bible that was put together by the Catholic Church? You realize you are believing in the sacred scripture of the Catholic Church, right?
  7. CH1 Now online for all membership

    Here's the equivalent for Catholicism: The Code of Canon Law It would be interesting to do a comparison thinking about how a large church and a small church approach religious law.
  8. Circumcision

    So it sounds like there is a cultural aspect to it in Utah, but nothing official from the LDS church. The Catholic Church teaches that there is no religious reason for circumcision. There is a strong anti-circumcision stance among some Catholics based on some teachings about non-medically necessary bodily mutilations, but the Church itself has not really made an official statement in 600 years.
  9. Speaking In Tongue's As Evidence Of Salvation

    Yep, I really enjoyed Ender's Game as a teenager, until I found out about the author...
  10. Circumcision

    Why is it an American tradition? Is there a religious reason for this? I assume there is, since circumcision was the sign of the covenant for Jews, but I'm not sure how protestants (the American religion) understand or apply that. Is there or has there been a Mormon position on circumcision? In Europe, it is almost unheard of, which I think relates to Europe's background as a Catholic area.
  11. jospeh the con man?

    Like I appreciate mfbukowski for being an un-orthodox faithful Mormon, I appreciate you for being a traditional Mormon, who doesn't shy away from things that people use to criticize Mormonism, but instead owns them. I think your stance would blunt the criticism that the Mormon church tries to whitewash things.
  12. jospeh the con man?

    You do realize that us Catholics put the Bible together, don't you? So if you believe the Bible is authoritatively from God, then shouldn't you also believe that the Catholic Church has the authority of God? Why aren't you a Catholic?
  13. Speaking In Tongue's As Evidence Of Salvation

    Remember, General Chang said that we haven't experienced Shakespeare until we've heard it in Klingon...
  14. Speaking In Tongue's As Evidence Of Salvation

    Since gifts of the spirit are brought up here, beyond just tongues, I'll offer my observation again that for a church that claims prophecy and angelic visitation, there's seems to be little of either. Now, I see that people say that there are such things going on but that it is not shared or talked about, but from an outsider point-of-view that makes it kind of meaningless. If I am told, as a Catholic, that one of the unique things about Mormonism is prophecy and the visitation of angels, and then I ask for details and there are none to give me, then those unique aspects of Mormonism don't really amount to much. This is especially true for a Catholic, who sees claims of miracles and visitations all the time. Perhaps you should rethink your stance that such things are too sacred to talk about. It doesn't seem like they were too sacred for Joseph Smith to talk about. And it comes off to outsiders like an excuse for why they are not really happening, especially for Catholics who have so many stories of the Blessed Virgin and Jesus and Saints and Angels coming to visit and prophecy.
  15. Speaking In Tongue's As Evidence Of Salvation

    This is intriguing. Is it an accepted thing that Joseph and Brigham spoke in tongues? Or might this be a contested thing, such as the Adam-God theory? It just seems so incongruous with the Mormonism of my experience that I find it interesting.