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  1. You show your ignorance on the doctrine of Papal infallibility. And you also show your hypocrisy. You want believing LDS to disregard core beliefs (stop wearing garments, drink coffee) so that former LDS will trust them, yet you disparage LDS beliefs (and Catholic beliefs). How about a former LDS disregard their beliefs, and put on their garments, or go to church, or read the Book of Mormon, so that they can meet the LDS believer? Why is it a one way road for you?
  2. Just pointing out that comparing the Pope to Kim Jong Un is quite offensive. If that's how you see it, then you are patently anti-Catholic.
  3. Please check your multi-cellular privilege at the door.
  4. We believe that the Holy Spirit guides and protects the Catholic Church, from Her beginning until today and on through tomorrow.
  5. So do we, and more of them than you 😛
  6. Interesting! It was a point of contention between Catholics and protestants about the true nature of the Eucharistic sacrifice. I'm glad the LDS retain at least a semblance of the Catholic understanding. It is a sacrifice made for us all, reenacted about all altars and all times across all the world. Infinite, of course, but at least offered to our finite minds.
  7. This is a rather Catholic way of looking at Communion
  8. It seems to me that a couple of posters are not reading the actual court ruling that Daniel keeps posting. It’s unfortunate, because it makes them look ignorant in their responses. Not only are they not dealing with the court’s arguments (arguments that are refuting their positions), but they don’t even have the basic facts of the case right.
  9. The scientific method works for things that science can investigate. It is scientism pure and simple to believe that science covers all of reality and experience. Science can tell me what's going on chemically and electrically in my brain when I listen to great music (like the Grateful Dead), but science cannot tell me what my experience is. Only I have that. Don't toss out the subjective experience and try to make everything scientifically objective. If you do, we'll end up in a flat wasteland void of interiority.
  10. Mmm, but then there's that pesky problem of induction...
  11. My first dead show was '93 while I was in high school. I've seen every iteration of the good ol' Grateful Dead since. Next shows: Dead and Company in Boulder in July. I miss Jerry...
  12. It's so very interesting that a religion whose weekly meetings are so devoid of ceremony has a temple whose rituals (as I intuit from this board) are so meaningful and important.
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