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  1. I agree. Maybe Calm can give us more information. http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/70478-did-mckenna-denson-meet-with-thomas-s-monson-after-mtc/?do=findComment&comment=1209818701
  2. I agree with you (and rockpond). The degree that some here have gone to in order to lessen this situation is pretty amazing to watch, IMO. And now, he was allowed to just quietly resign from the church? No church court or discipline? It's shameful that there was never even an attempt to hold a disciplinary court on him, IMO.
  3. I found this doing a search online: Does anyone know what they mean regarding The Book of Abraham associating Kolob with the Pleiades?
  4. He said it was about the curse. What was the curse? And, the first presidency in 1949 continued to teach this:
  5. Well, she did threaten his life. Also, victims have varying reactions to coming face to face with their alleged rapist. We shouldn't judge the victim.
  6. I do think both of those have been confirmed (an ex employee confirming a secret room in the basement and her Spanish teacher confirming her being pulled out of class). Why would you laugh that he states the same?
  7. IIRC, he was also involved in some of the questionable dealings regarding Paul Dunn (and Jose Riffo). It's been awhile since I read about that, but it wasn't good from what I remember.
  8. Never? I swear Hamba you must have the most perfect ward on earth Just teasing a bit... Actually those ideas and implementations are excellent, IMO.
  9. All good thoughts and input (and I agree with most of what you say). Each ward is different and I know it's impossible to find activities that ALL of the YM (or YW) will love and want to attend. Sounds like you run an excellent program for your YW with a good balance of fun and spiritual and service. I hope that's similar to what will replace the scouting program (that has been very successful at getting the YM out in my ward). (In answer to your question regarding the boys who attend weekly activities, but don't come on Sundays anymore. Our YM leaders are still doing mostly scout type activities and this brings them out.)
  10. Millions? Rejoicing? I don't think so....(exaggerate much?). I think some are happy about this change, but just as many are saddened to see the end of scouting for the YM in the church. Many dearly love scouting. I see people supporting this decision and supporting the church leaders. Most are anxious to see the new program and are looking forward to getting more information about it.
  11. What morals had they abandoned? Other than you having financial issues, what was immoral about the changes being made?
  12. But if they move away from doing scout type activities, then you lose the boys who were coming that loved scouting. We have two teenage boys who do not attend on Sunday anymore, they do not attend seminary, but they love scouting and come to the week day activity because of this (they rarely miss). I think you'll get some who will come out more and some who will lose interest now. I get that it's impossible to meet all of their needs and find activities that interest all the boys (and girls). I am looking forward to seeing the new program. I will be supportive of it. But, I hope it's not just more spiritual teaching like they get on Sundays as there needs to be a time when they just get together and have fun and bond (with each other and the leaders)....then you can slip the spiritual messages in at times as well. I just hope it'll be as well organized and supported as the scout program has been.
  13. Before or until what happened?
  14. Why? (And it's 18.5% or their membership.)
  15. How had it changed for you ward or local scouts? (sincere question) Can you name some specific things that changed? Because I honestly had not seen anything actually change over these last few years. I know there were changes at the top, but nothing really actually affected us on a stake or ward level. I'm fine with moving on and am looking forward to seeing what the new program will be. I tend to agree with cinepro's post above though and believe this move has more to do with new leadership coming in (Pres. Monson's passing) and money rather than anything to do with gays or girls. At least I certainly hope those are not the reasons.