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  1. And once again, you conveniently leave out the "for if I will" phrase.... It's ok....I'm moving on and release you from this CFR.
  2. Polygamy? You have his own words teaching the principle (or someone recording his words) and commanding it? CFR
  3. Here's the post you responded to (I didn't add anything and thought this was what we were discussing):  So, do you believe that it was ever commanded or taught by Christ as an essential part of His gospel? Was it a necessary principle to live (in the latter days) in order for the fullness of His gospel to be restored?
  4. Not at all. It's what we've been discussing all along, isn't it? http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/72054-apa-on-consensual-nonmonogamy-spin-off-thread-mormon-polygamy/?do=findComment&comment=1209917367 Or, do you believe that polygamy was not a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ? If you don't hold that belief, then why do you believe it was necessary or an essential principle in order to restore the fullness of the gospel in the latter days?
  5. LOL. No....but you still have the pesky "if I will" phrase in there qualifying it. LOL again. I think that's precisely what you are doing here (and I do understand your need to do so). I think it's best if we just agree to disagree. As far as I've seen, you have no references stating polygamy was commanded as part of Christ's teachings or that it was necessary to live in order to restore the fullness of the gospel. (And, I'm also releasing you from the CFR regarding your claims on polyandry.)
  6. I'm not sure she believed that polyandry was something commanded in order to fully restore the gospel. I'm sure she believed in the principle (polygamy or plural marriage) and believed it came from God. She must have believed polyandry was allowed at times....but probably not necessary to restore the principle. That's just my opinion.... But my conversation with smac was referring to prior to when Joseph made the claim that polygamy was commanded and that it needed to be restored. He claims that polyandry was also commanded and a necessary part of the gospel (unless I'm misunderstanding him). As far as I know, there is no record of anyone living polyandry in the Bible (scripture) or it being a necessary part of restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ. We don't even have any references from Joseph regarding that (iirc). ETA: I'm just going to release smac from the CFR....it's not worth pushing it and I actually know he doesn't have the references. However, I was interested to see what he had or what had led him to believe that.
  7. That's not commanded. I'll give you that it was "allowed" at times. I understand you believe that polygamy was commanded by God. We can disagree on that as I've seen no evidence or record of this taking place prior to when Joseph made these claims.
  8. Not at all, IMO. Not even close. But keep saying it and maybe it'll be true (Hey....I do understand why you feel you have to believe it came from God...) Polygamy may have been allowed at times or practiced at times....but "mandated by God"? I haven't seen evidence or record of this at all (unless you source Joseph Smith....).
  9. Possibly. Her story is a fascinating one and she was a very faithful woman, IMO. I find much of her story to be heartbreaking though.... But that does not fulfill the CFR (issued to smac with no response as of yet....) as far as there being a record of polyandry being commanded by God or that it was a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ:
  10. Smac? What references to you have that polyandry "was commanded. And practiced 'as a part of His gospel'"?
  11. Not commanded by God (that there is record of). Yes, it was practiced and allowed, but no record of God commanding people to live polygamy in order to live the gospel. The first we hear of this taking place came from Joseph Smith. Polyandry? CFR
  12. My belief is that polygamy did not come from God, but from man. So I agree with you that God would not have imposed this on the early saints to live. We have had this discussion and there is no record of God commanding polygamy (the closest is when it is a part of the Levirate marriages, but was never an essential part of them). I believe what is in the D&C regarding polygamy came from man (and much of it was written for Emma, IMO, because of the problems Joseph was having convincing her he was supposed to marry Fanny, her house maids and other men's wives). Where do we have a record that polyandry was commanded by God or ever lived by past Prophets or was an essential part of the gospel of Jesus Christ? If polyandry was never commanded or practiced as a part of His gospel, what was there to restore?
  13. I actually don't believe polygamy was needed as a part of restoring the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. IMO, it was never commanded (that we have a record of) by Christ or taught as an essential part of His gospel. And for sure, polyandry didn't need to be restored (IMO). I know many disagree with me on that (as we've already discussed here at times), but those are my beliefs. I believe it came from men and it was a mistake that the church is still suffering over and are still having negative consequences from how it was practiced.
  14. Why do believe that would be true? (Honest question as I'd love to hear your reasons behind that belief). I actually feel that much of the problems with polygamy in the early days of the church (especially in Nauvoo, but also with some later), was the extreme secrecy and deceit involved. Polygamy is lived much more out in the open today (from what I know of it) and among consenting adults. I know that's not always the case with the fundamentalists, but that's again where problems arise, IMO (marrying teens and young girls). Also add in the polyandry and it became a mess, IMO, for many involved in that (and again more secrecy and deceit for many).
  15. Yup. Thanks for starting this thread Calm as this should definitely be a part of the conversation that smac started, IMO. (Especially on a Mormon discussion forum )
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