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  1. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    I've not seen her state any conclusions (nor have I stated any), please post where that's taken place. You and others are the ones who are drawing conclusions based on their silence. Here's what I've stated:
  2. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    Yes, you should. Julie has been accurate about what has taken place thus far in regard to any statements from the 15 on the policy and the meeting involved. Only you and Scott continue to mind read or assign reasons as to why this is the case (that we've only heard from then Elder Nelson). Read rongo's excellent post again as it really does give a realistic and honest view: http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/70185-elder-uchtdorf-progressive/?do=findComment&comment=1209794699
  3. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    All of what you state here is true. Only those who were there know why they have not addressed the policy or the meeting where they discussed it (or even if there was only one meeting or just one discussion before the new policy was added to the handbook). One can claim that if any of the 15 disagreed with the one statement we have regarding what took place in the meeting, they would definitely speak out and express their disagreement. And, One can claim that if any of the 15 agreed with the one statement we have regarding what took place in the meeting, they would definitely speak out and express their agreement. But neither of them can actually know that they were speaking the truth. There could be different reasons for different ones who were in the meeting. I'd imagine only they know why they haven't addressed this topic and maybe they still will in the future. We don't even know that all 15 were present for the meeting, do we? (It seems there was some question at the time regarding whether some were out of town at the time.)
  4. Actually, make that two blog posts I really didn't care for. But, I did look up his biography on Elijah Abel today and I think I may order it. It's a topic I'm interested in (and have spent some time researching). His book gets good reviews.
  5. I didn't care at all for that comparison. I know many seem to really be impressed with this blogger, but for me....not so much.
  6. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    I have served in enough leadership positions to know that rarely are a group of men (especially as many as 15 or more), 100% in agreement.....or 100% opposed. What I do know is that most men will be willing to come to some sort of compromise or at least in the end, support the Bishop or Stake President or most especially, the Prophet. In the church, it's very important to have a public appearance of unity for the members to see and many men will put their feelings aside (unless they are strongly opposed) for that message to be seen. Now, we never did hear President Monson speak about this issue (that I can remember) and we did not hear him speak specifically about the policy of 2015. As far as I know, Elder Uchtdorf (and many other Apostles as well) have not spoken about it to the members. A lot of assumptions can be made and were made by the author of the blog post, IMO. Were they in agreement enough to at least allow the rubber stamp to be applied with their name on it? Yes (or at least they didn't oppose it enough to vote against it and had a desire to show a support of unity). But, we have no idea if that would have taken place if Elder Uchtdorf had been the Prophet at the time (or others). Of course, it may have still been put in effect, but we simply do not know his feelings on it because we have not heard them. He would never speak out against the Prophet. Of that, I'm sure. But he has remained silent regarding the policy (as far as I know). I read the blog post over again this morning. I don't disagree with his thoughts, but there's a lot of words such as "maybe", "if", and an "is it possible" type questioning (which is good of him to do, IMO). Overall...it's ok....but, not convincing (at least for me) that "it clearly establishes" anything as claimed earlier by kiwi when he posted it. Others will read it differently and I respect that too. ( I'm off of here for the day, so won't be able to respond to anyone until tomorrow.....just didn't want to appear rude if anyone wonders why I may not respond to them today )
  7. I see that he has published his own biography. Thanks!
  8. I honestly think that's great you have this type of rapport with your youth.
  9. I haven't had the chance to look at this, but I will. But wasn't his name "Elijah Abel" or is there confusion over what his actual name was? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elijah_Abel http://www.blacklds.org/abel
  10. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    I have to believe that none of our church leaders would appreciate anyone doing this to them. They are men who would want to speak for themselves, IMO. It's actually sad that anyone would go to such extremes. I've never heard of this blogger before, but I'm not at all impressed. The quotes I posted above, are actually Elder Uchtdorf's words. I'd stick to reading those if you really want his thoughts and expressions of love on this issue.
  11. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    Not even close. It's a complete mess and it's embarrassing that anyone even wrote something so convoluted and then attempted to attribute those teachings to Elder Uchtdorf, IMO (with no quotes provided). I would not appreciate anyone doing that for me (putting words in my mouth), and I doubt Elder Uchtdorf would either. He seems to be a man of such integrity that he'd want to speak for himself to the members (and most especially on this issue). I'm going to assume you have no quotes from Elder Uchtdorf stating what those conclusions state?
  12. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    Oh, I followed it. It was still a mess. I prefer to simply read and trust the actual words that Elder Uchtdorf has spoken regarding this issue. Where has he stated most of things you listed? Do you have actual quotes (other than for number 5) written or spoken by Elder Uchtdorf? If so, please provide exact quotes since this blogger attributed those conclusions to Elder Uchtdorf. Here they are again (the blogger's conclusions):
  13. Yeah...mine too But, I would not have ever asked my Bishop to teach me about sex. I can only go on my experience (and also what my Bishop has related on this as well with his experiences in general). I've never once had a young teen be the one to bring up the dreaded "M" word and they all for sure don't need to be educated regarding what it is. I have had those prepping to go on their mission have concerns and a wish to repent.
  14. Elder Uchtdorf: Progressive?

    What a convoluted mess that blog post is. How about he actually just quote what Elder Uchtdorf has publicly stated when speaking to the members of the church on this issue? https://mormonandgay.lds.org/articles/church-teachings And: http://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=50537493&itype=CMSID
  15. Who brought the topic up? Who said the "M" word first? If it was a young woman or young man, that brought it up out of the blue, that is so foreign to me. Most boys (and girls) who are young teens are mortified at the thought of discussing that with an adult and very embarrassed at the thought of talking about it at all. In all the years I've been doing birthday and other interviews with the YM and YW had any of them say something like: "Hey....can we talk about masturbation?" This...yes. But only in preparation for putting papers in or wanting to serve a mission soon. A want to repent prior to leaving on their mission.