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  1. I would hope so....that's something I hadn't heard before (sex trafficking). It looks like Stargazer did post a reference now, so I'll take a look (and I see that Tacenda has also posted some information and a link). Everything I've read from Gina, she's backed it up with either why she believes something or gives references, etc, so hopefully she's done that here too. I admit that I have not followed her closely or read much of what she's written lately and I had not read the blog referred to on this.
  2. You did not provide links for each of the quotes you posted. Also, you have no idea what she believes or if she is telling lies. You might want to think before you attack and accuse someone of lying when you can't really provide any real proof that lies were told. I'll let Julie decide if you've met her CFR.
  3. No it has not. You made a very specific accusation and you've been issued a CFR. I'm watching to see how you answer this as well. You stated: And: So, provide the actual quotes where she's lied (and also link to where she stated these lies) or withdraw that accusation.
  4. Alan, this one is a no brainer. Read Smac's post for what a Christlike attitude/behavior/action is for this situation and then see if you're following His example: So yes, what you posted was unchristlike. And, if you are still serving as a Bishop, I hope you wouldn't treat one of your flock who goes inactive or joins another church with this attitude: "good riddance!" "one less distraction."
  5. I agree with others. What a pathetic and unchristlike post, Alan.
  6. Also, Lydia Dibble Granger. I believe he was sealed to her on the same day he was sealed to Catherine (if not, at least the same month).
  7. ALarson

    David Bokovoy on Mormon Stories

    Well, it's up to you whether or not you want to post negative comments about a podcast you actually haven't listened to (yet)....but it seems odd to do so, IMO. And, I definitely will not take anything you say to be very informative or knowledgeable on that topic since you didn't even listen to the interview. But on the podcasts you did listen to, I have read your comments with interest (and also your comments about Dehlin in general regarding his interview style, etc.). I have only listened to one of his podcasts and I enjoyed it, but I haven't had experience with enough of them to really form much of an opinion on that yet.
  8. ALarson

    David Bokovoy on Mormon Stories

    I will really try to listen to this one. Thanks for your input regarding the interview. I honestly feel that no one here should be making derogatory comments about it when they have not even listened to the podcast. Seems a bit odd to me and I hope anyone who wants to taken seriously about their opinion will take the time to actually listen and if they choose not to, that they'll refrain from posting the negative comments. I'll do the same regarding my opinion (not comment until I've listened to the interview).
  9. ALarson

    David Bokovoy on Mormon Stories

    When was the last time you listened to one? Your usage of the word "still" gives the impression you just did. If not, then you honestly don't know what he "still" does. Have you listened to this specific podcast (with Bokovoy)? (I have not listened to it and rarely listen to podcasts.....but what rockpond states makes me want to listen to this one!)
  10. ALarson

    Marriage covenants

    The Law of Chastity wording has been changed and was different back when polygamy was being practiced by church members (the wording in the temple).
  11. ALarson

    LDS Personal Faith Crisis- 2013 study

    The issues for most arise when learning the details of how Joseph (and other early church leaders) lived polygamy. I think most know he lived polygamy and accepted that he did....but many are just now learning the details (him marrying teens who were Emma's young housemaids who she loved as daughters., etc.) and how much was done behind Emma's back and the lies and deceit involved. And even if members can get to the point of being ok with all of that, then they learn about the polyandry and how Joseph married other men's legal wives. Where was that ever commanded by God for other Prophets to live?
  12. Yes, I agree that was personal (I honestly did not see that post before now). I'm glad to see she has now apologized to you for that comment.
  13. I definitely agree with you that it's a fair question (and fair to discuss) in general. But when someone personalizes it into an attack or insult directed towards only one person, that is wrong to do here. That was the point I was making, and now I'm moving on as directed by the mods.
  14. I highly doubt I did that exact thing (remind me what that was regarding? Sounds like a bit of a misrepresentation, but I'll own it if I really did do that! ). But as I stated above, I know that I've not been perfect on here and I honestly do try to apologize if I misspeak (I just did so on the previous page on this thread). Once again though, that does not excuse the personal attack from Kenngo. I hope you see that was wrong to do when he has no idea about any of the details of that other case. Ha...did a search and found what you're referring to: http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/70952-spider-man-has-left-the-church/?do=findComment&comment=1209849606 I'd actually have to revisit that thread to see if I misspoke....I might still believe you were being foolish or making yourself look like a fool (just teasing a bit!)..... Sorry if I offended you at the time...I really mean that.
  15. I would have if I'd seen it (I admit that I haven't been on here much and have not read every single post on this thread)....if what you say is true. Can you link to it? I really do not like any type of personal attack on anyone here and would have spoken up if I'd seen it. I know I've slipped at times too and have really tried to apologize when I do. Either way, Kenngo should not have taken it to a personal and insulting level (when it was about an entirely different case from the past that we do not have details on).