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  1. Sealings were the same as marriages. Please don't tell me you've bought into the whole "Joseph never lived polygamy" stuff (?). Or do you just take issue with those that were polyandrous marriages/sealings? What evidence do you have that Joseph did not consider some of the women he was sealed to, to be one of his plural wives?
  2. His statement is the truth. Joseph did marry at least 34 women. If you want to get into which ones he had marital relationships with, that's another conversation. I don't believe he did with all of them, but they were still his wives and he was still married to them.
  3. Sealings were marriages. What do you believe the difference was? Do you believe Joseph does not consider any of the women he was sealed to, to be his wife? If you are trying to parse out "eternity only" sealings, there is absolutely no documentation that any of Joseph's marriages fall into that category.
  4. The point I was making is that the right ("religious folks", etc.) can be accused of that very same thing as well.
  5. IMO,. all the resources stem back to members' contributions. I know there are investments, etc....but the money for those investments trace back to contributions. I believe it is my business to know how the money is spent when I'm a contributor. You can disagree (and I'm fine with that), but I have every right to give my opinion.
  6. How doe we know he only called men to be apostles? Many believe that Mary Magdelene was one of his apostles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Magdalene
  7. As a member who contributes quite large sums of money each year, I'd say that it's my business. Or are you saying the funds came from somewhere other than member's contributions? Do you believe they paid their own way using their own individual stipends? Trips to Italy are exorbitantly expensive (as I'm sure you know)....especially if there are first class tickets involved and nice hotels, etc. I just hope some of those who were allowed this luxury were women....leaders of general auxiliaries.
  8. I think you're being intentionally obtuse here. Of course we know that they are considered to have broken the Law of Chastity (as currently defined or added to by the church leaders).
  9. Oh, of course, members went over at their own expense. But how many traveled over that were paid for by the church? That would be interesting to know, (but there may be some who also paid their own way in that group). Body guards....and so on.... What did the newspapers call them...the "entourage"? I do find it disappointing of some women leaders weren't included in that and hope that some were.
  10. Are you self reflecting and describing yourself here?
  11. It would be interesting to know the total number of those who flew over. Did any of them pay for their own trips (flights, hotels, food, etc.) or was it all paid for by the church? Maybe some had the option to go at their own expense... Also, how many men vs. how many women? The only one I've seen mentioned is Sheri Dew (and some wives...possibly all wives of the Apostles and the Prophet). But, I may have missed it if some of the women who serve in general leadership were included.
  12. What did he state or present regarding polygamy (let's narrow it down to the Nauvoo years) that was not factual (other than his own personal conclusions or thoughts)?
  13. I read the Sheri Dew was there and travels often with Pres. Nelson and his wife. I'm not sure what her calling is right now? (I'll look too..)
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