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  1. Do you believe Pearson personally spoke to USU herself? I haven't seen where he's posted that. He's making very specific claims regarding what she is advocating women do in situations of abuse or infidelity. He needs to back them up with a reference to where she's done this. Him just saying.....well, I know this because someone told me that's what someone told them she's doing....isn't documentation or a reference. But, it appears that he's just blowing off the mods warning (he's had a day to do as they asked) or possibly he's just left the thread.
  2. Apparently we're fine as long as it was someone else who saw this and then they told us about it. We'd be off the hook as far as providing a source or honoring a CFR Heck, there would even be members here coming forward to defend us and justify our behavior! (Of course, a mod is trying to hold USU accountable....let's not forget that....)
  3. (And I think my response to Calm above covers what I feel is the difference between what USU did against Pearson vs. just merely expressing his opinion).
  4. You have to see that there's a difference between someone saying that their opinion of Joseph Smith is that he was a false Prophet vs. them making a specific accusation that "Joseph Smith advocated for abused women to remain with and embrace their abuser". USU did the latter.
  5. Bingo. For example, he stated: ""She cashed in on her celebrity from that book with speaking engagements, advising abandoned women to follow her example by taking their aids infected former spouses back and caring for them." ETA: He also claims that Pearson advocates for women to embrace their abuser: "It's her advocacy for embracement of her abuser that offends me." And then he refuses to provide any sources to back up any of those specific accusations.
  6. Which is what USU needs to do here or provide references. He's posted many accusations against Pearson (not just one slip up or one instance of misspeaking as if it were simply his opinion) and then he continued to do so even after a CFR was issued (which he just ignored and refused to answer). The mods dealt with it and I agree with them. I'll back out now....
  7. Agreed. Then he needs to withdraw his accusations because as stated, he represents them as facts or as actual things that Pearson has advised, written or publicly stated. But then, he cannot give any references or quotes to back up his claims. So he needs to provide references (and respond to the CFR that he's so flippantly refused to honor) or he needs to withdraw his specific claims against her. What he's done here is extremely unfair to do to anyone and no one would allow this here if it were being done against the Prophet or against any church leader. The mods have weighed in here too.
  8. Link? I didn't see that he said that was anecdotal (I've only seen where he stated an experience was shared privately with him and he can't give that source's name....but nothing about her book tour.) Also, do you have a link to where he withdrew his claim regarding what he stated was in her book? (I tried to keep up with this thread, but must have missed both of those). ETA: Either way.... USU has simply thrown out too many specific accusations in his posts and has made to many specific claims against Pearson without providing one reference or source. He needs to withdraw them or admit it's only his opinion and that she's never actually stated what hes accusing her of doing here (that he can prove or provide a source for other than saying.... Well, someone told me she said that, but I can't tell you who told me,). Come on, Calm....you'd be all over anyone trying to pull that if they were claiming a church leader had stated something and then they had no reference, no proof or no source other than "someone told me they said it".
  9. Good compilation of part of what USU has stated here against Pearson. Bottom line is that he just needed to state that it was his opinion after reading her book or listening to her speak (if he's done this). I highly doubt that Carol Lynn Pearson is recommending that ALL women should embrace and remain with their gay husband who has abused or cheated on them. That's simply a ridiculous claim. I also believe he's wrong that she'd advise all women who'd divorced a gay husband and who later is dying of AIDS, to bring them back to their "bosom" and take care of them until they die. Just because she is sharing her experiences and how they affected her life, does not mean she's advocating for all women in her position to mirror what she did.
  10. Then he should state that it was just anecdotal and withdraw the specific, unfair accusations against Pearson, IMO. He hasn't done that as far as I've seen. He's just said that he's not able to give up his source (unless I missed where he withdrew what he's accusing her of doing regarding women who are married to gay men or men with AIDS). For all we know, he's only talking about one case and we don't know all of the circumstances. If that's what Pearson thought was right in that case, she may have expressed her feelings....but we can't know unless we have more details. I understand why USU doesn't want to breach the trust of a friend, but then he should frame it that way instead of stating it like that specific advise is something that Pearson routinely recommends for all women in that situation.
  11. I think the difference is that jkwilliams presented it as just a friend relating something to him and not as a blanket statement (such as Carol Lynn Pearson advises women not to "divorce their homosexual, cheating husbands" or that all women should "follow her example by taking said homosexual, cheating husbands back into their bosoms when they catch something that won't wash off"). Those types of accusations or claims need to be backed up with actual quotes or references (or just admit that what you're saying is anecdotal and it was told to you by a friend).
  12. ALarson

    Attending Church

    Maybe a compromise where you just attend Sacrament Meeting with your wife every week and not the entire 3 hour block? I know that works for some in our ward who are in a mixed belief marriage. I don't know if that would work for you?
  13. I plan on trying to listen to it today. I've read consiglieri did an excellent job and have read very positive reports from those who have actually listened to it. I agree that it's odd to hear someone give advice regarding this when they refuse to listen to the interview. That consiglieri is one gutsy guy from what I can tell and I admire him for what he's trying to do.
  14. And as a mod has now noted, he has not properly responded to the CFR that has been issued. He has flippantly responded when it is a board rule to honor them and provide documentation or withdraw your claims. He's refused to do either. I guess we will see now if he does as the mods have requested or if he just slinks away and doesn't return to this thread.
  15. What I saw was that you went on to make even more specific accusations and claims against her (even in the post your referring too, iirc) as if they are facts. None of which you are willing to back up with any sources (not even quotes from her book that you named). You've been extremely unfair with your treatment of Pearson, IMO and you're breaking board rules by not providing references or withdrawing your claims and admitting they're just opinions.