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  1. Bernard, he's given his sources as to why he formed his opinion that "LDS branches in the American south probably lost up to 50% of their membership because of the lifting of the Priesthood ban". I listed his sources above again and he's made it clear how he formed that opinion. He did not state it as fact (that I saw), but stated he believed they "probably" lost members. I think we are now waiting to hear from your sources to see what their experiences were. I'm not supporting his opinion (I've actually never heard that before).
  2. I think he made it clear where his information came from or what his sources were (and did use the word "probably" in his claim): http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/72309-thoughts-on-conference/?do=findComment&comment=1209936794 http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/72309-thoughts-on-conference/?do=findComment&comment=1209936795 http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/72309-thoughts-on-conference/?do=findComment&comment=1209936804 I haven't heard those claims before, so I'm interested in seeing what others find on this as well (including your sources, Bernard....).
  3. I'm not sure why any would deny that there was alcohol consumption and selling that took place by church members (and leaders including Brigham Young) during the early years in Salt Lake. It reminds me of the claims that Jesus really wasn't drinking wine, but it was actually only grape juice. The Word of Wisdom evolved. That means it's different today than it was back then as far as what was expected of members and also expected behavior by the leaders. But let's not pretend it was only for medicinal purposes or that it didn't take place....that's pretty ridiculous to try to claim, IMO. I do believe that BY eventually had strong feelings against the consumption of alcohol...but it's not accurate to only use those quotes if we want a complete picture of what took place over the years in Utah (or before), IMO.
  4. But.... it was only sold and consumed for medicinal use, right? 😂 😉
  5. And yet, you issued the CFR (But ok...)
  6. I think it's sourced, but here's this regarding the bar in the "Salt Lake House" (in addition to the other sources I posted for MiserereNobis): https://collections.lib.utah.edu/details?id=329032
  7. I've read this same information elsewhere. I'm not sure why this is such an issue. It's well known that early saints drank (including Joseph Smith) and that the Word of Wisdom teachings have evolved. I don't have an issue with Brigham Young owning a saloon in the early days of the church. I think he owned one back east as well (don't CFR me, as I'm again going from memory from my reading....I'll look for a source on that when I get some time if anyone is interested). (There was also originally a bar in the church owned Hotel Utah....) Here's a bit more I found too on this (with sources added):
  8. I added that in my next post (after doing a search). http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/72315-the-new-wow-question/?do=findComment&comment=1209936041
  9. I did a search (after I posted the info above) and found this: https://www.utahhumanities.org/stories/items/show/224
  10. I've read that when they arrived in Salt Lake (Brigham Young and company), one of the wagons contained materials to build a distillery. I'll try to locate that, but I'm just going from memory. But it's written by several that BY built a distillery, but some may have called it a saloon too (?). I'm not sure how many years it was in business, but I do believe eventually all liquor was made and sold by nonmembers. Here's a quote where BY states it's ok for the older members to drink: Liquor was originally sold and distilled at the church's mercantile store too (Zions Co-operative Mercantile Institutes). I've seen a sign from there (copied) that stated:
  11. Here's this (list): https://churchofjesuschristtemples.org/construction/ It's interesting there are now 4 temples that have been announced for the Philippines that have not announced a ground breaking yet. There is 1 that is under constructions now, making that 5 new temples for them (the Urdaneta Philippines Temple is under construction).
  12. I do believe they are mistaken in this case (they are fallible), but that's different than them being "unable to know what revelation is" (which what you originally stated). I definitely do not believe they are lying, but I do believe the original policy was not inspired even though they believe it was. All of the changes and now the revoking of it, is for me, confirmation that my feelings regarding it were correct. I do know that the leaders had/have good intentions and that they love and care very much about the members. I'm very grateful for the changes they've made.
  13. Can you quote the post you are referencing here? I haven't seen anyone make that statement (either/or) or teach that....but I admit I have not read the entire thread.
  14. All any of us can do here, is be honest (hopefully) and relate our own experience regarding praying about this policy (when discussing it or answering questions). I believe our leaders are good men who care deeply for their members (and all people). But they can make mistakes as we all do. No one (that I've seen) has claimed that they have lied regarding their own experience as this policy has changed, evolved and now been revoked. One can sustain a leader and still respectfully disagree with them. That's not what I believe....but I'll let rockpond speak for himself
  15. That's not what took place.....you completely misrepresented what I honestly shared with you regarding how I prayed about this policy. I never went to the Lord stating I had decided not to follow the policy. It's difficult to want to have an honest discussion with you, when you turn around and twist what I shared into something that isn't true. And all church members should pray about this (and other policies and teachings). One does not need to hold specific keys to do so.
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