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  1. John could have reorganized everything but did not, presumably by divine command. In the same way the Three Nephites could have called replacements but did not. Their ministry continues but is not an administrative one. The current church acknowledges their authority but they do not report to the First Presidency and the First Presidency does not report to them.
  2. How do you know it is poorly thought out and poorly executed? It has not even started yet. Your appraisal of the current generation and the appraisal of the apostles differ. I will go with the belief of the latter.
  3. There was a tradition that husbands would use the Priesthood to resurrect their wife (or wives back in the day) once they had been raised by other leaders as organized by Christ. As to what happens to single sisters this leads to one of my favorite J Golden Kimball stories, remarkable for not being funny or involving any swearing:
  4. It has become too commercialized. We have forgotten the true meaning of Halloween.
  5. If there are righteous applications of anger in this life when we cannot feel anger without malice then they are very rare. I would not equate it with sex in terms of righteous usage. More like killing. Yeah, you may have to do it in rare events but they should be very rare and you should structure your life to keep them rare.
  6. Pro tip: With the exception of Shrek that is exactly how mean old ogres and abusers think. Your approach to discipline is to convince them to choose the right because otherwise dad will be angry and make scary faces and look threatening. The child will think your love is contingent on their behavior so they will cover up their mistakes and lie about them if needed. When they are taught about a Heavenly Father they will imagine a tyrant one misdeed away from exploding. Please reconsider or do not have children.
  7. What is wrong with you? That is horrifying. You make discipline all about you and you sound like your ideal parenting style is that of a serial abuser.
  8. Which says nothing about dressing to attract. Provocativeness is not judged by percentage of uncovered skin. You would be hard pressed to get a crowd of women to pay money to watch an 18 year old male in a jockstrap dance on a pole (though a few would pay to see it) but reverse genders and it works. Give that 18 year old charisma and confidence and impressive clothing and women might start fantasizing. Put them in an erotic vampire movie and you might have hordes of them following him. People should be aware of how things are viewed but they should not pander to the least common denominator. Young men should definitely not be trying to correct Young Women on this (or vice versa). It is aggressive creepiness in a veneer of righteous indignation. It comes across as “Stop making me fantasize about you” which is just disturbing and even thinking of saying it shows an incredible lack of self awareness. If done right by wise parents and wise adult leaders they can give guidance on clothing with little chance of harm.
  9. It is worth noting that this is not what we think of when we think of someone being sharp with someone. It means to reprove quickly. Not necessarily quickly right after the event though that is sometimes appropriate and sometimes we need to think first but it means make the reproof as quick as we can. Don’t linger over it, bring it up endlessly, or harp on it. I think of Alma and Corianton. Say what has to be said, offer counsel to help, and then love them more. I am terrible at this. I can say I have seen reproofs without scriptural sharpness and delivered in anger destroy families. I have seen an older teen screw up badly and come to their parents for help to be met with nothing but anger and “how could you?” venting. The teen left home and as far as I know never went back. God alone seems able to display a kind of holy anger or indignation. A controlled response that operates without malice. I am not convinced humans are capable of that while in fallen flesh. Anger often accompanies the realization of an injustice but I have my doubts the anger led to any correction that followed. Anger is like hate. There are very few things the emotion should be aimed at.
  10. Do we have a source on that? I have found several saying it would not be illegal to send missionaries from Latin America to Cuba but nothing saying we have.
  11. So the promises Jesus gave the apostles were not conditional? They would have happened even if they decided to go fishing. Here is a very conditional promise from Jesus in the Bible if that is what you need. It even brings up that icky “worthiness” word you dislike: “Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy. He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.”
  12. I would throw out the Proverbs promises and some of the Psalms ones out. The Proverbs are collected homely wisdom. They have value but it is not God speaking directly. The Psalms promises are also more likely to be poetic than accurate as well. When it is prophets or Jesus speaking I will take it more seriously. I had someone who once told me every word in the Bible would come true. I quoted a king that was threatening Israel and promising to defeat it and failed and asked how that could be so if every word in the Bible had to come true.
  13. But he was not baptized first. He baptized Oliver first and then Oliver baptized him.
  14. 1) Millenium. 2) When there is an epidemic or even just a pandemic. 3) When people want to run them. They are exhausting. Are you volunteering? 4) Not much. Your judgement on “bad” and “stupid” is largely subjective. As soon as you are translated for your own righteousness I am sure you can jump in and offer counsel. Good luck. 5) Probably when women become Priesthood holders.
  15. If I am carrying a rose I am putting it in my teeth. Gotta love the classics.
  16. I would go with a colored gem for the neck piece and gotta lose the rose. Too cliche.
  17. And it was not destroyed. The woman was taken away into heaven to flee the dragon’s wrath. Now it came back to Earth.
  18. Isaiah, speaking for God, sought to reason with the people. Does that mean that there was a 0.5 Coming we missed?
  19. I like to think that one of the reasons we had a GC talk about the Priesthood and how it is given and used by men and women and specifically how it is inappropriate to call a group of men “the Priesthood” was to kill that joke.
  20. Or to put it more awesomely: Parts of you came from a dinosaur. A lot of the really cool parts were forged in an exploding star. So I am a dinosaur forged from the fire of one of the largest explosions in the Universe. The kid in me can now die happy.
  21. I am hoping it applies on Judgement Day too or I am doomed.
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