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  1. And more mentions of the Second Coming than I have heard before. When your time to finally go home to rest comes put in a good word for us when you get there. I know I need it.
  2. The general counsel is to build up the church where you are. Individuals and families may decide differently based on perceived opportunities or even revelation. In areas in conflict fleeing may be the best option. The church does not encourage illegal immigration but it takes no action against those who do.
  3. They thought about it for five minutes and quickly defaulted to the conclusion that would denigrate the apostles. Standard procedure.
  4. This does happen though it is rarer than media would have you believe. Some people will do anything to make their lives sound interesting and a child is an excellent pawn in this respect. This is also not the worst way that a child can be used like this. When I was training for CASA one of the cases I studied was a mom who tried to convince everyone her child was mentally and physically disabled. The extended family fled from her toxic life but she would make money and get affirmation off of this. Eventually the girl grew up to be a teen and was so stifled she got involved with a boy online and the pair of them ended up killing mom. I believe she is still in prison. I have some sympathy for her but little for mom. On a smaller scale horrible parents do this by forcing or coercing kids to become what will make mom admired or let dad live out what he feels were his missed opportunities in sports or dating or career or vice-versa on the genders.
  5. The problem is not that people in Utah would not travel. It is size. A temple can only accommodate so many people. Half the number of temples in Utah tomorrow and you would have lines out the door at the ones who that stayed and general decreased attendance. Put tons of temples in areas with scant membership and they would not have enough members to run it. Don't you ever get tired of hand-wringing and being offended on behalf of all these people who never asked for your help? Is this your SACRIFICE? Sounds like you need your head examined. The idea that the General Authorities are emphasizing Utah over the rest of the world is ludicrous, especially in the recent era. A quick overview of temple building through only 2012:
  6. What is your objection to what was said in that interview? Nature vs. Nurture and the Church's non-position on it?
  7. You have a history here with how you talk about Islam. Pretending the reactions to your comment have no backstory and comes from a tabula rasa assumption is disingenuous.
  8. That refrain is false. It is basically a defense of verbal bullying as harmless. It is contradicted by scripture that talks more about the dangers of the tongue over that of even the sword. I think a more accurate statement would be the altered refrain: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can convince me I deserve it." It has also been my experience that the people who most strongly adhere to the idea that everyone is a weakling for getting hurt by words just has to be poked in the right way verbally and suddenly they go to pieces. That being said in this case, yeah, getting offended over what President Oaks said is ridiculous. There are things worth contesting but that sermon was not one of them. The idea that nine year olds are going to start badgering their parents with questions based on that talk is silly and overwrought hand-wringing. If it happens deal with it. Better they learn it from President Oaks than out on the streets.
  9. The secret is to kick your back legs, catch the carrot on the rebound in your teeth, and hold on so you can chew. I have had the worthiness discussion before and people act like meeting the temple recommend questions is impossible. It is not that hard. It is just the people who want to relax and think they are “good enough” to rest and stop improving that whine the most about worthiness. I am “good enough” to be exalted right now but I am not “good enough” to stop improving. God is going to keep kicking me around to purify me until I do die and then I will probably need some kicks in the Spirit World. Such is the fate of a fallen immortal. Just gotta deal with it until one day I am full of grace and truth and than.....PARTY!!!!!!!!,
  10. The official handbook clarification: “The only official interpretation of “hot drinks” (Doctrine and Covenants 89:9) in the Word of Wisdom is the statement made by early Church leaders that the term “hot drinks” means tea and coffee. Members should not use any substance that contains illegal drugs. Nor should members use harmful or habit-forming substances except under the care of a competent physician.” This is in both handbooks including the one every member has access to.
  11. I am not sure what else was offensive to a child.
  12. I have no idea but I called dibs on some beachfront land in California just in case.
  13. I am curious about these 8 year olds who have supposedly never heard of homosexuality because their parents have not told them about it yet. Are they all home schooled?
  14. Could be but I doubt. Not saying I would like the arrangement or prefer it but I think I could deal with it. Then again at this point I am unlikely to ever find out one way or the either so the point is fair. Also since this is about marriage in another realm I could argue that death and/or resurrection will change our views as well about any form of group marriage.
  15. Personally, not really. It would be hard but doable.
  16. I think you are talking about the wrong church. Are you sure you are on the right board?
  17. Also, it is a disciplinary council and not a church court. The name court was used back in the early days of the church when a similar procedure was used to adjudicate disputes between church members (for one that is famous think the cream strippings with President Marsh’s wife which was adjudicated that way).
  18. No, some people just want to be offended.
  19. Yes, I think we are better but it is a pretty low bar.
  20. Normal. Every position except the bishop or stake president can be filled by any high priest. One of the few differences between high priests in callings that do not require it and elders left in terms of church administration. Definitely not something most would aspire to.
  21. I don’t think my Stake has ever moved that fast on anything.
  22. Someone arrest this man! He is clearly smuggling something in his kidneys. Hand me a scalpel and I will check.
  23. Please don’t doxx my prayers. I see those as speaking to God.
  24. I found out that my sister’s husband is cousin to the guy who plays Nephi. I passed along your report and my sister said he does not need to hear it. He is apparently already confident when it comes to girls. He reportedly tried to grow a beard for the part but was too young. In later episodes he wears a fake one. He did end up dating the girl playing his wife but is now on his mission so who knows if that will last? His younger brother is supposed to play Joseph Smith in some kind of cameo later on. Maybe when they talk about Joseph getting the plates in prophecy.
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