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  1. Yes, I think we are better but it is a pretty low bar.
  2. Normal. Every position except the bishop or stake president can be filled by any high priest. One of the few differences between high priests in callings that do not require it and elders left in terms of church administration. Definitely not something most would aspire to.
  3. I don’t think my Stake has ever moved that fast on anything.
  4. Someone arrest this man! He is clearly smuggling something in his kidneys. Hand me a scalpel and I will check.
  5. Please don’t doxx my prayers. I see those as speaking to God.
  6. I found out that my sister’s husband is cousin to the guy who plays Nephi. I passed along your report and my sister said he does not need to hear it. He is apparently already confident when it comes to girls. He reportedly tried to grow a beard for the part but was too young. In later episodes he wears a fake one. He did end up dating the girl playing his wife but is now on his mission so who knows if that will last? His younger brother is supposed to play Joseph Smith in some kind of cameo later on. Maybe when they talk about Joseph getting the plates in prophecy.
  7. Pretty sure that was very intentional.
  8. We did not have a mass release before. Our High Priest Group continued to function for several weeks until we called a new Elder’s Quorum President.
  9. Yeah, it was explained but she was in a very toxic online environment that was pressuring her to evangelize (for lack of a better word) and she wanted to be able to report success. I think this was primarily due to permissive failure on the part of the parent. 8 hours plus a day online is not healthy. The other child was probably a full video game addict. To be honest I am not sure if she experienced gender dysphoria or if that online community was just the only consistent place she felt accepted so she latched on to it. It was a sad story all around. Anyways, I only told the story to try to show how difficult it can be to navigate. It is not very difficult to just not harass someone online like you say you experienced. Ugh! How do people even have time to bother with that kind of thing? Get a life!
  10. I would see that as speaking for God.
  11. Nope, nothing specific for only adult women in that change.
  12. I was not suggesting the scenarios were analogous and I apologize if I implied that. I just wanted to share a glimpse of the difficulty in balancing charity and the need to not encourage. Anyone who takes President Oaks address as license to be a jerk is either blindered or incapable of basic verbal or reading comprehension. It is a sad truth that many people want a reason to hate or vent anger and will take any minor pretext to do so even when the overall message is explicitly saying do not do that.
  13. And there is a huge gulf between what you could contribute to help others and what you actually do. Are you sure you want to be judged by that standard because judging others by it means that is what you get judged by per the Savior’s words.
  14. The difference is prayer is speaking to God and a blessing is speaking for God. I would only do the latter if you have the Spirit guiding you in what to say. I find it always works when I give a Priesthood blessing even though there is a very brief moment of panic that this time it will not work. It always does. I have seen women and men not giving a blessing go into this “mode” (for lack of a better word) when prophesying or using other gifts of the spirit so if it comes to you do it.
  15. I am sorry you endured that. I can share an anecdotal account as well. I was in a ward with a young sister that wished to become a man. She was sucked into online communities and spent a huge amount of time there. Her mother was supportive. Her father was not in the picture. Her brother withdrew, disliking the transition. She would get up and advocate for gender transition in Fast and Testimony meeting and was counseled not to do this but she continued to do so. She would advocate in seminary and was removed from it. The Young Women of the Ward and their leaders loved her and took care of her but could not tolerate her teaching it. There was a lot of concern in the leadership about balancing trying to help her without letting her encourage the other youth in believing this was an option. When she was a Laurel she spoke to a Beehive at Mutual one evening about the whole idea and the firestorm started. The parents of the Beehive were understandably upset. There were PR concerns and worries about liability if children were taught about this when too young. The Bishop was on a first name basis with people in Salt Lake while trying to navigate this. I think the ward did everything they knew how to navigate this. If you are correct it sounds like your ward did not and I wish it had been handled better for you.
  16. Not just down to that. It is also a desecration of the temple your spirit dwells in. The Church handbook actually advises against getting a vasectomy except in rare circumstances. Many members do anyways. I would argue that it breaks the covenant of baptism in taking the name of Christ upon yourself. Not what Christ would do. You repent by admitting it was wrong and correcting it as possible. In some cases though if the transition is complete and irreversible you may never be able to attend the temple. I am not an expert there though. I have never had to deal with a penitent in this arena though. I would probably contact Salt Lake for help if I was. There is pain and I empathize with that and hate when people suffer but when people want to do things that will cut them off from the gospel and infinite happiness I cannot support it. I can understand it but not endorse it or pretend it is okay. I am convinced following this path will lead to pain. They can choose to do it but not while in the Church.
  17. Hold them and pray. Unless you invoke the Priesthood formally or mimic a Priesthood blessing in some way I cannot imagine anyone but the most dyed in the wool chauvinist being upset and who cares what that idiot thinks? I have sat in quite a few disciplinary councils and I cannot think of anyone in any of them that would dare punish a mother for praying or healing a child. I cannot think of anyone who would even convene a council for it. I would avoid proselyting that you are doing it for fear of causing confusion but do what the Spirit guides. Sometimes we have to ad hoc things. I have ad hoced a few Priesthood ordinances I was not sure of and I am pretty sure I am not going to Hell for it.
  18. While I can understand this matters a lot I think President Oaks using that example may have served another purpose. He is saying that the Brethren do not have an answer. Picking a much less serious example (can spirit bodies waterski?) could imply that they have answers to the big questions but not the small ones. It also points to the only answer they can currently give: That God loves us and that those who live the gospel will not be disappointed once they arrive and that that is the answer for all such questions. Sadly the words alone are not the answer. When caught in the rapture of the Spirit it can be convincing.
  19. While I would always recommend a Priesthood blessing I would interpret the warning against non-Priesthood holders ministering to the sick is limited to a pantomime of Priesthood ordinances and not through healing through the Gifts of the Spirit.
  20. Yes, but most wards (in the United States at least) also had advisors called to teach more often then the YM Presidency while the YM Presidency attended the meeting and oversaw it (but of course did not preside). This removes the YM Presidency and puts the Bishopric in their place. Perhaps the biggest practical change is that the Bishopric is now planning Youth Activities from camp outs to the weekly weekday evening activities.
  21. I think there was a kind of wry humor but not a direct joke.
  22. Lately they have been done at the end of the last session but it varies. The only general constant is that it is done by the President in almost all cases assuming they are in good health. I do wonder if this means there is another announcement in the last session so they moved it here. I loved the talk on depression in women’s conference. I hope men who needed to hear it do. While women face it a lot many men stick to a stoic stance and try not to seek help.
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