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  1. Safer then the hall. If you can exit the building instead even better. And as I said if someone comes in I will fight them and try to kill or incapacitate them or I might die or freeze up. There is no perfectly safe option. Having a gun would not change that
  2. This can be an issue. Knew a bishop in the medical field and people tried to get free routine healthcare. I have a friend (member) with an autoshop and I go there because I know he is fair. Members often ask for him to come over and ‘look at their car’ and expect it to be fixed. He stopped helping. IT people have it bad too as looking at their computer seems so easy but I have had people get perturbed after I mess with it for five minutes and tell them the problem and what it would cost to replace something and how much I would charge to do the swap. I am glad I do not do IT anymore. Except that one senior missionary couple because she would give me the best freshly baked bread when I fixed things. I miss that bread............
  3. Drinking Bud Lite might be good. The retching might encourage them to keep the Word of Wisdom in the future. Next time can we get Bud Lite Lime just to make sure?
  4. One of my pet peeves is when people come in and ask for welfare help after they have accumulated late fees and want the church to help cover those too. How could I have known my rent payment was coming up? It is not as if it is expected to be paid at the same time of the month or every month or anything. Ugh!
  5. And I would argue that those who understand and believe in the organization’s mission can most clearly judge if that is the case while those who have only one of those attributes or even lack both of them would have no clue.
  6. Assuming the shooter bothers to come in (the shooter is unlikely to systematically search the building) the chairs will probably make him stumble and then you attack from where you were right along the door. If you get close enough his firearm is a liability and you get to move first. Action beats reaction in a fight. Don’t be a petulant ***.
  7. Before and after. I was asked to do after a leadership meeting where the stake announced this policy and some law enforcement stake leaders talked about what do in various safety situations.
  8. In most chapels I have been in classroom doors open in. If I kept my cool I would stay beside the door blocked with chairs and attack anyone who came in. I also have keys so would lock myself and anyone else I could in Bishop or clerk office. If I was on stand and shooter was up there I would hope I could attack. If I sat in the back as I often do I would try to shepherd people out and exit myself. Again, that assumes I keep my head, not a guaranteed thing. I have done it in physical fights but never been in a shooting situation.
  9. Probably still would be. I was taught in my youth not to take the reasoning people use for commandments existing too seriously even when it comes from the apostles. Later I found an apostle teaching the same thing so I think I am good there.
  10. I know a few members in my Stake have been asked to concealed carry if feasible without inconvenience. Most of them are retired law enforcement. We also have designated people carrying that sit in specific seats at stake conference. My bishop asked me at one point if I was trained or was willing to be trained. I declined.
  11. The instruction is to get to a classroom and barricade the door when our stake did active shooter training. If they break in, attack. A firearm is usually more a liability than a help in close range combat, particularly if the weapon is large. Returning is not the best course of action unless you have a weapon and are trained very well and preferably have seen combat so you know you will not freeze or panic.
  12. It would explain a lot.
  13. That still leaves this statement by President Kimball: “Together you (the Lamanites) and we shall build in the spectacular city of New Jerusalem the temple to which our Redeemer will come. Your hands with ours, also those of Jacob, will place the foundation stones, raise the walls, and roof the magnificent structure. Perhaps your artistic hands will paint the temple and decorate it with a master’s touch, and together we shall dedicate to our Creator Lord the most beautiful of all temples ever built in his name” How will everyone see Him? No idea, but I trust it will work and it is my belief that all will see Him, not just the influence of what He does and I do not think it will be because He is being interviewed on cable news either.
  14. Ooops, got this confused with a different case above. This is not a religious employer. I get that interpreting the statute broadly could hit religious freedom but wouldn’t that have to come from another case where a church is employing someone?
  15. I have heard some stories of Seventies screwing up in temple construction. My favorite one was the marble in the Preston England Temple was supposedly supposed to be more white. They are just rumors though and I could not substantiate any of them so I assume they are probably false.
  16. Even if that is true I do not think the two are comparable as getting this wrong means some people missed out on a few beers and with the crap they are putting in beer now I doubt it qualifies as a mild barley drink anymore in most cases.
  17. I thought I had an old quote from President Grant about this squirreled away but I cannot find it or it never existed and I imagined it so I will concede the point.
  18. Most in our faith believe that the appearance of Jesus in Israel is separate from the general appearing the whole world will witness. There are four appearinga: 1. Coming to the temple, specifically the one in Missouri but may also include visits to others. 2. Meeting at Adam-ondi-Ahman where the dispensation heads give their reports to Michael and Michael then returns his delegated lordship over the Earth back to Christ. 3. Appearance at Jerusalem on Mount of Olives to save a remnant of the Jews. 4. General appearing that all will see and the general death for all of those unable to endure the Millenium. Also kicks off the general first resurrection for those who did not get granted an early pass beforehand.
  19. Story I heard was in ‘99 if I remember right. I am sure it was exaggeration. Temples are very expensive but no one is going to hand anyone a blank check for one.
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