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  1. Possible, but I doubt it. More likely he had to send some missionaries home for something that happened and he REALLY does not want to do it again and is hoping this will help.
  2. This is not church wide so it probably came from the Mission President. If I had to guess something happened and he is trying to compensate. Someone asked by what authority.....unless things have changed since I was out the MP has the ability to alter, add, and remove things from the missionary handbook as he sees fit.
  3. There is such a place. It is weird and filled with moral degenerates and intellectual dimwits. The other day I was being mocked for saying Hitler and the Nazis were bad people. Who knew that was such a controversial stand?
  4. “Tell me, Brother Baldrick, what exactly did God do to the Sodomites?” “I dunno, but I can't imagine it was worse than what they used to do to each other.” I think that clarifies things.
  5. Badly worded, my apologies. Reports show that many younger people who use porn now hop from video to video very quickly. Many are basicalily tricking their brain to imagine dozens of sex partners and our brains are not built for that.
  6. You cannot force a doctor to give an abortion. Yes, I know there are hysterics about how it is coming but I am not convinced.
  7. This guy is an idiot. He uploaded underage p0rn to Skype? Under the username "timhallows"? And incriminated himself while trying to be vague? And claims he will fail a polygraph because he took pictures of youth in other settings? He is just trying to get convicted. And yuck, I hope nothing actually happened to any kids and he is just a creep but no way of knowing yet. Glad they denied bail and rightly saw him as a flight risk.
  8. I know this is old but I missed it. I have been in wards and branches where there is no other class to combine with so I am glad there is another option.
  9. We tried it once when the last Founding Father to serve as President tried to end political parties all together. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Era_of_Good_Feelings#cite_note-ammon1971p366-1 An interesting time led by an interesting man.
  10. The board prohibits proselyting or I would be tesifying all over the place.
  11. So does my masseuse but that does not make it medicine. Seriously though, read up on the “science” of chiropractics.
  12. How should I know? I am not a psychiatrist! Best guess:
  13. Wait, hold on. Stop right there. I want to respond to all of this but do not have time but......you do not expect the President to retaliate against or persecute their enemies on moral grounds and yet you support.....wait.....does not compute.......
  14. Ethical Trolley problem: You are on a trolly heading towards Ted Cruz and will certainly kill him if you do nothing. You can throw a switch to go down another track and save Cruz but hit and kill Beto O’Rourke. Do you: A. Continue down the track and kill Cruz B. Throw the switch and kill O’Rourke C. Run over one of them and then swing back around and take out the other in a second pass
  15. I have been kicked out of many topics. I like to think it means we are interesting. I am also going to go out on a limb here and say that I think sexual identity conversion therapy is pseudoscience like chiropractics and bog witchery.
  16. Keep bashing in the head of that straw man.
  17. And the First Amendment is still enforced for religious freedom so why are you worried about it going away? I would say because those rights are tentative and subject to overthrow. They also know that their rights are also tentative and I suspect you would deny them the rights the Supreme Court decision gave them if you had the power to do so. So why are you surprised they want to limit your rights to preemptively prevent you from limiting their rights? I don’t agree with them that there is a basic human right to same sex marriage (though we lost the battle and I moved on) but you act as if you are mystified as to why anyone would be hostile. Did you not expect attempts at retribution and disarmament? Actions have consequences. I think our church will be out of the crosshairs soon on this outside of people in our heartland. The church took a stand, fought, lost, and moved on. We do not want to hitch our wagons to the churches that will not move on or the extremists they support. Being upset that extremism leads to opposed extremism is like complaining about the four fundamental forces of physics.
  18. I put a lot of the blame on porn though not all of it. We are seeing the first generation that lived their teen years with instant access to Porn of every kind and the method of consumption has changed to rapid switchovers. It messes with the brain’s reward centers. Another cause in my opinion is fundamental insecurity. I am a gen Xer and we went through college being told that our economic prospects were dim compared to that of our parents and they are right. Millennials have it worse. Boomers scoff at the younger generations as listless babies wanting everything handed to them while they grew up in the post war era where the rest of the world was rebuilding and the United States survived mostly unscathed as one of only a few major industrialized powers to have an intact economy leading to unparalleled prosperity and convinced they earned it instead of their parents who fought the war and then truly united the United States with vast post war infrastructure projects that built the nation up and tied it together (the greatest generation might actually deserve the title). I am doing pretty well financially but I look at my retirement account and realize I will not likely be living a really good life should I get to that age. My dreams of going on couple missions may be just a dream (also requiring me to be part of a couple so it may not even be needed). I have friends living as best as they can and are not living paycheck to paycheck but they are keenly aware that if they get seriously sick or one of their kids has an expensive disorder they can be wiped out in months. Employment security is low in many parts of the world and many jobs are awful and that does not seem likely to change. The educated are a little better off but the increase in wealth inequality is leaving many angry. Last time inequality was this bad it led to a depression. There is also the question of increasing automation. Is full employment even going to be reasonable in a few decades? What will we do then? Yell at people to get a job when there are no jobs? Cut hours for everyone? The two parent working family is the norm and because it is the norm expenses often make it a necessity. On the other hand now that boomers are retiring en masse if automation does not match the hype we may face a shortage of labor but a lot of it will just be to support the retiring boomers, many of whom will have almost no money. If you have no soul and want to get rich there will be big money to be made in no frills retirement homes. Beyond economic security children feel like their families may be gone tomorrow. Relationships are less stable. Divorce is not shooting up but the number of people in fragile relationships replicate the same effect. More people are socially isolated. When you do not have confidence that you have a future you behave differently. With that insecurity and no real reason for most to hope that things will get better I am not surprised suicide is on the rise.
  19. I have a good chance of dying if I charge a shooter from across a room but I do not plan to. Hence why I suggested getting into a small room with a doorway with an obstacle. We are at close range and at that point a firearm, particularly a larger weapon, is a liability. It might not work. There are ways to kill me but most active shooters are not that bright or well trained. I have a decent chance. I do not want a gun. They are bulky to carry and you walk a legal minefield with it. I spent years training myself to fight without a weapon. Why focus on firearms training when I may not even have it when I need it? Plus the real risk of an accident even if I am careful and it is useless if I run out of ammo. I always have my arms and legs (if I no longer do I am pretty much dead in any case) and I am pretty good with a knife and have one if I need it and have trained to evade someone with a firearm (unless they are good or lucky) and I have a good chance to disarm or kill them if I am close enough. It is not foolproof but nothing is. Again, this is based on me keeping my head. I might be on the floor in the fetal position urinating in fear. I hope not but I am not sure. I like to think the training would prevent that but only way to find out is to be in the crisis situation. In Temple of Doom Indy provided a counterpoint where they parodied the scene when two Thuggee swordsman show off and he tries to casually dispatch them only to remember he lost his gun earlier. Fun fact though. The original script for the scene you referenced had a drawn out fight but Harrison Ford had dysentery and was exhausted from the Tunisian heat and felt he could not do the scene and suggested Indy just shoot the guy so he could rush to the washroom. Spielberg agreed. In some versions of the story Spielberg planned to reshoot later but fell in love with the humor and just kept it.
  20. So what is the proper ratio of guns to butter when you build your food storage?
  21. That sounds noble but it opens the door for quacks. Obama's "drug czar" once commented that if his son was addicted to drugs and needed treatment he had no idea where to send him for help. When it comes to crisis situations or people with mental health issues there isn't always time to shop around and become informed and there is almost no source you can trust. If people want to go to a bog witch for treatment I think you should be allowed but if the bog witch is using misleading labeling to imply they are a doctor and people go to them seeking real medicine than something is wrong. I have no desire to live in a world where I have to demand to see qualifications every time I need medical help or to see a therapist or worse, there are no qualifications and I just have to dig around and hope to find someone who knows what they are doing. We are already expanding licensing to pseudoscientific chiropractics and with their newfound respectability work to suppress the expansion of physical therapy which is based on real science. Who knows? Maybe there will be bog witch licensing in a few years. Or phrenology is probably due to make a comeback soon too.
  22. No, not if I understand it right. The previous bill was less restrictive and basically would allow a therapist to help someone who has a goal with mitigating some desires to help if I understand it correctly. The more recent one is more restrictive which is why I believe the church opposes this one and had no objection to the earlier one. I disagree with that assessment but it would come down to interpretation and how Utah's ethical guidelines are administrated. You may know more then me here though. I do think that conversion therapy needs to end. They are a bunch of quacks selling hope to the desperate. Then again, most treatment facilities are of dubious value. It is ridiculously easy to open one with any crackpot method of fixing something. Mitigation or a desire to help someone not live a certain way by their own choice? Sure, that should be free.
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