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  1. And here you were honestly thinking that someone was going to show up with a decades long intersectional international research study on the paying of tithing, Or this statement is a cheap attempt to score stupid rhetorical points. Which is it?
  2. I am not sure if I am prepared to dialogue with a climate change denying racist apostate chauvinist bigot. Sorry.
  3. MGTOW as an organization are a lot like Ayn Rand devotees but crank the misogyny up to maximum.
  4. Mt Horeb, Wisconsin does not have enough LDS in the area to justify a new temple at this time.
  5. Mostly a myth about the divorce courts. In 91% of custody cases custody is decided without a ruling (I.e. they agree) and when men fight for custody they get it over half the time. If you are involved in the MRA and MGTOW movements get out now before it is too late. I am serious. They are incredibly toxic cultures. RUN!!!!!!!!
  6. The MGTOW movement is a bunch of misogynists who think responsibility is for chumps.
  7. Most of the Bishopric is trying to hook me up. I have gotten a few dates but never went anywhere sadly. My last time speed dating was awful. Then again it was an LDS speed dating activity so (insert joke of choice here).
  8. Does the Book of Mormon “prosper in the land” promise even apply to us in any case? Or is that like claiming we will be blessed if we build an ark? Furthermore the Book of Mormon establishes that there were righteous poor in the land.......I am guessing that promise does not mean what prosperity gospel adherents seem to want it to mean.
  9. More fun experiences: - Ran into a girl who felt that the first thing she had to do was share every sexual kink she has. Brave of her, but incredibly weird that it was in the second communication. I am not sure if this is intentional self-sabotage or some kind of desperation to find someone compatible. Doubt that will go anywhere. - Ran into another who insists she is faithful LDS except that she needs coffee every morning and likes a glass or two of wine every night. Yeah, Word of Wisdom is a relatively minor sin but.....pass. - Got barraged by another woman who rapid fired questions about seemingly minute things in my lifestyle. I am guessing she is either looking for a perfect replacement for her ex or someone who has nothing common with him. Pass. - Got told by another woman that my occasional playing of video games shows I am still an arrested adolescent. Her profile has a pic of her in a Disney Princess outfit and she raves about going to Disneyworld every year and her collection of children's movies. Really? You really want to try to play the juvenile card? I feel I am getting towards the end of my periodic excursion in online dating. That I babysat four small kids last night and they are usually good but not last night put me off the whole family thing for at least a day or two.
  10. Wait....I didn't sign up to support all these lazy foreign layabouts!!!!!!
  11. I suspect this is tied to an unsaid and unexamined conviction that if one is on the right of an issue one cannot be a bully. To use a Book of Mormon example in the story of Ammon and his brothers teaching they convert the king and one of his sons and the king sends out a proclamation commanding his people to let the missionaries into their homes. I wonder if that proclamation was not a contributing factor to the remainder of the Lamanites forcing the believers out of resentment for that kind of compulsion. Even if well intentioned the action was or could be seen as coercion and compulsion. That is the best case and it went poorly. I do not believe these yahoos are nearly as well intentioned.
  12. I see Facebook groups as useful to get news out about activities and opportunities. It can also be used to distribute photos to the grandparents and other relatives and worthwhile things of that nature. Then there is the other 99% made up of garbage political memes, angry rants, social oneupmanship, pointless arguments, and facile self-justification. You just have to avoid that part.
  13. I like it. I would fix “sliver” to “silver” though as that made me have to reread to be sure what was meant.
  14. If your discernment is based on what you personally agree with it is basically useless unless you claim you are using the Holy Ghost to decide what is correct and worthwhile on anti-Mormon sites in which case.....why would you even do that? When it comes to reporting facts if someone is willing to lie to advance their agenda about one thing it is good policy to ignore or at least check everything they say against a credible source. A multiplicity of uncredible sources does not establish anything either. You have not presented evidence. You have presented the words of hateful liars who you want to believe in a specific instance because it helps you rebut another faith. If you want to challenge another faith like that you have to understand it. You draw from the writings of its credible and honest adherents and its credible and honest critics. Simplistic attempts to cram anachronistic paganism into a faith based on vaguely superficial similarities and a dose of wishful thinking is the act of an irrational person despite your claims of rationality. And no, that is also definitely not an ad hominem.
  15. Okay, now work on application. I have targeted what you have said. Ad hominem attacks are attacks divorced from what is said. Speculating about someone being a sock puppet is not ad hominem. It is based on what you said.
  16. Before you unequivocally trust those sources about Catholicism and take them as proven, fair, and well thought out I would encourage you to ask yourself what the writers of those articles would say if writing about the LDS faith and whether you would also uncritically accept anything they say about the LDS faith. Those who write slapdash articles about Catholicism tend to be equally kind to our faith and equally accurate. Why would you trust one and not the other? And why speculate? Is this a good article? https://www.gotquestions.org/Mormons-Christians.html
  17. 13. "A Progeny Yet More Corrupt" In Book III of Odes, circa 20 BC, Horace wrote: They were not entirely wrong. I feel the same way about olympians and other athletes. Focusing a huge portion of your life towards competing to be the best at an activity that does not have a ton of value. I get the entertainment value and the health benefits but are these things worth living for?
  18. I would argue that if you think everything is clear cut once you accept the gospel you are still working through the fundamentals and it is okay to be there . The real challenges come later when you are clawing your way up further and need revelation and new commandments and those terrifying experiences where you pray for the correct course of action and you get the distinct answer that God wants you to figure the situation out on your own.
  19. 1) You still do not grasp what an ad hominem attack even is. 2) Wrong. Quoting snippets from the temple ceremony is verboten in the LDS faith and you used quite a few snippets. 3) You are a paragon of knowledge while claiming Catholicism was formed around Sumerian deities.....really? 4) Not sure that was a compliment. Said you were more rational then Anon. That is like being a better person then Hitler. It is a good thing but it is not something anyone should put on their resume or brag about. 6) it must be wearying for you to descend from your ivory tower of enlightenment to have to deal with us filthy ignoramuses.
  20. I was not debating who started it. That was just a juvenile response devoid of wit.
  21. Welp, it is that time again. Every five years or so I try to find true wuv online. It usually takes about a month before I realize the entire process is awful and horrible and give it up as a bad idea and remember why I stopped last time. Here I hope to share amusing anecdotes from the journey. Okay, put up a profile. Focused on positive, put in a few bits of sardonic wit, threw in some fun photos of me doing fun things and an adorable one of me with my infant nephew for the “Awwwwwwwws” Okay, time to search the meat market: Okay, what is it with the “I love to laugh” cliche? It seems to be in every other profile. What does it mean? Are they trying to distinguish themselves from all those people who hate laughing. Can you not even share what you like to laugh at? This phrase communicates absolutely nothing. And then you have the people who did not write anything. Okay, so all I got is your age, a few likes, and some pics. What do you want to bet these are the same people who complain the dating scene is a meat market while they ensure that it is as much a meat market as possible. Oh, first communication from someone......who is two years younger then my mother. Yeah, no. Not unless I decide to go with whatever the male equivalent of the sugar baby route is and you have a ton of money and one foot in the grave. Stay tuned for more updates as I run this thing into the ground. Current Mood: Cynically Optimistic
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