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  1. The residents of the City of Enoch were all translated.
  2. Welp, it is that time again. Every five years or so I try to find true wuv online. It usually takes about a month before I realize the entire process is awful and horrible and give it up as a bad idea and remember why I stopped last time. Here I hope to share amusing anecdotes from the journey. Okay, put up a profile. Focused on positive, put in a few bits of sardonic wit, threw in some fun photos of me doing fun things and an adorable one of me with my infant nephew for the “Awwwwwwwws” Okay, time to search the meat market: Okay, what is it with the “I love to laugh” cliche? It seems to be in every other profile. What does it mean? Are they trying to distinguish themselves from all those people who hate laughing. Can you not even share what you like to laugh at? This phrase communicates absolutely nothing. And then you have the people who did not write anything. Okay, so all I got is your age, a few likes, and some pics. What do you want to bet these are the same people who complain the dating scene is a meat market while they ensure that it is as much a meat market as possible. Oh, first communication from someone......who is two years younger then my mother. Yeah, no. Not unless I decide to go with whatever the male equivalent of the sugar baby route is and you have a ton of money and one foot in the grave. Stay tuned for more updates as I run this thing into the ground. Current Mood: Cynically Optimistic
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