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  1. Oh wow! He caught an apostle saying something slightly wrong? When do we dedicate the statue in his honor?
  2. They are but they are mostly looking at late term miscarriages.
  3. That Christ will correct them or damn them to hell and punish them himself when He is ready. Was that ever in question?
  4. So Jesus did not say this but if he did it only references church leaders? Nah. In any case I was not ascribing this to Bill. I have no idea who Bill is or what he is like. I don’t really care either. I do get annoyed at weepy hand-wringing calling for Christlike conduct as if it is some kind of magic trump card and then getting upset when the person so admonished breaks out a whip and starts going to town.
  5. We do not have a way to cure cancer either but we still look for one. Compare the funding going to that to that designated for saving fertilized eggs doomed to never grow. It is clear which life we value more.
  6. The Savior would have spoken of these excommunicants in a more Christlike manner with words such as the following: But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. I think we can learn from this. I know I will make a concerted effort to speak of apostates in a similar manner in the future.
  7. As a rule apostles do not need to cite scripture or precedent to teach something.
  8. I do not expect them to care or even realize it. But if those ejected fertilized eggs are or were the spirit children of the Father it is a tragedy. A human died. We do not know if we could do anything about it. Most people do not even know about it. Those who do don’t care. If those are people dying wouldn’t it be worth looking into whether we can do something about it? Note that I am not necessarily imputing the “life begins at conception” paradigm to you. I am saying that those who do hold to that paradigm should be very interested in doing something.....anything.....to prevent this from continuing.
  9. You only being able to see politics through the lens of a partisan struggle does explain a lot.
  10. You want to hold on to calling me a murderer but expect me to abjectly apologize for calling you a hypocrite. No! You hypocrite! Of course an abortion is different then a miscarriage (I never said otherwise) but your equivalence of abortion to murder of a human life means a miscarriage is the death of a human life. Yet.........none of the anti-abortion crowd acts like it. Why is it not treated like polio or smallpox which cause far fewer human deaths with a desperate search for a cure? Where are the fundraising events? The scary posters about the death toll with a call for funding and donations? Why are antiabortion congresspeople not voting government funding to stop this epidemic? Answer: they do not think the spontaneous miscarriage of a recently fertilized egg is the equivalent of a child dying of polio. Yet they still want to call abortion murder. Why? Why do I not contribute to stop early spontaneous miscarriages of fertilized eggs? Simple. I do not believe a spirit child of my God and Father lost a chance at mortality because of it. If you believe that life begins at conception then it follows that you do believe your brothers and sisters are dying en made. You do not act like it......why? And stop trying to paint me as a hypocrite by assuming I share your beliefs. I do not. That being said I dislike abortion. I wish it were never needed. Do I think it should be illegal? No.
  11. Spontaneous miscarriages often occur undetected without the mother even realizing they are ever pregnant. When the mother knows she is pregnant then yes.....it is often traumatic. With the undetected ones no one is acting on these miscarriages or seems to care.
  12. But that still seems off. People are not this resigned to it being God’s will about childhood illnesses taking lives or cancer or whatever. We use our medicinal tools to fight what kills us. We clearly see spontaneous abortions as less then a baby or a child. It may be more an emotional distinction then a logical one but it is there. In any case the LDS faith does distinguish between abortion and murder. So does the Law of Moses. While both are bad it is clear that in the eyes of church discipline and eligibility for baptism murder is much more severe then abortion.
  13. I mostly oppose abortion. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy inherent in your strict position. You acknowledge that a spontaneous miscarriage is a death? Then what are you doing to combat this epidemic? Even taking your numbers that means over one in ten babies are dying in the womb. Why are you not encouraging research to find medical techniques to fight this epidemic?
  14. I think this is mostly a redeclaration of existing policy that were never previously compiled. Onenew element is that missionaries sent home for health reasons can serve a service mission in some cases. Another is probably the online recommend system.
  15. I did not mean to suggest war is humane in general. I am also looking at old tribal warfare where sending the losers to Australia was not an option because you have no idea where Australia is, have no idea how to build ships to send people there even if you did, and no resources to build ships if you did know how. I am also not suggesting that humanity was the primary motivator. Just that sometimes it would have appeared to be the most humane option compared to “killing everyone”. I was not intending to justify slavery. It is an evil.
  16. If life begins at conception then spontaneous miscarriages, especially the 30 to 40% that occur undetected by the mother are one of the greatest health risks known to humanity. Over one in four children are dying without even being noticed by the mother. If life begins at conception this is the greatest cause of death and dwarfs the problem of abortion many times over in terms of how many babies we are losing........yet the “life begins at conception” crowd have done nothing about this crisis. No campaigns for awareness, no foundations to address the problem, no demands for medical study on how to prevent this genocide........ It is almost as if they do not believe life begins at conception except when a human voluntarily terminates the pregnancy and then suddenly it is a human.............why?
  17. That is less then one lifetime.... ..if you are Methusaleh of course.
  18. I define the gospel as the good news of the redemption and the instructions and covenants that define how to access that redeeming grace. I define the church as the Kingdom of God on the Earth that will grow into establishing Zion and will be the instrument of Christ’s rule when He returns. Not sure what this “Mormonism” thing is you are talking about. Perhaps it is an old designation we discarded some time in our past.
  19. Thank you. I was hoping someone would show up and politicize my joke.
  20. I accept the gospel as true but also incomplete and we need further revelation and knowledge. I live it as best I can. Where do I fit?
  21. I have my doubts that Pascal’s wager ever led to the salvation of a single soul.
  22. NDE interest reminds me of the psychical research so popular in the early part of the last century. I suspect it will end up in the same dustbin of history as well.
  23. I drink about 95% water. I highly recommend the practice.
  24. Best way to make city living affordable is to go the Detroit route and disincentivize people living in the city in the first place.
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