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  1. Here is a good primer on the history of LDS facial hair policy: http://www.ldsliving.com/Beards-What-the-Church-Has-Actually-Said/s/89654 I am personally opposed to beards. When I have tried to grow on in the past it comes in patchy and scraggly and I look like a pedophile's mugshot. If I cannot have a good beard no one else should be allowed to!
  2. I agree that virtually every "accident" involving a firearm involves some kind of negligence. I just would not trust myself not to be negligent. I am pretty bright but I have ADHD and can be forgetful and impulsive. For the last bit I probably should have been more clear. When around your own children they probably know about firearms and were taught reasonably well about them. In a school environment you have kids and (probably worse) teens with undeveloped brains that you are in close proximity to that you do not know (which is what I was concerned about). Teens also are enjoying a hormone cocktail that makes them almost functionally insane. I would be less confident that one of them would not make a grab for the gun in a moment of anger or frustration. I do not think that is an accident but I could be culpable. Would not be worth the risk to me to carry if I were a teacher.
  3. It probably is the Stake President’s rule.
  4. I do not think the danger is the teacher going nuts. My worry if I was a teacher would be absentmindedly putting the gun on a desk or a student who knows I am carrying going for it or even just me forgetting to put the safety on after I clean it. If it is not loaded it would be of no use so it pretty much has to be. It is more likely to be an accident or someone going for it than a teacher going nuts. Most concealed carriers are not around children and teens all day with the danger that can involve.
  5. A lot of people struggle with it. They just either do it or not instead of advocating for it or against it. I have been reading through old general conferences and just read then-Elder Packer’s address in 1990. The doctrine has not really changed from that. No intimation that it was their fault for having that desire like you get in some of President Kimball’s earlier books. No mention of marriage either.
  6. Possible, but I doubt it. More likely he had to send some missionaries home for something that happened and he REALLY does not want to do it again and is hoping this will help.
  7. This is not church wide so it probably came from the Mission President. If I had to guess something happened and he is trying to compensate. Someone asked by what authority.....unless things have changed since I was out the MP has the ability to alter, add, and remove things from the missionary handbook as he sees fit.
  8. There is such a place. It is weird and filled with moral degenerates and intellectual dimwits. The other day I was being mocked for saying Hitler and the Nazis were bad people. Who knew that was such a controversial stand?
  9. “Tell me, Brother Baldrick, what exactly did God do to the Sodomites?” “I dunno, but I can't imagine it was worse than what they used to do to each other.” I think that clarifies things.
  10. Badly worded, my apologies. Reports show that many younger people who use porn now hop from video to video very quickly. Many are basicalily tricking their brain to imagine dozens of sex partners and our brains are not built for that.
  11. You cannot force a doctor to give an abortion. Yes, I know there are hysterics about how it is coming but I am not convinced.
  12. This guy is an idiot. He uploaded underage p0rn to Skype? Under the username "timhallows"? And incriminated himself while trying to be vague? And claims he will fail a polygraph because he took pictures of youth in other settings? He is just trying to get convicted. And yuck, I hope nothing actually happened to any kids and he is just a creep but no way of knowing yet. Glad they denied bail and rightly saw him as a flight risk.
  13. I know this is old but I missed it. I have been in wards and branches where there is no other class to combine with so I am glad there is another option.
  14. We tried it once when the last Founding Father to serve as President tried to end political parties all together. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Era_of_Good_Feelings#cite_note-ammon1971p366-1 An interesting time led by an interesting man.
  15. The board prohibits proselyting or I would be tesifying all over the place.
  16. So does my masseuse but that does not make it medicine. Seriously though, read up on the “science” of chiropractics.
  17. Wait, hold on. Stop right there. I want to respond to all of this but do not have time but......you do not expect the President to retaliate against or persecute their enemies on moral grounds and yet you support.....wait.....does not compute.......
  18. Ethical Trolley problem: You are on a trolly heading towards Ted Cruz and will certainly kill him if you do nothing. You can throw a switch to go down another track and save Cruz but hit and kill Beto O’Rourke. Do you: A. Continue down the track and kill Cruz B. Throw the switch and kill O’Rourke C. Run over one of them and then swing back around and take out the other in a second pass
  19. I have been kicked out of many topics. I like to think it means we are interesting. I am also going to go out on a limb here and say that I think sexual identity conversion therapy is pseudoscience like chiropractics and bog witchery.
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