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  1. Trust the prophets that this is a chosen generation or go with the age-old cliched complaint of the elderly that “this generation is weak and feeble”.
  2. The Nehor

    One of those days

    There are other kinds of days?
  3. But......I got revelation about three different callings and who should be called in the last week.............
  4. It is amusing to me that people pretend this is Second Coming level persecution. I have listened to the stories of concentration camp survivors and Arab Christians that had to flee their country because of rumors that Christians were burning the Koran nearby. Even LDS history has some stories of real persecution. But a civil dispute over wedding invitations initiated by Christians.....this is the sign of the End of Days........
  5. I said the exalting of the service missions over proselyting is milquetoast. The service missions themselves are a viable and valuable method to provide service for couples and those young missionaries unable for whatever reason to serve a proselyting mission. I do decry the pernicious idea that proselyting missions are inferior to service missions when they are the primary mode of missionary work in this dispensation and the most crucial to fulfilling the objectives of the Savior.
  6. The Nehor

    A Story about healing.

    I am just trying to be funny. Not going for insulting. You will know when I go for insulting.
  7. The Nehor

    A Story about healing.

    Needs more plot twists and better characterization. I did not understand the motivation for the characters either.
  8. The Nehor

    A Story about healing.

    I did not mean to imply it did.
  9. That is not exciting. It is milquetoast exalting of service missions over proselyting and suggesting that duration of service is irrelevant. Almost no one can become an effective missionary in three months.
  10. The Nehor

    A Story about healing.

    I thought it was going to be some kind of profound Zen thing............
  11. The Nehor

    A Story about healing.

    Then is it about when Jezebel was pushed out of a window and her corpse eaten by dogs? Or about a prophet siccing bears on people? Am I getting close?
  12. The Nehor

    A Story about healing.

    Priestcraft can be quite lucrative. The Tammy Wards of today make Simon the Sorceror look like a chump. I wish I did not have a conscience. I think I would be good at selling snake oil. Wow, look at the savings on the platinum package. You would have to be a fool not to buy in: http://hopehavenevents.net/platinum-personal-mentoring/
  13. I am not sure once a week like this would help with anxiety. When I was physically assaulted (kid on something, not sure what) I ended up with a cut lip and bruising. My companion ran away. After I fought him off and got away I took pictures and sent a letter home about it and scared my mom. I was a dumb teenager and a bad son that day.
  14. The Nehor

    All-you-can-eat religion, Buffet style

    Before he was the prophet President Nelson decried the cafeteria approach. Now, that does not mean that different emphases are not appropriate depending on your skills or where you are in life. I was only peripherally involved in work for the dead when I was on my mission. I was more involved with the Missionary effort when I was a Ward Missionary and now I am involved more in church administration and training as the Ward Clerk with a brand new Bishopric. It is when we focus on those things we think are most important (often code for those things we personally find congenial) and avoid obeying other commandments that we fail. And, as then-Elder Nelson taught, this will lead to misery. Since I am miserable a good portion of the time anyways I cannot take the risk of heaping on more.
  15. I doubt there will be calls every week. Text message updates and things like that will probably be more usual. I have mixed feelings about this though. I worry some will use family contact as an emotional crutch instead of support but I support the change in general though a part of me wants to beat my chest with a “back in my day we tracted through sleet uphill both ways with only the occasional ‘dear John’ letter to remind us how much we had been forgotten back home” speech.
  16. Why is this whole post a copy/paste from somewhere else?
  17. The Nehor

    A Story about healing.

    I would urge everyone to quit ascribing the healing to the instrument instead of the healer (God). Serious case of idolatry in this ward.
  18. The Nehor

    Book of Enoch

    I learned not to mess with the Nephilim.
  19. Posting here is and should be an adventure.
  20. Or getting rid of Daylight Saving Time. My big pet peeve.
  21. We don’t but some people see it as a symbolic move.
  22. Well considering he attacked the neutrals afterwards.....yes.
  23. The Nehor

    Pres. Nelson Op Ed

    I find everything on this table to be silly.