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  1. Will someone please ban this monomaniacal soporific dullard?
  2. I think such a weak method of identification could bring up a case for negligence. Edit: Here is an odd case where a lawyer tried to represent someone without their consent: https://blogs.findlaw.com/strategist/2014/01/lawyer-files-lawsuit-without-contacting-signing-client-first.html
  3. My name comes from a nickname I acquired on my mission. I took it as a badge of honor and ran with it. No, I do not believe the Church is by the people which implies we selected our leaders (God is in charge of that). It is sort of for the people as that phrase is to promote the common welfare but it does not really fit as most people do not want the good we bring. Self-reliance is healthy to an extent. Brigham Young taught that some would never be exalted because they need to be commanded in all things and never develop the independence of heaven. I believe we need a testimony regarding the existence and nature of God, the validity of the gospel of Christ, and the nature of the Kingdom of God on the Earth which is the church. So yes, I have a testimony of the church and Joseph Smith and the prophets since and I consider that portion of my testimony vital. The boy was possessed. If I was possessed (and I have some experience in this area) I would want the damned (literal adjective, not expletive) thing out as soon as possible. I give thanks for healings and blessings as if they come from God no matter who gives them. I also find your cozy desire to meet Christ a little odd as if it would be neat. True, in mortality He appeared as a normal man but I honestly think you would be put off by his severity towards sin and a possible exhortation for you to give up everything and follow him to persecution and possibly death. I probably would too. As to Christ in the fullness of glory he has now are you sure you want that? It brought Saul (later Paul) to great suffering and remorse. The same when Alma the Younger had a similar experience where he was wracked with torment. The Brother of Jared saw only Christ’s finger and fell to the ground in fear. Lehi got a book from him and when he read it he was afraid. Same in his vision of the Tree of Life as he wandered through the dark. Joseph Smith thought the whole landscape should be consumed when he saw the Father and the Son. I think you are stuck in the concept of Jesus as a nice guy who does nice things. He does but He also hopes for obedience from all to His Father and his admonitions to his earthly apostles led to prisons and executions. He talked of harsh divisions at the Last Day dividing the saved and the damned. He wept over those who would not repent knowing the torment they would have to endure. He is fire and power and glory. He is beautiful and terrible. When He returns to the Earth in glory most will die because they cannot endure it. I am trying to dedicate my whole life to being worthy of seeing Him and enduring that day either alive or dead. You seem to have a naive view of the Savior as purely a Mr. Rogers type guy who will come up and hug you and say “there there”. Are you so comfortable in your own virtue that you imagine no chastisement or rebuke would come? The talk about the greatest being a servant is not the jab at prominent positions in the kingdom you seem to want it to be. It is a call for servant leadership at all levels, a call to sacrifice and love those you are responsible for. If it were what you suggest he was giving to the wrong audience. He was giving it to his apostles, his leaders. Was it more likely Jesus was telling them that they would be at the bottom of the kingdom of God for being called or that He was making it clear what that call required. The admonition to be a servant is not a call to timidity and the false humility of bowing out of responsibilities. To aspire to become like Christ is not hubris, it is obedience to His commands. To avoid that command out of a sense of inadequacy is not humility, it is cowardice.
  4. Not a lawyer but if a Church member were to find out they were falsely named with no effort to verify identity and he tried to have their records removed I think a case could be brought against him.
  5. Not at all. Then I presume you will be burning all your scriptures and never referencing them again as they were all written by middle men and are an impediment to you personal relationship. Maybe not. I admit I do find it amusing that when Jesus gives a reason for something you feel the need to add on to it something he did not even imply simply because it supports your views. Why not just take the logical step to a kind of pantheistic idolatry and worship your own ideas and stop using the Bible those misguided middle men are trying to foist on you?
  6. Probably not, the Church is unlikely to want to be tied to an insurance company or present it as their choice. Imagine people complaining to their bishops about how much their medication costs and expecting him to fix it. People expecting forgiveness for medical debts. It would be a nightmare.
  7. I don’t think you are following me of that was a response to what I said. I said you DO NOT HAVE to use QuitMormon to resign. End of statement. I am pretty sure we are not in conflict here.
  8. I just realized where it might have been filed. I will have to look around the Bishop’s office when I get back (it was done under a previous bishop). I might also contact the previous bishop to see if he knows.
  9. The impact of Congress and the President on the economy is vastly overrated and most legislation and executive orders that impact the economy do not show their full impact for several years at least. Their effect is also relatively minor. There are exceptions such as military conflict and sweeping legislation that upends everything (think New Deal) but participation in military conflict should not be something we decide primarily on economic impact and there has not been any sweeping legislation that upends the economy. Economic growth is pretty stable which is good. There are risks ahead but there always are. If you are trying to defend Trump with this it is worth noting that he promised 4% growth in the economy and suggested it would not be hard to get 5% to 6%. We didn’t and we are not anticipated to. I would hardly count that as a win even if you think government has that big of an impact.
  10. They have no reason to lie. The letter from the church makes them look bad so I doubt they fabricated it and, if they did, the church could humiliate with the original. I know. I am involved in one. A guy submitted the request and verbally told a member in good standing he wanted to be removed. It got stuck in limbo because the previous clerk did not upload a digital copy. I could not find it. I got an affidavit written out by a member of the ward who had dealt with it but it got rejected. I am still not sure how to proceed. It seems discourteous to go back and ask for another letter but I have not been able to get the Stake President’s approval without it. I like my digital resignation done only by the member idea.
  11. Unless it was discussed previous to the letter being sent the bishop or a counselor will contact the person to verify the request. This can be done in person or by phone or any other reasonable means. It is not foolproof but it is better control then this guy had where you just put in the information and call it done. The lawyer also insisted on no contact with their “client” so the church could not contact them to verify. It was a horrible system. I wish it was easier. I wish you could submit the request through the church website with your login. I would probably have a week long delay before it takes effect in which you could log in and reverse it for the less emotionally stable members. Doubt it will happen though.
  12. Yes, the complaint of the church demanding notarized letters going forward gave as a reason the shoddiness of the process used and said that active and dead member names were being submitted and that names were getting submitted multiple times. It is in the article.
  13. Did we get “great again”? I must have missed it.
  14. It is actually amazingly easy. You can talk about Freedom of Religion and the Constitution and their importance without dragging in current events and partisan divides. I taught Gospel Doctrine for many years. It is like playing “Whack a Mole” with some people who always try to find a political angle on everything in the gospel but you just shut it down every time it pops up. Eventually they stop if you shut them down enough. The other thing is that this phenomenon is reportedly rare in the Church outside of the US and I have asked friends in a lot of countries.
  15. Yes, but they were not requiring it to be done through quitmormon as was stated. I think notarized letters in general are an excellent requirement if you are going thorough a lawyer or even if you are contacting Salt Lake directly on your own. If sent to a bishop or Stake President fraud is much less likely since they know their members a little. A fake letter sent for the resignation of the current Relief Society President is unlikely to be processed without someone giving her a call to verify. You stated that the church was requiring people to use a specific service: “Recently the church has said that in order for them to resign, they now need a notarized letter or something sent from this lawyer, his website is QuitMormon.com.” Which is not true. You can submit a letter to your bishop. I processed one a month ago. You can submit it to Salt Lake. This complaint was due to this law firm offering a ridiculously stupid service filled with obvious problems which they wanted to shift onto the Church to deal with. They would resign on your behalf with no safeguards to verify you are who you say you are. Of course the church was frustrated. Immature idiots would go to it and type in the names of active family members as a prank or the ignorant would submit their own name multiple times so naturally the church insisted on some safeguards. You can still use the tried and true way.
  16. The church said no such thing about requiring notarized letters from a specific lawyer.
  17. So you sharing your political views in Sunday School drove people out of the church? And I am sanctimonious for thinking that is an awful and terrible thing that should not happen?
  18. I know and the temptation is real but I am told it is worth it. In heaven there are superior hangovers, much more vivid hallucinations, and vomit filled with the more potent spiritual substance that will replace blood. I can wait for the better reward.
  19. You are conflating humility and acceding to your demands for apologies and explanations. I do like how you throw Christ out as an example of needing to ask forgiveness all the time. When did Christ ever ask for forgiveness from someone else....even in cases where it would seem appropriate like going to the temple as a child without telling his mother or stepfather? When did he seek constructive criticism from his critics to improve himself? When did he take the criticism of the Pharisees or the Sadduccees into account in how he taught to avoid offending others? Why did he tell people things that drove them away? The idea that the church losing people means that the church is doing something wrong is ridiculous. It is to be expected. Jesus said few would follow him. He was always offending everyone including his followers. We are warned that if the world loves us that is a bad sign. Even the Father before the world was lost a third part of the host of heaven who defied Him while in his very presence. There is no change the church can make that will convert the world and make it pleasing to everyone everywhere. The gospel is a standing rebuke to the world, a call to repent. Yes, we should do what we can to remove stumbling blocks to people accepting the gospel and be as pleasant and nice as possible but repenting for events in the distant past whose import we cannot measure and admitting that policies or teachings are mistakes when we are not sure runs the risk of offending God. We can and should repent and forgive on our own behalf but the Church is the Kingdom of God. The prophet cannot issue an apology on behalf of the Savior without the Savior’s explicit permission. To do so would be an act of hubris. Then again you do not accept any of this so can only see the church in secular terms. I would just advise you to accept that you will never understand our actions if you see the church in that light and that we are never going to satisfy you. You seem to want a homely half-senile grandmotherly church filled with timidity and apologies about every move; a church that marches in lockstep with every wave of secular change seeking to be loved by all. We are never going to be that but there are plenty of them out there if you need one. We have an ambitious and seemingly impossible divine mission and we mean to accomplish it.
  20. Don’t be obtuse. You were responding to a comment about the roles of the legislature and the judiciary in changing laws and society. The church is neither hence your comment was irrelevant. You jumped in because you are a monotonous monomaniac and not because you were adding anything to the topic. Oh, and if you are offended at my description of you please do not be. I am not bashing you; I am simply recounting your history and it needs to be honestly recorded and represented. If you want me to stop admit the mistakes of your past, show you are willing to listen, and make corrections for the future and move forward but I am guessing you will pridefully insist that you are doing nothing wrong.
  21. Jesus stayed out of government affairs. We know a bit of how he wants his kingdom to be run. I doubt either capitalism or what we think of when we think of socialism will survive his coming. I base this primarily on one verse: “He that is idle shall not eat the bread nor wear the garments of the laborer.” I think this deserves careful examination. Who is the idler? Is it a single mom with a job on food stamps? Probably not if we believe raising a family is work. What about a single guy who sits at home playing video games and getting a check for spurious disability?Definitely. A person living off a trust fund? Definitely. A capitalist business owner? Maybe, they might be working but are they paying their employees a fair living wage for their labors? If not and they are not barely hanging on themselves they are eating the bread of the laborer. An employee who slacks off and pushes their work onto their coworkers? Definitely. Someone who made their fortune and lives an extravagant lifestyle of luxury and ease? Definitely. Someone who made their fortune and now spends time trying to help others in a rational and deliberate way with their time and wealth? Almost certainly not. Hence why I think we will see something different. I am not necessarily happy about this conclusion. I am not wealthy but I do have more then I need and I am probably one of those that needs to be, in the words of the D&C, “made low”. As to the rest I think you go too far. Some of the Founders were deists and some were ardent supporters of Christianity. Most were nominally and privately Christian but heavily influenced by Enlightenment ideas like Deism. It is true that the Religious Right’s claim of this being an exclusively Christian nation is partly myth. If anything the founder’s diversity is a perfect endorsement of E Pluribus Unim and an example of moderation we could use in the current culture war. Religious individual and organizations should have no special political status other then to be left alone within the laws of the state and religious individuals should stand up and be heard in public discourse. Both sides mangle the term “religious liberty”. One side wants special privileges to ignore the law because of their faith and the other wants religion restricted to quiet personal prayers conducted solely in private and any attempts at reasoning on religious principles abolished from policy discussions. Both are “king-men” in the Book of Mormon sense and want aristocratic privileges for their beliefs. The founders were wiser. Many of them were deeply religious men but they also understood that privileging some religion or a religion could easily lead to tyranny and that those privileges, even if on their side, would set a dangerous precedent if things shift and another takes power. The best defense is equality. Christian dominionists want to destroy Jefferson’s equality to create their utopia. Dedicated atheists want to silence and exile faith to claim their utopia. Both are damned.
  22. As a Mormon vampire I feel I am being stereotyped. #notallgarmentwearingvampires
  23. In a conflict involving literal neo-Nazis he insisted there was bad “on many sides”. “Bad hombres” coming up from the South. Those are signals to racists that you are on their side. Wink, wink, nudge nudge. He was. He thrived on scandal. He was sort of part of the elite establishment. He was shunned by a lot of the major real estate magnates of New York and seen as an upstart you do not want to deal with. He pivoted and went for press approval which he got with his playboy lifestyle. Are you suggesting Hollywood and Oprah invitations are marks of virtue? The Trump foundation was shut down due to rampant illegality, self-enrichment from a charitable trust. He has given more then I probably ever will but what makes him so vile is his constant promises to give to charities as a PR stunt with little to no follow through. When he was a relative nobody in terms of celebrity no one looked into his promises. Now that they do care they find he would promise millions and give thousands. He would promise to donate all of the proceeds of some venture to charity and then little to none would appear. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-promised-millions-to-charity-we-found-less-than-10000-over-7-years/2016/06/28/cbab5d1a-37dd-11e6-8f7c-d4c723a2becb_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.831b62c9e496 The most telling story I know of that shows the motive was in 1996 at a charity event for kids with HIV. Trump showed up and sat on the podium taking a seat designated for an actual contributor. He likes the pretense and publicity of being a charitable giver but greed overrules the actual giving: https://www.complex.com/life/2016/10/trump-crashed-charity-event-macarena-didnt-donate
  24. Don’t think so unless the amphetamine was crushed up and then put in a gel capsule. If I remember right the stuff inside was brown and not white. I wonder if he is still in my phone contacts. I should text him and ask what it was. He said it was caffeine but if so it was a LOT. Shaking when it started to wear off. Luckily I made it home before I crashed.
  25. People act like heart surgery is hard but from what I have seen it is easy:
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