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  1. The First Presidency just announced that all Young Men/Young Women progression will occur simulataneously in January in the year that they turn 12, 14, and 16. This means ordination to be a deacon and joining the Beehives will occur at the age of 11.
  2. The Nehor

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Women must now wear a minimum of three pairs at all times. Guys are required to have nipple piercings but are allowed nothing else. So let it be written.
  3. The Nehor

    Replacing BSA in 2020

    So the only way to escape the desolating scourge is to relive my days at Scout Camp? The plague will probably be a quicker and more merciful death.
  4. The Nehor

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    I hope it works. I just have my doubts you will endure all the changes until He returns.
  5. The Nehor


    Congratulations on your victory and possibly imagined near-defeat of your Bishop.
  6. The Nehor

    National Geographic's "Killing Jesus"

    Fortunately you are not allowed to lie on TV so I assume they have uncovered new information and are not just mashing up some quasi-historical fiction they think will sell.
  7. The Nehor

    Joseph Smith on Mormonism

    Welp, that's it. Pack it in folks. Time to sell the temples and shut down the chapels. This inept attempt at a burn has defeated us. Let us slink home in abject shame and never speak of our faith again.
  8. The Nehor

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Meh, then I would have a shorter ministering list. Not seeing the downside. I just do not understand why you have not joined one of the fundamentalist break-offs.............
  9. The Nehor

    The Plan of Salvation: A Sufficient Theodicy

    This is what I picture every time you try to hold yourself up as a paragon of reason and rationality after all your shoddy arguments and evidence:
  10. The Nehor

    The Plan of Salvation: A Sufficient Theodicy

    Yeah, I would need to see evidence of the "continued to earnestly ask and seek Divine guidance" bit. The rest is true.
  11. Active and believing are sadly not synonyms but at least not a parrot which is a shame. Parrots are amusing.
  12. The Nehor

    ...That it will Strengthen and and Nourish our bodies

    To be fair I did mess up a few pancakes. In my defense the spatula was too big.
  13. The Nehor

    ...That it will Strengthen and and Nourish our bodies

    Nice, we did that too. I ended up flipping pancakes.
  14. The Nehor

    The Plan of Salvation: A Sufficient Theodicy

    That is like asking if you are more likely to live if you spacewalk without protection in a vacuum or if you chop your head off. You are damned either way.
  15. The Nehor


    If I were your Bishop I would have signed it and figured it was God’s business if he wanted to send you to hell for it.
  16. Since you do not believe the Priesthood even exists it seems idiotic to comment on whether someone is or is not ready for it. In other words this statement is par for the course for you.
  17. It is like going to every temple in the world. Just give up.
  18. This planet exists because God chose to put all of his children in harm’s way. While I do not think it proves God does not love us if God were to show up at a Family Court with all the evidence laid out he would probably lose custody of all of us.
  19. I do not think it will end nor do I think it should end.
  20. And that that child’s sins all belong to the parents from then on. Ouch.
  21. I think the new cunning plan is to make us desperate for an explanation to make the original inane proposition seem more likely as we are clearly desperate people. It is also a stupid cunning plan.
  22. The Nehor

    ward choirs disbanding?

    Sounds like what purportedly happened to my dad. He joined the ward choir. A month later the choir was dissolved. A few months after that they reformed it and did not tell him.
  23. There is no set age other then at least 18 and even that is not set in stone.
  24. I warn you. I can multitask.... ...no, I can’t. Have fun.
  25. The Nehor

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    They probably do feel the same way. I always feel miserable after a Single Adult activity. Maybe it is my issue, maybe is is a by their fruits shall he know them situation. I have Single friends (both in and out of the Church) that I socialize with. Most relatively well-adjusted Single Adults have built social lives. I suspect that part of the problem with a lot of these activities is that they self-select those who have not built those kinds of lives and it shows. It just depresses me when I go that these are my peers. Probably arrogance in there but I would rather just not be miserable.