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  1. You suck it up and go to the police. How is that a hard question? And thanks for the latest from your RSS feed of the exmormon reddit.
  2. When called out for suggesting that bishops are always asking teens about masturbation it is explained that they ask about the law of chastity and only inquire if there is a problem or a question or the Spirit prompts them. Then you fall back on the idea that asking if they obey the Law of Chastity is somehow damaging. Then a few posts later you run back to the assumption that everyone is asking about masturbation presumably because it has shock value. You can participate as you like but I am going to call out and correct your dishonest shock tactics and libelous insinuations about our bishops as well. If you have a problem with that you can stop responding to me. That is your choice and I do not think it is a wise one but the bishop is going to ask if your child goes in for priesthood advancement or a temple recommend. It will though be the general question and not your masturbation inquiry strawman that you keep throwing out for shock value.
  3. For the first portraying the priesthood as a burden is correct but the blessings attendant to carrying that burden are worth pursuing. Most, though not all, of those blessings come to women through the temple ordinances. Things like the power of godliness and the power to see God and live come in that way. The rest are mostly attached to office and ordinance. There is possibly a bit of sincerity and goodness buried there though in the implicit wish the load were distributed more equally. As to the latter, yeah, that almost entirely comes from without the church or from those who have membership but no testimony of the gospel.
  4. Only if I can smack you back for quoting without clarifying. I demand equality.
  5. At the end of the sustaining vote: ”We now present to you the following list of variations of new designer street drugs created since last conference that God has forbidden for your sustaining vote. We apologize but this will take about 60 minutes. Please try to stay awake.”
  6. I agree but I was not targeting that group.
  7. I am not afraid of women holding the Priesthood. I have stated repeatedly on this board that I hope they will and I even suspect it will come. I still think some (and I do not include you here) use the gender difference in holding the Priesthood as a pretext to tear down the Priesthood. I see complaining about having to continually listen to the same old apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ as a symptom of this. Now if you want more women to speak and fewer Seventies I am all for it. If you long for women to become apostles better still. If you want women who are not apostles to speak more and replace apostles or cut down their time I will disagree. They are the prophets, seers, and revelators and I want to hear them speak more at the expense of anyone else excepting only members of the Godhead or resurrected/translated beings with messages sent for me/us.
  8. By this logic parents should not talk to their children about sex. After all it is a social context, the family one. It is the default mode in the family: you’re born into it, you spend time with them, get sent to school when you are of age, interact with parents and siblings, and if you do not follow the rules your activities are often curtailed. A parent has much more power and influence over a child then a bishop. Why are parents exempt from this logic?
  9. Meadowchik is our local judge, jury, and executioner on what training is sufficient. Perhaps she will deign to share with the unwashed masses her extensive qualifications and nature of her years of experience in this area so we can better understand where the vast knowledge supporting her snap judgements comes from?
  10. I was one of those inquisitive children that infuriated teachers by asking confusing and edge case questions to try to stump them. It is not just a social context; it is a religious context. The Bishop in a weak and imperfect way is standing in for the Savior. And if you want to reply that the Savior would never ask tough or embarrassing questions of anyone I would invite you to read the scriptures a little.
  11. Are we sure that this attempt to blame the patriarchy for problems is not, in too many cases, a lightly veiled attempt to denigrate the Priesthood itself and all of its offices, powers, and responsibilities?
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