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  1. Bring back blackface and do a satirical minstrel show. People should ironically wear temple garments over their clothing in Utah as a fun gag. Let’s do offensive caricatures of People from China. Wear a Nazi uniform and visit a Jewish synagogue. Go into a Native American religious ceremony wearing a loincloth and chant the gibberish from early westerns in a mocking fashion. It is really their problem if they get offended. Just live life and have fun!
  2. The Nehor

    Video games

    There is a thankfully minor subculture where the doll thing is much more literal. It is scary.
  3. The Nehor

    Video games

    Yeah, but pets are not surrogate romantic relationships. I love having my pets at home when I am home but it is not the same. I also have an Amazon Echo but I do not expect it to be (or want it to be) cute and flirty with me.
  4. If someone could show me someone in Argentina or Bolivia or even Mexico complaining about this oh-so-crass example of cultural appropriation I would consider it a good idea to stop and apologize. It is generally a good idea to defer to those in the culture to decide what is an offensive and exploitative use of it. It is more likely that the online uproar came from young caucasian Americans eager to be offended on someone else's behalf for a strong shot of self-righteous pride in their bold selfless actions typing a few words into Twitter. And the only reason it got any media coverage is from older self-righteous caucasians wanting to self-righteously bash their oh-so-sensitive Millenial counterparts for being idiots.
  5. The Nehor

    How was two hour church?

    I was once (the time above when there was no reason) because Bishopric was just ending when we were told and so we still held Ward Council and then me and a counselor still had to take care of tithing and some other administrative stuff. He was an older guy (mid 70s) and thought the whole shut down was dumb and planned to go to church in a neighboring stake. He has a dry wit and as we sat down he commented: "Well, I guess they are willing to risk our lives even if they are not willing to risk the rest of the ward." "Well, they probably realized we were expendable. I am single and no one is relying on me to survive and you have one foot in the grave anyways." "Two feet."
  6. The Nehor

    Bill Reel $150 Challenge to Church Newsroom

    Let me explain how laws are made:
  7. The Nehor

    Wayment & Givens interview

    Does it though? Then again I am a proud supernaturalist that believes spiritual experiences are a direct spirit to spirit communication that requires little or no interpretation. In general though most experiences do have to be interpreted. PS: Yes, I know the LDS position is that nothing is truly supernatural and that all is natural so please nobody feel the need to pedantically correct me with a long spiel that will put everyone to sleep because we have all heard it a million times.
  8. The Nehor

    Temple Sealing Changes

    But you should definitely continue to counsel for dead sealings because they really need the help.
  9. The Nehor

    Wayment & Givens interview

    I do not want to rationally examine my spiritual experiences. At least not much. The issue is that the experiences are purer, more real. When I descend into analysis I am turning from the more real to the less real and less reliable. To use the old LDS pure spring analogy I am going from the fountain of living waters to the muddied water further from the source after the cows and whatever have been mucking about in it.
  10. The Nehor

    Who is a widow supposed to marry...?

    I have no explanation. I admit I as a single guy would be hesitant to marry someone in your situation. Mostly because I want the blessings of the ordinance of sealing. I am hopeful for a shift where multiple sealings following the death of a spouse are allowed for both genders. I see no reason that one cannot be tied to multiple people for eternity in the next world where the reasons it would not work here are absent.
  11. The Nehor

    Who is a widow supposed to marry...?

    She oversimplifies what mansplaining means in order to discount it.
  12. The Nehor

    How was two hour church?

    My stake is made up of wimps too. We shut down once due to heavy rain. By 7:30 AM the sun was out shining and that persisted through the rest of the day.
  13. I am offended that they picked the wrong country flags for tacos. What are they teaching in BYU these days?
  14. The Nehor

    Video games

    I still say porn addiction is going to be the next big public health crisis. I agree with the TED talk that Japan is in worse shape. Their culture is destroying them. A culture that insists you work an absurd amount of hours is surprised no one is willing to have children? Really. Oh, and please look on in horror at this fine Japanese product advertisement aimed at single guys (Note: Not pornographic, just sad):
  15. Oh, you can impugn him if you want. Never been a fan. I do think it is unhealthy that you view gays as a monolithic united force and ascribe to them all the beliefs of the most wacko amongst them (aiming to destroy marriage, fixated on destruction of LDS church, etc.) The LGBT suicide narrative is mostly coming from the "Anti-People Formerly Known as Mormons". Most gay people outside of the Mormon do not know much or care much about the LDS church beyond some having a dislike of us over our political stance in California but even that is becoming a memory.