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  1. The Nehor

    Denson's Lawsuit Dismissed by Federal Judge

    I am not so sure about that record keeping. Outside of formal discipline we generally do not keep records at the local level of interviews. I doubt it is different at the general level. I don't think it will get legally ugly. I don't think there is a case here. Could make for nice propaganda though.
  2. The Nehor


    I try to take horrible things happening to me as a compliment that God thinks I can handle them. It does not always work. When I can't handle them I then get even more confused. Of course on my weakest days sometimes the commute home taking an extra 30 minutes counts as a horrible thing happening that God should never have allowed so my measuring stick is sometimes off too.
  3. The Nehor

    Anyone still watch cartoons?

    You think SpongeBob is a degenerate cartoon? Oh, you sweet summer child....
  4. I bet on human laziness over human thoroughness and I rarely lose these bets.
  5. Blasphemy. I do not believe either of them qualify for recommends.
  6. The Nehor

    Do we "need" tradition?

    Well, to be fair they had to cut that guy out of the line of succession. Sure. If God commanded it.
  7. The Nehor

    Individual v.s. Office

    In a bizarre twist it turns out they are God......(gasp)
  8. Good: A board filled with kind people who can discuss this is=n a loving and helpful fashion. Better: A one on one with a loving friend who you trust to have your best interests at heart and only wants to help. Best: A wrestle with a God in prayer to seek answers and pierce the veil to find the truth complete with the normal pleadings and tears. Bad: Here Worst: Most of the rest of the Internet.
  9. I am of the opinion that Kenobi should have been a bit more honest in his conversations and should have just told him his father was a child-killing mass murderer and that Kenobi had chopped off all his limbs and left him to burn alive. But yeah, your father wanted you to have this.......
  10. The Nehor

    Hey everyone

    Pretty sure PHD stands for Perpetual Heinous Debt.
  11. The Nehor

    Hey everyone

    I would argue that it is impossible to divorce things like missionary service from consecration. It was the time I lived it most fully. I am not exempt from living it now of course but I have to figure out how to do that mostly on my own. I would call consecration the highest law outside of possibly marriage but I am not sure on that. As to polygamy, I have a hard time seeing it as a higher law then any other. I accept it is a real law that has gone out of force currently in mortality but it was practiced correctly and may at some future date be reinstated and I believe those sealings done in polygamous marriages are in force. I would not be here without it. My g-g-grandfather had two wives.
  12. The Nehor

    Exaggeration & Honesty

    I think you flatter our President too much by suggesting his blatant falsehoods (not exaggerations) are intended for comedic effect or are intended as hyperbole.
  13. The Nehor

    Exaggeration & Honesty

    While I respect the sentiment “irregardless” is much worse.
  14. The Nehor

    Hey everyone

    Probably true. Just given the choice I would have skipped my Mission and it is still probably the hardest thing I ever did so it is hard to see that as a form of lesser law.