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  1. President Kimball, and the comment was in reference to those who felt incompatible and were already married who wanted a divorce, not as dating advice for single people.
  2. I was spelling it phonetically. Okay, that makes no sense either.
  3. The lesson we had we talked about the laborers who did not get hired in the beginning watching the sun go down as others are picked and not sure how they are going to eat that day. The early laborers got certainty early on. We also compared it to the prodigal and seeing others as siblings and not rivals. No one is getting their just desserts. We are getting something better.
  4. Oh, so you came to my class? Introduce yourself next time I teach.
  5. This. If God agrees with everything you want either you are God (unlikely) or you are creating a god in your own image.
  6. I skipped over a lot of that when I taught Sunday School yesterday. Parable of the Laborers was much more interesting and had a fascinating and deeply spiritual discussion with a lot of Holy Ghost testifying going on. Good times.
  7. I believe I met that family once (they are two stakes over).
  8. So if I lust after someone else in marriage, obtain a divorce, and marry the person I had I just need to repent and the scales rebalance? Sounds like a dangerous teaching......
  9. But the Savior says it is still adultery so they are repenting of the wrong sin.
  10. Saying some sins are worse then others does not mitigate the seriousness of the “not quite as bad” sins.
  11. At that point it is fornication and not adultery and adultery is generally considered to be much worse.
  12. I am also busting out the popcorn for this thread though probably for different reasons.
  13. Yes, but generally that is contingent on not sinning anymore.
  14. No, it is often used frivolously. I am not looking for loopholes. I am convinced a lot of people are going to hell for what they have done. I am the wrong person to try to convince anyone of the benefits or joys of celibacy assuming there even are any. I personally hate it and suspect it has messed me up a lot. Such is life though. If God wanted me to be happy and content in this life he would have designed the world differently.
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