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    Come follow me

    The bulk of what I have so far is do not be afraid to experiment and figure out what works for your family. If something does not work try something else. Also part of it. Do not spend time thinking about if you are going to do it. Focus on how. If you are not sure how just jump in and improvise.
  2. The Nehor

    Come follow me

    Giving ours out at 5th Sunday in the last third hour bloc. I am assigned to talk about the home based study and how to make it work. Any suggestions?
  3. The Nehor

    Moving on, thank you and goodnight

    Bye, come back any time.
  4. The Nehor

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    That interview comes from a site run by a pretty established dishonest conman who fabricates results and calls it science: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Alex_Tsakiris The most damning accusation against mediums and psychics and other dependable supernatural powers is that if they consistently worked they would be used: I believe there is still room for spiritual gifts and crossing the veil but they are tied to some rules someone has set and cannot be used at will by mortals. I would posit those rules come from God. Those who try to use these powers for economic gain never end up well (see Balaam and Simon the Sorceror). If you need answers I would pray. It costs less and is more accurate. Sometimes it takes longer to get the answer but it is worth it.
  5. We think the children may need dental checkups but they say they want candy. We should just give them all the candy they want and let the research come later.
  6. That sounds hard. Can’t I just Use heroin?
  7. Perhaps you should see a therapist about your inability to address these ideas?
  8. Maybe the world Is just more awful.......
  9. I hope all those who popped in for condescending cheap shots at the church and the school are generous contributors to various charities designed to provide mental health care to those in need. If not, kindly stop the passive aggressive hand wringing.
  10. Just to be contrary.......
  11. The Nehor

    Is the Bible self-authenticating?

    Please make this happen.
  12. The Nehor

    In case it turns out you are wrong...

    I encourage you to read up on how to do a cold reading so you know what to expect.
  13. No, I said sometimes only God can evaluate it. I do not consider it a dirty word. I just do not believe it applies. And yes, whether there is a need for repentance or God approves something is a more difficult question but fortunately the council was not deciding on that. They had to decide whether he was in apostasy from the Church and how willing he was to repent of such apostasy at the time of the Council. Those questions are much easier. He is in apostasy and he showed nothing in word or deed to suggest he would repent of it. Simple......
  14. The Nehor

    Is the Bible self-authenticating?

    I would also suggest that holding up the Bible as an ultimate authority is a form of idolatry.