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  1. Toward the end of my mission I attended a Priesthood class where the instructor asked us to name the five covenants or laws that we promise to keep in the temple endowment ceremony and to do it in order. I panicked because I didn't know or understand all five. But I wasn't the only one. No one in the class that day could name all five of their covenants. I determined to study the scriptures about these five specific covenants and to attend the temple as often as possible to learn their meaning. Learning and understanding our covenants is our responsibility. To make a covenant and not make the effort to understand what is expected of us becomes our problem because we didn't make to effort on our own. When we are judged by the Savior, He will surely ask us about our covenants. If we say we couldn't remember or just didn't understand, I don't think He'll give us a pass when we could have made the effort to understand but didn't.
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