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  1. I think you're being a bit unfair to Snowflake's point. He didn't say there was no revelation in the Book of Mormon. Only that it doesn't provide very many new doctrines not already found in the Bible. And that's as it should be. It's the second witness of Christ. They should and do mostly contain the same teachings. But we know there are some truths it restored and clarified vs the Bible too. Our focus on the Book of Mormon is a fairly recent thing if we look at Church history. While belief in its restoration and inspired nature have always been a keystone of our faith, the early Church focused on New Testament and D&C for most doctrine.
  2. Excactly. There could never be a first minute because the minute before it had to exist. There can never be a last fact to learn because the passage of time creates new information. There can't be an egg without a chicken or a chicken without an egg.
  3. Such concepts beggar logic. We can speculate on a first cause, on how the three omni's could work, how eternal progression could have an end, etc. And there's nothing wrong with that. But the fact remains such ideas are either incomprehensible or impossible. I lean towards them being impossible. Personally, I reject all of them.
  4. Apparently you don't know me very well. And I disagree with your post-Joseph theory on polytheism.
  5. I'll stick with Joseph and Brigham etc. Plus traditional Christian concepts on God and creation make no sense to me, but I recognize they do to others. I think the bigger question on this thread is why so many members of the Church are rejecting more and more revealed truths in favor of the old Christian traditions. And then writing about it as a step in their personal development and a progressive approach. How is rejecting further light and knowledge from heaven and returning to the doctrine of the apostasy progress?
  6. Is there a question here? Mormonism teaches that God was once a mortal man who achieved exaltation. Our Christian friends disagree but don't accept revelation beyond the Bible. Personally, I believe if eternity goes in both directions I see no need for a first cause.
  7. https://www.fairmormon.org/answers/Question:_Is_Jesus_Christ_the_savior_of_other_worlds%3F Your question itself is based on a question we don't have conclusive revelation concerning. It's important to note that as Calm said " IF it is possible a saviour can cover multiple worlds".
  8. Joseph was specific. The Mosaic law animal sacrifices aren't the ones returning. Christ was the last sacrifice for sin. But the principle of animal sacrifice as practiced by the Patriarchs, Adam, Abraham, etc will be restored for a purpose.
  9. I'm not upset. But when the first ordinance promises a future blessing and the second bestows it, I don't see how we can say we have completed the path with only the promise.
  10. Understandable. I didn't mean for it to get so close to the line. But I do feel the related doctrines should be better taught and understood.
  11. D&C 130:20-21, 131:1-3, D&C 132: 3-5,16-17, and Matthew 3:15 would imply he'd have to be. There is no exception clause in scripture I know of.
  12. This. Our endowment is incomplete without it, only half the ordinance.
  13. Yeah, but if no requirements are taught and the ordinance is barely acknowledged to exist how are we supposed to become ready?
  14. Ordinances previously restored to man can't be given by immortal beings. Hence work for the dead. But you knew that. 😉
  15. Well if you doubt everything man ever wrote about God I don't see how you can have any knowledge of God's character at all. You'd basically be creating God from your imagination. As for references, I can tell you which NT scriptures relate to the second anointing but you would simply state that they don't. Like this one: Revelation 1:6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
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