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  1. He didn't see it coming...😂 (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  2. Or not. Depends on whether God approves of the renovation. 😋 One wrong move on his house and it could trigger the apocalypse.
  3. I like the feeling of leaving the world behind. That's part of the symbolism of the Salt Lake Temple as well.
  4. That pleases me. I would have been sad to see the historic building filled with movie screens instead. Live actors provide something special. Is Salt Lake the only one left using actors?
  5. It's interesting to watch some latter day saints here using the arguments to the o/p that we aren't near the end, there isn't a finite number of spirits assigned to this earth, and things will continue as they always have. I feel much better reading posts from those who are using the correct gospel principle of wise stewardship to address the o/p question of man made extinction.
  6. It is really very simple. The calling of Church Historian and Recorder is to keep the records of the Church. That's it, that's all. To ensure what is happening is being recorded for posterity so there can be a record worthy of acceptance. Any idea of it being a position of academia or scholarship simply misunderstands the calling. If they are maintaining the records and ensuring new events are added they are doing their duty. Arrington being a professional historian who wrote on Church History is an exception, not a requirement for the calling.
  7. Depends if the reader is a skeptic, a traditional Christian, an anti, a believer... A skeptic doubts all revelations so any objection unique to the stone can be set aside as there isn't a valid method they do accept. The Christian accepts the methods I listed so they would have to explain what makes a stone less valid. And so on.
  8. I don't see why revelations through the medium of a stone is any more strange than any other source of revelation. A talking donkey, a burning bush, voices from the clouds, or the words of a man returned from the dead.
  9. I think we all know why none exists...although the Celestial Kingdom level one might qualify.
  10. Some might expect me to vote for resignation but I think leaving should always be a last resort. I think counseling with priesthood leaders is a much better choice. However if no longer having a desire turns into breaking covenants then I do think discipline up to and including excommunication may be warranted. There are penalties for breaking covenants. Not wanting to keep them is a different issue.
  11. What's sad is how much of revelation recorded by God's mouthpieces we get to ignore simply because the powers that be couldn't be bothered to vote on making it official. With that kind of appreciation it's no wonder God rarely speaks and leaves them to do what they feel best.
  12. Man shall not live by "official" doctrine alone but by EVERY word that proceedeth forth from God's mouth.
  13. Calgarian for 12 years, Utahn for the last 7. Love them both.
  14. You seem to be confusing fortune teller with prophet. Many prophets never predicted a future event that we have record of. Some did. Prophets can declare God's will as easily as predict future events.
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