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  1. Baptism - Doctrinal Evolution

    But the principle of REbaptism for the remission of sins, for consecration, prior to entering new covenants, etc were all done away with. I think the removal of our ability to be rebaptized for the remission of sins is a change to the practice of baptism for the remission of sins. They are the same ordinance after all.
  2. A Prophet of God

    Considering how many times I've been told uncanonized revelation isn't binding on us I don't know how expedient it is.
  3. Baptism - Doctrinal Evolution

    Which brings up all kinds of other questions about eternal truths, eternal ordinances, and eternal laws. Which elements are temporal and therefore changeable? And which are eternal and unchanging? Given how many changes have been made to the beliefs and practices of Mormonism over the decades finding eternal truths can be a challenge.
  4. A Prophet of God

    That still doesn't address if there is any differentiation between the kind of revelation that gets canonized and the kind of revelation that we or the prophets can experience on a daily basis. If there is, I'd like to know what it is. If there isn't that kind of lowers the authority of scriptural revelation a bit.
  5. A Prophet of God

    I don't think anyone doubts that they are praying and getting answers. That blessing has always existed for anyone with faith. So we would need to determine how that differs from revelation, or if it differs at all. Why do some answers rise to the level of canonization? What makes them different?
  6. Baptism - Doctrinal Evolution

    Baptism has changed in the Church. There used to be multiple uses for baptism. Brigham Young was estimated as being baptized over 15 times. Baptism used to be performed for a large variety of reasons.
  7. Based on what? The Lord's history in preserving records is well documented. That seems to be a priority for him. I don't think anyone would have questioned a Christian Church purchasing a newly found Dead Sea Scroll.
  8. Proactivity is as foreign to my personality as trust. Taking a chance on either myself or others is very hard for me. But I'm working on both.
  9. A Prophet of God

    Probably not.
  10. Curious about cafeteria doctrines

    There may be differing versions, but the doctrine taught is pretty consistent between them. Especially the primary doctrine of man's exaltation to godhood.
  11. DEL. Sorry, got a bit defensive.
  12. Of course spiritual testimonies are personal. I would never say otherwise. But can you really say "what confusion"? You know as well as I do that in our current society it is stated that love requires acceptance. Anyone who doesn't accept someone "exactly as they are" will always be accused of not loving them. There are so many so-called "inspirational memes" stating this...it's the current socially accepted conflation of the two. And so forth... Countdown til closure . . . . .
  13. We've been over this. She was bearing testimony of false doctrine. And she knew going in that she was expressing a view contrary to the Church's teaching. Or at the very least her mother knew full well. There's that confusion of love and acceptance again. OFF TOPIC
  14. I run a quiet little store with condensed selling periods. Lots of downtime in the off season while I'm just minding the shop. In other words I post at work when it's quiet.