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  1. You and others have impeccable character, I have full trust in that. It's some things in the church that I don't have trust in.
  2. Tonight I went to see the movie "Breakthrough", about the boy that fell through the ice and was pronounced dead later. And then his mother prayed over his dead body and willed God to bring back her son and he did, and it was beyond a modern miracle. They are non LDS Christians in this true story and they really struck a chord with me that made me desire that kind of closeness with the Lord and not have a middle man or a prophet. Just a pastor that is there through it all, but doesn't claim any special ability to get revelation for them. Or someone who is in between me and the Lord. Or how for so long, the men have all been in between me and the Lord. And having this mindset tonight is probably why I got into it about the cross on the other thread. And to top it off, my husband told me something that has me really upset. My husband's family are putting together a huge 90th birthday party for my MIL, on that day in the morning they are all going to do a session at the temple and he and I aren't able to go, we have no recommend as you probably already know, but she found out that we aren't going after her other son mentioned we weren't going to make it. She then called my husband to ask why we aren't. My husband told a little or big, white lie and said it was because he and I take CBD/THC oil and that is breaking the WoW or something to that affect. I was so upset that he lied, but understand how it would kill her if she knew of our faith struggle. So I'm on edge with this and why we have to go through this and why it's this way with LDS and their non believing famiy members, not you though. I hope you feel better, and I'm sorry if I in any way contributed to you feeling not in a good mood, with my fighting against the church in my posts the way I do.
  3. ex·cuse verb 3rd person present: excuses /ikˈskyo͞oz/ 1. attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify. "he did nothing to hide or excuse Jacob's cruelty" synonyms:justify, defend, make excuses for, make a case for, explain (away), rationalize, condone, vindicate, warrant; More
  4. Not dishonesty. Just the belief in the church's motives as being open and transparent.
  5. http://topverses.com/about/cross Over and over I hear about the Garden of Gethsemane as being the place that Jesus sacrificed the most, but really is it true? Then when I read the above scriptures it seems the cross is pretty important, but all my life the garden has been emphasized more than the cross in the church.
  6. I wonder what you and others would say if the numbers were hidden one day like the churche's finances. I can see it now...the excuses.
  7. My sister who is an inactive LDS, wears a cross that is sideways. I love it because it's the best in both worlds. Goes along with the living Christ emphasis, IMO.
  8. I work in public education. What do you mean by indoctrination?
  9. The internet also brings a whole boat load of problems with having the warts or non heard of info about the church in an instant to those out there unaware. Or even to those that are non LDS that had a missionary visit them and they look up the church on the internet and change their mind on ever inviting the missionaries back again. So in my non TBM mindset, what if, and a big "what if", God is trying to thwart people from joining or get people to know the whole truth of the matter, if the LDS isn't the only true church. I say this because I grew up having been told that the church will grow because of all of the inventions out there. But when I really think about it, these new technologies can have the reverse affect as well. Also, I posted this spreadsheet on the April Conference Hype thread but will post it here. It looks like the numbers are not showing the widespread growth that has been predicted by leaders in the past. I blame it on the internet pretty much. https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=7206285C99C2C561!8657&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!ADh3kgMTx9tTKrA
  10. https://www.fairmormon.org/answers/Question:_Did_Gordon_B._Hinckley_say_that_Latter-day_Saints_do_not_worship_the_biblical_Jesus%3F At one time Gordon B. Hinckley stated that LDS believe in a differenct Christ. And FairMormon explains what he meant by it. But honestly, it left out the part that the LDS believe JC/God are not spirits but are physical. And I don't know if the Mennonites believe this or not, but it seems the EV's believe that Jesus Christ and God are one person. LDS believe they are different and distinct. That is the only difference, and I'm sure you're well aware of these beliefs for sure. But thought I'd bring it up no matter how simple. Maybe others have mentioned the difference in the beliefs. But don't other non LDS Christians believe differently about God/Jesus Christ, don't some believe they are separate as well? Or is it a wide swoop that the only way to know you're a true Christian is to believe that Jesus is God in the flesh?
  11. Why are they not reporting membership numbers in conference? Could it be that the numbers are dwindling. Just saw this spreadsheet someone put together. https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=7206285C99C2C561!8657&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!ADh3kgMTx9tTKrA
  12. You are doing it right Calm, what a wonderful reaction you have given your daughter! After reading on exMormon Reddit, there are young adults that get treated horribly for disbelief. Even their future is in the hands of if they stay in the church, because if they don't believe there would be no help financially for school etc. She's a lucky girl. I wish her the best, and it sounds like she isn't faking it till she makes it like so many youth try to do. I think the millennials are a different group than when I was their ages.
  13. Many stay for their spouse/family. I think God will be forgiving to that person. I give them loads of credit and my empathy for being able to mentally cope with this existance. But that's what harmful institutions do to families. Make people so afraid of divorce or losing family because of their disbelief in a organization. That kind of organization is a scary thing.
  14. I read a story recently of an individual that went church shopping. They said that a plate was passed and then they were told if they'd like to donate great and if they need a hand take some! Haha, how cool is that? Wow, this is an old thread, I haven't seen VideoGameJunkie the OP, for a long time, I wonder how he's doing!!
  15. Back in the day we paid on gross and I wouldn't pay on tax return. And then we paid on net for awhile and I paid on our tax return. If I'm remembering right.
  16. Like everyone else, I've never thought a non LDS wasn't ever a Christian. I've always known them to be a Christian if they believe in Jesus Christ, whatever their religion.
  17. When did I say it did? I only shared the article to explain the problem in LDS communities. And the notion that it's good to talk about suicide.
  18. At the very end of the article it says that there should be open dialogue over the suicides. I know that Calm mentioned that it's not right to say the church is the reason or attribute the policy to the reason the suicides happened. She may have a point, but why not be open about how the policy could have attributed. Many gay LDS are very believing Mormons and having been told that if they act out on their inborn feelings, and having the church kick them out or condemn children over their decision to marry is what could contribute, amongst many other feelings. At most we as a society need to make it as safe for the LGBTQ crowd as possible. Not all but many have a gay member of the family or community somewhere and we know that these are not the horrible people some make them out to be. The church will not be forced to let them marry in the temple, IMO. Freedom of religion and all that. So the policy was all for naught and only hurt and devasted the LDS crowd and their families. And that is why the church changed their mind on this policy/revelation.
  19. This is a huge reason that the BYU honor code needs to be adjusted. Telling students to rat out other students puts everyone in harm's way.
  20. Prophets or leaders of any church that talk about the second coming being imminent, is so wrong on many levels. For one the youth, it puts a halt on them planning for their futures. I remember when 2012 was rolling around and how some were thinking it will be the end of the world because of the Mayan calendar. At that time my son's high school seminary teacher was teaching that the world was going to end in their lifetimes. It affected my son in a bad way. Any mention of colleges or future endeavours would meet with him asking, "why plan, the world is ending soon". I think that was why Pres. Packer told a ward somewhere that the youth will live a long time and be grandparents one day. I believe it mentions in the Bible that no one knows when that time will be. I know this isn't anything to do with the CK. But I liken it to the end of the world thing because it makes some think they won't be with their families and that's awful.
  21. Could you be more specific? I will reread the article and see where I failed to understand.
  22. The families have notes and lived with their gay child. I wasn't there nor spoke face to face. Did you read the article I posted? Toward the end there is a young man that quit believing and left a note that it was because he didn't believe. If someone leaves a note that they can't not believe in the church and live in the LDS community and took their life over that then it's clear to me that someone could do the same thing over the Nov. 2015 policy that said what it did.
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