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  1. Quoting myself to add an article from Deseret News, which mentions the hope that this will curb suicides. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900056650/will-utah-be-the-16th-state-to-ban-conversion-therapy-for-gay-teens.html
  2. I'm so glad this law was passed in Utah today and the church was in favor of it as well!! No more conversion therapy allowed for underage people. And Utah is the 16th state to pass it!
  3. There were 26 students in my class and most raised their hand. It was mom, dad, school teacher, aunt, friend, brother, sister, grandparents, neighbor's mom. Several of these repeated. Oh and I failed to say these were 3rd graders. But maybe my post was certainly unnecessary to prove that the bishop isn't at the top or something.
  4. The special guest had students raise their hand and state who a trusted adult could be and wrote it down on the board onto a hand with fingers, but the special guest didn't name them first. Thanks for pointing this out bluebell! In fact as I sat there observing, I kept thinking someone might say a teacher at church or bishop or?
  5. Tacenda

    Sad story with many LDS references

    According to the article he had taken some drugs and looks like money was also an issue. https://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/tn-dpt-me-nicholson-20190221-story.html
  6. Today at the elementary school I sub'd at they had a special guest come and teach the students about child abuse. They had a handout that they colored on after a presentation and on it they had a hand with fingers of people to go/run to if they have been abused or someone approached them and they had the "uh-oh" feeling that something isn't right. And then the students listed trusted adults they could go to and not one of them was a church leader.
  7. When I read things like this, I'm even more appreciative of Sam Young and his cause to end one-on-one interviews in the church. This and all of the other stories I've read is sickening! https://kutv.com/news/local/man-arrested-in-utah-undercover-human-trafficking-investigation-is-an-lds-bishop?fbclid=IwAR3h-cXKCQOOkaeKqWknONLj4-yBvNHqDOvKpwBi4uJ0hk6a4bLQVXmBQjc Cannon said because of Moss's role as a bishop interviewing vulnerable adults and children as a religious leader, they are concerned that there could be other victims. Also concerning to investigators was Moss's position in the past as a Lieutenant with the St. George Police Department where he supervised the vice squad.
  8. As a single young adult and inactive, a short stint, I was called to team teach primary. It lead me to being active again and marrying in the temple eventually. So having callings can certainly elevate a person's faith. 🙂
  9. Tacenda

    Sad story with many LDS references

    I wondered if it was for money. But he did look awful.
  10. On my way to work today I heard on the radio that some legislators were discussing a law to come down harder on those that destroy buildings of worship or something like that, it made me think of the hate crime bill. It certainly ties in unless I heard it wrong.
  11. Tacenda

    The Beehive House - a pleasant surprise

    Did it surprise you when they took out "wives" in a quote, and put "wife" in the Brigham Young's Teachings of the President manual? I think it was very disingenuous for the curriculum department.
  12. Tacenda

    The Beehive House - a pleasant surprise

    We should go! I love church history sites, and could go over and over, and other historical sites as well, but more the LDS ones, haha. When my kids were young I would drag them to all the places, even on vacation. The BY home in St. George, the Jacob Hamblin home in Santa Clara, the "This is the Place Monument", Church Museum, Beehive home, etc. Poor kids hated it! But I could go over and over. I am definitely going to check out the Beehive home again!
  13. Tacenda

    Linear growth in church membership

    Saw this on another board. Wow, I feel bad for the person who wrote the article, and how devastated they must be about these forecasted numbers not coming about. https://www.lds.org/study/ensign/1993/08/news-of-the-church/church-notes-1992-growth?lang=eng Church Notes 1992 Growth Worldwide membership of the Church totaled 8.4 million as of 1 January 1993. That figure represents an increase of 317,000 or 3.9 percent during 1992. Officials now estimate current membership at more than 8.5 million and climbing. Worldwide, someone joins the Church every minute and 55 seconds, said W. Larry Elkington, manager of the Church’s Management Information Center. Organized in 1830, the Church created the 500th stake in 1970, the 1,000th stake in 1979, and the 1,500th stake in 1984. The 2,000th stake could be organized before the end of this year. Of the 1919 stakes at the first of the year, eighty-two were formed in 1992. “Thirty years ago, 90 percent of Church members lived in the United States and Canada,” Brother Elkington said. “That percentage continues to shrink annually. The percentage was down to 73 percent in 1980, 67 percent in 1985, and 57 percent in 1990. Today it is at 54 percent.” There are now more than 1.5 million members of the Church in South America. Since 1980, membership in Brazil has risen from 99,000 to more than 400,000. Church membership in the Philippines has gone from 43,000 to more than 280,000, added Brother Elkington. In addition to the United States, which has more than 4.4 million members, nine other countries have more than 100,000 members. Thirty-eight countries have at least 10,000 members. The ratio of Church members in the national populations varies widely, from a low of less than .1 per thousand in several countries to more than 330 per thousand in Tonga. In eight countries, at least 1 percent of the population are members of the LDS Church. If growth rates for the past decade remain constant, membership will increase to 12 million by the year 2000, to 35 million by 2020, and to 157 million by the mid-twenty-first century. There are approximately 48,000 full-time missionaries teaching in 69 languages, serving in 110 nations throughout the world. The Church had 295 missions in May 1993. States with the highest number of Latter-day Saints are Utah, 1,363,000; California, 721,000; Idaho, 303,000; Arizona, 244,000; Washington, 194,000; Texas, 158,000; Oregon, 115,000; and Nevada, 112,000. In the state of Utah, the percentage of residents who are members of the Church is the greatest in the following counties: Rich, 98.6 percent; Sanpete, 91.6; Morgan, 90.9; Utah, 89.9; Millard, 89.2; Sevier, 87.3; Wayne, 86.1; Juab, 85.7; Cache, 85.5; and Garfield, 85.5. The percentage in Salt Lake County is 64.3, with the overall state average at 71.8 percent.
  14. Tacenda

    Making Friends At Church

    I'm going through a similar thing. But I'm much older than you and don't have young children at home. When they get older they'll soon be playing with the neighbors and that's when you'll make some connections with their parents. I'm so sad that no one came around when you needed some help. I've lived in my new neighborhood for a year and have yet to have one visit from my ministering sisters. I don't like how things are now. I asked the bishop to be in compassionate service so I could serve. But need you to know that I've been inactive for the most part. But I haven't been utilized except for one time to take a meal in. I was glad to finally have been put to work. But nothing but that in a whole year! I wonder if there has been changes to how this program works or not. I don't like the new ministering program at all because people think they have 3 months vs. monthly now. But like I said, mine haven't came at all. I feel alone too now that my children have grown. I do go out with friends as couples with my husband but that's it. I wonder if that's how the world has become now. We all want to be on social media or watching the latest netflix program. I'm basically an introvert now, but didn't use to be. I remember praying to God a few times to just have a friend. My best friend passed away with a heart attack, and she was the last bestie I had. In my old neighborhood a new family moved in next door and the lady came up with a book club like RPN mentioned doing. I guess this new gal had making friends in mind. And it worked fabulously. Or maybe a bunko group! That would be ideal, I wish I was brave enough to do either one. I hope you find those friends dear!!
  15. Tacenda

    The Beehive House - a pleasant surprise

    Good to know! Did they put back up the family photo of BY and his wives that I remember seeing as a child? I'm excited to go check it out!
  16. Tacenda

    Last Movie You Watched

    I just watched the most heart warming and touching movie on Netflix called The Fundamentals of Caring". I had been skipping it several times and glad I finally played it!! When a movie touches me to tears, it's a good one! Another good one I watched the other day on Netflix was "Before We Go".
  17. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865687508/The-truth-about-Utahs-and-the-nations-gender-pay-gap.html
  18. Tacenda

    President Nelson and Change

    Pres. Nelson definitely is a leader and leads big time!
  19. I'm going to have to look into this some more. Thanks!
  20. Tacenda

    One of those days

    GG, I don't want to offend you in any way by disagreeing that you will get Alzheimer's anytime soon. But to me, after meeting you as well, you will not be getting that disease. I'm again sorry if I offend, but I can tell these things, and you my pretty lady are so with the program!! I remember that talk by Elder Ballard too, thanks for the reminder, it helped immensely. And I remember something my dad told me after visiting my mom. He said "we put dogs out of their misery but not humans". And she was miserable. She lived with it for more than 10 years so that's a lot of time to be in torture. But I'm hoping my CBD oil will do the trick. Thanks for your post, means alot!
  21. It's hard for me to believe a God would only want 1 to 2 percent of His children around. I can't imagine a church that does this either. I'm LDS and endowed in the temple but have since had a faith transition. I am glad I don't believe that there are these segregations among such awesome people such as yourself and Navidad. And another thing is my parents have passed on, but my dad had struggled with belief in the church though he was sealed in the temple to my mom. I have a hard time believing that he would be in the lower kingdom than my mother. That just makes me angry at God because I know the goodness of my dad and what he went through in taking care of my mother, and then we have an LDS stake president or bishop but I wonder how much they had cared for their loved one like my dad and if they make it to the top and not my dad, well I just can't accept it.
  22. https://kutv.com/news/local/slc-police-searching-for-man-seen-on-video-assaulting-gay-man Sure glad that hate crime laws are not going to be deterred!
  23. Tacenda

    Linear growth in church membership

    Can't wait to here how CAS answers.
  24. Tacenda

    Prayer request for my dear wife, need prayers please!

    Prayers for you and your dear sweetheart. You both are too young and I have high hopes for you both getting some help with both your physical needs. Take care Papa!!