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  1. That almost seems like a negative thing for a church leader to say of another member of the church, or I'm not understanding the meaning well.
  2. Duncan you aren't always grammatically correct either, if we're being honest. Maybe DB is in a hurry to post and didn't proofread it. And you know DB's native tongue is English, why the dislike here? I do agree that DB is definitely in an anger phase, but according to mfbukowski's belief in philosophy, DB is just living out his gut feelings on things, IMO.
  3. (bold mine) Smac, do you remember mentioning how things have changed since the 80's (see your quote below)? See how things were before in how Kristy's mom went to the bishop instead of the cops? And then we find out the bishop said not to go to the cops? And it was because Melvin Kay Johnson was an employee in the CES department and continued in this job even though the leaders knew of the abuse. So McKenna not going to the cops at first makes perfect sense and the fact that Joseph L. Bishop was an MTC president at the time and the story happened exactly as Kristy's or close to it, the leaders protecting the abuser and not the abused. The church leaders protected this from going public, to protect the church's reputation. And both abusers, Johnson and Bishop continued in callings that could hurt others. IMO, this is what happened to both McKenna and Kristy. They were conditioned, as well as the adult members to believe to try to handle it through the church first. So I think the LDS church deserves this lawsuit and all the other pay outs it's had to make because of this repeated offence. Interesting article below about crime vs. sin in the church. I think it's time for the church to be even more adamate about changing this seriously flawed thinking in the past. Maybe more people would stop abusing for fear of jail. Good points in this article. http://kuer.org/post/what-happens-when-mormon-leaders-treat-child-sexual-abuse-sin-not-crime#stream/0 Here's your quote Smac: http://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/70698-update-on-mckenna-denson-lawsuit-hearing-schedule/?do=findComment&comment=1209831367 "Again, it is frustrating to see both Ms. Johnson and Mr. Vernon utterly ignore the Church's current policies and training for local leaders. They are acting as if nothing has changed since Ms. Johnon was abused." Me: What I'm trying to point out here if you haven't figured it out by more lack of skills in putting across, and I'm no lawyer, is that you said McKenna should have gone to the police, yet you admit things were different in the 80's and the church's current policies and training are better. Or did I put words in your mouth? Just thought I needed to point this out to you.
  4. Tacenda

    Attending Church

    Like I mentioned earlier I've had a difficult time going back to church, since being inactive for over a year. So when I tried going back since a move to a new area, thought it would be a good thing since no one would know I was inactive for a short time. But it was so difficult, I now understand how my children use to feel, when they became teenagers and didn't want to go all the time but we forced them to. I decided I needed to figure out where my church should be and asked my husband if we could alternate going to the LDS church and then try out another faith's church around our town. We haven't tried it and my husband who agreed is now backtracking. But I feel I need to figure it out before it drives me insane or I lose a belief in anything. I wonder if JK's wife would agree to that, but I don't know if JK would even want that, and it might cause a lot of problems or hurt feelings, where now my husband is almost like myself in the faith dept. and JK's wife is true believing.
  5. Tacenda

    Just wanted to explain my username

    Same here. ๐Ÿ˜ต
  6. It's so unfair that our parents had to suffer so. And CBD was not as accessible as it is now. I noticed just today that they legalized CBD only w/o THC in 2014. But it wasn't all that common to see until fairly recently.
  7. Tacenda

    Attending Church

    RPN, I always thought you were male! Why, I don't know but you give wonderful advice here! For some reason after being inactive for over a year I, like JK, find it extremely difficult to go to church and stay the 2nd and 3rd hour. So I appreciate reading these suggestions.
  8. Smac, maybe this needs it's own thread. But we have another case where the abused is suing the church for not reporting or letting someone who abused her, her father, keep doing it and the church leaders involved with the case advising her and her mother not to go to the police. Here is an article and video's Part 1 & 2, and a 3rd on the way of her story. Do you know much about this case? If you don't mind my asking. Apparently her father was eventually ex'd but it took many years before anything was done. This case is one of the worst I've seen. https://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/faith/lds-church-policy-on-handling-sex-abuse-cases-at-core/article_b655b13a-c802-5eba-9215-2cfce6bfb68c.html https://hotm.faith/podcasts/
  9. Today I stopped by a store in Kaysville that was mentioned on a FB post, my friend who I knew when she was a youngster, was inquiring about how to help her boyfriend that has seizures to get some medicine, apparently the doctor wouldn't prescribe medication for some reason, she didn't say why not. I was surprised when many of her FB friends mentioned for her to get CBD oil! And these are active members in the church. When I went into the store today because I was curious, they had the tests and everything that showed what was in the CBD oil they were selling, how nice was that! But no THC in it. So there ya go, times are a changing!
  10. Oops, need to find a better video this showed my FB account. I wish this had been around 10 years ago for my mother. If anyone has a parent in a care center or taking care of a parent, there's help now, no taking the psychotic drugs with terrible side affects.
  11. Lucky her! And lucky you and your wife! She sounds like a goal setter and the fact that she was an exchange student in Italy sounds wonderful. Her life planned out. My son and daughter-in-law are USU graduates and they loved their time there.
  12. I didn't know that, well that puts it into better perspective. Thanks! It sure would have helped had I read the info with the OP.