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  1. I'm totally supportive. And once again, my negative speculations not helping. And I'm sure I probably know a male/female couple or two that the male is gay and they have had long lasting marriages. At least I've suspected it in a couple of neighbors and ward members, including my dentist. So I shouldn't be thinking their marriage wouldn't work.
  2. I think that in the beginning the church wanted/wants the missionary to feel some suffering somewhat, not make it too easy or cushy. But really, it should have things in place that allows them to be safe, standards that a mission president and his wife can go over in these apartments, basements, garages, trailers that these missionaries have to stay in. All of these dwellings I've mentioned, are places that I have known missionaries have stayed at personally.
  3. Wanted to share, and noticed their use of SSA, instead of saying he was gay. Worry that this couple will go the route that the Josh and Lolly Weed did, by way of getting divorced later on.
  4. Yeah, it could be possible that she fell off the porch and was injured that way, maybe had too much to drink? Read this analogy on reddit. But I believe that Joseph Bishop abused her, this happens often to those that have been abused before. Maybe the abuser seeks out these types. She does seem to have some serious issues though.
  5. I don't know, maybe just want to see another perspective.
  6. And wouldn't it be someone who lives at the home, or how else could drano be put in her juice. I wonder who she lives with. I've been reading on exmormon reddit and there are plenty of people who are skeptical even on that board. And she posts there, so I was curious why she hasn't said anything. Maybe she will soon. ETA: Just checked exmormon reddit and this post popped up that she posted a statement on her FB, some of my questions have been answered.:
  7. Agree! But other times I feel the other side as well, and when we reach out even vocally and call for the spirit/spirits they listen, I believe, so there's that. Just a side note, I read about a little kid that came to his parents and told them that he came up with an experiment to see if the tooth fairy was real said he had put his lost tooth under his pillow for just a few days and then told his parents he lost a tooth afterward, and finally the money showed up, so he came to determine it was his parents all along, haha!
  8. I know when I watched Fox 13 it did mention a broken nose among other things, as a woman that's the last thing that I'd want broken, given how we tend to worry about our looks a lot. And really, after watching shows like "Abducted in Plain Sight", and the Ted Bundy tapes and so many more. This shouldn't surprise me I guess, because there are some crazies out there.
  9. I would go something non-LDS personally but I figure you might like a tour that is LDS geared. There is a website called Cruise Lady, I saw this today on Mormon Discussions and was curious what it was all about and it looked like it might be right up your alley. http://www.cruiselady.com/tours/holy-land-tour-4/
  10. I know, I don't get it either. Could she have harmed herself? That would be total desperation. I wish she wasn't connected to NNN, he seems a little crazy and I smell something fishy, but can't put my finger on it. But in actuality, what if she isn't lying? If she hadn't recorded her and Bishop, I'd had been very skeptical of the whole thing, but she proved he did do something wrong. So it's possible and I shouldn't doubt her at all. I feel the whole lot of them are sick and tired of the sexual abuse cases stacking up that they are very serious about getting these to stop, but hurting herself, wow. Who knows, but I sure hope not. And if not, I sure hope she gets some back up for protection.
  11. I remember eating at a local favorite restaurant just a few years ago when Mark was winding down at his career with KSL and where I got my first job at 14 bussing tables called "Casa Melinda", a mexican restaurant in Bountiful, and there sat Mark with his wife and he had a suit on and wearing his running shoes, haha! Also, I like his son as his replacement doing the weather and carrying on the tradition of wearing a white suit when snow is on the way.
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