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  1. That's why there should be curriculum that covers the essays.
  2. I think it will help doubts if the church spells it out that prophets/leaders can make mistakes. Especially when they show that our church is so young compared to many other faiths and how they have histories stemming way back that weren't that great either. Humans are running churches and they get it wrong sometimes.
  3. It's a vicious circle, and the reason that whitewashed church history stays that way.
  4. 4th Sundays in 2018

    I wish they'd leave one week a month and study the Gospel Topic Essays! It's about time.
  5. I was terrible and fell asleep through parts, just super tired. I like that she commented in person too. I'll bet it was such a relief to get her story told accurately and the why of what she did and how she handled her captors. I love the part where there was a cup of water by her bed that appeared out of nowhere and she said was a miracle because they were out of water or she wasn't able to get any and she drank it while the creeps were asleep. She is a very smart lady, and she very well had been able to keep her family out of danger by going along because in the movie it does show that the sickening Brian had connections to some shady characters that were probably stupid/evil enough to follow through.
  6. Results of BYUs climate survey

    So agree, thanks! My scenario was too cut and dry. I totally believe someone could be coerced into having sex for fear of losing a relationship. I think women also just want to be loved and they don't see the big picture or the real intentions of their boyfriends.
  7. Results of BYUs climate survey

    I think past statements from church leaders may play a role. Such as chastity is to be prized even over death, to avoid it being taken. They feel ashamed and in the wrong.
  8. Watching now. I understand and probably will have a tough time watching parts.
  9. You sound like my son and his wife. They only watch on a computer, no t.v.!!
  10. I don't watch Lifetime at all, but will for this. Especially if Elizabeth approved the movie about her life. Although, it is depressing seeing that bats#!t crazy couple who abused her on t.v. I just hope it shows her putting them away for life and her triumphing over the devils.
  11. CH1 Now online for all membership

    He can if he looks at it as a guest and doesn't sign in. I finally figured that out, haha. But of course he can't participate. I'm thinking there had to be a glitch because banning Scott, is unheard of in my book.
  12. The movie she helped make will air tonight on Lifetime. That's the who, what, where, how and why you need to watch.
  13. Spiritual self reliance

    Sorry if I've not stayed on topic. I will just say that when I was a child, my dad was supporting my family with three jobs. His regular job during the day, selling campers at night and a short stint of trying to sell insurance. There were six kids to feed, and we had to get help through church welfare, but only for a short time. So at least my parents were trying.
  14. Spiritual self reliance

    I recently went on vacation to Puerto Vallarta. We went on a couple of excursions and went to some shows at an all inclusive resort where there were many Canadians. During a show they yelled out to clap to where we were from when they called it out. The Canadians were far more exuberant than the rest of us. And they were everywhere. I'd love to live there right now, if my family could move with me! I especially like the their prime minister, haha. Anyway, how does Canada stay out of all the mucky muck that goes on in the world? And America gets into a lot of wars and gets a bad name in places. I'm old enough that I should know history better so forgive me if Canada is more involved than I think.