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  1. You're going to get sick of me fast, but if she starts to get agitated or can't concentrate, you may want to give her Cannabis oil (CBD oil). I get mine online. If you get time, look on the internet about Alzheimer's and CBD oil. It is amazing. Here's a youtube of the difference it made for this woman.
  2. I hear you, been there done that. I remember when I'd take mom to an appointment how she'd totally up'd her game, or she'd totally rise to the occasion, and seem a lot better with her dementia/Alzheimer's. I hope you have some help Calm, because it's very hard on the caretaker.
  3. Would you mind listening to the tape and then give me your take on it? Or not..
  4. When you have the time, I'd suggest everyone listen. I read most of the transcript and then heard most of the audio, and it was a world of difference. When reading the transcript it very well could seem that he had some dementia but when you listen to the audio it puts it into a whole other light or is more contextualized.
  5. Sealings

    I agree with you, I can see many unhappy people out there that probably think they won't be with their loved ones, or they won't live with God because they didn't go to the temple etc. The list is endless and so unnecessary.
  6. First off, where does it state that Bishop had dementia, Calm? Second, WhyMe he didn't deny the allegations in the recording. Did you listen to it? I didn't know that I have only listened partially to it, I thought I listened to all of it until today where I heard it went for a good 2 1/2 hours.
  7. Here is an interview with SLTrib about not giving an apology. At the 24:00 mark it begins.
  8. https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/protect-the-children-stop-mormon-masturbation-interviews.html Well, if you or anyone else is interested you could sign this petition. Here's a link to many stories of abuse... http://protectldschildren.org/read-the-stories-2/
  9. I understand Jeanne, I feel like doing a soul search on myself and figure out why I felt he was repentant. Where in reality if he truly were repentant he would have sought her out years ago. My bad, and I am one of those suckers every minute. He was only saying what he could to get her to not go public, he was only backtracking to cover his butt. My compassion should only be for her and his family, period.
  10. I like this solution! But would that extra individual keep their mouth shut!
  11. When I read posts about these interviews such as from Rongo or Scott, I doubt they'd agree on even the window. But I'll let them speak for themselves. Rongo expressed he wouldn't do an interview with a parent, I'm guessing that's because he'd want the youth to feel free in confessing any sins and get them off his chest and start the repentance process. I'm sure that window may deter any kid, especially if the parents are looking in from confessing. I think we need to structure confessions by teaching them to go straight to their Lord/God and confess. But I guess on another hand, it's good for them to confess to another. Such a tough situation, because I see a need and I see how things can go south with these closed doors interviews. Hopefully there will be a good solution.
  12. This would be all well and good except for one thing. Sometimes what a bishop might say is abuse also.
  13. Have you read the transcript, I know you prefer that to listening, or is that someone else? In the transcript she does mention she called the church and threatened to kill him herself. And the police showed up, but still nothing was done. She just wanted the church to tell her what they were doing about his abuse. She would have loved to hear anything, such as that he would have to go to a "council" or something, her word. I also, wonder about dementia, but if you listen he was very well spoken and seemed to have a clear mind. And he remembers her and other women he's harmed, but doesn't go into detail. I think he buried it deep. I wish he had gotten help several years before. He's been holding this in for so long. Too bad the bishops or stake presidents, even Elder Well's had done something to curb the callings he had until he'd fully repented through a court or something. I feel for this man, he is an admitted predator and a sexual addict. But was given these callings over and over despite the confessions. But was never reprimanded for them. What a load to carry. I was so impressed that he would try to put her first and took all the blame, which he should. He did seem very sorry, and sounds like he wants to go to the bishop once more and fully confess everything. ETA: Ran out of limited posts. Jeanne, I know it's pretty sad that I actually feel sorry for this man. I guess I am one to punish myself for even the silliest things I've done wrong, so I guess if I had this guy's guilt I'd probably have killed myself. I know I probably shouldn't feel for anyone that did such things. But still do, weird I know. Even when I've been an innocent victim of some predators, nothing really horrible, but it may have changed how I could have been in life, had it not happened to me just like this woman and her lack of trust for any man. So maybe I should back track, and really just feel for the family in his life that this info will devastate and possibly change how they view themselves and their heritage.
  14. I hope this will change people's minds that it isn't very safe to put individuals who've been abused in the wrong hands. In the transcript of the meeting between them it mentions that Dr. Bishop was trying to get funding for counseling for a sister missionary who needed help with suicidal thoughts but his higher up mention a talk by President Packer that a bishop should be the one to counsel individuals. It wasn't until the woman Dr. Bishop was trying to help almost jumped to her death that he was given funds so that she could see a counselor. Also, I'd like to change people's minds on here about youth or any age groups' meetings behind closed doors. I wonder how many have been abused by leaders but were afraid to rat on them in case it would hurt testimonies of those they knew. I have a feeling there is going to be an explosion of women that might come forth now if this case becomes public. Since this is someone so high up in the church with several missions etc.
  15. I feel for this guy's family if this becomes public. I worry for them most of all. I feel for this woman and glad she got him to apologize, but still feel for his family.