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  1. And why wouldn't you want to represent McKenna smac97?
  2. The new temple's location in Layton has been revealed, not far from me. Many are happy about it. https://www.ksl.com/article/46594565/location-of-latter-day-saint-temple-in-layton-announced
  3. The differing statements from one prophet to the other that contradict each of their own doctrine at that time. How can a God tell these men two different things, that's why I have trouble believing in their words at times. Recent is Pres. Nelson and the switch with changing back the Nov. '15 policy.
  4. One more article to add to the many good ones posted so far: https://latterdaysaintmag.com/god-doesnt-change-should-the-church/ This is pertinant to the LDS church: Multiple studies exist that give varying numbers, but one of the most recent studies reports that in America, the majority of millennial Latter-day Saints (55%) have left and that the trend has worsened over time (compared to 25% who disaffiliated in Generation X).
  5. Sometimes I wonder if the temple has become a golden idol to some.
  6. I've recently come upon a person's blog (?), most likely a critic of the church, with c/p'd prophecies in the D&C that didn't come to fruition. And my mind reverts back to hearing that if a prophet's revelations don't happen, then they are a false prophet. And when Joseph's revelations didn't happen, we're left with men that want to change the world for the better I guess, so hopefully no harm. In the end it's our individual selves that need to go to the Lord with our questions and get revelation. I'm not one of those lucky ones that get those all the time. Maybe that's why so many lean unto prophet's voices. And when they speak for the Lord, it better be from the Lord, or else it's taking His name in vain. If I were the first presidency of the church, I'd be very careful to say it's revelation, and they apparently are very careful to say it for the most part now.
  7. I'm sure my son made the person mad. Poor kid, he and his brothers would say while little that they wanted to be professional basketball players. They now range to be around 5'7. He would try to make up for it and jump pretty high. I've seen him jump over a player to make a slam dunk while playing competively. So I'm sure he made the older gentlemen sooo mad at him.
  8. I've seen it while watching three sons play church b-ball, but pretty minor stuff. Except for when one of my sons played with the Elders/HP and one of the guys on the other team picked up my son and threw him to the ground, according to my son. It's lucky I wasn't at that particular game! 😞
  9. Thanks for letting me know. I guess the link no longer works because as I was answering through, I didn't want to complete it and backed out and caused it to do that. It was something that they are adding to the church handbook and they were asking over and over the way it should look. I'm sorry that I can't remember more than that.
  10. I received this survey recently. It was quite eye opening that the church needs this feedback, aren't the leaders in tune enough to make this particular decision? https://lds.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cIay79YUBpUIG3P?Q_DL=d4Q7qlEQWjKx5s1_cIay79YUBpUIG3P_MLRP_8kQmMNnTChGQO0J&Q_CHL=email
  11. Yesterday I listened to a meeting that was recorded with a bishop and a member of the ward that didn't want his son's baptismal interview to have any sexual innuendo during it and the bishop proceeds to tell him that it is his mantle to ask the questions the church has established in the interviews. It was depressing to listen to. Then today I read this from Sam Young, and it is a good feeling to see. From the bottom up, or some awesome grassroot movements going on! https://invisiblescubit.com/2019/07/13/grass-roots-changes-in-the-mormon-church/?fbclid=IwAR07A7Wgq64otU9cssbpLy703Jp4nIQdTo46GAsHxwlNNKX0UvjpEDtKhFI
  12. I know, maybe they need to unleash the people on "limited", and get things moving!
  13. The only good thing about secretly resigning is to not hurt loved ones, or many don't resign for this reason. Others do anyway because of integrity (being authentic) or being upset about something like the November '15 policy etc. and not believing in the truth claims in the church. I understand the many comments on this thread from a true believing pov, been there. I would probably have said the same things if in yours and others shoes.
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