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  1. Thanks, sometimes I am blind and forgetful about how our members pull together. I am old enough that I should know better. Flooding memories are coming through. But one that is kind of funny is when my husband was Elders Quorum President and a woman, down on her luck, needed a car. My husband asked a guy in the presidency if he had anything on the car lot of a dealership he worked for. This guy found a decent car that the ward budget helped buy. She was happy, but she wanted it to be four doors instead of two. Can't please everyone! But yes, there are plenty of memories.
  2. You know what, I checked out his website today and thought the very same thing when I saw that title on his blog post, blew my mind.
  3. Thanks for the sweet story and the information that your ward is the bomb! I guess I thought Greg Trimble was a guy that people enjoyed reading. Has he turned negative all of the sudden?
  4. I'll work on that Ahab, because I'm thankful for this board and hope I can be welcomed on it.
  5. Just wanted to update my friends...my brother got through almost 90 days of rehab. He loves the AA groups out there. He's been to a support group meeting nearly every day since he's been out. He got a job really quickly and may even have his own work truck, the company is even willing to put in an interlock that he needs until 2018 which means he has to breath into a breathalyzer before the ignition will turnover. Hopefully he will be a lifelong alcohol-free human being, because if he has a relapse my husband won't allow him to stay with us while he gets on his feet again. Still holding my breath.
  6. A gal in my Kaysville, Utah ward recently got her call. She was so excited and really wanted Australia. I watched her open the call on a live FB video. When she said Orem, Utah. I could tell she was trying not to sound disappointed. I was little shocked that she got a call in the same state she lived. But she does have Cystic Fibrosis, so maybe that is why. And it was Spanish speaking so she was excited about that. I wonder if anyone gave her a warning that it might have to be in her home state or not. She is fine in every other way. I guess I was a little surprised. But Utah is big enough for her hopefully to feel like she isn't serving too close to home.
  7. Doesn't sound like I'd be raising those spirits though.
  8. If you can prove to me somehow through quotes or scripture that I can have babies and be able to raise them, yeah, I might agree that it would be a beautiful life for some. But others are just happy basking in the light of Christ and being with family and friends and not having children or more children. Maybe just being with the family they had on earth. I am happy not going through another childbirth if I'm being honest. Because as it stands from what I've learned is that we just have spirit babies and then they would have to go down to an earth like existance to be tested. And some may never return according to their actions, they may end up in outer darkness and that doesn't seem like a good existance, especially if it means I'm going to have billions of them and I'd have to watch with helplessness when horrible things happen to them.
  9. Sorry to disappoint. I actually think that it's sixes that both lie, cheat and steal. ETA: Wait, back up...I didn't mention 1,2, or 3 of your list on my post. Where did you get that at? Putting words into my post are you. I refute that I think the church lies, it just isn't transparent. I disagree that we shouldn't believe what the church tells us. I'd just like it to tell us what it purports to tell us, the one time in General Conference when Pres. Hinckley said we as members know where our tithing goes. Yes, the church is extremely wealthy, but I don't think they are crooks just that they could do better humanitarian wise with the members money, or don't you think members want more to go there?
  10. You haven't been on enough websites to read the stories maybe, and I should say it isn't the church telling people to do these things, it's their construct that pushes to certain actions, such as the doctrine of salvation and not living together as a family if the member leaves the church or does something that caused them to be ex'd. Spouses no longer wanting to be married to a non believer etc. Or that being gay at one time was evil, some of the older generation or some that have never known a gay person might disown their child, this has happened over and over. So it's the leaders in the past that taught certain things that hurts families most likely. Jeanne probably wouldn't have been treated so harshly if she'd stayed on the records of the church because atleast there's a chance she may become active again. There are people that believe if you discontinue believing and maybe even become negative or anti then you are an apostate. Apostates in some people's eyes are going to a place close to hell, or hell. So they may want to wash their hands of them. It may be easier to do that then cling to them. There are so many scenarios out there that cause a break in families. The families may still communicate and love them but things are never the same. I've read enough stories about thosen too. http://www.mormonmatters.org/2010/01/19/dysfunctional-families-or-church/ On this link there are some stories both positive and negative. I guess it's a crap shoot. Hopefully this General Conference there will be some talks that will change Jeanne's father's mind, and he'll beg for forgiveness and give her the biggest hug ever. http://www.mormontransitions.org/what-are-or-were-the-hardest-parts-of-your-lds-faith-crisis/ mom of 5says :REPLY August 13, 2015 at 2:24 pm The hardest part about leaving the church? 1. Having the bottom fall out of your life and not only doing it alone, but being demonized for doing it. 2. Getting letter after letter from family members who won’t talk to you, but have no problem writing a “call to repentance” letter. 3. Realizing that they will not hear anything you say and that talking to them and trying to explain only pushes them further into their cult. 4. Having your MIL write a letter telling you it is YOUR responsibility to tell her you left the church so she can prevent others from doing the same thing. 5. Losing almost every friend, finding out that the two remaining Mormon “friends” still think if they just hold on long enough their friendship will “bring you back.” 6. Listening to your husband: threaten divorce, tell you, you have no morals, claim we can no longer raise children together, call people to come over and call you to repentance, cast a demon from you. etc. 7. Having ex-mos tell you that you need to be happy so that members don’t see you as the “angry apostate.” 8. Having so much to process and very few people who get it, not even therapists really get it. 9. Realizing that you truly are alone because no matter how many ex-mo friends you make, once you lose family, you have truly lost. The grief is overwhelming. 10. Being in public and having your mind race with questions about every person you see. “What would it be like to be them, Never be mormon, have a family that loves you, be normal?” etc.
  11. Thanks for your comments. I had two FB friends post this on FB today and both were TBM, so maybe it's our community that we live in here in Utah. Because I'm really surprised at the comments on this thread, I really am, maybe it's not all great this from Greg Trimble, But it sort of reminds me of SLTribune's Robert Kirby's articles and how he writes sometimes. I'll read it again and see what you're all talking about. It's been a busy day!
  12. If you listen to the podcast, he tells the story of what led up to the leaks. He didn't encourage anyone. The first leak was on the church policy about gays and their children, he read it online from someone that was aware of it. That person didn't want to be known at first but now has a blog, he then relayed it to John Dehlin. So that was how people started sending him things. He said it was because they felt it needed to be known. But I do feel in a round about way it seems that he encourages this. But they've said it has nothing to do with bringing the church down, but to get the church to have transparency.
  13. I need to admit, I was so excited with the first part of this that I posted it before reading the rest thinking this guy was a true blue Mormon through and through. I'll read the whole thing now. Sorry I'm kinda sad sometimes in my inability to control myself. ETA: This is the point that I got excited and immediately posted. So I almost made it to the end... I see a place where people have study groups again to provide support for those that need friends to talk to about the things they hear on the internet and social media. I see a place where people support one another, ask questions, resolve concerns, and speak honestly about the things that give them trouble in life and in the church. I see a time where “home-teaching” is just referred to as “ministering” and more lessons will revolve around love and not quotas. I see a time where “fellowshipping” will be replaced by “friendshipping” and where pure love is a stronger motivator than guilt.
  14. I don't believe all gossip. I know you don't listen to podcasts. But if you want me to pin point when Ryan mentions the hundreds I can. This doesn't appear to be gossip, it's from the horses mouth, unless you think Ryan is lying. I really hope for a church that can just be and have nothing to hide. Sorry... And one day it will just "be". And the anti info or the leakers will no longer exist.