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  1. You're right, I don't know why I wrote that, it came off rather snobish. So Mystery Meat if your reading, sorry.
  2. I believe you say this because if what others are saying is true or legitmate...reasons for leaving the church, it may make your ground shaky. Therefore you choose to not believe they know what they are doing. Sound right? I also want to add that leaving the LDS church could be extremely difficult for people because of the authoritarianism that the church seems to hold in different areas.
  3. I'm afraid I might too, that's why I don't like to see John do it. I think he should just let the silence be there while he gathers his thought. It's a pet peeve I guess.
  4. The below is from Tyler Glen's FB post today that popped up. It might bring some light, not sure. *im adding this top note to the original post to say yes I have spoken to Kate Kelly. i appreciate her willingness to reach out and to address certain concerns. i stand by my friend. my heart in this post was the defend someone i see suffocating. my only apology would be to any women that feel this post attacked them. I found so many of the comments and hate being spewed towards John to stray far from the core complaints Made by Kate and Kristy publicly. for transparancy im keeping the original post, because my comments in defense of john are true. but i would like to apologize to any women that felt saddened or triggered by my languege. my intent was soley to express my defense for a friend in pain. grateful to continue to learn how to express myself and grateful for communication. ❤️ ------------------------------------ I’ve read too many things online about my friend to sit back and not say anything. The allegations Kate Kelly and Kristy Money and the like are spewing against John Dehlinand the OSF are not true, and are, in fact, based in lies. I stand by this because John is one of my best friends and I know his life, and his work. John may spread himself thin, he may let too many people in to his circle of trust and he may mess up a bunch. He’d be the first to admit. He may not be your cup of tea, even. But John is not the hateful and dishonest mess so many are making him out to be. I have been a part of two public shamings. Once when I came out of the closet in 2014 for being gay and mormon and the other for publicly leaving the Mormon church and using my music and platform to speak out against the anti-gay rhetoric spewed out by said church. I’ve read every single lie and miscalculation and spin about me that you could think of. These “scandals" are destructive and like so much on social media, they take on a life of their own. I feel the way Kate Kelly and Kristy Money and others are going about this matter is wrong. Previously I thought of you both as a level headed, honest, and earnest truth-seekers, albeit not knowing you as well personally. Are you seriously going to attempt to destroy John’s life like this? Are you really going to be so classless as to single-handily try to dismantle this man’s life and public image? For what? For feminism? Because you’re bored? These outlandish claims make me ill, and the hateful speech in comments and in posts against my friend have forced me to comment. These are lies and manipulations. This is not feminism. I am disgusted watching you manipulate and relentlessly fan these flames that in reality you started yourself. I know of all the truths behind the claims Kate and Ms. Money have brought up and spun. John and the OSF have receipts. They have the email conversations. They have the answers to these questions. I just wish that Kristy could admit that she has never made a good-faith effort to resolve these matters, as she claims to have done. Instead she began (with Kate Kelly) a public tirade last fall on Facebook. It’s been a plotted attack and now they’re using their divisive language to seemingly take down a nonprofit that is not only honest and upfront, but small and humble and growing. Of all the people and organizations and causes, you’ve decided to go after this one? An organization committed to supporting people in religious transition, saving families, and preventing depression and suicide? Seriously? Way to go. What an amazing contribution. I think it’d be wise for them (John, the OSF) to respond, and I’m sure they will. My post here isn’t to speak or respond to these claims, but instead to show my public support for my friend John Dehlin, and to say Kate and Kristy you have gone too far. One thing is true: John is the master blocker on social media. I’ll even say this publicly… he blocked me last fall. I actually missed a lot of this initial drama because John and I weren’t talking. John doesn’t handle things so well sometimes…that’s because he’s not a politician… or a professional entertainer.. or a media trained celebrity. He’s simply a man with two 14+ year-old cars, and a family with children that are going to college. Don’t forget he just went through a never-ending public shaming and excommunication for the podcast you all enjoyed using to share your stories on, and to receive support for your own losses of faith. It’s not courageous, what you’re doing here. It’s malicious. The OSF and Mormon Stories are his jobs. This man is not rich nor is he lavish. This has nothing to do with gender pay gap equality and everything to do with PEOPLE getting paid for their work. It’s deeply unsettling that you’d use your “platforms” to take down John Dehlin. It’s boring and trite and small. The most disgusting part, you’re using hot button issues like feminism and gender pay gap equality to paint John as some secular cult leading “David Miscavige”-like character. John is transparent about his “life coaching” practices, his yearly salary, his beliefs, and his mistakes (any of them). Lastly, John is not at all what so many of these commenters are saying he is. I know this because I know the man himself. I know his day-to-day. I know his blood, sweat, tears, and personal sacrifices to build a healthy post-mormon community. I won’t sit by and let my friend’s name be dragged in the mud no matter how petty and small this whole thing really is. It’s disgusting to watch my friend’s name and reputation be destroyed by lies and manipulation, especially in the name of “doing what is right”
  5. Hi Calm, I was one of those who were banned from the topic with John Dehlin. I looked over my posts even at the first and couldn't figure out why I got banned. I noticed that you posted something today about possibly banning people and that it may have been a misunderstanding. I really wish I could post on John Dehlin but that's life I guess. I did want to say how I didn't like how John will say "um" after his sentences. Not to pick on him but I wish he would stop it. I think that he was on top of the world at one point and now it's looking like it's not that great with these once very good friends to turn on him. I have nothing against him if he's not guilty of the claims by people. Shocked at Kate Kelly's 180 with him. MOD: You were given your last warning last week. You are Limited.
  6. changed mind
  7. We've been told from the church leaders, at least the current administration, that no one knows for sure.
  8. I think the church should disclose like other charity organizations, that's all. Nothing about finding out info from people that donate. That doesn't happen with your average charity organization.
  9. As do many members of the church that give up many hours per week with no compensation. I listened to an audio book the other day called "Going Clear", by Leah Remini. She was aghast at how the star Tom Cruise is looked up to in the church. And how well he is treated by the church. But why not the members of that church that sacrifice more by paying into the church with much lower incomes. I'm comparing just how the members that get no pay devote so many hours and sacrifice quite a bit. Do the leaders of the church thank the membership much for this? Maybe my memory is really foggy on this, but do they get the credit they deserve? My goodness they are now janitors also! They pay to go on missions, I'm thinking that the church and scientology is an awful lot alike when I learn how much Scientologists pay to learn and climb the ladder.
  10. I wouldn't compare John Larsen and John Dehlin. I've also listened to all of John Larsen's and I'm not sure John cares one way or the other what members like me are going through. He may have at one time, but he became pretty bitter none the less. And the quote above simply shows John trying to move in the middle of both worlds of which I relate well to.
  11. Well maybe it just shows the importance of what the author is trying to point out so it won't get lost.
  12. Sorry for the late response, I've been out of town. I'm so so happy to hear the good news Duncan!
  13. Pretty darn funny Scott, I fell for it at the start!
  14. Just look at Mormonstories.org and John's FB. You'll see all the podcasts on there as well. I'm not vouching for John, just answering your question about where to see how much time he spends. I've listened to practically every single podcast he's done. And many other podcasts from other sites, because I'm a junkie on podcasts. I hope John works for an honest days pay, not sure how we can judge too much since the LDS church leaders all get over 120,000 for pay and we don't know exactly how much they all devote, I'm pretty sure it's a lot as well. I know John and his family are moving to the Salt Lake area. I want to say the Cottonwood Heights area but not sure. I heard him say something about it or read it. How about Fair, do they report their financial records? Just curious, not being defensive at all. But reading my words it may come across that way.
  15. Smith and Edwards...great store, went there with my dad! In my circles there are several couples that have gotten gun permits and go on date nights shooting targets. So there are alot of gun supporters out there. I know schools are sensitive to any type of gun, even the pellet ones. And if a student is caught with one they're suspended or disciplined for anything resembling guns. So a far cry from the old days. But they have good reasons. My husband wants to get a gun permit to carry, but I'm not comfortable with it because I'm afraid he doesn't have enough experience with it. There is a restaurant in Ogden that have all the waiters carrying guns and wearings kilts in strong support of the 2nd ammendment. Maybe Stemelbow has been there. http://www.sltrib.com/news/3683580-155/utah-restaurants-kilt-clad-servers-open-carry-guns