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  1. Okay, even worse, the women were able to annoint and bless others. But that has been taken away from women, so has their being able to run their own Relief Society without having to go to the PH for authorization for things. This was their own deal at one time. And their ability to have lessons for cultural etc. Now everything is micromanaged so much and the mantra to obey has sucked a lot of the life the church had at one time. But that can be another topic. As far the women, the church has seemed to go in reverse on some things.
  2. Tacenda

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    Maybe so. That right there is enough to apologise for.
  3. I saw that and was quite shocked at the stupidity in saying this. They haven't done their homework and seem to be in a strange denial or something.
  4. Like with your minister father, it's okay to tell it from your heart, you've that right. Others tell it like it is so why not yourself. And when you are truthful with your feelings like with your father, you may have changed a heart or two for the better!!
  5. Tacenda

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    Members were too racist to accept it earlier than 1978? Pretty darn sad lot then!
  6. Tacenda

    Rev Michael Curry Royal Wedding Sermon

    Me too! And the orchestra, they were very animated and made it so interesting. It was a beautiful ceremony, and not snobbish or stuffy. It was real, and a lot about the earth being a family as a whole, with love being the objective to achieve that will spill down to conquer the ill's in our society.
  7. Tacenda

    Rev Michael Curry Royal Wedding Sermon

    I couldn't sleep and started watching the royal wedding live around 4:30 a.m. I was so touched with his sermon and the others as well. Very touching, thanks for the link!!
  8. http://fox13now.com/2018/05/18/opponents-sue-to-block-medical-marijuana-from-going-on-the-november-ballot/ Great!😣
  9. My son and his wife put together this video when they volunteered there a couple of months ago. Is it the same group I wonder? They are a very Christian group. I'm going to pass this event along to them, they'd love to know of this!
  10. Tacenda

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    http://kutv.com/news/local/fake-version-of-lds-website-fools-readers-and-media-with-fake-apology Watch the video in this article from one of the Sista's in Zion, heartbreaking.
  11. I'm sorry to inundate with my links on this board. It's my only outlet. I hesitate to share on social media because I don't want to give the message that I think it's okay for recreational use, although I wonder if it's probably going to go this route so that we don't have too much red tape and then people who need it for something specific won't be on the list to receive it, it's a real fine line to walk.
  12. Tacenda

    Fashion Question

    I wasn't talking about Mormons, just in general. Sorry I didn't specify that.