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  1. Why was he thrown in jail so often? It wasn't because he started a religion. That is the old narrative. But here is the Fair Mormon stance on it. But it was evident to me that he was arrested for it. https://www.fairmormon.org/conference/august-2002/the-1826-trial-of-joseph-smith And the Kirtland Bank situation doesn't sound very good. I do believe Joseph Smith was a very imperfect man. Such as McKenna an imperfect woman, so shall we discount every thing she says?
  2. Tacenda

    Questions about Excommunication

    What about the law, shouldn't he have been arrested for these crimes? The hundreds of children that are on the porn sites are abused right before his eyes and the law doesn't throw the book at him? Trying to hook up with minors? People like him are sick, and I don't think he is one to be able to rehabilitate, especially from the things you've said he's done since. I'm sad that the leaders in the wards don't warn it's members, someone like this being amongst the members in certain situations, members not knowing about him and letting the youth be around him, and sleepovers as well. Hopefully he's on the sex offenders registry. Is there a way to see if he served time, maybe a website?
  3. I do believe he lied to people and told them their treasure sunk down into the earth. And was even charged in a court of law for money digging. I guess we shouldn't believe a word he said now.
  4. Another Mormonwiki leak with KM attornies. https://mormonleaks.io/wiki/documents/b/bc/2012-10-31-Designated_Cases_-_Active-White_Sheet_Report-Kirton_McConkie.pdf
  5. Tacenda

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Is there a recording of Sam's side in the disciplinary counsel?
  6. Tacenda

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Yeah, and the bishops are to report it to Kirton and McConkie who will most likely pay the victims and they will sign something and be silent, is that how it goes? And if true, then what? Maybe the abuser is helped through so called repentance.
  7. Tacenda

    Missionaries and health insurance

    Maybe you could get a really cheap plan for now and then you wouldn't be lying.
  8. Tacenda

    Stake disciplinary council

    That couple...
  9. Tacenda

    Stake disciplinary council

    Another weird Mormon story to add.
  10. Tacenda

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    This is all so crazy. I haven't listened to the recording. Someone on another thread said it could be someone on the high council? Have you heard that?
  11. Tacenda

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    Why did it take Sam to make the changes? Makes me think of the two missionary sisters who were sexually assaulted on their missions. They were in different missions, but both had been treated awful afterward or treated not very well for a billion dollar church that didn't do research or have things in place to help victims like them. And even made it so they were in dangerous areas according to the missionaries side of the story. Such as not enough money to stay in safe areas. Well now the church is working on some things. But before the sisters complained publicly I wonder why they weren't in place. Also, one of the missionary sisters mentioned that there are now going to be training videos for missionaries, or they may already be in place. And the church kind of put forth that they'd already been inspired to do that before the missionaries went public. Why not decades before? Or years before? Why is the church not doing things right, before people rise up against or people have to bring it up? So much for inspiration.
  12. Do you know if people came from all over the USA? Or was there that many people in the Washington area?
  13. Tacenda

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    And respectively, you would know.
  14. I appreciate your side on this, it's very needed. And if it were me in my state of craziness when it comes to people abused by church leaders in authority, I would march into any church and complain if it would do any good. I think one needs to go to the news or make a movie like "Spotlight". And they are doing this with the LDS church, a couple of documentaries I believe, are being made. The sooner the church speaks openly and apologetically, the better.
  15. Tacenda

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I do wonder if Sam was serious about his membership would he possibly went and did it differently. But maybe he thought nothing happens unless you make some noise, and then he found things in the church that hurt his belief in the church. But I feel he probably is having some difficulty being ex'd, anyone would if they had onced served as a bishop, and lived active and believing in the church.