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    I like this instead! 😀
  2. The honey bee is used in freemasonry and I believe that is why JS and BY used it on the temples such as the all seeing eye as well. And the Lion is used as well. http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/symbolism/bees.html
  3. To the opening post, maybe the mods could pin an online women's posting spot and an online for men as well! That would be a lot of fun to have a back and forth on ideas in the homes etc. So far we have last movie watched, food recipes, and three word stories. I'd love that! Oh, and FYI, someone on here started an LDS or even non LDS women's forum. Wish I remembered the name now. But maybe it got to be a big hassle for the mods in charge because I don't believe it exists any longer. Maybe Calm can help me out!
  4. I'm sorry you're not able to make the reunion, that stinks! In my response to Meadowchik, I just wanted to see what the cofc was like anyway, nothing to do with having the priesthood. Maybe the church could have women in charge of some priestly duties so men like you and Pres. Holland could spend more time with their families. This is a huge problem, since hearing from many how their fathers weren't there a lot but stuck at the church or doing many priestly duties or the Lord's errand, throughout the wards. There are many women that are in their prime or many that don't have families that I'm sure could be a clerk etc. Or a few other things to give men a break. I say this not in any way as anti, I say this because many women like me, feel like they're put out to pasture. At least my mother did, when the only calling they gave her in her older years was visiting teaching supervisor. It would be nice if Pres. Nelson made some changes in this regard. There are women that wouldn't mind the PH in the church, not me though. But not all callings need to be only the PH. Such as I mentioned a bit ago, a clerk for instance. I hope the foot gets healed quick Papa, you were on a roll, hope nothing gets in the way of the teaching calling! I'll do my best to pray for you!
  5. Yesterday I came back from a short vaca in St. George with some friends. They mentioned one thing on the list to do might be to visit MMM monument. And I told them I heard that Glen M. Leonard who co authored the book about it with Richard L. Turley, was speaking last night in St. George. I don't think they made it, but think it would have been very interesting. I bet he was presenting because it was around the anniversary of the MMM happening. I guess our friend's relative participated in it. Also, I listened to this podcast on Gospel Tangents about who bears the responsibility with Barbara Jones Brown. She said Brigham Young wouldn't be directly to blame for it, but lit the fire that possibly started it. https://gospeltangents.com/2019/03/who-bears-responsibility-for-mmm/
  6. Makes me want to attend the CoC in SLC. Glad you had that kind of experience.
  7. A few posts ago I posted the video of Pres. Nelson's statement. I took it to be exactly how you picture it in my bold. But I got flack for saying something similar. I'll post it again here: https://youtu.be/nUx1J-16d94 minute mark 3:30.
  8. I think you and Sheilauk are going overboard, but whatever you want to do. I didn't say the temples should be abolished and only use churches, like she thinks I said.
  9. I love this Papa! Such an awesome experience. You showed them! I hope this continues onward and upward!
  10. I kind of like to think that we all have the PH because we have Christ. So if a woman wants the responsibilities of bishop or ? What's the harm? Maybe give the men some breaks!
  11. @Hamba Tuhan, @The Nehor, @sheilauk @Meerkat (just got help on how to highlight, yay) I am sorry if I've struck nerves out there. I happen to listen to this newsroom announcement again and caught something that was just what I was saying about the temple and got flack for it. Listen at mark 3:29 and on. Pres Nelson said ostentatious! I only said elaborate and opulence! When I read their definitions, mine wasn't critical at all.
  12. I noticed the amount was exceeded, I hope it continues to go up.
  13. What's with you people, you can be critical and when I am, I get in trouble!!?? I just finished watching the birthday for Pres. Nelson on youtube. I was quite impressed with the singing, the love that exuded from people. The talent they had, the musicians, everything was very good. I loved the part where Pres Nelson spoke first about his beloved petite mother and him being nearly a 10lb baby, and what great advice his father gave him. I liked how he mentioned his deceased wife and children, hopefully being able to get a hall pass to be there with them. There's more I liked that he said as well. I liked at the end seeing the African American group lined up with the rest and them all holding hands and singing praises to God in a powerful way. I liked nearly everything! What is wrong with me! lol!
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