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  1. The bold should really concern folks. My bold..
  2. If it was only coming from him, in my mind, he should pay for it. If it was he and his friends, then a group effort. That's just my caliber of thinking, and nothing against him.
  3. Tacenda

    Who is a widow supposed to marry...?

    You mean the church creates?
  4. This bugs me if he doesn't pay out of his own pocket, since it appears to be a single request from just him.
  5. Tacenda

    Who is a widow supposed to marry...?

    I think it is wrong that the church comes between the happiness of single/widowed members once again. And it's totally up in the air and like jello on the wall when some get sealings ok'd and others don't. I know women that stay single because they can't find an LDS man to marry in their older age. They hold out for the eternities. Just so tired of this. Sorry Lola, that you're dealing with this. And hopefully haven't offended anyone. I'm on the outskirts of the church. I feel for you and feel for the men that want to be sealed.
  6. Tacenda

    Temple Sealing Changes

    Pogi, the other "temple changes" thread is closed. Do you mind, hopefully not, if I share this podcast. It was from the 2017 Sunstone Symposium from a faithful LDS man. In it they (audience members as well) discuss inequality and the veil and so forth. I'm starting to think outside pressures make these changes in the temple. Or not starting to think, always have thought it. There were quite a few topics surrounding the temple at Sunstone in 2017. But I'll just post this one. It was good! https://www.sunstonemagazine.com/priestess-unto-the-most-high-god/
  7. I can't imagine Bill wouldn't pay. I would be disappointed as well. Bill, if your reading, please dispell this idea!
  8. IMO, inadvertently the Renlunds and the church essays, and FAIR and other outlets from church sources have affected members much, much more than anti information or critics or from those that doubt. I'd bet money that many came away from the devotional wondering what these issues were that they'd not known about.
  9. He didn't marry them, because the only marriage that was legal was to Emma.
  10. I have a feeling this talk wasn't for doubters. It was for those faithful members out there to get the message to never get close to doubting like these doubters have done.
  11. I wish I had the means to say what I c/p'd Jeanne! Thankful for others and their saying what I can't do eloquently enough. You're a sweetheart for saying so though. I hope you're having a great snow day today!
  12. Thanks Forrest! You're spot on. I like what you say about leaders not being at the helm. It's Jesus that is at the helm! So these talks should be geared towards wishing those with doubts well, and even congratulating them on their journey of searching. And the analogy of the beat up man/boat is so opposite of making the church look safe at all! In many cases the church isn't safe, and that is when members believe the head of the church is a prophet and not the Saviour. If the Saviour is at the helm of this church there would have not been all of the many changes, either for the good or the bad. Because He would not have gotten it wrong.
  13. Love Barbra, ever since a little girl and watched her in "Funny Girl".
  14. I am c/p'ng the below, because I could not have said it better than this reddit poster. I had all kinds of things I wanted to say, but this person put it down so much better than I ever could. I watched the Renland's fireside and was totally shocked. The video and whack-a-mole animation, remind me of the JW's and their videos they use for children, can't stand them. How about just talk to us like adults. Also, way to paint us doubters as being under the spell of Satan. https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/watch/worldwide-devotionals/2019/01?lang=eng&vid=5989053995001 Thoughts on Broadcast last night Sunday I listened to Elder and Sister Renlund’s fireside for young adults. The topic was “Faith and Doubt.” I was interested in seeing an Apostle’s take on the subject. The talk included two animated stories The first was a parable of a person stranded at sea rescued by a passing fisherman. Initially grateful the rescued man then proceeds to criticize the less than perfect rescue vessel and the fisherman piloting it. Deeming the vessel and rescuer unacceptable the rescued man demands to be returned to the sea and is left to be destroyed be the ocean as the fisherman sails on. The second animation was a depiction of a man’s doubts as gophers holding signs that would pop out of a number of holes in the ground. Elder Renlund’s friend “Stephen” would have one concern about church history that once resolved would only lead to another concern represented by a new gopher in a different hole. This painted the picture of “Stephen” the perpetual doubter in an endless game of doubting wack-o-mole. The entire talk was aimed at discrediting people with doubts as nit-picking, trivial, and spiritually weak. This strategy aligns very well with the message Elder Cook gave in the “Saints” debut. The message was clearly intended to shame people with doubts for having concerns and not ignoring their concerns on the basis of past spiritual experiences. This message infuriates me and hurts me deeply. As I struggle to reframe my faith in the face of very disturbing facts that call into question church truth claims, this message damages my credibility with my ward and family. It intentionally drives a wedge between me and my loved ones that are active in the church. I was severely disappointed. One part of the wack-o-mole story seemed very misleading to me. The idea was that the initial concern was resolved to the satisfaction of the doubter before being replaced by a new concern. Most people I know that struggle never really get resolutions to their concerns. They may add some steel supports to their shelf or finds a different meaning for something but I think actual resolution is rare. I can see that the leadership feels like they are doing perpetual wack-o-mole but instead of blaming the abundance of challenging issues they blame the doubters for not being satisfied. I have asked myself, “why this divisive message?” “Why not offer love and support for those in the margins?” Looking at the problem from a church leader’s point of view I can see the benefits of shaming doubters. It encourages members not to do research to resolve questions or ask questions at all. If there is enough fear of doubt then faithful members will take extraordinary measures to prevent it. Don’t be a “perpetual doubting Stephen,” we all know how we feel about him. What is sad to me is that the presenters have to understand that this message will only push Stephen away. In the final calculus Stephen is judged unredeemable, so a message that protects the flock and hurts Stephen is judged to be the appropriate course. Perhaps I had no reason to be disappointed after all. So one thing was clear to me from this broadcast. I am other, I am less than, and members should protect themselves from me. I try so hard to stay engaged and maintain my truth and integrity but I see the world more clearly as it is rather than forcing it to align to a story that never quite fit. I feel the big machine of doctrine, culture, and authority trying to squeeze me back into the mold. It will not take me as I am. In the end I am afraid it just might force me somewhere I never intended to be.
  15. I think if you hope, you then have faith.