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  1. Because it feels like you or some others have an aversion to John Dehlin and Mormonstories. And Laurie Lee, Kenngo's ex-Stake President, is being interviewed by JD. I just wish you or USU would at least listen and then form your opinion. Sometimes it takes just knowing someone. But I will refrain from bringing you two up again, I just wish you would at least be openminded to listening. But I will quit wishing.
  2. At first I would disagree and think that it would never happen in a million years, then I remembered that Joseph Smith was sealed to men, so the same sex. I guess like the apologists mention..it's just being sealed to stay together in the eternities as family.
  3. I don't believe Laurie Lee is doing this out of lascivious motives either. I listened to another clip of the interview on MS last night, I keep having to listen over and over again because I fall asleep. She mentions where she came to a point of either ending her life, not in those words, or living authentically finally, once and for all. And she feels like God is behind her 100%, and she is only beholden to Him. She feels like she has been given personal revelation on this, not in these words, again. She wants to be there for her family, right? Better a woman, than dead. Because at first I leaned toward maybe her sacrificing even more by staying a man for her family. But I'm not Laurie Lee, and I don't know how close it got for her to not be able to sustain that kind of life any longer. I think she's paid her dues. BTW, I doubt USU or Scott, or perhaps you, have listened to any of the interviews, hope I'm wrong. That's something Laurie asks for...people to at least inquire or want to know what's going on. So they are informed before having rash judgements.
  4. Then why are heterosexuals allowed to stay in the church if they have affairs or are sexually active? I know of a few cases, where none of them were ex'd.
  5. Today in Utah, a three year old child was riding a lower height bike, and was hit by the neighbor as they were pulling out of the driveway. I hear this happening several times a year. We really do need to keep our eyes open at all times, for children & animals left in cars to children & animals in the road. I do want to mention the situation about the K9. This happened I believe, on July 3rd, this officer had come home and immediately went to a family get together, most likely surrounding the 4th of July holiday. I think this was a moment of pure forgetfulness because of someone having a lot on their mind getting ready to go somewhere, so not a normal routine. I'm pretty sure he loved his partner and otherwise took care of his dog and was probably a human mistake. But I could be wrong and he didn't take real good care of the dog. But leaving that option open. About the children left in cars, it's hard for me to imagine ever leaving a child in the car and forgetting about them, but in the case with the family in Vegas that are from Idaho, I'm thinking the excitement of getting together for a family reunion played a huge part. I'll bet the parents thought the child was with one of the older children/cousin or something like that. When I was around 4 or 5, my parents left me behind at my aunt's house and headed home three hours away. I was in a back room playing with the barbie dolls. When my aunt came in she was shocked I was still there. Her son was a policeman and she had him take me in the cop car and go after them. They hadn't gotten that far away, I believe. I have 6 children in my family and usually my dad drives. This time my mother drove and maybe that's why I got left behind. Just one of those times when the parents aren't all there or on top of it. Glad they didn't leave me behind in a gas station restroom or anything.
  6. http://www.mormonstories.org/laurie-lee-hall/ I have been listening to Laurie's story told to John Dehlin, (everyone's favorite guy on this board!) Maybe some of you might want to venture out and listen to it, and not mind that she's on Mormon Stories. Laurie seems like great person. She mentions that she's known of her gender all of her life. She mentions that she is still married and still a believer. I dare any of you to listen. It will certainly open eyes and hearts to what transgenderism is.
  7. I think I have forgotten my own endowment experience almost 35 years ago, thanks Robert, sorry USU78.
  8. Good ole' Johnny Denver, I'll never forget singing that song in 7th grade choir.
  9. In Nauvoo, Joseph Smith's polygamy and other leaders was hidden and fairly unknown to many LDS back then, and current LDS, until the internet. But as Calm mentioned, this woman is a feminist and she may have known before about JS having lived polygamy like that, and it's just the polygamy itself that broke her shelf. I'd have to hear it from this gal though.
  10. Soapbox away Hagoth7! I can't imagine shipping you off to somewhere else, their loss.
  11. Today I heard on the news that the woman in St. George, Utah, that locked her son in the bathroom for a year and barely fed him has now plead guilty. That just sickens me. I hope that young man will find a family to care for him and hopefully repair the damage that has been done. Then today I heard about a police dog that was left in a vehicle and died. I guess the officer has been moved to a different job in law enforcement. The heat in Utah is just unending, I hope we don't see anymore of this. Are those stats of 40 kids in Utah alone?
  12. Everyone knows BY lived polygamy. It's probably the Nauvoo polygamy we weren't told much about that broke her shelf, 99.99% sure of it. It's broke thousands of shelfs, IMO.
  13. I can relate..(bold mine)
  14. Maybe I need to change that to, my husband's dream vacation! I need a warmer place. My son and his wife are looking into doing something called "Work Away", they travel around the world and work to earn their stay. I may need to try this! ETA: To stay on topic, I need to mention my favorite part in "Brigham City" was when the bishop didn't take the Sacrament. It was just a moment in time that I remember, you'd have to see it I guess.
  15. I know that you're not saying any different, but the church has not mentioned this, either they are literal, or they are not. I wish the church leaders would know which it is. Since they have been given special powers, the PH. And since Joseph spoke with God almost daily and received revelation that we can read about in the D&C...about things that were temporal, such as a plot of land and this or that. But nothing on if Adam & Eve were literal people? Why even place metaphors in there if it's literal? It takes away IMO, I guess I can be a black & white thinker, but not usually. In this case I need to know which is which. No fuzziness, no metaphor, no symbolism. I can wrap my head around a parable because it states upfront that it is a made up story to help someone understand a principle or a teaching. Please don't take it that I'm being disrespectful with this post, this is just a huge disillusionment with what I was told late in life, or that I missed the memo on while attending the temple, that we don't know how literal it is. Which btw, begs the question...what would that do to Brigham Young's teachings? And when another prophet of God says the following... The First Presidency said in 1931, Upon the fundamental doctrines of the Church we are all agreed. Our mission is to bear the message of the restored Gospel to the people of the world. Leave geology, biology, archaeology and anthropology, no one of which has to do with the salvation of the souls of mankind, to scientific research, while we magnify our calling in the realm of the Church. We can see no advantage to be gained by a continuation of the discussion to which reference is here made, but on the contrary are certain that it would lead to confusion, division and misunderstanding if carried further. Upon one thing we should all be able to agree namely, that presidents Joseph F. Smith, John Winder and Anthon Lund were right when they said: "Adam is the primal parent of our race. —First Presidency, Memorandum to General Authorities, April 1931.