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  1. It may be neither here nor there in terms of this discussion, but the idea of the democratization of the afterlife in ancient Egypt has fallen on hard times of late: https://uee.cdh.ucla.edu/articles/democratization_of_the_afterlife
  2. I've been waiting for someone to start a thread on this topic. Back in April the Maxwell Institute issued a revised mission statement, which reads in part: As a research community, the Institute supports scholars whose work inspires and fortifies Latter-day Saints in their testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and engages the world of religious ideas. I wondered then if that was an early indication of a change in emphasis. Then a few weeks ago I learned that the Mormon Studies Review (and some of the other journals?) had been moved to the University of Illinois press, I believe. In Peterson's essay in the Interpreter he quotes Elder Holland as saying: "In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that initially I was against any proposal to do at BYU what was called Mormon studies elsewhere because I knew what Mormon studies elsewhere usually meant." So I too have been wondering if this is yet another example of the pendulum swinging from one side to the other.
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