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  1. Fasting is a celebration though! At least in Latter-day Saint teachings it is. Fasting and prayer is also called rejoicing and prayer in D&C 59. I’ve been pondering on this, and whether there’s a metaphysical connection to abstaining from telestial food, whose partaking is posited as one reason for the Fall by some of the older prophets. The sacrament being the exception given its sanctification.
  2. I know them well too. I was companions with one of their nephews, and good friends with the family. The Miles are an upstanding family.
  3. Asking how members reconcile their political affiliations when party policy may contradict Church teachings is probably a better line of discussion if you’re just trying to get people’s thoughts on the topic in general. Less inflamatory, and more fruitful. If you want to give examples, give contrasting examples across party lines.
  4. Elder Kearon was in Calgary last year. He said that the brethern wanted politically engaged members at all levels in government, in all mainstream parties, to be the voice of moderation and charity. Unless that's changed, I'm assuming that's still the case. These threads are stupid. I typed out a long response detailing the policies of the Republican Party I consider to have crossed the line into unconscionable evil, and I'm largely a conservative. But I didn't. Why? Because these threads are stupid and useless. They're baiting, extremely judgmental, and it's not your call as to the personal worthiness, motivations, or good conscience of members in the Democratic Party. Having been extremely involved in the political party scene before, people join because they believe in the cause. Some join for power. Some join because they feel they can be a moderating influence (and they are, more often than people think). Of these motivations, the last one least of should sufficient grounds to establish the worthiness and good conscience of the member. Stop it, Rivers.
  5. Re the veil, I personally felt it symbolized close communion with God, similar to Moses coming down off the mountain.
  6. I plan on the green burial pod with biodegradable clothing. Maybe a bit creepy, but I think the idea of a family member later coming a lot and scratching my name into the tree would be cool.
  7. Not saying. Perhaps some here find it creepy. In the context of his relationship with the couple, and other comments, it didn’t come off that way.
  8. Personally, I feel that we have plenty to go on for the exaltation of Heavenly Father, but that the brethern had to back down from it due to a golden-calf moment. That's not a knock against the brethern.
  9. Along with those mentioned, there's also the Therapeutae, my favourite group of late-antiquity Jewish monastics. I'm not sure how credible it is, but I always thought the idea that there name and practices were derived from Therevada Buddhist missionaries was kinda neat. We have evidence of Buddhist missionaries in Jerusalem, Alexandria, and other areas of the Greco-Roman world in which Hellenistic Jews lived.
  10. Best advice I've heard from a sealer, who happens to be a currently serving apostle, was "you two have fun making whoopee tonight" as he walked out of the room. I haven't been a live sealing in a while, but it makes sense. Unless the sealer is a family friend, it seems a bit odd to be getting or giving advice.
  11. Tell her there's balm in Gilead. Also Walgreens.
  12. It was good. We actually started on time! The chapel kept filling up as we were going, but I think it’s just a matter of keeping it up for a few weeks and people will get used to it. The two hours still feels weird to me. Not in a bad way. Just short, which it is in comparison obviously. Having just two sacrament talks and an intermediate hymn will be the norm going forward I think. The afternoon actually feels like a day off now, rather than a half day. As someone trying to practice a Shabbat closer to their Jewish roots, it’s made the time incredibly peaceful and enjoyable as I’ve studied the scriptures more in depth, prayed more often, called the people to whom I minister, and done family history studied. I took a walk and practiced mindfulness in the incredibly mild winter we’re having up here. Maybe this thread should be re-titled as “How was your Sabbath?” as I feel now that Church is PART of my Sabbath, rather than the Church feeling like THE Sabbath. In some ways, I value Church more because of that.
  13. This is a very good list. While I do have a Nintendo Switch, it's limited to a farming game, Mario Kart, Mario, and a fitness game my parents like when visiting. It probably gets picked up about once a month. I'll just add that dedicating and periodically re-dedicating a home is good too.
  14. Along with what's been said here, if King Noah's court is any indication of how the Zarahemla-based court functioned, then the priestly class also functioned to maintain/keep/teaching literacy and writing. Hence the linguistic shift among the Lamanites to the Nephite language and writing system.
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