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  1. My wife would have an issue with this. She is a whopping 5'2". When she buys garment bottoms they hang to just above the knee. And she buys petite. She knows many women in our ward who are 5'8" or taller who also buy petite garment bottoms. It only goes to mid thigh for them. This is one of her pet peeves.
  2. The problem doesn't stem from the running community. Rarely does a male runner say a female should not run in just a sports bra. And I agree. The complaints come from outside the running community. People who don't understand that it is appropriate attire for hot sweaty outdoor events. It's more that we just complain with each other that some people just don't understand. One of the biggest complaints is that they (women wearing sports bras only) feel as if they are being gazed at incessantly by "creeps". And complaints of the obnoxious cat calls they get all the time that they usually don't get while wearing a shirt.
  3. I don't necessarily agree with this statement. You don't know what my experience is. To take one instance and draw that conclusion is a little near sighted.
  4. Yes. It is OK. In the running community, believe it or not, there is a similar argument. On hot summer days women are out running in just a sports bra. For me that is ok. For others, they feel the women need to cover up more and that a sports bra is just too revealing. I am an active member of the running subreddit forum and in the summer months this double standard of men running shirtless vs women running in only a sports bra comes up at least once a week.
  5. I run without a shirt only on hot day and only on days I will be running for an hour or more. The reason is to prevent 'ahem' "nipple chaffing", which is a common problem for men runners. If I am out for a shorter duration I always cover up with a workout shirt. So going shirtless is purely to address my own comfort post-run. I run with compression shorts or tights on colder days. Compression clothing highlight the physical form, mainly muscle mass, more than loose fitting, and maybe even more than nothing. Again, compression offers warmth, among other benefits, so it is mainly for comfort. However, with that being said, compression short and/or tights also offer views of a 'ahem' "man bump", to put it nicely. In the running community it is perfectly acceptable for men to use these compression shorts or tights without covering the offending area. I always wear a pair of loose fitting shorts over my compression to cover that area so I "don't become pornography" in my own eyes, but not necessarily because I am concerned about how others see me (although I'd be lying if I didn't state that I don't want to be perceived that way either). I don't feel comfortable exposing that part of me. Same for hot summer days. There are 4 lengths of running shorts to choose from, ranging from 3 inch to 9 inch inseams (3, 5, 7, and 9). I won't wear the 3 or 5 inch shorts because it exposes too much of the high leg. When I ran X-country and track in high school and the uniform consisted of the 3 inch shorts, I would always wear compression shorts underneath. I guess it has stuck with me since then. But the short answer is yes, I cover up as I feel appropriate so I don't expose too much of my body. And yes, I believe it is my responsibility to cover up my private areas from the masses.
  6. I think it's more to do with this: https://www.webmd.com/sex/features/sex-drive-how-do-men-women-compare
  7. No, but different attire is for different occasions. I ran a 5k last weekend. I wore compression tights because it was 45F outside. It fits the occasion and offers (supposably) better blood circulation and is considerably lighter than a pair of joggers. I wear shorts over them just to have a little more "cover up" because tights really can be revealing for men. That being said, plenty of men don't wear shorts over tights.
  8. I may take you up on that bet. Don't know how we'd prove it either way.
  9. No. But if it were a distraction to the women in the ward, I'm sure we would have been instructed on what of our attire we needed to change. But the required change from the OP post most likely was brought on by either 1) a complaint or 2) an incident. I'd put my money on #2. And since (I'm guessing) elders are instructed to keep their suit coat on during church services, the next line of thought was that the sisters needed to wear some type of extra cover up. Again, I am not agreeing with the conclusion, just sharing that I can see how a person, such as a mission president, could just be taking some extra precautions.
  10. I don't wear those types of clothes into the church building, even if coming straight from the gym. I'll change in the gym or go home first. An exception: I may wear an arm sleeve and or tights under shorts if I go to play some ball with our elders quorum or on our church ball team. Usually there are not many women present.
  11. I don't know about other missions, but mine in humid, hot El Salvador, we were instructed to keep our suit coat on at all times during church services unless given permission to remove it from the presiding official in the room. We sweated out the majority of our Sundays.
  12. I'll ask you as well. Speaking about Elders (missionaries) specifically, what would you do to make their church attire (neutral suit) less appealing to the Sister missionaries? I understand that suits can be made to highlight a physique, but those are not the types that Elders are instructed to bring on the mission.
  13. I am reasonably fit. When I wear compression or run without a shirt I am aware that I get more looks.
  14. Speaking about Elders (missionaries) specifically, what would you do to make their church attire (neutral suit) less appealing to the Sister missionaries? I understand that suits can be made to highlight a physique, but those are not the types that Elders are instructed to bring on the mission.
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