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  1. I think they, rigthfully so, seek comfort and often a way out in confessing their being abused.
  2. Is this in the sense of your making a dare? If so, would that prove anything?
  3. Darren10

    What Other Message Boards Do You Like?

    "Then there is the LDS Freedom Forum if you want a more Alex Jonesian approach to Mormonism." - It's a conspiracy I tell ya'. All staged!!! /Jones is a complete kook.
  4. Darren10

    Two Mormon girls involved in shooting

    Why not? I found you painted an askewed view as to Americans not wanting to do anything to prevent mass shootings as well as askewed view of United States being a place of high rates of shooting deaths. When it's all said and done, Americans very much want to prevent mass shootings and overall America dies fairly well in the world when it comes to gun violence. This is a classic counter arguments from the political Left and political Right. That's what I do not want to get into on this thread. Yoy and I have shut down threads befire for doing this. I see the purpose of this thread to pay respect to gun victims. I looked into the source which is a recent study from the American Sociological Society. You can find their study here: http://www.asanet.org/news-events/asa-news/us-has-5-percent-worlds-population-had-31-percent-its-public-mass-shooters-1966-2012 The gist is that the US has the highest number of mass shootings according to how they define what a mass shooting is. Also, despite having more number if dhootings, the number of deaths per shootings are less in the US than internationally. The study also argues a positive relationship between gun ownership and mass shootings.
  5. Darren10

    Two Mormon girls involved in shooting

    Source please? I’ll most likely respond only once after that. I do not feel it appropriate to do a political gun debate on this thread. Please start one if you want to have such a debate. As for homocide rates, the US is has the lowest in North America except for Canada, and lower than any Central or South American country except Chile. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate
  6. Darren10

    Two Mormon girls involved in shooting

    From The Onion: I know The Onion is satire and satire is funny because it is based in part on reality. Getting more into reality makes satire less funny, I know. So while I appreciate the humor you injected into this thread about a school shooting (that’s my own little satirical injection) and likely political points you tried score, here's my take. I searched school shootings outside the United States. The following link seems accurate and from it I count the following number of mass shootings: Finland = 2; 5.50 million Germany = 1; population 82.67 million England = 2; population = 53.01 million Azerbaijan = 1; population 9.76 million Canada = 1; population 36.29 million Scottland = 1; population = 5.5 million Tasmania = 1; population = 514,700 Norway = 1; population = 5.23 million https://www.watchmojo.com/video/id/11675 (Populations via Wikipedia of respective countries) On the Norwegian massacre I noticed the website says the shooter, Anders Behring Breivik, will likely be "incarnated" for life. That is true since we are all "incarnated for life". Now, that aside, the populations of the countries which had the listed top ten shooting massacres above is about 198,475,000 witnessing 225 deaths in these shootings. Unites States of America population = 325, 719, 178 Via Wikipedia I Binged "top ten shooting massacres in the united states", according to one hit it lists 159 deaths from these shootings. This does not include Las Vegas shootings, the Orlando night club shooting, nor this most recent shooting for this thread. The article does say top ten worst massacres but only lists 8. I clicked on one of its cited links and added the shootings from the University of Texas and from Red Lake Senior High School which increases the total to 185. When adding Vegas (58 deaths), Night Club (49 deaths), and Parkland, FL, (17 deaths), the total deaths would be at 283. http://listverse.com/2008/01/01/top-10-worst-school-massacres/ Since I quickly noticed that the first massacre listed above for the United States happened in 1924, I returned to the international link of shooting massacres is listed in 1987. So according to the data here the United States has had 59 more deaths from its worse mass shootings but that is adding three extra shootings to the US list than my international list. Furthermore, the US shootings are listed starting from 6 decades before the international list and the United States has a nearly 61% greater population than that of all the listed international list countries combined.
  7. Darren10

    Two Mormon girls involved in shooting

    I just got this text from Mother. She and Dad are on their way to his sister's house after their stake conference.
  8. Was that link on this thread? If not then no.
  9. Yes, law officers are the investigators (and, forgive me if I am assuming you were addressing my comments simply because you did not quote me). They, well, “investigate”. While doing so, they will / should question both the accuser and the accused. The accuser must tell her (since we’re focused on female victims in the thread) account and follow up with the accused. At this point there still may be no need to prove anything, only get the story from “both sides”. However, subsequent follow ups will lead towards needing to prove a crime. There must be enough evidence for law enforcement to make a charge lest they risk getting into legal dodo. This is one point which concerns me over your post that we need to make more arrests and have more convictions. Sure, we can arrest more and we can connect more, but at what cost? After all, if we as a society simply shift innocent until proven guilty from the accused to the accuser — the claimed victim and law enforcement, we can make more arrests and have more convictions. But would this necessarily be good for us to do? More culprits who would otherwise get off “Scott free” would end up in jail after all. I am just very leary of the new problems such a new shift would present. Back to law enforcement. When they make an arrest and / or press charges, law enforcement also becomes the accuser. That's Their job. It is completely on them and the victim to prove a crime was committed.
  10. I mansplsined her good, that bmw(ing) woman. Nice car by the way.
  11. Bmw (ing) the stake president , bishop, disrupting the Sacrament, backbiting, and likely spreading false rumors about other members of the ward.
  12. Do you know what "bmw" is? m= moan; w=whine; b=...complain about every single thing or insignificant thing. Keep this for future reference.