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  1. Senate Tax Bill will hurt Mormon tithe payers

    "You realize how insane it is to push an article you have not read based on the headline as proof and then ask other people to look it up for you. That is incredibly lazy.' I did read it. I linked it to my facebook and just checked. I can read it again. https://www.facebook.com/darren.zechiel/posts/10210533537125600?pnref=story. I did try to find the article from a different source with no luck. You're complaining about it so try and find it yourself. "The demographics that will lose out neatly sync up with the demographics that voted for Trump.' - They'll get their comeuppance soon enough. The anti establishment movement won't last long. in fact, party bases formed primarily by protest don't last long. I voted for Trump, will I get hurt? Now, my CFR please. I'll take it as a kindness for you to provide it. I'm only insisting on standards I've been forced to live by. It's the anti-establishment in me. We don't like elitism. Dungeons and Dragons and Dormammu wannabes don't count. Neither does the poor, depressing affects of global warming on cute mammals who carry around their tiny babies in fanny packs. Seriously, if youre going to hang out here, please provide it. Thanks.
  2. It is good to dress up for special and sacred occasions. I just hate wearing a tie.
  3. I don't wear mine for home teaching even on Sundays.
  4. Building off of clarkGoble and CA's posts: Those rebels!!! Edited to add: Include kfisher, calm, julianne and Scott Lloyd since I began writing this post. Obviously this is a hot issue.
  5. Senate Tax Bill will hurt Mormon tithe payers

    Hey, if you can find another article which speaks about the GOP Senate tax plan taxing some people at 100%, feel free to link it. Many in the GOP believe in paying for tax cuts. They do so by proposing tax increases but they should do so by spending cuts. But spending cuts triggers revolts so they won't do it. I think this in large part is a result of class warfare. Now, if you're still around, Nehor, my CFR please.
  6. Senate Tax Bill will hurt Mormon tithe payers

    On Trump's philosophy: Krugman: Trump is 'right' on taxes, economics Larry Kudlow on Trump's Tax Plan: I Really Like It The Senate and House bills follow Trump's philosophy on key components but, according to Darren, fall short on meriting endorsement.
  7. Senate Tax Bill will hurt Mormon tithe payers

    No doubt! Sarah Sanders: Can't Make It Up, Obama Wants Credit for Booming Trump Economy Sander's cited Tweets are correct and in addition to that I offer the anecdotal story of my picking up an economist from a Bjork concert. As she and I began to speak I had to ask her her take on Trump's election and the economy. I specified to not get political but she insisted to declare that she was a "far left Progressive". I said "good for you...I'm at the exact opposite end of you but, good for you!". She said no doubt investment confidence has soared since Trump was elected and this was only about a month or two into his presidency. What she told me confirmed what I have been hearing from several news sources up until that point. This lady works for Goldman Sachs and as soon as I told her that Ted Cruz was my guy in the 2016 election until the very end (his very end) she was elated saying that she works for Heidi Cruz and that Heidi is the most intelligent and fun woman she has ever worked for. When I asked how close she worked with Heidi she said daily. She reports directly to Heidi on the economy.
  8. Senate Tax Bill will hurt Mormon tithe payers

    Say, look at what the super rich friends of the GOP stand to get! The Taxman Cometh: Senate Bill’s Marginal Rates Could Top 100% for Some This is the result of class warfare involved with by both arties if you ask me.
  9. A Lack of Understanding of Racism

    We may all have drown but I specifically am just beautiful. I think o think of Adam and Eve as white but sibce the Medditerranean area has a lot of olive white skin I think of them like that as well. It really does not matter to me what their skin color was so I don’t think much about.
  10. Faith based healthcare?

    That’s excellent. Private doctors, clinics, and even emergenciy centers would thrive if left free to offer their services directly to patients. When patients and doctors can deal directly with each other everyone wins except for the beaurocrats.
  11. Faith based healthcare?

    Four people...out of how many? And we’re talking about an opinion, not physical traits, religion, or wealth.
  12. Correct on the friend argument. Still, you use a “form” of it to condemn Trump. Retweeting Nazi propaganda majes him a Nazi supporter. Likewise Evangelicals support a “good representation of the whore of Babylon”. I’m sure they are proud of you for thinking such. My take us that Evangelicals are far less devout to their faith today thsn in oast generationd. It’s the only main explanation I can think of as to why they’d vote for Trump. Just like rhe Catholics voting for Obama despite their priests universally condemning the Affordable Care Act’s abortofaciant obligations. They were all ready to go to jail thsn to comply with that yet the majority if Catholic voters swung for Obama. Your logic sould also conde,n the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-day Saints as saying “pleasant comments” about white supremists. Alt right blogger Ayla shouted on the rooftops that the LDS Church was neutral about white culture and thus her her racist propaganda until the LDS Church explicitly condemned white nationalism. Likewise, Trump blew a big moment and did not condemn wgite nationalism explicitly in Charlottesville. Like the LDS Church, he adjusted and added to his condemnation. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/08/14/white-house-response-to-charlottesville/564199001/ http://www.sltrib.com/religion/local/2017/08/15/we-condemn-them-mormon-church-disavows-white-supremacists-in-update-to-charlottesville-statement/ http://www.newsweek.com/mormon-church-racism-charlottesville-675327 Anyhow, how about the minority voters who voted for Trump in greater percentages than they did for Romney? Were they idiots? Do they support he whore of Babylon? Perhaps these were Evangelical minorities? Reglardless, They don’t seem to think Trump was a candidate with pleasant comments to offer white supremicists. “They would see this as neutral or possibly slightly positive if they can think it through that well (they tend to be deeply stupid). They do like the idea of Israelis and Palestinians killing each other and that is the main result of the decision so far.” Wow. You got it all psychologically figured out. Cool. “They like him because he does not call them out for being terrible people.” https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/08/14/white-house-response-to-charlottesville/564199001/ And say hello to Matt Lauer. Spiffy guy. (Just being silly, I don’t think you like him or in anyway not condemn his behavior but seeing him now in any curcumstance of taking a moral position is just...creepy.)
  13. The “friend argument” is pathetic yet you seem to use a form of the friend argument to condemn Trump as a White Supremist supporter. What of the minority voters who voted for Trump? Are they ignorant of Trump’s white supremist privilege? Back to your original comment, what “pleasant comments” did Trump make for White Supremists? And, no Palestinians will not come to the table but the table for peace has always been offered to thrm. They have always rejected it. But this is besides the point. I did not bring this issue up to debate the merits of announcing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but to point out that it would not make many Nazis and White Supermacists happy.
  14. Faith based healthcare?

    80% in agreement is a huge percentage. Virtually no one you know oppose abortion under any circumstance.
  15. We did not enter into Vietnam to make that country our friend but to defend the French who were horrible overlords in that country. We went to defend them against the communist forces and once we get into a war we are to win it and help rebuild it on terms friendly to our ideals. It worked with Japan and South Korea. We allowed North Korea to fall, if that was for better or worse is debatable but look at our relations with them now.