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  1. Rob Porter, and Mormonism's #MeToo Moment

    I have a friend who was in an emotionally abusive relationship. She went to our bishop who was very supportive of her. He organised counselling, spoke to her husband and told my friend that he would support whatever decision she made about the marriage. Her husband was furious with the Bishop as he felt the Bishop should have told my friend to, in effect, obey him! When she finally felt ready to divorce her husband (there really was no pressure on her from anyone to stay married, quite the reverse really, we all recognised the abuse going on, but it's a huge life change so it does take time to adjust even to the idea), the Bishop and stake president were supportive of her (in every way) and very critical of her husband. Her husband totally refused to listen to their counsel as it was things he did not want to hear. He thought they should tell her to drop the divorce. They definitely helped her feel ok with her decisions and helped her through it. Often, we only hear of those times when things went badly.
  2. Patriarchal Blessings: Are You Ready?

    The goals and promises are, for the most part spiritual and church related, rather than work or life in general. Some of the things said were just what I needed at that time and still bring me great comfort.
  3. Patriarchal Blessings: Are You Ready?

    I was 46 when I got my Blessing, but that was only 16 months after I was baptised. I'm told it's rather long for a Patriarchal Blessing. I'm glad I have it.
  4. Requests for prayers, the end is near for MIL

    My condolences on you and your family's loss.
  5. Mostly female congregations in Hong Kong

    Regards the topic, I found it interesting how confidence building the Church was for these workers. In my purely personal experience, I've found the Church to be more empowering for women than many other churches and organisations I've been a member of and I know several women who have said how the Church helped them grow in confidence and self belief.
  6. Mostly female congregations in Hong Kong

    So the Roman Catholic church is less famous than Hillsong? When the RCC has more members and a longer history? Even if all the evangelical churches used their music, it wouldn't make it more famous than for example the traditional carols used in far more churches and venues. I would accept Hillsong may be more famous than the LDS. Is there, however, a poll that shows Hillsong is the most famous church of all the churches?
  7. Mostly female congregations in Hong Kong

    Really? Hillsong is THE most famous church? When 22.6% are Catholic and 13.3% are Anglican (in the 2016 census)? Just 1.1% were Pentacostal. So don't you really mean it's the most famous Pentacostal church in Australia?
  8. I teach 14-17 year olds. Almost all were born in the church, have active parents, who read scriptures with them. They are not stupid. They all struggle to read the scriptures out loud and do not understand quite a lot of the words. They do study Shakespeare at school but don't understand him either. The meaning of the words doesn't seem to be explained to them and they don't seem to understand them in context. Because they don't understand the words reading scriptures is a chore and they don't understand the stories. I spend a lot of time explaining. They do like the church videos. Personally, I love the KJV, Shakespeare and Milton but I have always loved words and reading and I have always looked up words I don't know. I like dictionaries. Most people I know don't like to read. If you don't understand what you are reading or hearing, why wouldn't you drift away, or be persuaded by those using language and ideas you can relate to?
  9. 4th Sundays in 2018

    I am not looking forward to it but, if the youth have to endure 8 or more lessons in a month on the same topic and repeat it every year for 6 or more years, then I guess I'll manage 1 a month!
  10. Book of mormon

    Not just St George, but all those canonised prior to the 16th century split from Rome.
  11. Book of mormon

    Not conservatives, there are a lot of conservatives in Germany, the 2 you refer to are nazis and it is extremely troubling. The fires of division and hatred are being stoked, this is not a change to be welcoming.
  12. On behalf of the UK, I apologise for the appalling incompetence of its government and warn you that it is likely to be several months yet, if at all and, should you get here, it won't get any better!
  13. As well as trying to cope with secularism and falling congregations, the UK has low wages, which are almost stagnating, and high prices, particularly in housing costs. Its one of the most expensive missions to be called to. I imagine a lot of UK saints are not well paid, meaning low tithe receipts and probably a lot of need for assistance from the church. I'm grateful the church is able to assist us keep our chapels and temples open.
  14. I agree - our attitudes to guns come from living very different histories. I am saddened by the many gun deaths but I don't see our prohibitions working in the USA. And it's for the USA to work out for itself. Many laws don't translate into other countries.
  15. These are not reliable, particularly the telegraph. May and not advisable is not the same as illegal. l work in criminal law. I know what our self defence laws are and how they are applied. I have defended people using self defence. The UK does not have a socialist state and it has a different culture. I don't lecture you on your country and laws, please don't try to tell me about mine. As for the baby, it had nothing to do with the State despite what a few publicity seeking Americans came and shouted about. The doctors and parents disagreed and there were a series of court cases. The baby was already seriously ill and unable to be moved before the 1st court case was heard. The treatment wasn't better, it was untested for the baby's illness, and the doctor offering it ended up retracting. Much of the reporting on the case was seriously flawed. Edited to add - the UK's awful gun crime - 5864 incidents (all types of crimes involving guns including unlawful possession ) in 2016 and domestic burglaries were down by 7% in 2016. We had 691 murders in 2016, very few by guns.