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  1. sheilauk


    Norway appears to have a partial ban and it seems that a growing number of countries are considering bans or greater controls at least, mostly it seems because of the ethics. Seems like there's a growing movement against non thereupeutic circumcision.
  2. sheilauk


    both people and government frequently make demands on what parents must do and surely causing harm is one area where society can interfere. I presume you wouldn't suggest that a parent be allowed to abuse their child? It seems to me to a valid discussion as to whether the harm in circumcision outweighs the benefit or vice versa and whether or not it's an area where there should be interference.
  3. sheilauk

    How was two hour church?

    I am aware of it and have raised it leading up to the change and will continue to refer to it and hope that a more nuanced view takes hold or that people's sociability (and they are generally a sociable group) changes their initial response.
  4. sheilauk


    Or compare the UK and the USA. We have similar cultures but circumcision is very low - 6 - 9 % and mainly for religious reasons. I've never heard it discussed as a possibility for a newborn boy. Rates of ill health are often the same or similar (eg obesity, cancer) so comparison of genital health may be enlightening. Interestingly, it used to be around 35% in the UK in the 1930s but fell rapidly after the war, probably because the government said it wasn't necessary and refused to do it for free.
  5. sheilauk

    How was two hour church?

    People in my ward tend to take things very literally - they are told the meeting is shorter to allow for more family time so that's what they go and do. I have heard some say they cant stop, even for essential meetings because its family time. 2 weeks ago they would have stayed and chatted or held a meeting, now they wont. It's part of why I worried about the changes and how it would affect the single adults. It may change in time.
  6. sheilauk

    How was two hour church?

    I'm not sure! Most people have generally kept to time in their talks. We usually have a young person 1st for 5 minutes and they are usually shorter than that. We then have a 10 minute talk and a 15-20 minute talk and again most have stayed within that time. We do have verbose members but I think most struggle to produce 10 minutes. Also, we had no announcements at all - we stopped making announcements in Sacrament meeting years ago and were making them in priesthood/relief society. We will now be using the Internet and the notice board! And it doesn't take all that long usually to pass the Sacrament because of the low number of attendees. In the past, we rarely ran over time and have even finished early so having 10 minutes less may not be too much of a problem!
  7. sheilauk

    How was two hour church?

    We still had three talks and an intermediate hymn in Sacrament meeting. I don't think the length of the talks was different either and we finished by 11am. We have not had more attend, we were very light on numbers last Sunday. We had hardly anyone in relief society. We don't have a ward choir and haven't for years. People also have rushed off at the end when they used to linger and chat which is disappointing.
  8. I ticked no 1, but on reflection, our meeting probably fell within no 2'a parameters! We only had a sacrament meeting, of about an hour. We sang 5 carols, primary sang a carol and we had three short talks, one on the gift of Christmas, one on finding peace at Christmas and the rest of the year and one on the birth of Jesus, delivered by yours truly! There was a mention of Joseph in Liberty Jail and I mentioned him in my testimony at the end of my talk. I do think we kept it very much Christ centred but I think most of our sacrament meetings are Christ centred.
  9. sheilauk

    Once a Bishop. Always a Bishop.

    I've never heard anyone other than the current Bishop referred to as Bishop in my ward or stake (other than when they are 1st released because it's become habit and then people generally quickly correct themselves! ) I've also never heard former presidents called President either.
  10. sheilauk

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Hamba, you are a great example! However, I share some of why me's fears. In my ward and stake I think most singles live alone and don't seem to interact with each other much. One of the things I want to do through the stake is encourage them to get together. I've asked the stake high council to consider what to do. And, in the ward, the ministering programme isn't done very well by the sisters or brothers. Even as home and visiting teachers, visits were sporadic and still are (I confess I'm part of the problem). Reasons vary, but I'm aware our singles are not well served. Not that many complain. I'm not sure what to do about it. I have suggested encouraging the singles to stay after church for a while to study together. Since I've just been called as RS secretary, maybe I'm now in a situation where I can do something! And I should fulfil my own ministering duties of course.
  11. sheilauk

    Come follow me

    Two weeks ahead. Gospel study is only fortnightly. And, if your stake conference falls on the "wrong" week, you'll go 5 weeks between Sunday school classes as our stake schedule is at one point. I believe my ward will get our manuals on 29th December. There has been very little discussion or training though there was finally some teacher training last week at the stake. I think it will take quite some time in my area to work, if at all tbh, (based on experience with the youth come follow me programme and our GD teachers) which is a shame because I think it could work very well. Unfortunately, I will be a student, I got released as Sunday school teacher last week! I was looking forward to teaching the new manual too!
  12. sheilauk

    Love the gospel, not the church

    What did you do to bring Christ into the meeting? Did you bear your testimony of him? People are influenced by what they hear. Did you think of ways to be more Christlike - through service, teaching and learning - and then act on them? Have you raised your concerns with the bishopric? I've been to a number of churches, none of them are perfect and none offered "more" than I was prepared to put in. I love my ward members but some of them irritate me. Some of their testimonies are odd and our bishopric constantly remind us to keep them Christ centered. Doesnt always work! I don't expect to learn much at church. The teaching isn't great. But I always come away refreshed and uplifted. I go to feel the spirit, to take the sacrament and to enjoy the company of my brothers and sisters despite their foibles! I talk to them, share hugs and best wishes and catch up on their news. I also have a notebook and a colouring book. I make notes of everything -- the hymn numbers, the prayer givers, ward business and the talks and testimonies. And when I'm in a mood, I write caustic comments to get it out of my system! I may also take a comment and note down my thoughts and ideas, and look things up in the scriptures. And, if I don't want to listen and have no inspiration, I take out my colouring book and felt tips and relax and colour in. I don't stress about what's happening and what others are doing. Having spent a number of years not going to church, i know that I need to go for the good of my soul and to improve my faith, regardless of what happens at church.
  13. sheilauk

    Trib Article Re: Women's Session

    The women being referred to are leaders of the Church.
  14. sheilauk

    Trib Article Re: Women's Session

    1st, we don't know who Jesus called as apostles and general authorities except for the names men from a patriarchal society have passed on. We don't know how many there were or their gender. We do know that women played a huge role providing finances and support and there is the snippets of the gospel of Mary Magdalene which suggest there were women leaders. We also know that Jesus was radical for the time and overturned conventions. Jesus would not be sexist, but the men who wrote and passed on the scriptures may have been. 2nd, there is nothing wrong in wanting to hear from those who mirror your own experiences. Wanting to do that does not detract from others or mean that the words of all the leaders are not appreciated when they are delivered. People tend to find it easier to identify with and listen to those like them. It can be hard work to keep interpreting messages through a different lens. Personally, I'd like a few more talks that focus on single adults and are by single adults! 3rd, looking back over past, recent conferences, in each individual ones, 4-6 women spoke. In the women's conference, only one member of the First Presidency spoke, so having all 3 speak this time is a positive. However, because there is only one women's session now, there are 3 fewer opportunities to hear from women. For me and others it's a shame to lose that diversity and those voices. It's really not a radical position. It's not saying the voices that were heard are less in some way or that I don't want to hear from the First Presidency or that I want or expect equal time by gender. The leadership is predominantly male as that is how it was ordered by the Lord so the talks will be predominantly male. It's possible to accept that and still want to hear a few more women and to miss them. After all, men are likely to miss the extra talks they had when there were 2 priesthood sessions. And missing the women does not equate to suggesting the First Presidency were interlopers.
  15. We have 5 YW and around 8 YM, I don't think they will be meeting in individual classes.