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  1. These are the three quotes that are used to formulate this thread. # 1 "I have looked in every nook and cranny and I know the history deeply" No claim of knowing everything and I think such is generally true in terms of my grasp of Mormonism #2 I know Mormonism is false. That is my knowledge as much as anyone here claims to know it is true. It is not a statement of absolute truth but rather in context of the entire Facebook post a statement to the person I am talking to that my truth is different than theirs. Which on its own acknowledges the limits of one personally "knowing" # 3 I believe 99% of the data points that point to Mormonism not being true are not shared with general membership. Even when the Church discusses the sticky issues it avoids balancing the argument and avoids the details that will most strongly influence a member to lose belief. #4 I am 100% sure the Church isn't true. In the same way that some people here are 100% sure the Church is true. That's my ground I needed the person I was speaking to to grasp that their view of what I know doesn't match the ground of what I actually know. #5 I know Mormonism's history more deeply than all the members of my Sandusky ward in Ohio. I think they themselves would acknowledge this if they were asked. While such could be tested. We could for example create a complex test of historical data points and have the entire ward answer them (fill in the blank) and any member who gets the right answer that question is marked correct. And it is juxtaposed against my answers. The ward is full of good people. But very few of them have stretched beyond the Church's curriculum and correlated material. And those who have have done so in very limited ways. I suspect My arrogant statement here actually holds up as true. and hence perhaps not arrogant at all. In the membership of that ward. I am the history expert on Mormonism. Lastly, never did I claim to know everything. (every pioneer journal, every tangent statement, etc...) but a strawman is so much easier than steelman. And as I said even in other instances where I approach this language (knowing almost everything) we ought to sense the polemist in me who uses exaggeration intentionally to make a valid point.
  2. As part of an assignment as a General Authority Seventy, Elder Corbridge needed to read through a great deal of material antagonistic to the Church, the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.“There may not be anything out there (of that nature) I haven’t read,” he said. Where is Captain Literal when you need him...... obvious exaggeration used to make a point but by all means...... balance restored!
  3. personal conversations with those who tried but did not complete. Conversations with Wendy Montgomery and her first hand reaching out to these families. messages from people on reddit and other places where they speak about the Church's paradigm being a leading factor in their depression and suicidality
  4. https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/2019/03/mormon-discussion-329-take-your-vitamin-pills-and-get-some-rest/ Notice #24 24. There are now concrete discussions occurring asking how we move towards more inclusivity towards LGBTQ members.
  5. For every parent who had a LGBT child take their life over the past three and a half years where that suicide had any causality from the Church's policy, the Church has with this admitted such was in vain. Sad. Sad that we place belief in the myth of a true church and God talking to these men above the lives of their precious kids. My heart goes out to each of these parents as they wrestle with the unnecessary loss of their child because of a POS policy claimed to have been the mind and will of God.
  6. In light of this help me see how involved Jesus really is in decision making?
  7. Of course anyone from FairMormon could step in here and respond as several of them lurk and even participate here. When a similar one was brought up in a thread regarding me, everyone went dark on it. here it is again for a jog of the ole memory i sure would love to know their perspective regarding such
  8. Do Flat Earth believers sense the irrationality and illogical framings of fellow flat earthers who use the same reasoning? I dont think so. I don't think they would fare well in a long form real time conversation. In fact no scholar or historian or church leader would do as well as Jim did. a tie with him perhaps but no better, Mormonism is not tenable if one is left to make sense of it using the rules of logic and rational thought. The only people who believe the mental gymnastics are those who want to believe the mental gymnastics Anecdotal... yeah lets go with that It leaves us agreeing to disagree. If Mormonism were illogical and irrational, would there still be people who have an awareness of the data and still believe? of course. doesn't have to be new to be problematic and effective and damaging
  9. strange........ this thread suddenly went real quiet
  10. link me the place where the question is or ask it here?
  11. Ask John Lynch if he has said it. He has. He is not the only one. I have his comments saved. He has said it more than once (both publicly and privately). I know FairMormon likes to claim that its members do not necessarily represent it but it also has to be on some level accountable if its members say or do things that are contrary to its claims of what it does. What is FairMormon if not a collective group of its members? Its members, Steve Densley, John Lynch, Steve Smoot, Neal Rappleye, and others are a significant part of the body of FairMormon. Secondly I am also aware a private subreddit where some members of FairMormon reach out to people who say on reddit that their shelf fell to invite them to this private sub where in they tell people "Bill Reel" should be dismissed because he makes a financial living from his podcast. Lastly as John Dehlin just pointed out here FairMormon's honesty is questionable. Notice the ad is published by the FairMormon's official Reddit account while the ad claims to be unconnected to FairMormon. This is dishonest. But hey who cares when the Good Guys lie I do not make a living off the podcast. I put hundreds of hours in and other than normal reimbursable expenses I take zero salary/income from the podcast. I hope to take a salary in the future but that still appears to be years away
  12. here here here and the last 4 minutes here
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